Problem reading text file

CVI programmer for several years, but it has been awhile. Trying to read in a text file that displays fine in say Notepad. The first line of text in the file is:

All temperatures in ° F.

If I use the scan function, say:

public static char cdum [2048];

ScanFile (DataFile, "%s > %s", cdum); I get these results:

cdum [0] is - 2

cdum [1] is 65 (which is the ASCII character 'A')

The rest of the cdum is all zeros.

In a hex editor in decimal display grouped by bytes, the line is:

0 255 254 65 0 108 0 108 0 32 0 116 0 101 0 109 0 112... as the display looks like

ybA.l.l.. t.e.m.p.e.r.a.t.u.r.e.s.. i.n.. °. F....

So I get the scan function is to see the start character, then by pulling the 65 and placing in the location cdum [1], then strikes the character 0 and leaves the function of scan as she found an end of line. Trying to read in the entire line and the subsequent data float line, but is not serious, I can understand that our after I get over the initial problem above.

Can someone help me with this? I have no problem reading in ordinary text files, but this one is as it is grouped in words rather than in bytes. Have you tried a bunch of different Scan function modifiers source and target [xt0, w #, etc.], but nothing seems to work.

Data file attached.

Thank you-




I downloaded your file, it is opened in Excel because of its extension and the settings on my computer. I then wanted to save it as a text file normal to see in Notepad and read with a simple C program. In doing so, Excel told me: some features in your workbook may be lost if you save it in Unicode text.

This is consistent with your observation of 16-bit data.

LabWindows/CVI, unfortunately, does not support the Unicode character set and functions of the library operated at only 8-bit characters.

So I would say to convert your file to 8-bit characters; You can also support the pursuit of the Unicode support in CVI here

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    I was going to throw away the solution, but bob and cruz are probably right, that he is HW.

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  • Syntax to detect the line feed or newline read text file?

    I have a SQR (aka Hyperion Production Reporting) program that treats a comma-delimited text file.

    Sometimes one of the fields contains carriage returns and line breaks, that's not groovy, as is the record delimiter.
    The program currently handles this situation by disgarding records that do not contain the specified number of fields.

    I would like to scan the file before treatment, pickling, transport and line breaks, returns when they are integrated in a record.
    I have problems with the syntax required to recognize these characters, however.

    The program reads the file in a string (for example read 1 $record_buffer: #len).
    then it executes a while loop that examines the $record_buffer string one character at a time.

    I tried a direct comparison: If $char = Chr (10) or $char = Chr (13)
    I tried to assign a chr() value to a variable before the comparison: Let $LF = chr (1)... If $char = $LF
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    Thank you!

    Here's the syntax that works:

    #ifdef EBCDIC
    encode "<13><37>" in $hr
    encode "<13><10>" in $hr
    #end - if

    (replace the return with the null character)

    LET $descrlong = translate (& descrlong Chr (13), ")

    OR try the following code:


    ! Retrieve a line *.


    ! This local function / procedure will look for tank 13 which is a line terminator. The position where is returned

    ! to the routine.

    ! Parameters: $strToRead = this string that contains the formula is parsed to find the tank 13 (end of line) identifier

    ! : #startPos = the position where we need to find the identifier EOL

    ! : #PositionFound - this by the reference variable returns the position where the EOL.


    BEGIN-process Get-Line($strToRead,#startPos,:#PositionFound)

    Let #PositionFound = instr ($strToRead, chr (13), #startPos)


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    Hey @Atonu_dt ,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I understand that you are having problems to open PDF files on your Tablet HP Slate 7 HD.

    Try to clear the cache on the tablet. You can do this by going to settings > storage > cached data. This should prompt allows you to clear the cache on the tablet.

    I also suggest to try the App PerfectViewer. To read PDF files, you will also need the PerfectViewer PDF plugin. These two are easy to find in the Google game store by searching PerfectViewer.

    Let me know if it works.

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    In fact, you try to create or read a file inside the executable.  Of course, this won't work.  Instead, use the Directory of the Application.  It returns the folder that contains your project (in the LabVIEW environment) file or the folder of the executable (when in the execution engine).

    So in your example, you just have to the Application Directory and the path to build to get the location of your settings.ini file.

  • Read text file on a desktop used as target RT to the host PC.


    I'm using LabVIEW 2012 and I want to read a text file on your desktop PC used as target RT to my host computer.

    What is the the path to the target RT?

    Thank you very much

    Hi msad,.

    Why don't you use the ftp functions to access a file by ftp address?

  • Reading text file and graphic

    Hello everyone. I'm new to Labview and have started using it only a week ago. My advisor gave me a difficult project and I'm stuck. My goal is to recover data from a Keithley instrument by setting voltage and current measurement. I could find a driver to do, but now he wants me to take my measurements and make a different chart that is already in the driver. The graphic I get is for X vs Y that has tension on the horizontal axis and the vertical current. After I receive this information, it is then saved in a .txt file. Which wants me to my Advisor, is to take the values that are recorded and divide (V / I) which is equal to the resistance and then to draw resistance depending on the tension. Since I am very new to Labview, I have trouble reading the text file, strength design values and the tracing result. To add to my troubles, the computers I use have only up to Labview 7.0 Express. If anyone can help me please, it will be greatly appreciated because I would rather graphic using Labview values instead of using Microsoft Excel. Thank you.

    Sorry, misunderstood how you want to display the data. The first table seems to be the tension and the table that is the output of the divide is the resistance. Instead of build table and a graphic waveform, you'll want to use the bundle where the upper entrance is your x axis and the background is the y axis and sire of the output of the present in a XY Chart.

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    You don't have the program installed on your computer so that these files were written in.

    Check their file extension.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Reading text file issues

    Hi all

    Long the time lurker, first time poster , like the forums here.

    I'm still new to BB development, so my approach may be the issue.

    I am applying for a deck of cards popular (utilities etc.).  I have a text file with the number of card games n, followed by n lines with 3 character code set and then the number of cards in the game.  I'm trying to use it to create a string array and an array of integers with the size of the number of reading games, then read the rest of the values in a loop to their respective indeces.

    I have read several articles on the forums here, and I can't seem to find a way to do it.  I am able to get the number of games using the:

                  InputStream is;                        String result;                        int numOfSets;
                            try {          FileConnection fconn = (FileConnection), Connector.READ);         is = fconn.openInputStream();             byte[] data = IOUtilities.streamToBytes(is);          result = new String(data);            numOfSets = Integer.parseInt(result.substring(0, 1));
          }     catch(IOException io) {

    Is there a better way to do it?  It seems it should be a little more easy/short.  I looked through the API for a class such as Scanner, StringTokenizer or even a SplitString option.

    Thank you


    Lurker welcome!

    I presume that your dataset is all text and not a combination of binary and text?

    There is no easy way to split a sequential string of data.  Most people, when you consider a dataset like this, would introduce formatting, such as XML, JSON or even CSV, to make the data easier to analyze.  Since you don't seem to have anything, then I think you're going to cross the characters at once...

    If you use only standard ASCII, then it would be more effective to go through the array of bytes.

    Otherwise put characters of separation in there and look for using some tokeniser.  It is not a standard, but there are whole number (including at least one on the forum of the memory).  In addition I see StringUtilities - you might be able to use one of its features for tokenized your channel.

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    There the good tutorials on read/analyze the text files and databases out there? I've been looking around, but I can't really find anything.

    Yes - Here are some links:

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    I have the text file on my computer.
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    I want that when I press the button then specifice world in text file is read and display on the form to be stored in the database.
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    Kind regards


    Studying the functions of the package TEXT_IO()


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