quick question on pure/style

Hi, I live in Jordan (Middle East) and waiting for a few months now, I turned down a purchase for the style/Pure motorcycle link X 6 and an iphone for this phone if I'm dying

My question is that I know that the pure comes out tomorrow and the only difference between pure and the style is pure sells in the United States only, but is what means it can only take a SIM card we or not, because as I said, I live in Jordan and I use Zain.

TL; DR if I buy the pure Moto X from amazon tomorrow I'll be able to put my of Zain SIM card in it?

Thanks a bunch

Just to reinforce the point of AlphaDog - we encourage never buy a product for use permanently in another country, because he will not qualify for warranty support. Buy for your country in your country.

Support bands vary depending on the carrier that's where I would start.

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  • Two quick questions (hopefully) - right way to dynamically change the CSS class and put of Splash screen implemented

    Couple of quick questions have left me speechless!

    So, it seems obvious that many JavaFX applications want to dynamically change the CSS styles.  Is the best way to do it through la.getStyleClass () .add ("classname") < node >?  The underlying data structure is a list of observable.  So let's say we have 5 styles that simply to change the fill color of a circle of 5 different colors, respectively.  So if I have a condition in which I want to dynamically apply 1 of these 5 styles, as I do now it's by setting all 5 styles as a string in a list by using a static initializer, then I call < node > .getStyleClass () .removeAll (list), then getStyleClass () .add ("classname").  I do this to avoid adding again and still the same style and inflate the underlying list.  What is the right way to manage dynamic CSS styles?

    Finally a very simple I think.  So I know there's a little differently to implement a splash screen.  My app has certainly got bigger in the last few months of development and I noticed there are about a 5 second delay between when I run the application when I see the main stage.  I was thinking what a splash screen would be nice to fill that time.  I had no time to prototype using a Preloader and I fear that using another, early stage start-up again would be too long of a delay.  "I actually thought that using the Nice and simple JVM argument" - splash: image name > "would be simple, easy and effective.  Unfortunately when I try to do, the splash screen appears but never goes away.  Anyone know what is happening with this?

    Your mechanism to manage the css style classes is a good approach; I've used several times. I wonder why the style classes have been implemented as a list, instead of a game, but there may be cases of good use for the use of a list.

    In some cases you can also consider using CSS PsuedoClasses, which were presented in JavaFX 8. Here is a little easier to use, especially if you have two options. But a use case might look like:

    public class Message {
        public enum Status { NORMAL, WARNING, CRITICAL }
        private final ObjectProperty status = new SimpleObjectProperty<>(Status.NORMAL);
        private final StringProperty message = new SimpleStringProperty();
        // constructor, getters, setters, and property accessors....
    public Label createLabel(Message message) {
        PseudoClass warning = PseudoClass.getPseudoClass("warning");
        PseudoClass critical = PseudoClass.getPseudoClass("critical");
        Label label = new Label();
        message.statusProperty().addListener((obs, oldStatus, newStatus) -> {
            label.pseudoClassStateChanged(warning, newStatus == Message.Status.WARNING);
            label.pseudoClassStateChanged(critical, newStatus == Message.Status.CRITICAL);
        return label ;

    And then your css looks like

    .label:warning {
        -fx-text-fill: orange ;
    .label:critical {
        -fx-text-fill: red ;
  • Just a quick question about the appearance of the cluster

    Hello, this is Matthew, just a quick question about the appearance of the cluster

    Is there anyway to rearrange the order of the elements? I know cutting automatic resizing, I could move the items by hand. But if I use the cluster somewhere else, I have to move the items again...

    What I want is of the order of "Mx My Mz Ax Ay Az Temp voltage CS".

    Is there a quicker way to deal with?

    THz so much!

