Problems with accessibility for people with low vision problems

The company I work, developing courses that are often made for people with a Visual acuity greater than 20/70. Thus, the requested solution was that courses should have a button that changes the size of the text, and the user can choose what size is better for him. The problem is that you can call a javascript function that makes Web sites, but the same features that make it, does nothing inside a captivate course. Due to the size of the land, there a lot of hard work to do 5 States of the text of a legend to each of these texts, because javascript are much more quickly and dynamically.

Someone at - he has worked with such a prior problem, which has a better solution?

No I have not met this particular query before.  But I think it probably means using Captivate would work in this case too.  With the exception of the course adapted and dynamic text that is generated from the inserted variables, most of the text within an release of Captivate gets transformed into images.  That is why the javascript function you mentioned earlier does not work.  There is no text to expand, only the images.

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    I was asked by a customer if I can use this sort of thing for people of vision acessibility.jpg as you can see in the picture "has has has 'and the 2 boxes allow you to increase the font sizes and remove the backgroud.

    Is it possible to do this in muse or an add on which can be imported into HTML format?

    I came up with a solution that works in Muse. The only part that needs to be done manually is to create copies of the global css file with different font sizes. The requirement was to be able to change any of the small text that is size 12 to a size of 14 and 16. All the small text use a paragraph style of "maintext" which is defined in the file "site_global.css". It is therefore a very simple case...

    For this site I could set everything on the A-master page. First of all, I added the JavaScript code for the Page--> metadata properties:

    The next step was to define the "has A" I did as an HTML object:




    The scope is just to format the "has A" themselves.

    JavaScript is very simple - get link items in the current HTML page, then count how many he y a. loop through each one until you find the one that contains "css/site_global" - Note that the names of my CSS files three strikes according to what is currently set. This allows the position of the link that I want to be anywhere that Muse or businesscatalyst chose to put it on this page (which is not consistent). Once I have the I want it all that's left is to change the href attribute to the new css file and exit the loop. Whenever the site_global.css file is changed, I have to remember to regenerate the two identical copies with the exception of the definition of font size in .texteprincipal.

    I hope that is useful for other people - feel free to suggest improvements.


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    How DreamWeaver and Adobe PhotoShop software accesses a person visually impaired (blind).  Y at - it a screen reader that will read this software.  The current that I use does not read because it is not txt.

    Screen readers can access the main menu elements in dreamweaver and photoshop, but they will not otherwise content, especially in photoshop as it's graphic content.

    In Dreamweaver, it may be possible to display the access code, but even once it will otherwise not seen live.

  • Date and time help for low Vision users

    I'm looking for a way to display the current time, date and day of the week on a computer screen in a really HUGE size.

    A member of my family has low vision, but with the help of the built-in Magnifier Windows 7 and other features of "accessibility", it still manages to use his computer, barely. However, it can read is no longer a clock, watch or calendar. As a result, it can easily lose track of time, date and even the day of the week. It is very disorienting for him.

    What they need is a program that responds to the touch of a button in arising of a display time, date and day of the week in a very large size on its screen. Ideally, the program would temporarily display this information in a large black print on a white background for a few seconds, after which it would disappear until he presses the button to make it appear again. Or it can be assigned to the screen until this that clicked with the mouse.

    I still think that a request to do this kind of thing may already exist, but I've not been able to find. The widget Windows Date and time, and the Gadgets are too small and contain too much information. All we need is a way to show a bare minimum of information:

    July 4

    Or something like that, but very large. The only required options are a way to specify the size of police and the duration of the display.

    Any suggestions? Thank you!


    Your best bet would be to Google something like a clock on the screen for users with low vision.

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    I have a problem with error 53.i have 6 + and I m out of warranty. I know this error is for people who have their iPhones fixed by a third party before, the thing is my iPhone 6 + was never taken to a third person before, error 53, it isn't my fault .i was going to do a upgrade to the new version

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    If your device is outside its warranty, you can always make an appointment at the Apple Genius Bar to have the studied unit. 53 error will also occur if there is other material errors that are not defined on the device. One of them has to do with contact IDS. Your Touch ID was never working, or did it stop working? Have you had damage to the device by dropping, water damage or damage to the 'home' button?

