PowerEdge 2900 Perc 6 / i internal Raid Controller

OK, so I use a server Dell PowerEdge 2900 with a PERC 6 / i integrated RAID controller

I have configured the RAID array very well, installed Windows 2008 R2 and works fine and dandy

The only problem I encounter is that, when starting the server (Post), I get a message on the cable SAS B are not connected or misconfigured.  The bottom of the basket on my server, which goes to the internal drives, has only a port where I can plug a cable between the Perc 6 / i.  Where is the 2nd wire supposed to go?  I can't find the second port.

Thank you


I get a message on the cable SAS B are not connected or misconfigured.  The bottom of the basket on my server, which goes to the internal drives, has only a port where I can plug a cable between the Perc 6 / i.  Where is the 2nd wire supposed to go?  I can't find the second port.

PERC connector 0 goes to the bottom of basket. Connector on the PERC 1 connects to the modular Bay. If you don't have the module Bay optional then you ensure that you use the 0 on the PERC and not the connector 1.

Thank you

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  • Dell PowerEdge 2900 - need to use internal drives for RAID

    Hi all

    I am the I.T. guy for small business from my father. I help them on the side.

    They have recently purchased a PowerEdge 2900 server used with 4 internal SCSI drives

    This server also has a Dell SAS 5 / i integrated controller

    I want to install Windows 2008 R2 standard on this server and use it as a file server and a place to host QuickBooks Enterprise.

    The problem, in that I am running is that I can't find in the Bios or anywhere in the server startup utilities where I can configure the 4 internal drives as a RAID 5 array. I want to do this and THEN install the Windows Server operating system. I used the last Build Server utility Dell and also updated all the firmware to the latest versions. The Build Server utility doesn't let me configure the RAID array.  What I'm missing here?

    Thank you very much for your help!

    I upgraded to a PERC 6 / i integrated RAID controller and now problem is solved. Just need a new controller internal RAID.

    Problem is solved!

  • PERC 5i SAS internal Raid pre-installation drivers

    Hi, I need the drivers of pre-installation for a: PERC 5i SAS Raid internal adapter, PCI-Express System info: Server PowerEdge 840 Dual Core Processor of 3060, 4 MB Cache, 2. 4 GHz, Xeon, Windows Server 2003 R2 helps you to 1066 MHz, thank you!

    You must run the file to extract the files first, then you can copy the files extracted to floppy.

  • Not enough disk space on the drive operating system on PowerEdge T310 with SAS 6/ir RAID controller

    T310 Server 2008 Standard SP2 system installed using Dell OpenManage for a matrix RAID with 2 HARD drives. The table is divided into a volume EISA 39 MB, a RECOVERY volume (drive D) / 3GB, 40 GB OS volume (drive C) and a 422 Go to Volume DataPart1 (drive E).

    The reader of the OS (c :) currently has less than 1.5 GB of free space. I have already moved or uninstalled as much as possible, but the space seems to be used for updates/hotfixes for Windows Server 2008. I found about 1.2 GB in the Windows/Temp folder, but not sure if the files can be deleted without a problem.

    Drive would be "is the recovery disk with drive"E", used for data and program storage.

    I can't find a way to extend this player, although there is enough space on the disk. Using the Windows Disk Manager I was able to open about 20 GB of free disk space that can be used to extend the OS disk - only no options are available.

    Here are my questions:

    (1) can I delete or move the deployment files MS Updates? If so, where are the?

    (2) how can I enlarge the OS drive?

    Thanks for your help!

    Jack Leonard


    One-way ticket, you can go is to use the tool Extpart found here. This program will allow you to extend the space on the C: drive. There is a catch though. With Extpart you can develop the C: drive, but only if he is not a player after him. So, in order to expand the C: drive, you will need to back up and delete drive D: and E:, and then expand c. Can you re-create and restore D: and E:

    Now with regard to your questions, I would have to research if the update files can be moved. I know that most of the time the file that consumes the most space is the page file for the operating system. That can be moved to the E:drive.

    Let me know if it helps.

  • PowerEdge 860 - PERC RAID controller compatibility

    I would like to add RAID 1 functionality on a PowerEdge 860 server we have at the office.  I was unable to determine what is the Dell Reference number for the RAID controller for that server.

    Is there a Dell RAID controller with BBU Cache memory which can support the PE860?   Would the PERC 5 / i raid controller work?  If so, what model number of Dell is compatible.  As the PE860 has long been considered his retirement there is nothing from the Dell Web site.  Searching the Web I found not less of 6 different numbers of parts Dell for a PERC 5 / i controller.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can be useful.


