programming of my mouse

Hello, I just bought a very nice gaming mouse, it handles smoothly adjustable weight and is very quiet. The only problem I have is that I have no idea how program additional buttons. If someone saw this issue help will be appreciated.


iI concluded a program called X control mouse that works very well.

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  • Binding 'close' to a button on the mouse closed Firefox 4 instead of the current tab as in previous versions.

    I have a 5 button mouse Microsoft. In the mouse properties, I have 'Close' linked to one of the buttons. In previous versions of Firefox, which would close the active tab. With Firefox 4, it closes the browser. Is it possible to recover this feature?

    This response seems to have solved the problem for others:

    «I've got a similar question that I programmed my MS mouse Intellipoint to 'Close', so I could close a tab with a click, but now he closes the application.» "I got around it by changing the settings of my Intellipoint / program specific settings / Firefox / key combination (Ctrl + W) hope this helps.

    City of

  • Where can I change the setting for single/double clicking with the mouse

    From: brelade

    How can I change the option to double click with a single click to open programs with the mouse.



    From: brink

    Hi brelade.

    You have to go into Options of folders in the control panel (Classic view) or the Tools menu in the Explorer of.  Here is a link to a screenshot.


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  • Scrolling the mouse stuck with (Windows 7) wireless mouse

    I have an optical mouse Labtec wireless for laptops. It causes a scrolling to happen unintentionally with the sliders and the drop-down lists, as long as the mouse is positioned on the element.

    For example:

    (1) when I joined these forums and had to choose a country made mouse scroll down to the bottom without my intervention (other than by selecting the menu drop-down). Almost all the drop-down boxes tend to be done regardless of what program it is in.

    (2) if I try to adjust the volume in the system triggers the sound mouse tray even when I'm trying to lower it.

    (3) in some programs of the mouse scrolls the page automatically. It does not work with all programs. Chrome, IE, Firefox, Acrobat, Notepad and many others is not affected.

    (4) I don't have these problems with XP at all, but I did when I used Ubuntu (mouse would scroll the tabs and cycle always to the first area of the taskbar of Ubuntu.) I had to alt - tab to switch windows).

    (5) for my first installation of Chrome, the mouse would be automatically scroll the tabs to the first even if I haven't done stationary above the tabs. I could could properly select another tab if I clicked it and then left mouse tabs quickly.

    I did which solved the problem:

     " The document suggested to change some registry values to disable this behavior of high resolution. So I did exactly cela and adds the following entries 2 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\HID\Vid_xxxx & Pid_yyyy\\Device Parameters

    VScrollHighResolutionDisable  = 1

    HScrollHighResolutionDisable  = 1


    (5) I tried to open the mouse and by removing the mouse wheel. This had no effect. I couldn't scroll through manually, but the mouse would be automatically scroll.
    I'm puzzled. Can anyone help?

    Seted Hello,

    Thank you for your message.  Have you tried to use a different mouse or port on your computer?  In addition, you can try using your mouse on another computer to see if the behavior is the same, in this case, the problem may be with your mouse.  Please let us know.
    See you soon

    Engineer Jason Microsoft Support answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Mouse Microsoft and Center keyboard problems during the recent Windows Update

    Windows 7 Professional 32/64

    Windows Update, it is a week downloaded Microsoft Mouse and keyboard Center.  Apparently it did not install correctly on Windows 7.  Messages of two windows now pop up when you start.  They are the exact same messages one above the other which must be clicked off the coast.  Here's the exact message:

    "There is a problem with the installation of the mouse and keyboard software Center.  To resolve this problem, you must remove the mouse and keyboard software from the Center, and then rerun the implementation of centre of keyboard and mouse.  For more information on the point to add or remove a program see Windows Help. »

    Message meaning, but the action of removing the software is not possible.  In the list of programs highlight Microsoft Mouse and keyboard software Center and you receive only one choice.  This choice is Uninstall, with no choice of repair .  Microsoft is lazy, or finally reached being just plain stupid.  When you click the installation here is the screen that opens:

    "Setup cannot continue because one or more of the required installation files are missing or corrupted. Rerun Setup from the CD-ROM of the software or any other facility reliable source. »

    If you cannot uninstall or repair the screwed version, then when you try to re - install, it won't let you move forward, and stipulates that you already have the software installed and it will not properly work, or will not uninstall or repair it properly.  You're essentially stuck between the hammer and the anvil.  I don't want these two double messages showing when I start my computer.