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  • Prerequisites for the IBM I access for Windows with Windows 8.1

    I have several new computers with Windows 8.1 who need access to an AS400 via I Access for Windows.  I know that before this, I have to install 2 conditions (vcredist_x86.exe and vcredist_x64.exe) before the installation of Access for Windows.  I didn't know of these 2 conditions on Windows 8.0 installation problems, but I'm having a problem installing on Windows 8.1. Are there new prerequisites for Windows 8.1 patches!

    I I've installed Access for Windows on another machine of 8.0 and then upgraded the operating system to 8.1 without problem.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


    Hi LXMC,

    I'm not familiar with Iaccess, but you have installed the latest service packs to the site:

  • Is possible for Apple to sell MBP 13 of 2012 with lower cover of 2010?


    I have two Macbook Pro 13.3 A1278 2012 (according to the motherboard) with lower cover of 2010? State of the seller so that buy on Apple store in 2012.

    Is it possible?

    Kind regards


    Is possible for Apple to sell MBP 13 of 2012 with lower cover of 2010?

    N ° the lower Panel has been replaced.

    You can check the serial number of CPU by the terminal in your Applications/Utilities/

    copy and paste:

    system_profiler SPHardwareDataType | AWK ' {print $NF} /Serial/ | Open f

    After you enter, the output appears on your Clipboard.  This should be the same serial number that you see on

     > about this Mac

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    We have a few M5s with graphics card Intel that works perfectly with the screen resolution of 1024 * 768 usual.
    Now we buy some new ones equipped with nVidia Quadro M5s, and they seem to have a native resolution of 1400 * 1050.

    If I try to measure the resolution 1024 * 768 or 1280 * 1024, the images are badly blurred. But I think that the icons to 1400 * 1050 on a 14 "screen are really too small for the average users.

    No solution?
    Thank you

    Tecra M5 comes with three different views. If you buy one with a higher resolution display, resolution reduced with photo dimmish results.

    Sorry but there is nothing to do. For example, you can connect external monitor with lower resolution.

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    I'm trying to move an image that has been saved as .png with info vision. This image I would change in x / y pixels. If I do, I get a

    blank image back, even I copied all the info of the image in advance.

    If I use any other image without info vision that it works without problems so far. Anyone know how I can fix this problem?

    Thanks in advance

    The Shift IMAQ function does not read the header information and don't know your reticle.  You can add header information to the image by using the merge feature overlay IMAQ as shown in my picture as an attachment and function Shift IMAQ will actually see these data.

  • Rolling/down shifiting image with low level acquisition of VI


    I do image with low level VI acquisition acquisition. The series of captured images appear as an image rolling/down shift. Each image is captured moves down again and again. If frame 1 a row of pixels is 0 when the row wherever the 100 frame is captured rank 1 is at line 100, giving the impression of the image slowly moving down.

    I enclose a small program through which I am able to reproduce the problem. The help of a 1426 PCI capture card and an impressive camera (double IPX-2M30H-L).

    Can someone tell me please what is wrong with this program and how I could fix this?

    Thank you


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    original title: space/disk defragmentation

    Is it safe to defragment with low disk space?


    I also see your message here. Please continue posting in the same thread.

    A volume must have at least 15% free space for disk defragmentation Defragment completely and properly. Disk Defragmenter uses this space as a sorting for the fragments of files box. If a volume has less than 15% free space, Disk Defragmenter defragment only partially. To increase the free space on a volume, remove unnecessary files or move them to another disk.

    For more information visit:

  • interface TeGig, xfp remains upward with low DBm Rx

    Hi, does anyone know why the interface remains upwards, when receives a lower than expected power. If we can avoid this? How?

    SPA-1X10GE-L-V2 with XFP-10GLR-OC192SR

    The sensitivity of the receiver (maximum) is SR-1 10GLR:-12.6 dBm

    We receive-20 but the interface remains upward.

    I think that its normal, repeatedly observed in the laboratory during re-ceates, photodiode stop detection beyond its penetrating recevier but light is sufficient to show the port and no problems with frames/traffic.

    but we can observe errors after a while.


    many NSO-XFPs penetrating release (tunable full) is of approximately - 26dBm, but they remain upward with low optical power close to-29,-30, sometimes 40 - illustrates power (doesn't mean no optical power) by the system.

    so its normal.