    Hello Paolo

    Is there a Dell RAID controller with BBU Cache memory which can support the PE860?

    No, the only supported the internal RAID controller is the SAS 5/IR. The SAS 5/iR has no cache. The PERC 5 / I is not supported on the 860. The only controllers that contain cache are external controllers as the PERC 5/e.

    You might be able to get a PERC 5 / i for work on the server, but we have not posted it to the 860. There is not many versions of the PERC 5 / i, which have been released, so I'm pretty confident that most or all of the part numbers you have found work. Whenever we change something on a part given a new part number. For example, if we decide to start using another antistatic bag to ship the PERC 5 / i in then we would give him a new part number.

    You can see here the valid controllers. The 860 is displayed on the inheritance tab:


    Thank you



    I have a Setup raid 10 on a server PowerEdge 2900, Perc 6 / i. There are 4 250 GB drives, set up as a Raid 10. A drive has failed. I tried the disk with a hot swap size even more recent. The server crashed and restarted, Post message showed during initialization F/W and writing degraded disk virtual, but restarting Ok. When I OpenManage it shows degraded and only shows 3 locations of the physical drive page. New drive is orange flashing on the right indicator light.

    Can someone help me with the permutation of the reader?

    Thank you!

    Is that possible given that the new drive is not a certified dell disk that would cause problems?

    Yes, and that's the most likely cause. Some versions of the AR4 are posted on several PERC controllers. Many times non-certified readers will work fine, but when certified and non-certified are run together, there are often questions... thinking that it is a American, South African and a Pilipino all English - speaking it may be difficult for the three to communicate because they all talk about the different versions of the same language, and language gap can cause problems on a controller which the tolerance of error and delay (patience) are thin.

  • The PowerEdge 2900 server RAID

    Hello everyone and good day

    I have a PowerEdge 2900 which was erased and raid configured with 2 discs and ready for os install. However when you try to use the Server Wizard, I get an error that his stats can not detect readers or they are not initialized. I do all the raid configuration and should be ready. I took a peek in the bios of the main server and I do not see listed in the boot sequence raid controller. all I see is cd rom on b sata and hard drive. until the server has been annihilated the raid controller has been listed in the boot sequence menu. I changed a setting that I shouldn't have or I am missing a part of the process? No matter which lend a little and fix this? I would like to get the server operational return. the server has a perc 6i

    When I got is the server was running. However, he came from a health care facility and had to be wiped.

    I have it wiped myself just by going to the raid controller and removing the VFD and reconfiguring with new configuration.

    Please tell me that I don't have just the weight of the heavier paper in my office.

    You must configure AND initialize the virtual disk (table)... tick all the boxes advanced and Initialize during the creation of the VFD.

    You can also use a version of "server Wizard" (obsolete) that does not support the hardware in your server.

  • PowerEdge 2900 showing predicted failure after disk replacement


    I posted this same message in the forum of the disk drives, then I realized there's a specific forum for disks hard server so I'm copying here.

    We have a Poweredge 2900 with HDs 2x500Gb on RAID-1. One of the drives has failed and we replaced it with an identical disk that works very well (same brand, model number Seagate, etc.), but without a Dell PN.

    After replacement, the controller began to rebuild the RAID, but it shows "predicted failure = Yes" for this new album. The disc is currently still under reconstruction.

    One thing to notice is that apparently the Perc firmware is outdated. OpenManage shows that the current Perc 6 / i firmware version is 6.0.2 - 0002, and the minimum required version of the firmware is 6.2.0 - 0012. If I go to the Dell support site and enter a label for the Server service, it shows me a download available for the Perc firmware with version 6.3.3 - 0002.

    The questions are:

    -Is generally allowed to use not Dell certified readers if they are of the same brand and model as the other disk?

    -How would I determine the source for the warning of predicted failure?

    -It would have something to do with obsolete Perc firmware? Are there risks associated with Perc firmware upgrade?

    Thank you very much in advance for your help!


    Update for our fans to the forum thread. Original poster concluded that used replacement drive was indeed bad. He is later replaced by a good drive and will update the server accordingly.

