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I was handed down a g56-129wm laptop and I've screwed up badly. I had changed my password of windows 7 again but this time I forgot the password. I had sent my laptop to a friends dad who told me that he can reset the password by using a password rest software. When the computer has been restarted instead of going into windows journal in my laptop turned on with password admin or power on password screen.  Well, since this laptop was given to me I don't know what the admin password or power on password. Help, please... When I type the password correctly it says disable System [91759013] I restart the laptop and once more he asks me for the password admin or power on password. Help, please


Try to enter: 24631035

Kind regards

DP - K

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    Give me your phone.  Makes me Admin password or power on password on startup. Disabled system code 4 943239. Any help?

    Sorry it looks that the codes do not work, you should include other options or opening up the system and reset the chip for the BIOS manually, maybe some have open and examine the question

  • Pavillion dv6: Admin password or power on password problems

    (1) HP Pavilion
    (2) Windows 7
    (3) enter the password Admin or power on password

    Disable the system 85098761


    Enter 30990367

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP 250 G3: Admin / power on password

    Hi, need urgent help laptop is blocked on admin / power on password. After entering wrong password three times in I get the code to disable system according to 53133073 thanks!


    Enter 42891075

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP 15 r-132wm: ask an admin or power on password password and do not know

    My boyfriend brought my laptop in my house and as soon as I turn it on it asks a password admin or power on password. I guess that my 3 common to the cases where its something I've set up on the accident, but then I get the system off 82425532. Help, please


    Enter the unlock code...


  • HP envy admin power on password

    on my hp envy14 I was invited for admin/power on password failing 3 x he says now disabled system [73779038] can someone help me pls.


    Please try:


    Kind regards.

  • Pavilion dv4 5100: Admin password or power on password

    Ask password admin or power on password, then told off System 65961671


    In this case, enter: 76449277

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Presario CQ42: COMPAQ PRESARIO CQ42 and suddenly wonder forENTER ADMIN PASSWORD or POWER ON PASSWORD


    WINDOW 2) 7


    4 KEY): 62730476

    PLS HELP ME... Thank you


    Enter 73698478

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Password admin or power on password required

    I have a HP G71-340us with win 7 which ask to an admin or power on password. To my knowledge a power on password has never been set in the bios.

    I saw some post where this has been resolved with a code that was released, but none that I've tried has worked to override the required entry.  After several attempts, he says 'off system' 98100831 '.

    Does anyone have a suggestion on this password might work?

    Thanks for any help or direction offered.


    Enter: 27868217

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • 11 - r015wm: need power on password admin for hp stream

    need power on password admin for hp stream 11-r015wm sys 80162091 disabled


    Come in:


  • Laptop HP 2000: HP Notebook 2000-power on password/admin password: deactivated after 3 attempts.

    Laptop requires power-on password/admin password; system becomes invalid after 3 password attempts failed.  The disabled system code is: 95840774.

    Model # = HP 2000-bt69WM

    Product # = C2M21UA #ABA

    Serial No. = [personal information]

    Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated!




    Come in:


  • Pavilion 15: admin or power on password

    Admin or power on password, code 67607610

    help thank you


    Enter 78765236

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP 15-g029wm Notebook PC (ENERGY: enter Admin password or power on password)

    Everytime I turn on my laptop it has a black screen with a blue box that says enter admin password or power on password. I never put a password on it. Error after entering code harm come to 85683676
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Please read the first post on the link below for what to do with the system off (halt) code given by the PC.


  • BIOS "Password or power on password Admin" necessary to start

    Just before this problem happened, I suddenly experienced a weird screen glitch and knew to restart my computer. Now, he asks a BIOS admin or power on password that I did not define. What the hell's going on, and what I could do to fix this?


    I tried '12345 '.

    I tried a blank

    I tried "biosPower".



    Product: Laptop HP flow 11 (without touchscreen)

    Product version: 8.1 (x 64 architecture)


    If I need more info, just ask.


    The password screen, press enter 3 times and you should receive a stop code - enter the site below.


    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP Envy M6-1116TX: enter Admin or power on password

    I can't access laptop it says that my password is incorrect, he wants to now enter me Admin or power on password / he does not like the admin password that I have and I have lost ower on code.

    Hi Vicki,

    You should create the flash drive to reset when setting the password for the option originally, you are prompted to enter the work.

    If you normally sign - on with an email and password, you can reset the password via another PC from the Microsoft page on the following link.


    Moreover, if it is a Local account, try the free app here.

    A last solution would be to reinstall the operating system using the recovery Partition or on your recovery media - these options are described in the HP document on the following link.

    Performing a HP System Recovery - Windows 8

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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