Question to E4200v2 about RITS

I have a V2 E4200. 2.4 ghz and 5 GHz bands are both active and named differently. What I've read they should both appear in the list of networks when I connect other computers etc.? All I get is the 2.4 ghz.

Everything about the router works fine as far as I know, can't seem to access the 5 GHz band. Maybe I'm missing something? I recently updated the firmware of the WiFi chip, but it's the same situation.

Both groups have the same password with two of the first three letters on one.

Thanks for any help


Hi Otisdog,

Your router must release 2 networks, BUT not all computers/devices can detect the 5 GHz network. You have a double router broadband and if you want to see the 5 GHz network you must also use a card wireless dual band on your computers/devices.

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    I have an Acer 8920 G Intel [email protected] running win 7 64 bit.  under Vista, I had a limit of 4 GB, with Win 7, I can increase my memory to say 8 or 12 GB?  I think the limit is 16 GB right?

    I've updated a lot of systems.  I suspect your new Vista machine, was a 32-bit version.  32-bit systems can not 'see' more of about 3.25 G of memory, no matter how you equip with.

    64-bit systems can theoretically see a lot more.  The limitation will be with the chipset and BIOS of the particular model.  Yours has 2 memory slots.

    According to my experience, two systems of 4G equipped that are identical in all directions but is 32 and 64 other results in 15% performance improvement.  In addition, Win7 is about 10% faster than Vista SP2.

    Problem is the manufacturer produces a model, provides updates of the software of the chipset and BIOS that allow these improvements, but never reissues sheets.

    I found many systems including the specs say 2 pcs 2G each are at max.  In many of these systems, I discovered that they handled 2 PC 4 G each without problem.  Make sure that your BIOS is the last before trying this.

    It is essential that the 2 PC's are matched.  If they do not match, the memory does not work in mode Dual DDR2 is capable of.   Also, see if you can find the specifications for the memory CASE latency rate.  Some systems will not accept a higher speed and strips of larger memory than if they are provided with the right latency memory.

    Your probably provided with 2 PC 2 G DDR2 667.  I would not be surprised if DDR2 800 is not working and thus produce improved performance.  I found that this was the case in many systems.  You will find some DDR2 800 and 667 cost the same.  If the system will not work at 800, your 800 memory works well, but speed 667.

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    If anyone has had this same problem, please let me know, or better yet if you have a workaround or some instructions on how to make it work just in case it might be something I do not correctly.

    Again, the widgets are a great addition and I rent the developer for these. Any person who sets up an ecommerce site and wants to mark their page with many options, check on widgets. Well done.


    Bravo for the professionalism of J - 26. After a repair my muse files, the developer of J - 26 set to update some of the widgets behave nicely with MUSE. Yet if you look at my first post here, award-winning J-26 ecwid widgets are well worth your efforts. Especially when developers are willing to look at the questions that pop up... and offer a solution! There are a few questions, I have about some of the settings, but all-in-all the characteristics fixed it are resolved.

    I give J - 26 an A +.

    Thank you


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    At some point after this forum question - that was not answered - someone offered me an add-on that would provide the 2nd type of House, but in B & W icon. No one knows about it? I can find it is no longer. Thank you all.


    You can also try to Custom Buttons. Please see this.

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    I am about to replace my hard drive. How can I reinstall firefox and keep all my favorites and any other relevant information

    The profile is a file that store your personal information in a safe place

  • Watchdog question along with BACK Smurf attack on router and duplicate MAC hardware address

    Before we get into too much detail, you should know that my understanding of the internal processes of a MAC or any computer self-taught self and therefore flawed and elementary is at best.  Specifications for my MAC will be provided below my Epistle.   The bottom line is that I caught an employee a long time ago on my iMac while I'm out and I noticed that she was doing something with the watchdog.  I thought nothing of it at the time, but the watchdog of name stayed with me.  Since that time, over a year ago, there were several problems with why online banking and other fraud concerns.  If the 2 are linked, I have no way of knowing.  But my iMac is essentially useless at this point, there are countless accidents every day... but before you spend $3,000 on the new, I thought that it prudent to ask for assistance from several sources informed.  My console, I noticed several instances of the hardware MAC (DAD) duplicate addresses.  I'll give you the result below.  I have also connected to my router Xfinity and that this month there were 5 distinct "SMURF ATTACKS" or DOS attacks.  Yet once, I'll give you the result below.  And finally, by connecting to my computer in standard mode, watchdog daemon doesn't seem to exist. However, when in safe mode, there is, but he is unable to initialize.  I followed Davis Linc instructions (from a question someone asked about watchdog not booting not) and his bash script output will be provided below.  Any help would be appreciated I run my business from my iMac and say State it mildly, I'm tired of spending days trying to solve this problem.