    For some strange reason, I think that this software is not properly tested to work on Windows 7.  I never install driver updates provided in Windows Update, but my wife has checked the box as an optional update.  Big mistake!

    What can I do to remove this Microsoft Mouse and keyboard software Center of my computer.  I downloaded the version and and won't install until the problem with the faulty software installed is removed.  WHERE IS THE BUTTON REPAIR?

    Thank you

    Bernard Butler

    You must have the patience of Job to work for MSFT.

    I, too, have the same problem as Mr. Butler, w2 further complications:

    (1) assuming that it was a Win Update that caused the problem, I went to system restore to restore to an earlier time and was shocked to find that, even if my Protection system is activated, it was never a restore point created.
    (2) in addition to this annoying pop-up message, I have now lost everything except text in all my applications (Word, Publisher, etc.) and my browsers.  No display no graphics.

    I tried your method 1 fix and received a message that it only worls on 64 bit systems.  Mine is 32.

    I tried method 2 and tried to install; Rec'd msg saying I had to uninstall it first.

    I'm taking your advice, but so far I lost three hours on this and have gotten nowhere.  Suggestion, please...

  • Can I remove the notification area thein programs?

    Win &
    I have a system with limited resources, and I know that a lot of programs running in the notification area are bogged down my computer.  I know that you can remove those that you do not want to speed up things.  My problem is that I have no idea what most of them do and if I really need them or not, as Toshiba Eco Utility, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator, etc, etc.  Is there a site I can go to get information on this subject.  If I just go to the company that made the program they'll tell me it's great and I need running.

    Help please... Bob

    Improvement of Synaptics Touchpad:
    (If you use an external keyboard and a mouse, it can be disabled, but is probably not a big eater of power)

    Google Drive:
    (Google Drive is a free service that allows you to store all your files, including documents,
    photos, videos, and Google Docs online and access them anywhere)

    McAfee Security Center: Your anti-virus Protection - do not turn it off

    Action Center - PC problems: do not turn off Windows updates and other notifications.

    Toshiba PC Health Monitor: Can be disabled if you are conferatable with her is not running in the background
    ("Task Manager" allows you to see how much it would charge the system of-1 or 2% is acceptable, 10% or more and I would uncheck (disable))

    ConfigFree task status bar menu: If you do not use these features it can be turned off (Disabled).
    "NDSTray" can go in the first place. ConfigFreeT tray on a Toshiba laptop. Utility tray for their application which allows the switching of network devices and settings with a single click on the icon of the network switching. If it is not necessary for people who span multiple networks and want an easy way to switch from Wired to wireless and change of addresses and other network settings, it is a must have.

    Updated driver: disable it, you don't want to update driver unless you have a problem with a specific hardware device, you can manually get the reader to the web site of the manufacturer of your PC support.

    Logitec SetPoint Event Manager:
    This process implements utility SetPoint from Logitech.
    who is a pilot and unified for device configuration program its various mouse
    and other products pointer. In addition to providing hardware driver support,
    It allows options such as reassign buttons mouse, adjusting the operation of scroll wheel
    changing the mouse sensitivity and the establishment of the special settings for individual applications.

    Toshiba eco Utility: the choice is your s, click on the link below.
    Windows Update: I do all my updates manually after having made a backup of the twilight Disk Image.
    If you want Windows Update to download and install updates automatically, it can be kept enabled.
    To disable and download manually updates using the control panel
    (Control Panel / all items in Control Panel / Windows updates / change settings)
    There are several optionsvailable.

    Microsoft Outlook: If you use Outlook for E-mail then leave it as what.

    Power: Power management, for laptops running on battery leave it as what.

    Network: Leave it as what.
    Windows Explorer: Leave it as what.
    IGFX drawer Module: leave it as what.

    CNET Could be their Download Manager, if you do rare download then it can be disabled.
    Task Manager: can be disabled.

    Installation of Windows device:
    Read on:


    For additional monitoring of how each item in the startup of your computer effects tab
    performance download and install Process Explorer.

    You may need to find the specific system process that takes all (there are a lot of threads related to the 'System' process) of the CPU resources and slow down your PC.

    To do this Process Explorer, try:
    SysInternals Forums:

    Worth reading: the process system CPU spikes

    Once you have Process Explorer installed and running:
    In the task bar, select view and check 'show process Tree.
    as well as the options 'display the lower pane '.