    You can right-click the border of the cluster and choose "arrange control cluster...". "The user interface is not as intuitive as it could be, but it will allow you to reorder items. If you use the cluster in several places, you should make the cluster in a type definition and replace all current uses of the latter with the type definition, so that they all match. They will also update automatically when you make changes to the type definition. Otherwise, you could have a situation where you have multiple groups with the same data types, but with elements in a different order, and your data will be getting a new denominated, when wire you the whole clusters. The data will be in the same order, but given that the item labels are in a different order, you can't get the data you want, when ungroup you by name.

  • Quick question on installing RUEI, RUEI 12 c Release 4 (

    Hi people,

    I have started the installation procedure, downloaded RUEI 12 c Release 4 (

    I had a quick question.

    I decided using the following installation option:

    Installation and configuration, journalist and collector of component on the same server (Red Hat
    Enterprise Linux 5)

    Use the distance journalist Oracle db, GR 11, 2 on a separate server (Suse 11, x 86-64)

    This configuration should work, the Oracle db running on Suse 11, but the RUEI
    components are run on RHEL 5?

    Thank you


    Hi Ashish, this should be no problem at all. In fact, it is a common facility.

  • Am about to buy DW.  2 quick questions before proceeding.  (1) can I associate a DW created an EXTERNAL SQL Express database for the read/write site?  Can be made safe?  (2) am plans to use Contribute to allow non-technical users to end dry change

    Am about to buy DW.  2 quick questions before proceeding.  (1) can I associate a DW created an EXTERNAL SQL Express database for the read/write site?  Can be made safe?  (2) am plans to use Contribute to allow non-technical end users EASILY change the sections of the web site.  Can this work?  Thank you.

    I would like some ideas.

    A CMS is the standard solution in the industry today. The most common environment is LAMP (LINUX, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

    Some of us to write custom CMS systems for a living. I concentrate on CMS for retirement centers. There are all kinds of solutions CMS available ranging from generalist, off-the-shelf CMS like WordPress, completely custom, with a lot of opportunities in the meantime.

  • I have 2 quick questions on the Adobe Creative Cloud membership. I currently have 2 children in high school.  (1) is the license for 1 or can it covers 2 users? (2) can they access it from PC or MacBook this year? Thanks for your help.

    Adobe community, I have 2 quick questions on Adobe Creative Cloud membership. I am considering the Adobe Creative Cloud 'Plan of the student' for 2 children currently in high school.  (1) is the license for 1 or can it covers 2 users? (2) can they access it from PC or MacBook this year? Thanks for your help.

    each single-user license, it's just that, for a single user and can not (legally) be shared between two different users.

    programs of CC can be installed on pc or mac.  each user can install on an unlimited number of computers, but can only connect to, at most, two computers at a time.  These 2 computers can be 2 pcs, 2 macs, or one of each.

  • quick question on vcenter license

    quick question - Little confussion here on the version of vcenter.  Is there a version of vcenter company?  Or just vcenter license as 'standard vcenter' which then manages your esxi host with essential/standard/enterprise or company more licenses?

    There are a few versions. standard, Foundation and essentials.


  • Quick question: migration cold are still the way to go in a P2V?

    Quick question: are cold migration always the way to go during the P2V conversion on the server than SQL databases?  I am looking for a quick answer/explanation & link possible for literature... well and other assistance you can provide.  Thank you.

    The latest VMware vCenter Converter BootCD is part of the module and VMware vCenter Server 4.0 update 3. I'm not sure whether this is included/available with for example the assessment of vSphere


  • 2 really quick questions

    Hey everyone, I got 2 really quick questions on ESX 3.5:

    We have a small group of 2 lovely R900s, about 50 people running and when I restore updates, one machine is usually powerful enough to run all the guests by itself. Because virtual machines are migrated from one to another, after the update, all or most machines tend to stay on one of the hosts. Is there a way to tell the DRS automatically re - balance resources (i.e. migrate about half of the load to the other server)?

    Also, what would be the cause of Manager update being impossible to apply all updates during the reclamation? Often, I have to make multiple passes to get the servers completely up to date. Is this normal?

    Thank you!