    Be aware that, in my view, that my virtual RAM is low, although I can't find a definitive answer.  Support Apple says simply drag the hard drive and start over.  Maybe they have reason.  No matter, I know that I have provided too much information below, but I don't have the knowledge to know what is important and what is not germain to the issue.    Thank you in advance.

    I. SMURF ATTACK - denial of Service

    FW. IPv6 BEFORE drop, attempts of 1772, 2016/3/13 12:44:59 Firewall blocked
    FW. Fall of IPv6 ENTRY, 22 attempts, 2016/3/13 12:38:09 Firewall blocked
    Blocked Unallowed devices, 17 attempts, 2016/3/13 12:14:43 Machine blocked
    FW. IPv6 FRONT drop, 3209 attempts, 2016/3/12 23:57:02 Firewall blocked
    FW. Fall of IPv6 ENTRY, 251 attempts, 2016/3/12 17:46:33 Firewall blocked
    Device MAC: 70:48:0F:82:02:43, 11281 attempts, 2016/3/12 12:52:06 Machine blocked
    FW. LAN2SELF DROP, 2 attempts, 2016/3/12 09:31:22 Firewall blocked
    FW. IPv6 FRONT drop, 2622 attempts, 2016/3/11 23:56:33 Firewall blocked
    FW. Fall of IPv6 ENTRY, 301 attempts, 2016/3/11 23:17:54 Firewall blocked
    FW. IPv6 BEFORE drop, attempts to 2392, 2016/3/10-23:56:04 Firewall blocked
    FW. Fall of IPv6 ENTRY, 323 attempts, 2016/3/10-23:35:55 Firewall blocked
    FW. IPv6 BEFORE drop, attempts at 2669, 2016/3/09 23:57:34 Firewall blocked
    FW. Fall of IPv6 ENTRY, 186 attempts, 2016/3/09 23:38:57 Firewall blocked
    Device MAC: 38:71: A: 18:D2:C9, 14185 attempts, 2016/3/09 23:32:32 Machine blocked
    FW. IPv6 BEFORE drop, attempts to 2986, 2016-3-08 23:57:12 Firewall blocked
    FW. Fall of IPv6 ENTRY, 305 attempts, 2016-3-08 21:55:14 Firewall blocked
    FW. IPv6 BEFORE drop, 999 attempts, 2016/3/07 23:57:50 Firewall blocked
    FW. Fall of IPv6 ENTRY, 105 attempts, 2016/3/07-23:53:20 Firewall blocked

    WiFi] [1393]: Wifi WPA2-Personal security mode 3/2016/02 05:40:06Notice [Dhcpc] [2224]: erouter0 T1 expires, Enter rescued State 2016/3/02 01:11:12Notice [962] Firewall: DoS attack - SMURF ATTACK IN = erouter0 OUT = MAC = 10:86:8 c: 50: *: *: 00:13:5f:05:ab:e2:08:00 SRC = DST = *.155.194.241 LEN = 40 TOS = 00 PREC = 0x20 TTL = 41 ID = 29965 PROTO = ICMP TYPE = CODE 13 = 0 2016 15:16:16Notice / 3 / 01 [Dhcpc] [2224] : erouter0 T1 expires, Enter rescued State 2016/2/29 05:08:01Notice [962] Firewall: DoS attack - Smurf Attack IN = erouter0 OUT = MAC = 10:86:8 c: 50:2 *: 00:13:5f:05:ab:e2:08:00 SRC = DST = LEN = 40 TOS = 00 PREC = 0x20 TTL = 35 ID = 31525 PROTO = ICMP TYPE = CODE 0 2016 = 13 / 2 / 28 04:26:41Notice

    II. customers blocking Shutdown

    My iMAC struggles to sleep and I noticed this from the Console.  Not sure if that means anything, but I wanted to offer it.

    com Apple.ctkpcscd (164)

    19/03/16 4:54:57.728 Photos [34785] PM: customers blocking the closure:

    IPXProjectBrowserController2 (0x7ff8dd84e480), County of registration = 1

    PAImageItemController (0x7ff8df12bd70), County of registration = 1

    IPXProjectBrowserModel (0x7ff8d8f86600), County of registration = 1

    IPXAlbumsBrowserController2 (0x7ff8dd840600), County of registration = 1

    PAImageItemController (0x7ff8de2af680), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseCollectionController (0x7ff8dda7da20), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseCollectionController (0x7ff8dda534f0), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseCollectionController (0x7ff8dda73b10), County of registration = 1

    IPXSharedTabBrowserModel (0x7ff8d8f81760), County of registration = 1

    RKBackgroundImageProcessingContext (0x7ff8db6b29e0), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseCollectionController (0x7ff8dda535a0), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseCollectionController (0x7ff8dda7db00), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseCollectionController (0x7ff8dda73bc0), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseYearsController (0x7ff8ddcb6f70), County of registration = 1

    IPXMainWindowController (0x7ff8d8c47380), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseCollectionController (0x7ff8dda7c390), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseCollectionController (0x7ff8dda7d3d0), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseCollectionController (0x7ff8dda73c70), County of registration = 1

    _IPXOneDatabaseSpecificVersionsController (0x7ff8df01c0a0), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseCollectionController (0x7ff8dda7d480), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseCollectionController (0x7ff8dda73d20), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseYearController (0x7ff8dda7dcf0), County of registration = 1

    IPXProjectEditorProxy (0x7ff8d8c42d90), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseYearController (0x7ff8dda11bd0), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseCollectionController (0x7ff8dda7d530), County of registration = 1

    FaceRecognition (0x7ff8d8fa9f40), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseYearController (0x7ff8dda7dda0), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseCollectionsController (0x7ff8ddcb7220), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseCollectionController (0x7ff8dda7d5e0), County of registration = 1

    IPXAlbumThumbnailGenerator (0x7ff8d8d85a50), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseYearController (0x7ff8dda7de50), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseCollectionController (0x7ff8dda7d690), County of registration = 1

    IPXFolderThumbnailGenerator (0x7ff8d8fceeb0), County of registration = 1

    PAImageItemController (0x7ff8de31e4a0), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseCollectionController (0x7ff8dda7d740), County of registration = 1

    IPXEditorModel (0x7ff8d8c41030), County of registration = 1

    IPXImportBrowserModel (0x7ff8d8c22230), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseCollectionController (0x7ff8dda7d7f0), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseYearController (0x7ff8dda7e010), County of registration = 1

    IPXVersionsMonitor (0x7ff8de143b60), County of registration = 1

    IPXPhotosBrowserModel (0x7ff8d8f79d20), County of registration = 1

    IPXVersionsMonitor (0x7ff8de255a70), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseCollectionController (0x7ff8dda7d8a0), County of registration = 1

    IPXDatabaseYearController (0x7ff8dda7e0c0), County of registration = 1

    IPXEditorModel (0x7ff8de626590), County of registration = 1

    IPXEditorModel (0x7ff8ddbaadf0), County of registration = 1

    IPXBadgesOverlayController (0x7ff8ddd5ab10), County of registration = 1

    IPXAlbumsBrowserModel (0x7ff8d8f86540), County of registration = 1

    19/03/16 4:55:03.411 Photos [34785] PM: customers blocking the closure:

    FaceRecognition (0x7ff8d8fa9f40), County of registration = 1

    IPXPhotosBrowserModel (0x7ff8d8f79d20), County of registration = 1

    IPXSharedTabBrowserModel (0x7ff8d8f81760), County of registration = 1

    IPXImportBrowserModel (0x7ff8d8c22230), County of registration = 1

    IPXAlbumsBrowserModel (0x7ff8d8f86540), County of registration = 1

    The closure of blocking app which seems to be Photos.   I would back up all your files here first - probably two external backups - then try a photo / iPhoto repair pass - stop pictures / iPhoto, then launch the application with the option key (also labeled alt on some keyboards) and command.   You should get a dialog box asking you if you really want to fix the library.   If this fails, I would export or copy everything I could and rebuild each photo / iPhoto or - given other issues here - the whole of the environment.