  • Problemi nel rebuild di a raid 5 Array knew PowerEdge 2900 con controller Perc 6 / i [CF]


    Questa mattina it Server Business era in crash, e anche he tentativo di fatto riavvio da is non ha UN dato esito positivo, it server no e riuscito a boot of it fare del operating system (Linux Suse Enterprise of 12). Quando sono love in azienda ho constatato tramite it del che RAID controller bios it disco 0 era stato con dall' fuori FOREIGN array. Lucetta period del disco verde. Ho lo stato del disco in the LOAN changed. My non sono riuscito ad avviare he rebuild perched mi no consent di questa operation rates. Ho tried anche a UN nuovo disco uguale cute, my if comporta como the altro delivery, operation di rebuild no e consentita.

    Ho tried disco mettere anche it come Hot Spare, my operation no viene completata by an unknown error, it disco 0 compare nella lista degli relief, my non utilizzabile e.

    Fermi Siamo, come posso procedere? Inoltre è speranza di poter centred senza dover reinstallare tutto?


    ING. Fausto Bolognesi

    Buongiorno, qual'e lo stato degli altri dias?

  • PowerEdge 2900 (and 2950) with PERC 5i - extend Raid 5


    I have a Dell (PowerEdge 2900) server with a Raid PERC 5i (with BBWC) controller and 4 SATA drives installed (a virtual disk Raid 5, Windows 2008).

    Now I have an extra drive (same capacity, same speed) and installed on the server.

    I tried to expand the existing virtual disk (and the disk group) with the new physical disk drive in the BIOS of the controller and openmanage server administrator (managed node) running on windows.

    But it is not possible to do with this Raid Cntrl?

    Is there a way to do this without loss of data and maintenance of raid 5 redundancy?

    The same procedure I need to do on a PE2950 (PERC5i)

    Thank you and best regards,


    What have you tried exactly, and what has happened or what have you seen?  You did not mention anything that leads me to believe that you tried this in the right place :)

    The PERC 5 / I can do without a doubt:

    With the disc, go to OMSA, PERC, case/bottom of basket, storage, physical disks and make sure your drive shows ready.

    If ready, go to the OMSA, storage, PERC, virtual disks, select Reconfigure in the drop down menu to your RAID 5, follow the wizard to add the disk.

    If the record shows the foreign, go to the OMSA, storage, PERC, Information/Configuration (link at the top of the page), click on foreign/clear in the dropdown menu, then follow the directions above.

  • PowerEdge 2900 III RAID 10?


    I have a server PowerEdge 2900 III with SAS 6/iR integrated (Embedded) and SATAu with two bays of 4 HDD int each Bay.

    I would like to install 8 1 TB SATA HARD drive each and make a RAID 10 for all HDD 8 configuration in total, I will have a 4 TB storage.

    Is it possible to do so as PERC 6/iR has two separate connectors?

    Thank you


    First, it is important to know what controller you have.

    SAS 6/iR can RAID 0 and 1 (and JBOD).

    The PERC 6 / i can do what you are wanting.

    RAID can be configured through the connectors without any problem.

  • Dell PowerEdge 2900 RAID and drive down

    I have a Dell PowerEdge 2900 server. The primary transmission table has three drives and RAID 5. The system came this way, and it has been humming for quite a long time. Recently, one of the disks has deteriorated and the light on the drive flashes green and light amber. The light amber, I figured, it means that there is a problem with the drive and must be replaced. Then, I found a replacement on Amazon.com drive and installed (the drive is hot, but my cold started to be sure). I installed the drive, but keeps flashing green and amber light.

    I didn't know that I shouldn't have to replace the drive in this way, so I will now try to figure out what to do next. I hoped to reallocate the foreign disk so that I can use it, but my server always shows the reader, not having even if the new replacement drive is in the slot, now.

    I'm running PERC 5 / I integrated utility of Configuration Bios 1.04 - 019 a

    I started the server and you press CTRL-R. I've highlighted the controller and press the F2 key, what is operations. When the operations window opens, there are three menu items:

    Create new VD
    Zero Config reset
    Foreign config

    The only thing that I am allowed to do in this menu is to reset the configuration. I can't move my cursor upwards or downwards for one of the other choice of two menu.

    Scroll when the virtual disk and he discovers, it still shows the first two discs and a lack.

    When I press CTRL + N to display the next screen, I see a player listed as failed.

    How can I rebuild my RAID with this new drive? If I can't do it, what is the best way to remove the RAID and start over? If I delete the RAID and do it again (and if my replacement drive is indeed well), how can I make sure that my server not to see it, not having so that I can start using it?

    Alternating flashing green/orange means that the disc is in a status of predictive failure. What OS is running system? If you hotswap drive next failure they may possibly other issues table because the drive was online and participating in the table with errors on the disk. The adequate alternative method is to use our software Openmanage Server Administrator to run a consistency check on the table and then the drive offline. Once this has been done you can then swap the drive. It seems that in your case, that the new drive had bad data copied on it and it made a predictive failure as well. We want to do is run our hard drive diagnostics and test drives in the system.