    Move the cursor of your mouse over any column in the right pane and
    Make a right click and check the following boxes:
    "Command line" and "Version".
    (This will provide some of the detailed information you need)

    Then click on the CPU column to sort processes by CPU usage %.
    Then click on extend the process 'System' or 'Explorer' to expand and identify the specific subprocess using most or all the resources.

    Then click the sub-process or process listed under the system process that is using most or all the CPU %. Once the process or subprocess is highlighted, do a right click and select the options listed: online search. This should bring that out there on the web about this process.

    Note: some entries as solution, System (as explained above) process Explorer and svchost entries can should be extended to view details (sup process), in this case click on the + to the left of the entrance.

    J W Stuart:

  • OSX become insensitive and then back to reagent after a few minutes

    I know that there are other discussions about this, but I still write most of the son seems to point to Safari as the culprit, even though I think it's more like a problem with the drivers.

    I have 21.5 "iMac OSX El Capitan 10.11.5 running end of 2012.

    I noticed randomly becomes unresponsive by slowing down quickly until all blocked programs, but the mouse cursor moves again, and the screen saver strikes after some time and I can get by moving the mouse or pressing a key on the keyboard.

    If I wait minutes (10-15 minutes usually) it becomes sensitive.

    I tried to watch the console log, but it seems that everything hangs and then everything comes back to life and nothing is written to the log in the meantime.

    My suspect is that it is either a graphic card or bluetooth issue, but certainly something wrong with some drivers because the same version of Mac OS x on a different material does not suffer from this problem.

    It becomes more obvious when you have Chrome with many tabs open and parallel with a virtual machine running at the same time.

    I tried to nail him with different tools, but because everything becomes insensitive, even diagnostic tools running on that same box are of no use because they just stop and recover as all other processes without even noticing the time gap between the two.

    Is there anyone who has an idea how to debug this problem, either with the external hardware or any other means?

    See you soon!

    Since you're talking about Chrome and parallel: the amount of RAM that iMac has? And how much space to spare?

  • Select area of interest


    I'm shooting a laser at a cmos camera. Even though I know how to reduce the area of interest using Automation & measures I need to create a simple selection of easy to use when you run the program with the mouse. I hope that something like Rectangle Select option in the IMAQ, but I can't find any vi that shows the selected area or allow the proceedings to continue. Reduce the size of the image is critical because the amount of data is important.

    Can someone tell me please in the right direction?

    Thank you

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  • Installed the latest important updates this morning; upon restart, the computer didn't work as expected. now behaves as if the motherboard is dead.

    This morning at appx. 1:30 AM PST, I installed the latest important updates from the Windows Update Manager on my HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop. I did manually, by a double click on the little icon in the toolbar and clicking on the button install. Once the update had completed, I clicked on the "restart later" button and close my computer using the Shut Down command - the usual symbol "click here to close and complete the installation" didn't appear. I thought it was a little weird, but chalked it up to the fact that I had taken the lead and made the installation.

    About an hour and a half later, after being able to get to sleep, I decided that I would try to do a job. I pressed the power button and my computer started well upward, giving me the ' now install, update (1/3) [percentage] completed. Do not turn off your computer. "message. Which is quite normal, let him do his thing without turning it off.

    The update is completed and I am greeted by my office. Displays the logon to Gmail Notifier window, and that's when my problems began: I tried to move the arrow to disappear, and the arrow has not moved. The circle of "transformation" had, next to the arrow, so I thought it must be a minor hiccup. I've waited, waited and waited... But even after all of my normal startup programs loaded, my mouse has failed.

    Pressing the Windows key to open the menu start does not work, either; It was as if everything had been disconnected. After waiting a few minutes, I decide that maybe I just need to restart and, given that my keyboard was not working, I pressed and held the power button until the system off (I know, I know, it's a horrible thing to do).

    I waited a minute, and then you press the power button. The lights came on, the fan spun, but the screen remains black as if I did nothing. I waited, because my computer arrived in the past tried to give me an attack of apoplexy by hanging several screens, but... nothing. The fan spun, the light shone their beautiful blue, but that's all.

    The only thing I have changed or done differently was the updates, I have not dropped my computer; I've not spilled something on or in I have a Targus chill mat that I use religiously. I download attachments from people I don't know no/trust (I can't, my antivirus program deletes attachments in emails from spam); I use Firefox with NoScript and anti-ad; My AV/Antispyware/malware program is always up to date and six types of awesome and more.

