Photosmart C4680: Photosmart C4680 on homegroup printer-considered, but not scanner

My home network includes a Dell XPS-18 running Windows 8.1 Pro and a Toshiba Satellite running Windows 7 Home.  Our Photosmart C4680 is connected to the Toshiba by USB.  It is shared and is available on the network.  It is used by the XPS for printing and never a problem as long as the Toshiba's online.

However, I can't find a scanner.  I used it for printing without having to install any software.  When I couldn't find as a scanner, I have installed on the XPS, the HP software suite which is available for download from the HP site, in the hope, there was a special driver for scanning, which would be added.  But that does not change.

The Toshiba can scan from the C4680.  And I can connect to the XPS via USB and also find a scanner by, for example, opening and go to "file |" Acquire | From a scanner or camera.  But when the printer is shared via network it is not considered a scanner on the XPS, although I can print to it.

How can I use it as a scanner on the network?



MS Windows alow God a printer or files and folders, there are not any sharing scanner capabilities.

Scanning can only be done from the PC that have plugged USB cable, to scan multiple computers, you will need a network connected device, it can be done with a USB device.

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  • PSC 1350 printer works but not scanner


    Have just upgraded to Windows 7.  I have the printer psc 1350 to work & print documents.  I can not get the computer recognized or even to recognize the scanner function.  I have the installation discs and who have tried but still no scanner function.

    Site Web of HP said that the Windows 7 software should recognize the psc1350.  It recognizes the printer function but NOT the scanner function.

    Any ideas?


    Open the program to Scan and Fax from Windows, and then follow the steps set out below, the steps for Windows 7 are identical:

    Kind regards


  • PC sees the network printer J4580 but not scanner

    I was able to install my j4580 to network with my laptop, but it does not recognize the scanner.


    The HP Officejet J4580 is a single USB printer, it does not any network fumctionality.

    Let hae, the printer connected to a PC and shared through the network with another PC, MS Windows only allow printer sharing, such will not provide any functionality to scan.

    Goes same for sharing a printer via a USB port of a router (aka Print Server)

    Kind regards


  • Photosmart + B210 impressions of pdf files, but not from word, Notepad for example. Vista

    Print multiple color pdf format.  Cannot print a document in word, wordperfect or notepad thereafter.   Printer goes through normal routine but ejects the blank pages. I went back to the original pdf, and it prints fine.

    I went through everything on the sitesuggested of support for HP for re - print.   The test says it all tool of fine, but will not print a test page, even if it goes through the motions resulting in a blank page...  In addition to several resets, I completely deleted the printer and the software and re-installed with drivers latest the same result.  Print spooler is empty, the printer is default, not pause or offline, connexionUSB.  No error message.

    Thanks in advance.

    PDF files may print black using the color cartridges.  Looks like your black is not printing.  See the steps of troubleshooting in the paper here.  If this does not resolve the issue post here can help.

  • view of 100% for printed documents, but not for web based layouts?

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    Thank you

    Yes, it's a change. ID take now screen resolution int account, where before it didn't, and 100% views are now, in theory, more precise.

  • HP ENVY 7645: new printer print black but not color

    Brand new game last week print black but prints color also in black. It copys color sheets properly. I checked the configuration of the printer at the time of printing and the black and white box is unchecked. I checked and then unchecked the box black and white without result.

    Thanks RnRMusicMan, but I had already tried all of your tips and they didn't work.  The printer is still under warranty, I went directly to the HP support and they solved the problem which was apparently that I had an old printer driver to a different installed printer that was interfering with the new driver with respect to printing in black and white in color.  After removing the old driver, the printer now works as expected.

  • my epson sx110 will print pictures but not print letters of text What is wrong, that it was OK before

    my printer will print pictures but no text letters can you tell me why


    1 when was the last time it was working fine?

    2. do you get any error code/messages?

    3. what version of the Windows operating system is installed on the computer?

    4 did you a recent software or changes to the material on the computer?

    5. did you check the black ink level?

    I suggest to check the settings of the printer and make sure it is set up for photos and text. You can also clean the print head and check. Check the manual of the printer for the same thing.

    If that is not enough then you can uninstall the driver , and then install the latest driver on the manufacturer's Web site.

    Epson support


  • HP ENVY 4500: Print status but not printing


    My printer worked properly, and all of a sudden, he cornered me. Whenever I ask an impression, I got the status of good message "printing" but nothing happens.

    I was cancellation of the printer and my computer, and then start printing again arrested, but always the same messages.

    I restarted printer and computer but not vain.

    Wireless indicator is turned on.

    What should I do?

    Thanks for your help

    Sorry to hear that these steps did not help!

    If you need to contact a support technician, you can find a few options here: LINK

  • DeskJet f380 recognized as printer, but not scanner

    I have a F380 all-in-one on my network connected to an old XP box. I have a new box of Win7 that I am connected to the network, and although I can add the printer as the printer, it is not recognized as a scanner. The function 'Add a device' HP is useless because it is looking for a USB connection to this computer - added that a network device is not an option. Control Panel Add a device function does not see the printer. When I browse through the network of the XP machine, I can see the printer (it's how I added it as a printer) but there is no option to add as a scanner.

    When I open the HP Solution Center, it is said that for a network installation, put in the installation CD. I do this, but Setup never made the system requirements because it is an older drive and it do not recognize Win7, and none of these compatibility options can move.

    UPDATE: I downloaded the HP Windows 7 installation program, which includes a network option, but it does not find the printer on the network. Meanwhile, I can still print it. Why is it so hard...?