    Install and run the GUI version in the start menu. In the left pane select the PERC 5 and then in the lower right pane select quick test and then to run tests.

  • PowerEdge R230 add RAID controller

    Need advice: the goal is to add Dell PowerEdge RAID Controller H330 server Dell Poweredge R230.

    Originally, the data connection is to the motherboard with a mini SAS connector, power cord is related to the Board of Directors itself as well go with a connector 6-pin. Given that the new RAID controller has a different SAS (SFF8644) mini connector, I can't use the original cable.

    So try to solve that I bought 4 X SFF-8482 SAS a cable - Mini SAS SFF 8643. It would connect the RAID controller for readers. (THIS)

    I also added a power cords: 4 Pin IDE power Molex 1 male to 3 x female Splitter & 2 x 4-pin Molex to 6-pin PCI-E adjust Power Supply Cable (THIS) and (THIS). It was supposed to feed readers - but is not and they won't turn on.

    No idea why? Other ideas of ways to solve this problem?

    Thank you

    IB - EN1
    1. initially, I understood the topology based on the information on the user manual, see the attached figure describing Cabling two 3.5-inch hard drives 'to the PERC card. Isn't this relevant?

    The information I had previously provided are based on the wiring of the Controller PERC H330 with basket 4 x 3.5 "which I assumed you had based on your notes. Thanks for your clarification and ignore these P/Ns. Here are the cables you need.

    • Signal and cable LED to P/N 6R7VT the H330 controller to connect to the motherboard
    • Cable SAS junction A H330 for 2 hard drives or optical drives, P/N TTN3V
    • Hard/optical drive power cable from the system board P/N N9P7R for 4 HD (shipped with your server. Use only 2 connectors) or P/N VXR2 for 2 hard drives.
    IB - EN1
    457CH, TWV59, 6R7VT: I can not find an any of them on the dell Web site, you can share links?

    I would recommend that you directly contact Dell sales in your area.

    Thank you.

  • POWEREDGE 2900 - Perdita configurazione RAID [GRO]

    DELL POWEREDGE 2900 server

    Service etiquette: 82ZCL2J


    Ho avuto no problem with there server sopra remainder. Non viene più caricato launch Windows. Dopo essere nella configurazione del raid entered, ho visto che non era più any configurazione impostata! (He raid age settato l 1).

    I have brain comunque non hanno personally I dati. Otherwise riconfigurare wanting it raid e vedere is it server riparte.

    Pero mi'd sapere come e stato possibile? It could be he controller guasto? Ed inoltre non having the che non possa ricapitare e possibile auswechseln tell it controller?




    Poter riconfigurare is he raid controller e tutto miss it to content. He reason by cui configurazione TR e persa could not dipendere dalla raid controller, banalmente a riavvio aspettato no la has uno sbalzo di corrente Può generare problemi di questo tipo caso in some.

    There's sono presenti sul nostro sito, especially sulla brain/raid controller firmware news.


  • Raid PowerEdge r.620 with single hard drive controller

    Hi all

    I have Dell PowerEdge r.620 with 1 * 1 TB hard drive, Raid Controller using mini H710... When I try to install Win Server 2008/R2 x 64 the HDD is not detecting, I've read in this forum of the disc cause hard does not detect is pilot raid is not installed, but I don't have that single hard drive is possible to set up raid with single hard drive or I don't have to use raid controller but I still don't understand how to set up the server with no raid...

    Thank you...

    Sorry for the late reply, do you mean raid controller in the server? If you want to say, I always do not install driver coz is new server than i've got...

    I want to know, if posibble install raid on one hard drive and how to configure who... Server raid controller is mini H710

    Thanks for your response

    Yes, the RAID controller.  One you have?  I'll assume a PERC H710 for now:

    The H710 PERC is NOT compatible non-RAID (you cannot use a single disk without RAID)... in order to use a hard drive, you MUST configure a single drive RAID 0.  This must be done in the RAID controller BIOS utility, accessed by pressing CTRL-R during POST when prompted.

    Once configured, you need TO load the driver for the operating system, see the drives connected to the controller.

    If you have a H310, it SUPPORTS no RAID, so you do not have to configure anything in the RAID controller BIOS, HOWEVER, you MUST always load the RAID controller driver during installation.

Maybe you are looking for