Question about cart Counter and position header J-26 of the widget in Muse conflict

I recently purchased the award-winning J - 26 ecwid widget. I must say handguns are a beautiful set of enhancements and tools design for Muse. The conflict in question is the Cart counter Widget. I corresponded with the promoter to get this resolved and I was wondering if someone had this problem; As far as I know, this widget was designed to work with the store to trade Ecwid. (You must ask the developer if there are others) When the "Meter of Cart" widget is placed in the header of my page on a master page of cart or basket, I can't work properly. It could be something I'm not set up correctly or something else. But when the widget is placed under the header, it seems to work. The problem above the header area is that the counter disappears and does not make the connection with the store ecwid or something? I'm not sure. I am currently using a widget of J - 26 called a light cart followed the v2.3.1 and works very well in the position of the header. So all that being said, is there anyone who has tried the trolley counter in the header that works? Added note: I created a site skeleton with a connection to my storefront as a tester site, thinking that maybe there was a code problem. After bad and without success, I gave up. Currently, I'm looking for a work around to make a secondary master page for the storefront and to build a fake header move real heading to zero, so I can place the counter of trolley in the body of the page. Even with that there are a few problems.

If anyone has had this same problem, please let me know, or better yet if you have a workaround or some instructions on how to make it work just in case it might be something I do not correctly.

Again, the widgets are a great addition and I rent the developer for these. Any person who sets up an ecommerce site and wants to mark their page with many options, check on widgets. Well done.



Bravo for the professionalism of J - 26. After a repair my muse files, the developer of J - 26 set to update some of the widgets behave nicely with MUSE. Yet if you look at my first post here, award-winning J-26 ecwid widgets are well worth your efforts. Especially when developers are willing to look at the questions that pop up... and offer a solution! There are a few questions, I have about some of the settings, but all-in-all the characteristics fixed it are resolved.

I give J - 26 an A +.

Thank you


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    The question: Does autoinvoice program match invoices against PO, or do I need this to do it manually after running this program?

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    You have not need manually match invoices to the BP.

    The standard functionality of the remuneration to the receive function is as mentioned below:

    You can set up your vendors to pay upon receipt or delivery, and you can choose the level of consolidation of bills: paid site of landslide, a reception or packaging provider.

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    Hi connally25,

    Here is a link to a video tutorial on how to add a Facebook button, please check if you have followed the same steps to add the video.

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    I read printers generally do a periodic nozzle cleanings when left. If I keep the printer on all the time that guarantees nozzles will be fine? Or do I have to take extra precautions? Or am I stuck with printer not not last long?

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    PS HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3525 e-all-in-one printer does good photo prints?

    The print head is built into the cartridge, see the example below...

    If you are printing only rarely, so my experience a printer IPH is a better option. The advantage of ink series has a range of different printers. Will they have 4 or 5 cartridges, then they IIC (individual ink cartridges with the printhead being separated). If they have 2 cartridges (mono and tricolor), then it is HPI.

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  • question about sending mail and the use of UrlEncodedPostData


    I need to send over https three things:

    (1) framework, which is a byte [] object, and has some information about the device and the things that need to be sent to the server

    object String 2) imei - imei of the device.

    (3) data - some data, which are a String object

    now I need to use URlEncodedPostData, but...

    UrlEncodedPostData _post = new UrlEncodedPostData(null, false);
    _post.append("frame", ???)-> my frame is a byte[] object

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    YH, the problem is-how to put a byte [] object to the urlEncodedPostData and then send it?

    The point of encoding is to ensure that special characters can be detected correctly.  There is no URL address, as the settings.

    You will notice that the class that you are trying to use is called URLEncodedPostData.  I don't know if the same URL encoding is used in BOTH and given POST, but I think this class should be used in the data of PUBLICATION, rather than to GET data (look at the name).  You will find that the process of encoding data GET is not so difficult and I don't know if you look you will find J2ME coding code on the Web, that will help you create correctly to GET URL format.

    However, I still think you should consider the difference between GET and POST, and what data is passed by each type of application.  I think that if you had done that earlier, you wouldn't be in this position, you understand better my answers and you will understand how to create the queries POST you have to best use later.  GET and POST are NOT Blackberry or specific RIM, they are the Web specifications and used on all platforms.  There is a lot of documentation out there.

  • questions about 2100 wlc and lwap connection


    I have a few questions, I hope you can answer me.

    In fact, I have a controller connected to 3 Lwap 2100, and they are connected to the WCS. they have a static IP address.

    The distance between each point of access to more than 30 meters.