    Just let DRS do its thing, it can take a long time to make a decision. If you want a quicker response you can assign it aggressive or moderately aggressive.

    It is normal that some Update Manager passes, depending on what patches are installed and dependencies.

    If you have found this question to be good, or useful, don't forget to award points.

    Dennis Procopio - VCP

  • Quick question Concept...


    I'm a designer based in Bozeman, Montana and had a quick question for you guys.

    I was recently invited to be part of a new online magazine design team.  I was curious as to whether or not it would be possible to publish this magazine using the Flash.  The layout and design will be completed in InDesign.  A friend of mine (also a designer) thought it might be possible and told me to post about it here.

    It would be ideal that the magazine could be put across to adapt automatically to the player screen.  Navigation buttons, including links to archive forward, backward, and so on would be as important.  Page flip animation is not necessary.  Resolution and clarity are essential, both for text and photos.

    What do you think guys?  Is it possible in Flash, and if not how can I make it work?

    Thank you.

    I did not much/all this. But it could be a useful starting point.


    You do not have a John Bozeman pork chop? mmmm, pork chop "sandwich"...

  • Just a quick question-canvas opening trigger?

    Hi guys, sorry, just another quick question. I created the code that works fine at 100%. I placed this code in the trigger a time new form instance, but it is only ever really used when the user navigates to one new canvas (another page) on the same form. I feel as this is the case, that the code should be placed so it only triggers the opening of the page/canvas in need. IS that correct and if so where should I look to put this code?

    When I opened the new canvas, I do it using go_item and then navigate to a point relative to the new canvas, perhaps the code would be better placed within a piece of text pre trigger?

    Just curious what would be practical stand / recommended.

    Thank you

    If the two paintings are on different windows then the code below should work fine on the level called form WHEN-WINDWOW-ACTIVATED trigger...

      -- here do something...
    END IF;

    Or if there is a separate block on the second canvas, which you access by integrated go_item and then use your level trigger logical block called a TIMES-NEWS-BLOCK-INSTANCE on the second block.


  • quick question on the boxes:


    Real quick question. In a form, is the uncheckedness or the checkedness of a box out like, 'true' and 'false '? Or what it output? Thank you

    Hi nonybd,

    Yes, it's exactly what he does. Also user standard Flash UI components
    have a property 'data' associated so that you can recover some
    associated information. For example, a checkbox that says, 'I accept' can
    have the data property set to "agreedfull". A secondary check may be
    "I agree, but only on part 1" and this may have data "adoptees1".
    Generally you should never check the Boolean property, but these data
    value is specified to make it just that much more useful.

    Kind regards

    nonybd wrote:
    > Hi,.
    > Real quick question. In a form, is the uncheckedness or the checkedness of a box out like, 'true' and 'false '? Or what it output? Thank you

  • Quick questions on the CC student kit

    I tried to search the FAQ or customer support, but couldn't really find something where I could just after a small question about the recognition of things so... If you know what I'm looking for already feel free to guide me where to look for it.

    I was therefore interested to the kit of the CC student which includes all applications a year. (think it says about 2000 Swedish kronor, which is roughly around 200 euros).
    And so I saw was one of the best idenfications using your email from the school which includes stuff like ".edu".  The problem is that I have one, but only use us it as a registering or connect the credentials for our orders online. If this isn't an email that I can receive emails since then, so I'm just wondering if all I had to do was use it as a registering or the legitimacy that I am a student, or if it must be signed using this specific e-mail. I could talk about technology in school and get it set up, but he mentioned that it is somewhat lengty and or boring process then advised me to see if it was as a registering first egible before again us.

    If you know where I could have found this info in FAQ or similar stuff please let me know, otherwise I'd like a few quick answers to this. See you soon!

    Hi Nyom,

    I order to buy creative cloud subscription, you must have a valid email ID where you can receive by e-mail sent by Adobe.

    Given that the address you have is not where you can send or receive e-mails, you can go ahead and use a personal e-mail ID.

