Re: Satellite T130 - 11H - Factory Reset questions


I had to reset my Satellite T130 - 11 H to factory settings to try to stop the issues with my internet and computer in very slow summer and unresponsive, but now when it starts it states that it is "complete the installation may take several minutes" then restarts on its own starts again, then restart again and again!

Now it is tell ing, the same message but just hangs and does not go on my counter top?


Thank you


I know during a recovery procedure you laptop will restart several times. So, don't interrupt and wait. If it restarts always for a long time, you can restore the settings to factory using recovery media, you did

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  • Satellite T130 after factory reset problems

    As the title says I have problems with starting laptop because it always displays the first menu to boot from. Toshiba.
    Why my topic has been deleted?

    The subject was not deleted but moved to another section.
    You can find all threads by clicking on your nickname ;)

    By the way: you must follow the first thread to avoid misunderstandings.

  • Where the WiFi card is located on Satellite T130 - 11H


    I had problems with my card without wire wireless where he fails on a regular basis as indicated on the following link

    But now I would like to get my hands on the question
    So, I would appreciate if someone can tell me where is the card wifi for my laptop model.

    My laptop are:

    Toshiba Satellite T130 - 11H
    Serial number: X9110014W
    Windows 7 Home Premium
    64-bit operating system
    Genuine Intel processor

    I had someone with a look that says the motherboard and the wifi card is fine, but I want to study the issue due to be sure. so please guide me to the right direction to get to the wifi card.

    Thank you very much

    The WLan on Satellite T130 card is connected to the motherboard as indicated on this [photo:]

    You will need to disassemble the laptop everything to access the wireless network card.

    I found a statement in the internet ( how do this, but each computer laptop procedure disassembly is not easy and all you are doing is at your own risk.


  • Satellite C855 - windows factory reset

    My wife bought me this laptop toshiba Satellite C855 for Christmas last year and it came with windows 8, but Icouldnt do for windows 7 ultimate had instead put, but my son has been so screwed up then that Ive been working away while I would do a factory reset and how would that work

    Disk recovery or recovery Flash Media key appeared in the past by using the preinstalled software called Recovery Media Creator described and mentioned in the user manual as?
    Isn't it?

    That s no good guy.
    In this case, you can simply follow the advice coming from Ilay.
    You wish to order this disc of the Arvato. Link above.

  • Satellite L750D and factory reset - HDMI still doesn't work do not

    Satellite L750D
    psk361 - 038008

    My hdmi suddenly stopped working, tried things usual fn + f5 / f8, win + p key, enable / disable lower resolution etc. so decided to factory reset but still pc hdmi does not graphics card.

    tried it on my panasonic usual tv nothing works, tested on samsung tv without result, the pc detects the tv and even sets the audio to my TV but no sound from the tv. tried unplugging tv cable and pc stop feeding and took out the battery for 10 sec, trendy everythign on all together, still does not work.

    I checked the hdmi cables with other devices and work on the two TV - using the shortest cable to test the laptop.
    honestly, I thought that it was a software problem because it can real detects the TV but no picture or sound work, which indicated the hdmi cables, but they work with my ps3.

    so, it is not the cable, not the TV, not the software, hardware maybe? but it detects my TV...?

    so I am really confused here more info please ask first time using the help forum :(

    8mnth old pc, who is sitting on a rail so it is not at all, overheating hdmi worked perfectly since the day I got it, I didn't have any changes when it has stopped working... > _

    any help much appreciated sincerely.


    If all goes well he material s no problem, but I m afraid it could be
    I think it might be a hardware problem, because you said that you have already configured the laptop back to factory settings and this has not solved the problem.

    I understand this correctly? You used the recovery disc or HARD drive recovery?
    Is this good?

    What you could do is to check if your BIOS is up to date.
    On the European driver Toshiba page, you will find the latest version of the BIOS.
    Check if you can update the BIOS.
    In addition, I recommend setting the BIOS to default and settings to save the changes.

    At least a graphics card driver might be updated also. Its worth a check however, I m really not sure if this might help you

  • T510 factory reset question

    Windows 7 64 bit on my T510 is dead. When you connect, it hangs on the forever login screen. Windows Recovery failed too. It lasted eight hours and reported an error (something like error to restore a file and the disk is full, although my C drive is half empty). After that, all the Windows restore points have disappeared. So I guess I need to factory reset.

    My question is, I made two other partitions on my hard drive using external tools, that store all my data. So when I do the factory reset, these two partitions are replaced? Any suggestions so I can recover the system while keeping all my data? Thank you.

    The resumption of the plant will remove all partitions on the disk. Faced with a similar problem, here is what I do:
    First of all, I have remove all hard drive passwords. Then, I suggest Vibrio hard drive test in BIOS to see if the drive is the root of the problem. Buy a new hard drive, then install the OS on the new drive. The old disk can be mounted in a USB enclosure or an Ultrabay adapter to access the data. I tend to keep the old drive for 3-6 months in case I've missed or forgotten something, so I sell or reuse the old disk, after the failure of it.


    Need help please.

    I have a C20 of the TC5.0 running software.

    Using the document quick set c20 for factory reset... I turned off the system.  Just press on and hold power and get the flashing of the LED (GRN).

    Problem is that when I press and hold button LED GRN light never comes to the top.  After about 8 to 10 seconds, I have the RED Led.  When I release the button of the normal commenses system starts.  ?????

    All the ideas that I need to get the password reset on the thing.