    1. the distance between the access points affect the accuracy or the stream. How can I calculate this

    2. because the APs use a static IP address, each customer should I connect to the network to add a static ip address? can I do the APs detect clients dynamically?

    I have lwapp reset guide, guide WCS configuration and configuration guide for WLC. If you have more documents or more pls share with me.



    Hello Ahmed,.

    Yes the distance between AP affect the wireless signal.

    to determine the best location of AP and the distance between them, as the site survey is necessary with the expert of the spectrum wireless or airmagnat...

    You can check the following links for design and RF management



    for other questions about DHCP, it is not a must that customer use static IP, you can always configure them with DHCP.

    as an extenal DHCP (like windows server), or on the WLC himself (to the title of controller-> > internal DHCP tab).

    Kind regards


    Please note the answers that you find useful and mark as answer - when is it :-) - so that others can easily find

  • Question about subjects, books and tables of contents

    I have a question about the subjects, books and tocs. I have a project that someone else created, and my task is to create a new topic and add it to the table of contents. I created the topic, but when I generate CHM project it does not appear in the table of contents. I tried to update the table of contents. What I think (I guess) could be the problem, is the 'links to the topics', when I see the links to the topics in other areas (old) they seem to have a link to the main book, but the new one is not mine. Could you help me? Thank you!!!

    It seems that you have a manual table of contents page, rather than using the table of contents of CHM.

    The toc.htm topic that you see in your list of topics is probably where you will need to add your new topic.

    If the table of contents was already populated when you inherited the project, I suspect the previous author was using it just to keep track of the topics they had added manually to the topic toc.htm - added the CHM topic in summary you did mark the column of the table of contents in the list of topics like '' Yes. '' then add to the toc.htm manual is not. Hope that makes sense.

    P.S. Just guess that it is installing what I can see in the screenshot. It is quite unusual, so I hope I'm right.

  • Questions about payment, cancellation, and planning for your review of VCA - VTC

    Fellow VCA (midshipman).

    I'm ready to go for my review of VCA - VTC, but I was interested in how you can pay for the exam and how much it costs. The last question, I think I found the answer to and $95, which is about €70? So, I registered for the exam with the assumption that I had to abandon in payment details before I confirmed. Unfortunately, I was already permanently registered after the first screen, I had to fill in and got an email sending me on the Pearson VIEW site. So I'm rather perplexed how me or maybe my employer can I pay for this review, if I can actually cancel it and if it is mandatory for me now to pass this review, now that I am registered of course for her.

    Kind regards


    What you have said, I guess that the first site you visited was and you completed the licensing process for the review.

    This operation generates an ID for you on VMware and PearsonVUE systems then this means that you can program review and pay via PearsonVUE.

    I don't think at this stage there is no obligation to actually go ahead and take the exam.

  • Question about Lab Manager and ESX Resource Pools

    Hello world

    I was wondering if I can get feedback from some of the members of the community.  We used Lab Manager very strongly in our support organizations and it has proved to be a valuable tool.  Recently, we collaborated with the Department of technical training and started hosting online seminars and classes for them using Lab Manager.  Last week we had a fairly large class of users (approx. 45), each duty deploy 2 rather Beefy VMs that were very intensive resources (Jboss, SQL, Mail to name a few).  My colleague and I went through a lot of trials and planning to ensure that our infrastructure can handle the load while allowing our users to date at the same speed and reliability, so that they are used.

    Our Lab Manager ESX server pools made up of the following:

    5 HP DL380 G5 servers with 2 x Quad Core 2.8 GHZ processors (8 cores each) with 32 GB of RAM each

    2 HP DL580 G5 servers with 4 x Quad Core 2.8 GHZ processors (16 cores each) with 128 GB of RAM each

    When the class is running and everyone has made their 2 machines, we noticed for some reason, he was all on ESX2 and 3 deployment (380 s).  Then came the ESX alarms, use of 90% of memory, then more than 100% bringing the disk page.  The CPU usage was at a all time high.

    I look at the 2 580 s and there are about 4 virtual machines deployed on them.

    So my question is...

    How does he know where to launch a Virtual Lab Manager machine?  There's no sense 2 servers have been brought to the red zone, and almost overloaded when the 2 most powerful servers in my farm are nearly dormant.  I noticed sometimes in the past, but not this bad.  Normally, we have about 45-50 computers deployed at some point and it seems to spread them out properly.

    This group of training has access to the same LUN and ESX server with Betclick as any other organization that we have.

    We have decided hosting several sessions of training may be greater than this one and would like to know that the virtual machines will be distributed properly.

