Please help make the equivalent of a defrag on my Mac, as it is extremely slow

my Mac is extremely slow, painfully slow in reality and needs a cleanup but I don't know how to delete it all waste such as cookies etc and help run faster.

Help, please


Cookies do not affect the performance of Mac, and there is no advantage in "defragmentation". Do not use any product that claims to "clean up" your Mac either. They are all scams.

Back up your Mac if you have not already done so. Read learn how to do this. To learn how to use Time Machine read to use Time Machine to back up or restore your Mac.

Determine if the problems persist also in 'Safe Mode':

  • "Safe Boot" or Safe Mode is a troubleshooting mode that bypasses all system of third-party extensions and only loads the required system components. Read about it: departure upward in Safe Mode
  • You must turn off FileVault before you start your Mac in Mode without failure.
  • From your Mac in Safe Mode takes longer that usual, graphics won't get smooth, audio is disabled on some Macs and some programs (iTunes for example) may not work at all.
  • Just from your Mac in Safe Mode does not solve the problem, it's to observe its performance without additional components.
  • To end, Safe Mode restart your Mac normally. Stop will take more time as well.

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    I know it's a common problem (I also had with a former T500, but not on T420). After Googling around, I discovered WinDBG and how to identify the faulty driver that is causing the problem.

    However, I could not install the tool - or debuggers package (referenced on, nor the tool set + a .NET framework from the Microsoft Web site. The old guard quit the installer with no message (although the Remove Programs dialog shows the thing installed, it seems to be no program to run), the latter does install without no diagnosis (installation only, tried the debugging tools tried to install the complete package - same result).

    So, can someone please help to analyze the memory dump and to identify the faulty driver? What file is needed for this - the memory full image (from folder/Windows /, ~ 500 MB in size) or the minidump file (from/Windows Minidump file / / /, ~ 700 KB in size)? Or both?

    Help a fellow fan of ThinkPad enjoy his work tool

    Several days after, I don't get BSOD more, even though I kept pushing the laptop "standby mode" on a regular basis, with or without food. Since already BSOD passed almost every day (to, like, try every 3rd or 4th go to sleep) and now there is none, I would try and call this problem is "solved".

    Let's see if just once he returns

    I'm not really sure what has helped exactly - I've only updated (a little) drivers manually (after Lenovo update system running with only a few boxes checked). These pilots were audio, video and network ones. USB 3.0 driver has been updated before, but that alone did not effect.

    I've also updated the BIOS via the Lenovo system update (strange, but it worked, unlike my manual attempt via downdloading non-bootable-CD version of the Lenovo Web site).

    Hope this helps other people are having the same problem.

  • Please help with the problems of Vista SP2

    So I spent all day on the forums here and I'm head over heels.  I had problems with Windows update and some other problems on my Dell Studio XPS.  It is a tower with double HDs in RAID mirror running Vista 64-bit with SP2.

    I got it for 3 years and I thought that I clean and correct certain defects to go back to the original Dell factory condition.  That did not fix the update install problem I did cleaning.  Now it's worse.

    I'm trying to install SP2 and get a catastrophic failure 0x8000ffff error-UNEXPECTED

    The onlychange is that several months ago, one of my WD 640 GB drives factory failed and I replaced it with a Seagate Barracuda 1 TB since I couldn't find a 640 GB drive.

    I tried to stop and restart all services BITS, etc. no luck.

    I tried to run among the MS FixIt for the problem of update, but it fails because it says that it cannot initialize the powershell.

    Help, please... I'm hopelessly lost and can not spend more money on this thing.

    Thank you!

    If you need additional help with the clean install, please start your own, new topic in this forum:

    If these procedures look too complex - and there is no shame in admitting this isn't your cup of tea - take the machine to a local, good reputation and independent (i.e., not a BigBoxStore or a Geek Squad) computer repair shop & ask them to do the job.

  • Microsoft helps make the windows for students genune?

    Genuine Windows is not available and its way too expensive for us students here in the Nepal.
    I had somewhere that Microsoft helps make real windows.
    How can I do?

    Unfortunately, no, you buy a genuine license if you need. You can get Windows 8 for a steep discount until January 31:

  • Please help find the serial number for Adobe Creative Suite CS 5.5

    Buy Adobe Creative Suite CS 5.5 on an Apple Store at 20/08/2011. Part Number: H5958LL/A. I received and can not find the serial number Adobe to reinstall the software on my new computer, now that it has been stolen. Please help me


    < deleted by the moderator >


    You can access the following link and go through the steps to get the product serial key Adobe CS 5.5.

    Find the serial number of your Adobe product quickly

    You can also contact us at the Support from Adobe on the cat to be helped in the series license key.

    Contact the customer service

    Thank you.

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