    Regarding the duplicate addresses, you have an airport or time Capsule?  And if you want and need to have Wi - Fi and network assets, wired (such as it is apparent that this is the case), you will need to configure Wi - Fi as a point of access (the ' bridge'), or configure separate subnets for traffic.   This can be automatic with some integrated network devices, but may require one manual configuration with others.   But if you have a Gigabit Ethernet connected and active cable, there is usually very little reason to have Wi - Fi connected and active.

    What did or didn't happen here with unauthorized access is not likely going to be addressed either through the forums, many different things can happen to a system that has been compromised or has suffered an attempt to compromise, unfortunately.

    In regards to your concerns around safety and handling, the system has been tampered with, Apple is correct.    Down your data to one or two probably of external storage devices and reinstall from verified distributions and do not migrate existing applications or tools.   Reinstall those distributions checked.    Also remove all products the security module, anti-virus or anti-malware tools can be added here - what that looks like Symantec is installed - according to the suppliers for this withdrawal.   Additional security tools can cause a variety of problems in the system.

    You'll want to have these external backups in all cases, as one of the causes of the reported behavior is a peripheral fault storage.  Systems to get slow and flaky when storage is a failure.   A Time Machine configured and running, or some other regular module backup tool, at least.

    What is happening outside your router's problem of Verizon and just the normal dreck that happens on the rest of the Internet.   This is not your problem, unless you opened Internet access paths to the inside through the router on your network, and so does the rest of the Internet your problem.

    I'd probably also avoid installing the software add-on from HP, if you print only and you don't need features beyond what is in the base OS X distribution.

    The process of CEPHtmlEngine consuming resources system generally involves the Adobe software; see the for more details on this Adobe forums.

  • question of case structure

    I have 3 case structures in another... say I want to create a new structure of matter during all of these existing business structures. so you have real and it shows each of the structures case etc. When you go to false, all existing within the moment disappear.

    My question is, what about when you pass false, the exisiting structures arise, as sub set to true by default

    Thank you

    Right-click and duplicate the real structure, remove the additional false.


  • HP Pavilion g6-1200tx air winds (fan) questions

    laptop: HP Pavilion g6-1200TX

    Product number: QG468PA #ACJ

    operating system: Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit

    Mr President

    winds (fan) to air my laptop don't work properly and became quite noisy.

    This has led to very poor game performance. Earlier (6 or 7 months ago) while playing games (NFS THE RUN), the fan worked with great speed and therefore keep the laptop in a cool and also giving pretty good framerate between (18-25).

    But when I play now the fan remains completely rotate with very less speed and heat the laptop as radically. As a result the droped framerate (8-12). Even FULL HD videos run quite poorely.

    I spend loads of time to update all components (BIOS, chipset graphic everything), but it does not solve this problem.

    also, I restored my laptop and updated every thing, but again the rest of the question.

    I thing I should have my fan cleaned or replaced.

    Pls inform me of the cost for cleaning of the fan and also replacing the fan.

    I bought my laptop on October 25, 2011. Noida, Delhi, India.


    Thank you for visiting the Forums from HP Support. I'm sorry but this is a community of peer-to-peer HP customers and not a venue to contact HP directly. Most of the users here is consumers like yourself that offer solutions because they like to help others and HP employees that you see are here on their own abilities and not representing does not society.

    If you have additional or direct comments for HP on their products or services or questions on the repair, you can use the link below for contact information.

    If you have other questions and concerns about the use of the forum, please do not hesitate to send me a private message.

  • 1 problem and 1 Question

    I just got a Sansa discovered refurb 16 GB for Christmas and tried to get some movies on this thing.  Its been a real pain.  I have VOB so Any Video Converter files, I tried and it has lip sync problems.  Tried the settings from here:

    and they did not work.  Tried the settings from here:

    and he got the view to play videos but with the lip sync problem.  I tried to change the A / V sync basic, no luck.  video framerate to 29.97 is not an option, only 25 to 30 I think, but certainly not 29.97.

    I have not yet tried, but will probably tonight.  Any suggestions?  I have about 8 hrs a value of time lost so far...

    Now to the question: I have about 5 VOB files by film I would like to transfer and I was wondering whether or not point of view seamlessly pass the 1st mp4 to another.  If not, I'm pretty well, do anyone knows how to convert these 5 VOB files into a single file to be converted to mpeg-4 (mp4), or a shortcut to the 5 files just convert a mp4?

    Thanks in advance.  I usually love challenges, but it becomes a little hand.

    Well, I found a program called "Hand brake" courtesy of lifehacker.