  • Screen reader accessibility for noninteractive objects

    I work at 8 Cp and try to do a course entirely compatible Section 508. I tested with the Window-Eyes screen reader. The screen reader can access the reading and fine TOC bar buttons, and it usually recognizes interactive elements on the screen. However, most of the time, the screen reader is not recognizing the legends or the intelligent forms with text on screen. Many slides are just text and a button transparent text to pause the screen, therefore, that I need the screen reader to read the content of the course. According to the documentation, I shouldn't copy the text in the name of accessibility for each object, although I tried in a few places without success. The accessibility feature looks so flaky. From time to time, I can get something to work, but not completely, or I can't repeat.

    I was able to get the screen reader to read the text if I remove all the interactive elements, including the reading and TOC bar. In other words, if I have a class 1-slide, Captivate accessibility works. As soon as I try to give people an option to move to the next slide with a control button or the play bar, it stops working.

    Yes, accessibility is enabled. I tried to hide the rectangle around the objects in HTML5. I tried editing both SWF and HTML5. I tried to text buttons transparent instead click on the boxes, which seemed to make a small difference. I tried different shortcuts and ensured that I never use the same shortcut twice on a single slide.

    How access a screen reader text within Captivate content? The documentation says you can access it with arrows, but it does not work. People do in the real world in order to make it accessible when the program does not work the way that the documentation says it should? I know from reading other threads that some organizations have given up and just went to provide text alternatives.

    I am open to any suggestion.

    My suggestion is that do you what others have already done.  Try to make Captivate content "fully Section 508 compliant" is not a realistic goal.

    As you noted, screen readers prefer to pay attention to the interactive objects.  If you must use interactive objects even for text objects that does not need to be buttons.  (You can set their action IT success to no Action so that they just sit and do nothing.)

    But you're still going to have problems at some point and these questions will be showstoppers.

    So, save yourself a lot of hassle and invoke the clause to exhaust all of the Section 508 and W3C accessibility documents which allows you to offer a "text alternative".  Create an accessible MS Word or PDF document that contains the same content.  You're going to do in a short time it would take you to try in VAIN to get e-learning content of Captivate to satisfy all the rules of Section 508.

    Probably NOT what you wanted to hear, but I really think someone needs to say this.

  • need driver sd for pavilion hp low graded victory 8 to 64-bit 7pro

    need driver sd for pavilion hp low graded victory 8 to 64-bit 7pro

    having been informed by HP suport, that there is no compatibility and none is available for a reader of sd card on my model # p7 - 1436 s that came with win 8 but was down ranked at point of purchase for win 7 pro 64-bit.  computer works CAD - CAM systems and must be in the format win 7, but there seems to be no pilot cross on the sd card reader.  CPU sees the card but do not charge card information or even show it in the icon drop-down computer showing what is in the processor.

    SD card works perfectly in another cpu, so the problem is in mine.

    Hello grunge.

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the Forums of HP, I would like to draw your attention to the Guide of the Forums HP first time here? Learn how to publish and more.

    I understand that you are having problems for your card reader to work in Windows 7. The card reader part number 644491-001 is used in more than 200 computers of HP Desktop running the Windows 7 operating system and more. I don't see not all pilots on all systems so I'm assuming it uses the default Windows drivers. As it does not appear on your system is running Windows 7, I will assume that it is related to a Windows 7 problem that a drive letter is not assigned to external storage devices.  I provided you with some steps to try to solve this problem for your below:

    Step 1. Click Start

    Step 2. Click on Control Panel

    Step 3. Click on Administrative Tools

    Step 4. Click on computer management

    Step 5. Click on disk management

    If he has not seen here, go to 'Action' in the menu bar, click on "Scan drives" and it should come

    If it does not have a drive letter assigned? If this isn't the case, follow the instructions below:

    Step 1. Right click on the removable drive

    Step 2. Click on change drive letter...

    Step 3. Assign a drive letter

    Please re-post if you need extra support. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!

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    How can I email a card for people who use my SkyDrive?

    How can I email a Christmas card to people who use my SkyDrive?

    It has nothing to do with Word, but you either put the Christmas card in the Public folder and send link to this folder for people who want to 'receipt' card, or create a new folder and invite these people to access this folder in which you put the Christmas card.

    Should ask questions about SkyDrive in

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