    Thank you.

    Hi madmatt32171,

    It is not easy to sharing the printer from XP to Windows 7. I suggest that you install the USB printer to Windows 7 computer using the software on the link below and follow the Microsoft document for installation printer sharing. By installing the printer on the Windows 7 computer, this will install the drivers for the printer when you go do the printer sharing session. I would like to know if you are successfully able to install this printer on the Windows 7 USB computer?

    HP Deskjet and Officejet Full Feature software and drivers

    How to use Windows XP to share a printer with other people on your network

  • HP Deskjet 3054: Printer works but not the Scanner (device not found)

    Configuration: Windows 8 Lap Top with a HP Deskjet 3054 directly connected via USB

    Printer - it works

    Scanner - when you run the Application "Hp Scan and capture ' it comes back and says"device not found ".

    I tried - I ran 'HP print and scan doctor '.   Everything is OK except the "HP Scan".  He said that it was not able to find the HP Scan software on my computer.   When I went on HP customer support site to download it, I couldn't find it.  There is nothing that I could see which says "HP scanning software".   So this software HP Deskjet full functionality and drivers what I should download and install?

    BTW, the "HP Scan and Capture" application allows to work perfectly.  Not sure why it isn't now.


    When changed the type of network to a USB connection? scanning HP and Capture app support network scanners, it does support a USB connected device:

    In the HP Deskjet 3050 software select scan a Document or Photo and check if this can work...

    If the same persists, unplug the USB, uninstall the HP Deskjet 3050 basic software drivers from programs and features, then download and reinstall the most comprehensive software features again.

    If you prefer to continue to use the HP Scan application capture &, open the HP Deskjet 3050 software, click the utilities tab, click the printer installation software & and select Convert USB wireless to connect the printer to your network. then the Scan & Capture app should detect the scanner.


  • Photosmart C4280 print queue do not; scanner works fine

    I had seizures with this ugly printer.  I had it on 2 yreas, and it is not worth to get a service.

    First of all, he gave me grief on the ink cartridges that had been installed and work for awhile, but have been used regularly.  Followed all of the suggestions until finally, I swapped the cartridges on even though I know that they were not empty and I managed to get one printed page (reluctantly - it took a lot of time) and now it won't print anything else.  It prints the test page for the printer (cancel, colour) very well.  I went through all the steps on aid newsletters - just as the path through reinstalled all the software after uninstalling, refreshed the memory of the printer, and al and nothing seems to help. It is clear enough, is to communicate, because I was able to scan successfully something a few minutes ago.  However, it does not print a test page for the utility.  It sends it, but nothing happens.  It will make the test page cleaning if there is nothing in the queue.  He has acted for a good while that way with our secondary machine in the other room (connected through a network Ethernet), but had never been a problem with the main machine, where it is connected via the front usb port.  Tried to print from indesign cs5.  I'm not on snow leopard - rather, I'm on OS 10.5.8.  Any suggestions?

    We will restore the print system:

    -Sys Prefs, Print & Fax
    -Right (control) click inside the box that lists your printers and select Reset Printing System.
    WARNING - This will remove ALL your printers!
    -Select the sign + to add again. Search for the printer, select it, and wait until the button 'Add' becomes available. Until it clicks.

  • E-all-in-one printer, HP Photosmart 5520 connected to the network but not detected by computers


    My printer HP 5520 indicates that it is connected to my network, but the wireless printing does not work correctly.

    In the implementation of the process of the driver software the printer displayed after resetting my router, a Huawei HG655d. I get a "no connection" error when I try to send a print job to the printer. Function AirPrint doen and the printer is not visible on the iDevices. I have the latest version of my OS (OS X 10.8.3) installed, I also tried to reset and reinstall my router and my printer several times but nothing works.

    Is there a way to make printing wireless correctly?

    Access my printer directly via its IP address works, so the network connection should work. I've added details of the network below:

    Your router may not support Hello, who need your Mac to find the printer.  Enter the configuration of the router and see if there is a way to activate it.  It is sometimes called mDNS.

    Additionally, make sure that the multicast is enabled.

  • can not have only black when printing black but not yellow ink

    HP photosmart D7260 uses.  having run out of yellow ink.  only need to print in black now.  By selecting only black AM but the screen says I can't print at all, unless I have reconstitute the yellow ink.

    any solution short of buy yellow ink?

    The short answer for this printer: Yes.  For the Details of how the ink is used, see here.

  • HP Officejet 6700 Premium all -: print OK, but not scan

    I just replaced my old HP computer with a Windows 7 Professional 750-055xt HP computer and my printer scans is no longer. When I hit the scan button I get this message: "open the HP utility. Under scan settings, click Scan to the computer and make sure Enable Scan to computer is selected. "I don't know where to find the HP utility, so I am dead in the water. Any ideas where I could find it?

    HP technicians could not track down the problem by using the remote, so I took my computer and printer to the Geek Squad at best buy. The GS has found a couple of infections that prevent the printer to install the required software. Once the infections have been wiped out and the software installed, everything was fine. All in one day.

  • my printer works but my scanner is not scanning and fax for windows cannot locate my scanner

    I have recently upgraded to windows 10.  now my scanner is not recognized when I try to scan.  I am able to print correctly.  I am connected to a Canon MF 5770 multi function machine


    How about you contact Canon? they know which software is better provided

    You have installed the latest drivers Windows 10 below?

    I suggest you give it a try if you're having trouble Cannon would be the place to check with, not HP.



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