    I think that should do it.  its supposed to be one of the best free programs out there, and you can use it instead of Any Video Converter.

    If for any reason any who does not work for me, I'll use some type of program "Carpenter" to make the case.  Check and type of Carpenter.

  • Problems running with e4200v2 and Mac network

    I bought a router e4200v2 about a year, but somehow, it got lost in my computer room and I don't a not localize until quite recently, just after I bought a new iMac running Yosemite. The new iMacs don't have an optical drive, so I downloaded the since the support site of Linksys without problem.

    However, when I run the, he starts a Setup Smart Wi - fi but stalls when it comes to about 25% of fact, with a message "could not find your router." I called Linksys, and even if this isn't their period of free support they gave me a free call since I'd just take the machine out of the box.

    We couldn't get the to work, so they talked me through a manual installation. I can now access the net of my Wired iMac or any of the various devices wireless around the House (telephone, laptop, etc.).

    BUT it was only after I hung up I have realzed that the different functions available from the diddn t Smart Wifi configuration (for example, guest access) appear to be available.

    I don't want to pay for a support call, but it's really irritating. The still does not work, and I see no way to not get LLA.

    Can anyone suggest a solution? Am I missing something simple?

    Thank you.

    I do not recommend the use of the software to configure the router in your case.

    On the contrary, to connect to the router and use the link below to access and configure.

    Default user name: admin or empty

    Default password: admin

  • I need my files to open in the monitor # 2 I usually have some important information about the number of monitor 1. I need the files to alternate when they are open. One in 2, then one 1.

    I need my files to open in the monitor # 2 I usually have some important information about the number of monitor 1. I need the files to alternate when they are open. One in 2, then one 1.

    Kind regards

    How it works is usually the application (explorer.exe is an application) in question is open about everything that monitor his last (final) session was closed the.  Not all applications have this built-in memory, but most do.

    I don't think that even something TO manage multiple monitors (this is what it was built for) will do what you are wanting.  ;-)  I see no way of programming of this type of automation.  ;-)

  • XPS 8500 CPU connection monitor question

    First of all, my apologies if the question I'm about to ask answered several times or seems stupid. I sought an answer in the database of the product and on the different for one for what I consider to be a reasonable period of time and has not found an answer. I tend to replace (high-end) computers about every 5-6 years and all replacements comes a new set of technologies to learn and understand. (I'm also more than 60 years, but please don't hold that against me-one day you will be this age too if you're lucky and try to live right)  My old Sony Vaio desk had the usual video output VGA I hooked to a monitor CRT even older and later in a flat screen monitor.

    OK, so what is my question? Pretty basic: I bought a new 27 '' HD 1080 p Viewsonic monitor and find he has two input jacks-one is the customary VGA and the other titled "DVI - D '. The new '' has usually taken VGA output and then taken two apparent labeled additional video output: HDMI and "[0]" (?)  I really don't like that means taking [0], but I would like to know how I can get the highest definition possible/resolution displayed on my HDTV? The Dell quick start guide under 'Connect the Display' shows five different connection next to the VGA version configurations. I bought my local Fry Electronics HDMI cable, but have no idea if its what I need or if it will work with the configuration of my CPU and monitor. In addition, Dell put two black plastic plugs into the socket HDMI and Sockets [0] so should I infer that they are 'dead' links or what? Please don't tell me to request a refund of CPU Dell or call Geek Squad and pay $300 to get out and connect a cable... It is impossible THAT complicated-it's all in knowing which wire to connect to the place where seems simple. Thanks in advance for any valid response. I contact Dell technical support and after waiting 15 minutes for the agent to answer my question, I released on bail.

    I typically do not "reply" to my own comments, but I made a mistake in the information. "VGA" alleged out Jack at the bottom of the back of the CPU is actually NOT a VGA port (which has 3 rows of 5 pins of each for a total of 15 pins) on further review, (put my reading glasses) he has three rows of eight pins per line (total 24) left a 4 socket side pins in a sign more or configuration. My monitor has the same number of pine (24) entries in the same configuration (without the 4 pin side socket), so assuming the same number of pins (24) is compatible between the CPU and the monitor, all I have to do now is to get the appropriate cable and the problem is solved. Thank you once again, Kirk, for giving me a starting point to work from. Now to contact tech support for my win Dell. 8 issues of pro...

Maybe you are looking for