    My system is Windows Vista Home Premium on an HP Pavilion dv6000. I have an AMD Turion 64 x 2 processor and a Nvidia mobile graphics card (I don't remember exactly who he is; I can't the specs). I don't have a DVD of restoration, for reasons that did not need explores right now. I had my phone on... Two years, I think. I'll have to double check.

    I can't start in safe mode, because I get nothing - no POST, no beeps, without bumps. The CD/DVD drive makes some noises, as he is looking for a drive (there isn't one in the drive), and that's it.

    I think I have to take someone and make them open and see what's the problem, but I appreciate any thoughts/ideas/opinions/assistance that anyone can give. Thank you for your time and attention.

    Alas, no, the screen seems to be fine. He had not been acting funny before that, in any case. I checked out, and the external monitor just went to sleep because there is no signal.

    Thanks for taking a peek anyway. I guess it's a workshop for me and my laptop.


  • change which monitor the application appears on when it opens

    A single application appears on the secondary monitor when it opens. As long as my laptop is docked, it is ok, because I can move it from one to the other. But when she is not locked, and I opened this request, it's like he's still stuck on the secondary monitor - can I use Alt - tab to switch to this app, but I can't, I can't move it, even with keyboard shortcuts (Alt-space-M for move, Alt-space-X to enlarge full screen, Alt-space-R to reduce full-screen Alt-space-N to reduce in the taskbar. All seem to work - it's flashing the task bar if I have the minimize, flashes back - in the sense that the secondary monitor is if it was docked - when I Alt - tab him - except that Alt-space-M don't move it on the laptop screen. Naturally, I can click on it in the tasks, but who was just the same effect as Alt-tab - I still don't see it.) V annoying!

    Try these:
    1. a click right a free space of the desktop, select "Properties".
    2. click on the tab "settings".
    3. click on the mouse on the seconary Graphic screen.
    4 UNCHECK "extend my Windows desktop on this monitor.
    5. click on the chart of the main monitor
    6. make sure that "use this device as the primary monitor" is CHECKED

    If you don't know who's 1 and 2, press "identify". It should display a huge and gigantic '1' on the primary monitor.

    Or if it does not, right-click on the application in the taskbar, click on move, then use the arrow keys to move the program. The mouse cursor hangs in the window of the program and you can use the mouse to place the program on your screen, simply use the arrow keys at the start.

    I hope I could help

  • XP becomes inadmissible after the use of Chrome. Why?

    Normally, run Firefox but downloaded Chrome and speed. However after that I use and close Chrome all my program icons are non-responsive, including the commands RUN as msconfig and even Ctrl Alt Del to stop computer. I have to hold down the power button / stop. INCREDIBLY frustrating because I can't even get the problem - EVERYTHING is inadmissible. When I click on a program icon, the mouse is it's "hour glass" thing, but that's all. Any help would be great. Thank you


    It is a possibility that another application is at the origin of the conflict. We can perform the clean boot to check the defective application.

    Step 1.
    Verify that if the problem exists in Mode safe mode with networking, if the computer works as expected in mode safe, then we can solve the problem in the clean boot state.
    See the article below for the procedure safe mode in Windows XP
    A description of the options to start in Windows XP Mode

    Step 2.
    You need to perform a clean boot to find the program that is causing and then disable or remove.
    How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" State
    Note: When you are finished troubleshooting, follow the steps as explained in the article to reset the computer to start as usual.

    I hope this helps.

  • Alpha Antivirus help

    I went into safe mode to download the program, but my mouse does not work. How to navigate mode safe?

    Step by step how to remove Alpha Antivirus can be found here:

    Guide on how to remove Alpha Antivirus

    Please note that many of the removal guides you on the web will use paid-for removal programs.  Don't get ripped off by buying these programs when there are perfectly good ones that are free to do the job too.

  • Cursor jumps randomly in Word

    When I type on my laptop in Word the cursor jumps back to the previous text.  What is going on??


    Two things that can cause these issues (among many others) are antivirus/security programs
    and the mouse drivers.

    Check with the experts here: (re - ask your question in these groups)

    Answers - Word

    Answers - Office


    Discussions in Word Application errors

    Office newsgroups

    and here:

    Microsoft.public.word.application.errors discussions

    Welcome to Microsoft Discussion groups

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • Windows 7 keeps freezing during and after the connection

    So for the last two weeks, my computer (a Dell Inspiron with Windows 7 laptop) has been having this problem.