    I would like to know your opinion on this

    First to answer your question, then make guess what happens.

    As indicated in response Ilya, LM distributed VMs differently with active DRS resource pools and pools of resources without active DRS.

    LM place VMs when the DRS is not used.

    When DRS is used, we use the DRS admission control to select the host to place virtual machines.

    DRS is turned off, LM uses its own placement routine:

    For each virtual machine, LM filter all managed servers that cannot run the virtual machine. A complete list of patterns are:

    • The managed server has not enough memory or quota for virtual machine to run the virtual machine.

    • The host is not connected to the data store that is the virtual machine.

    • The virtual machine has active state (suspended) and the CPU of the server managed by the waking state has been captured is not compatible with the managed server currently considered.

    • The virtual machine has been a guest on 64-bit and the managed server is not 64-bit capable.

    • The virtual machine has more processors than the managed server.

    • The managed server is not accessible or is set to "prohibit deployments." Not reachable may mean that the lm-agent or its not to ping queries is not answer (this is visible in the list of managed server page).

    Once we have the complete list of eligible servers, we place the virtual machines on the host including the smallest (MemoryReservation % + CPUReservation %). By default, we reserve not CPU on LM VMs, this internship will be largely due to the memory on the host computers if you have not changed the settings of reservation of CPU on your virtual machines.

    For closed deploy to the PF3, force us all virtual machines to go on the same host, so if any virtual machines have any special data store / CPU type specification, all virtual machines is forced to go on this host. If there are conflicting requirements between different virtual machines in the same configuration, deployment will fail. Closed VMs also have another condition to check that is rarely achieved in practice: number of closed networks available on the managed server. By default, this is 20 and you will need more than 20 different configurations closed running on a managed server before you who will strike.  (LM4 allows Cross fencing host, so this does not apply in LM4).

    To make a guess blind because of your distribution problem - if you use the saved state and fencing, it's probably the type of processor.  Processor type can be checked on the host properties page.

    If you not are not I would check that the images can deploy on the 580 s by disabling the 380s and trying to deploy them.

    If you use DRS (which you're not), it could be due to deployment of virtual machines too fast for the algorithm of control for the entrance of VC.  An easy solution for this is to extinguish the DRS on the cluster manager of laboratory.

    We tested load internal repeatedly, the product QA in different laboratories, we run (LM has been used in VMworld Labs for the past couple years and internal systems of training and demonstration for our Organization implemented SE), so no need to worry about this.  I assure you that the first 'real' performance problem you will encounter will be almost certainly due to an overload of your storage array (too many IOPS / s)... and for that you have to distribute content in data warehouses and use techniques of creating paths to balance the load.

    Kind regards


    Another thread on this:

  • Questions about Failver customer and rapid failover

    have some questions about customer and quick Faiolver of Oracle Database HA failover. Before asking these questions, I want to explain my environment. Here are the details.

    -We have two physical locations called "ABC" and "PQR".
    -ABC is the main site.
    -PQR is the backup site.
    -In ABC, we have the database to Oracle RAC ( with two nodes.
    -In the PQR, we have only one stand-alone server ( database with ASM. This isn't a RAC.
    -Data Guard has been configured between ABC and PQR and it works as expected.
    -Please note that we have a license for Active Data Guard.
    -We have products of Oracle Identity Management to ABC and PQR and they will use the RAC database as a primary database that is in the CBA.
    -We have not yet set up a Data Guard Broker.

    We want to achieve under objectives:

    Objective 1:

    Whenever primary CARS down completely, standby database becomes a primary database AUTOMATICALLY and it should allow the read/write operation.
    I guess it's called 'Fast Failover'. Please let me know if I'm wrong.

    Issues related to the:

    -To do this, I need to set up Data Guard Broker so that this standy database becomes primary when CARS go down completely with a power outage, planned or not.
    -Let's say that CARS falls does completely, how long take Data Guard Broker do standby db as primary.
    -What the client application / which is already connected to the CARS.
    -Let's DB standby became as primary and after some time if RAC comes back, keep data automatically becomes the primary role of RAC?

    Objective 2:

    As I explained above, all products Oracle IDM and applications to speak to the RAC database, what do know only on the RAC database, which is the main. They are not aware of the pending database.

    -Whenever a client session is underway with the primary database of CARS if CARS completely falls down, we would like to wait until the client session should get transferred datbase standby without losing session information. However before that happens, standby database should become primary because the client session can perform write operations.