    If you purchase the subscription using an ID, you may be asked to provide additional proof of eligibility.

    Please see the shared document:student software discounts, the eligibility of the student. Adobe

    Please update the thread in the case of all other applications.

  • Question of paragraph style

    I seem to be having a weird problem with paragraph styles.

    I have a heading style linked to the h1 in big orange text (Tenso Black, pt 24) tag.

    I also have a paragraph style related to the p tag for my body to the black text (Cantarell, 14pt,).

    My question so that, despite the h1 style definition and subsection of style that are obviously not to be completely different, the text always in style h1.  In fact, the image, I enclose below I have removed the completely normal h1 style and the style of tag p (and you can see the style settings clearly Mbbls, black, 14 PT...) but if I highlight text and apply this style turns into orange text (as you can see to the right of the image).

    If I delete the paragraph style (so I have no style), and then type the text in Cantarell, black 14pt, etc., as soon as I save the style to the p, the orange text changes tag.  If I copy the text of the paragraph Canterell in a new text box, it always sticks orange...

    Is this a bug or am I doing something stupid?



    Well, I think I've sorted it.  You mentioned character styles, and Yes, there is a defined character style (the text in orange).  It is this style of character that would repeal all paragraph styles.  I deleted the character style and now I can apply and implement paragraph styles.  That said, I've not really (knowingly) implemented this style of character.

    See you soon.

  • Benefit of DCA on July 15 quick questions

    Hey all,.

    I will write my DCA 15 and had a few questions:

    1.), I have heard many people say that the lab is slow / lag / or sometimes has problems on top of that all the blogs I've read States time is your worst enemey on this test since you essentially about 8 min a question at the end of 26 questions in the time.  In this spirit, I found this on the following blog: http://blog.marccrawford.com/vcap5-dca/

    Use Adobe search for advanced search for something in all PDFs in a folder: when you start the test, open one of the files PDF and the go in editing-> advanced search. Select all PDF Documents in: and then click Browse for location... option.   Navigate to the folder containing the PDF of vSphere PDF files, and then click OK.  Enter your search term and click on the search button. This will allow you to quickly search through all of the PDF files with a single search. That being said, always know specifically for your research or you will end up with a large number of useless results. For example, if you want to find advanced settings to control Admission HA, knowing that the parameters start with das. will result in the targeted search hits. You can practice this technique before the test by downloading the PDF files using Adobe advanced against them.

    Someone has tested it on the review and find that it allows to save their time.  I was memorize pages and chapters of the sections that I believe that I might have to pick up so I can quickly return to it if an impasse, however if it works well and does not tax the lab system I could give it a go

    2.) what the article exhausted blue you feel is struck most, if it is breaking all NDA don't answer, just curious to what were other peoples experiences.

    3,) for my work as preparation for the exam, I took Jason Nash internship Pluralsight.com formally Trainsignal, Ran through the blue print and lab'ed everything I could, walked through the study of Chris Wahl record: http://wahlnetwork.com/2012/07/02/the-vcap5-dca-study-sheet/

    creating notes along the way, Ran in the DCA of Paul VCAP5-DCA objective 2.2 preparation guide - set up and maintain a VLAN, PVLANs and VLAN settings. Adventures in a virtual world, looked at all the other videos on topics that I could and read no matter what additional KB on the themes.  I work with VMware since version 2.5 so I do things everyday for awhile now, but worry not about the stuff you do not on a base on the day the day or the 1 stop stuff like port mirroring.  I have to drive 4 and 1/2 hours for the person testing center nearest professional view of you, so I really don't want to have to re - write this is there anything else that I missed or I can do please let me know, however, I'm almost to the point where I'm tired of study

    Thanks for any advice you can give,

    See you soon!

    NSX is not on the DCA550.

    What are the documents you are looking for?  PDF files provided in the review?

    I do not see a name associated with your profile, I guess that you contacted me on TT?

Maybe you are looking for