    Whenever I try to start Windows, the computer freezes. Most of the time, I'll be able to connect in the first place and the desktop and the taskbar appears normal, but I won't be able to open all programs. The mouse will have a circle "loading" beside him who won't go away, will not come to the top of the start menu and the taskbar will be completely insensitive. When I move the cursor to the taskbar, the arrow usually turns into a circle of "loading". By pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete in the meantime does nothing. The only thing I can do is turn off the computer by pressing the power button.

    Sometimes I won't be able to connect at all. The desktop appears as a blank screen, either dark blue or black color. Sometimes the mouse cursor is sometimes visible and sensitive enough to be moved to the screen, sometimes that is not there or completely unresponsive. Whatever it is, there is absolutely nothing I can do when the computer is in this State.  Sometimes the Office does not at all, and I'll be stuck watching the blue 'Welcome' screen until I turn off the computer. Sometimes I can't even that, as the computer crashes as soon as I click on my user icon.

    These problems occur when I connect the guest too account. Sometimes they occur when I try to start the computer in Mode safe, but sometimes (usually after many frustrating attempts), I will be able to log in Mode safe mode normally. (Right now I'm in Mode safe mode with networking.) When I try to log on to the guest mode safe account, it always freezes before connect you or displays a message saying that there is "a mistake with the sense of service" or something like that.

    While in Safe Mode, I tried entering the system setup and turning off some startup programs. Who gets usually the computer working again for a little while, but after a few days problems reactivating. I also tried to do a restore of the system three times, but every time the restore has failed to occur due to errors (do not remember exactly what). The computer began working again after the attempt, but once more, the problems would be just begin again in a few days.

    What causes this problem, and what can I do to solve it for good?


    It could be a particularly strong virus or malware. Safe mode, I would run my antivirus software on a deep, boot level scan. If you don't have an antivirus, I use and recommend Avast Free Edition: (only use the Direct download link).

    Other than your antivirus and also run it from Safe Mode, the following malware scanners:

    Malwarebytes': ;  and,

    SuperAntiSpyware: .

    Again, use the Direct download link only. Let me know if this solves the problem for you.

    Kind regards


  • Failure to update Windows 8 for the error Code Windows 8.1 - 0xC1900101 - 0-x 20040017

    iBuypower CZ-27

    Intel i7 4700MQ 2.4

    16 GB OF RAM

    1 TB HD

    128G SSD

    NVIDIA GTX 770 m

    Windows 8 x64bit

    A to the factory restore update my PC after an Avast anti-virus on reboot it crashed. I did the factory reset and installed the drivers directly from via the USB port of my specific model. A driver could not install [ACPI/ENE0110] which appears as unidentified driver. I know that Nvidia GPU cause problems, so I made the driver is up-to-date. I don't have a program of keyboard/mouse Steelseries which is not supported by 8.1, and TrustterRapport. I don't have ESET anti-virus (although I have avast).

    I tried to disable all non-microsoft startup programs as suggested in a previous post that make me the problem [not even system partition] (I forgot the whole sentence) message.

    I really am having problems with this and am also looking for a solution to this unknown device driver.

    If anyone has any idea please help = ((un propriétaire de PC tous ma vie et ne voulant pas laisser ce problème dans la voie de mon bébé et moi; p))

    Thank you very much!


    Hello shifted,

    Welcome to Microsoft Community forum.

    This error indicates a boot failure Windows 8.1 has occurred during the final parts of the update, System Restore Windows 8.  The most likely cause of this error is a material defect or incompatible driver. Unfortunately, due to the timing of this failure, there often are no newspaper, dumps or other diagnostic information available to study the question easily, making it difficult to determine which, if any, of the system or components drivers cause the update fails.

    For more information I suggest you follow the suggestion provided by Madeni K N replied on 8 January 2014 in the following thread.

    If you are unable to upgrade to 8.1 Windows after trying the steps in the thread that above, I suggest trying the steps by Vivian Samartha responded on April 12, 2014 in the following thread and see if it works for you.

    If the problem persists after trying the above steps, I'll ask to follow the steps given by David Williams Dixon in the Blog below.

    Something happened and the 8.1 Windows installation may not be completed. (And now you are bored)

    We know if the steps help you in upgrading the computer to Windows 8.1.

    Kind regards.

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