    -Whenever a client attempts to connect to the primary CARS and assumes that the cab is completely down, we would like to expect from any client connections should are transferred pending database.
    However before that happens, standby database should become primary because the client session can perform write operations.

    According to my knowledge, above scenarios are called "client failver." Please let me know if I'm wrong.

    Issues related to the:

    1. Please throw some light to reach above features.
    2. According to my understanding, before customer failover happens, fast failover expected has already occurred and ensure should get the switch for the main role. I guess that all this happens thanks to timeout settings. What are those.

    Could you please help?

    Thank you

    I didn't say that clients cannot reconnect automatically when primary fails: I meant that client sessions can generally reconnect and also keep any session state.

    Yes, they can reconnect but only to keep the session state for a SELECT statement. It is also possible with Data Guard, not only in the CARS I wrote: here's a demo with 10 g
    What is not possible is to maintain a session state: (INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE) pending transactions must be cancelled.

    Edited by: P. Forstmann on Dec 8. 2011 20:30

  • Questions about apex_web_service.make_request and collections


    I began using with Apex Web services, and I have a few questions about the apex_web_service.make_request procedure. You can pass a name of the collection as a parameter. I'm a little confused on this parameter from the collection...

    This is perhaps a silly question, but the documentation is not very clear, so... This procedure always inserts just a line in the collection (with the XML returned by the web service call), or are there cases where several lines will be inserted?

    If there is still only a single row, what are the practical reasons to use a collection for her? I ask because in most cases interest you about the columns/rows to display in a form or a report in the Apex and I don't see the advantage to store in a collection of single-row, but I may be missing something...

    If the response contains several rows of data, it will be automatically extract the lines and insert them into the different lines of the collection? (posts...)

    What is the best approach then to extract several rows returned in the XML response and insert them into a collection? Currently I use XMLTABLE in a loop and call apex_collection.add_member for each row returned. is there a better way to do it?

    Thank you


    the webservice returns only one row in the results collection.

    XMLTABLE using is a good idea, instead of using a loop, you can also use APEX_COLLECTION. CREATE_COLLECTION_FROM_QUERY or CREATE_COLLECTION_FROM_QUERY_B (B for bulk which may mean 'fast').



  • Question about importing RAW and JPEG


    Support of Adobe at the following page talks about the "import and preferences file management Definition: l

    I have a few questions about this, and I would really appreciate your input gtting. (I also posted this question on this page, but I don't know if it was the right place...)

    1. that means 'otherwise, Lightroom treats the JPEG in doubles as a file? The JPEG format is not available at all in these circumstances? What can I do with this file "jpeg"? Is located in the same folder as the RAW images?

    2. my understanding is that the JPEG image contains the treatment unit (e.g., Vivid, sharpning, etc.); When I import pictures from my Nikon (NEF) raw, LR does not apply to these parameters, and the image I see in LR is * really * gross (i.e., bland and "free upgrades").  If I shoot and bring in JPEG and RAW, LR is it possible to have LR somehow automatically "make RAW image look like the JPEG?

    Thank you in advance!


    (1) No, it simply as an initial overview.  LR replaces this overview as soon as it renderes its own.

    (2) the profiles are already built for Nikon and Canon.  Look in the calibration Panel in the develop module.

  • Satellite P200 - 17 c: Question about tools Toshiba and Vista's Windows HotStart


    I just bought the Toshiba Notebook Satellie P200 - 17 c and I have a couple of questions which I hope you can answer in this forum? aShop = true

    1. under "Bundled software" at the link above, it says that the 'Toshiba value added"is included, but I do not see this CD/DVD in the box. (My Equium L10 was a value added CD in the box).

    The Toshiba user manual
    Norton Internet Security 2007 (including updates of free Internet for 90 days)
    Ulead DVD MovieWriter for TOSHIBA
    * Toshiba value added package *.
    Supervisor password utility
    Toshiba Assist
    Toshiba Speech System
    Chicony Camera Assistant Software
    Toshiba DVD player
    Microsoft Works 8.5 (with Office home and Student 2007 trial version)
    Toshiba Disc Creator
    Connectivity doctor

    Why is the Value Added Package not included and what exactly is included on the CD/DVD for the P200 - 17 c? I'm not too sure if I have all this either. I.e. ConfigFree, connectivity, Toshiba Assist etc doctor, but I check over the next hours and after return.

    2. under "Features", he mentions:

    * Microsoft Windows HotStart for instant-on entertainment *.

    But I don't see any reference to this in the manual of the owner and its operation. Can anyone help here please?

    3. what CD/DVD writing software is included? I'm looking for something like Roxio or Nero, utilities that I can use to create data and discs with audio and also, burn ISO files, but I see is Toshiba DiskcCreator.

    I have no doubt that I'll have a few more questions once I have a good look around the laptop and will post back, but is it for now.

    I would appreciate a response from someone, but as a direct comparison, especially those of the user who already have, or have purchased the P200 - 17 c.



    > Why is the value-added package not included and what exactly is included on the CD/DVD for the P200 - 17 c? I'm not too sure if I have all this either. I.e. ConfigFree, connectivity doctor, Toshiba Assist etc, but I check over the next hours and after return.

    The added value of Toshiba package is a collection of applications Toshiba unique like TOSHIBA, TOSHIBA Power Saver components common driver, utility password of TOSHIBA, TOSHIBA Flash Cards, etc.

    Applications of this are already installed on the image of Toshiba which is placed on the Toshiba Recovery CD.

    > Microsoft Windows HotStart for instant / entertainment
    As much I know Windows Hotstart in the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system offers built-in support for launch applications directly from the system startup.
    Manufacturers can take advantage of Windows HotStart to add buttons to access favourable to consumers through panels application front of the chassis.
    In your case, what are the control of Toshiba for example buttons.

    > What CD/DVD writing software is included?

    There should be a preinstalled tool called Toshiba Disc creator.
    The use of this too, you can create original audio CDs, data CDs and DVDs and backup of CD and DVD discs

    Hope that clarified everything

  • Write a question about basic series and

    I tried to use the base series write and to simulate the funtion of Hyperterminal, communication between the pc and the device via COM port. The question I have is, when I open the vi, under the name of resource VISA option, I don't think my device used COM port. I clicked on the button refresh, but always, always shows only COM1. And when I entered the hand COM7 (what I used) and click Run, it would show the error message: "invalid resource specified, Parsing error."

    Can someone help me with this problem? Thank you very much.

    Not a big fan of McAfee, but I do not know if it is charged. There is a KB article on how to solve this problem.

    Until address you and ports appear in MAX, you will not be able to use the ports in LabVIEW.

  • REALLY stupid question about virtual machines and disks of cancellations.

    I'm a bit hesitant to ask this question because it might make me look stupid, but...

    When I'm done using Virtual PC and a virtual machine running Windows XP Pro with Vista 64 Home Premium because the host os, often I did not any significant changes to the hard disk of the virtual machine.

    What I save gets saved to a network share on my server for files and printing from Win98 and saved on a flash drive.

    Assuming that I do no configuration changes or anything else I want to keep, is there a reason barely stopping properly when I 'cancellations discs' enabled?

    Any reason, I can not save time by pressing the 'X' button and choose 'disable and remove changes '?

    I am aware of patches, but took me to inform me of the patches, and I can get patches when it's convenient for me and I always validate changes when I install the patches. I'm not using it for anything other than my classes of the school of the evening for the time being, so it is not much of a value of protection on the virtual machine, and I used to write papers on the host operating system. I just use the virtual machine to play with the admin tools in an environment where I can easily fix it a massive screw-up without spending hours to reinstall Windows.

    Hey SlickRCBD,.

    Not a stupid question at all! :)

    It's very well hit the X when you have activated the disks of cancellations. And corruption or problems with the active virtual machine will be resolved when using the drive to cancel it.

    Cody C
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    MacBook Pro Mac OS X (10.7.5), activity (10.7.4) monitor, Terminal (2.2.3) I want to make sure that my computer is not a malicious keylogger infect. The discussions on this site, I searched and found this - keylogger detection - one I didn't not real

  • PowerPoint security update

    I have Windows Vista.  I had many notifications of updated security for PowerPoint, but installation is never suiccessful. I said that it's Important, so I would like to know why I am not able to install it if someone is able to help me. Thank you Ga

  • a cam VX-1000 works with Windows Xp Media Center?

    HI I have a cam VX-1000 and I lost the cd that came with the camera, I tried to install the software, but for some reason any that it does not give me the option to download the software for a Windows XP Media Center... Help, please!

  • Impossible to delete the partitions or format C

    I have a mobile shadow Smart Power (a special Aldi 2004), which comes with no hidden restore disc, but it has a much utility and disk etc. drive OEM drive.  I need to reformat C and reinstall XP Home... nothing seems to work - after surfing several h

  • I can't open exe including my antivirus AVG files and exe Skype files

    My computer is a HP Pavilion dv7-1133d laptop with 64-bit of Windows Vista software.  Access to Internet is correct.  Cannot open any exe files included patches recommended for this problem.