    E-mail: [email protected] / * /



    The factory reset procedure was changed in software version TC5.1, so anything before that has a different procedure than newer versions.

    As has been mentioned by Jens - factory reset procedure is different on the version of the software you are using, so, in your case, with the TC5.0 software, you will need to use the "old way".

    There are a description of the methods in the jrandby post in the thread c20-factory - default - power button .

    As mentioned in the Troubleshooting Guide (pages 22-25), the physical method of performing a factory reset is one of the last options resort - there are other methods, first of all, you should try.

    Remember the frequency responses and mark your question as answered as appropriate.

  • Satellite U400 and factory reset

    I'm having a problem regarding my HDD RECOVERY, which is not present in any option when I try to factory reset, no assistants or something...

    Here are some photos of HARD drive recovery, and as you can see the disk RECOVERY file HARD is in E (4 GB).

    Here is the picture of my computer management where you can find my recovery partition... uh when I try the F12 thing, there was recovery options the other 2 HARD drive but when I click on the HARD drive option, his does not.


    On this older machine there is not some sort of recovery partition. Recovery image is recorded on the second partition of HARD drive in the folder called HDDRecovery.
    Recovery image installation can be started as described on-

    Start your laptop using F8. S repair your computer option available or not?

  • PALM TX - Factory Reset question - need help

    I have a PALM TX. The green power button on top seems the PALM TX turns on but not turn off the power. The home on the PALM TX button will literally reset the PALM TX by it turn off and save as a PC. The soft reset by clicking on the reset at the back button works. The hard reset never works it just of upward loads data and time to change initially. I tried a reset which apparently does not apply to the PALM TX zero. I'm doing gift of this device, but I want to make sure that all my information is a first. I think I'll just keep it if I can't find a way to do a factory reset.

    When all else failed, I tried to remove only randomly all the softare or memory on the primary server, but at some point it resets and it won't let me do this etiher. A knowledge of any software I can add to make a factory reset?


    Is this your first Palm?  It sounds like from an older older device file system have been sent to this TX.

    A Hard Reset is recommended.  If your power switch is in effect unusable, I have another solution.

    To perform a hard reset: (Palm Knowledgebase article #887)

    By now the power down button, press on and release the Reset button on the back and continue to press the Power button. When the gray Palm logo is displayed, you can release the Power button.

    You should now see the warning in 5 languages page. Press the direction upward on the 5-way keypad to perform the task. The Palm restarts several times as it re - install the original programs and erases all data from your previous.

    If you are unable to do the above, download and install the "Hard Reset" here:

    The program will run immediately reset when it runs.


  • Satellite L655-16F - Factory reset using Recovery Media discs

    OK so I'll try to reset my Toshiba Satellite L655-16th back to factory settings, then he started giving me the out of memory error message, but I don't have that drives it asked me to do when I got the laptop, so when I do the F8 all start up and go to the screen with the Toshiba HDD recovery resetting thing and click on it It gives me this error message:

    * HDDRecoGUI *.
    Operating system recovery is impossible!
    Not found the HDD Recovery folder on the second disc of the first hard drive.
    There is no valid disk HARD recovery environment on this computer.

    I tried various different things; Press 0 - which gave me a screen asking you what operating system, I wanted to use (there is only Windows 7) then just continued to load as usual. Put the first disc in and restart my laptop (which I have pretty well every time anyway) - which did nothing. etc.
    So yes, is there a way to create the file from HARD drive of mystery I need the disks, or maybe another way to use the disks that I have not already tried?

    > Not found HDD Recovery folder on the second disc of the first hard drive.
    > There is no valid disk HARD recovery environment on this computer.
    This message appears if you have deleted the recovery image or changed the structure of the partitions on the HARD disk.

    If you have created disk or recovery disk that you can install the recovery using the recovery DVD image.

    Start your laptop and meadows F12 repeatedly to enter the boot menu.
    Place the recovery disc into the optical disc drive.
    In the menu choose the CD/DVD drive.
    Press ENTER.
    Follow the menu on the screen.

  • Factory reset question

    I have reset to factory my AE this morning and he automatically joins the network. The next time I did it, the amber light remains flashing. I have to connect it via Ethernet for the initial Setup? Thank you for your help.

    Cheers, Peter

    I have reset to factory my AE this morning and he automatically joins the network.

    She could not do this if the reset was a success, given that the network settings on the Express would have been totally erased in a successful reset.

    Next time that I did, the amber light is still flashing

    This indicates that the reset was successful.

    I have to connect it via Ethernet for the initial Setup?

    Use an Ethernet cable during installation only if you plan to have the Express connected permanently to your router using a wired Ethernet connection.

    Use wireless during installation of the Express, if you plan to have the Express connect wireless to your existing wireless network.

    In other words, you set up the Express the way it will be used with your network.

  • Force10 S60 Factory Reset question

    Hi all

    As the title says, I have a S60 Force10 that I need to restore factory settings, but none to the documentation I found so far has worked.  When I tension, rather than get the menu "Select an option" normal, it messages "submarine 1.3.4" and run the boot sequence instead.  At a time given in the process, it gives me the ability to stop Auto-start sequence, but not the choice if I do.  Call the help file to the moment there does not offer much either...

    I know, it cannot be that hard, so I must be missing something simple.  Someone at - it was otherwise here?  I don't need to keep all the settings, I want to just configure the switch from scratch.

    Thanks in advance,


    After entering the commands

    -Online setenv stconfigignore true

    -Online saveenv

    Allow the system to boot completely, without pressing any key during the boot process. Don't worry not about entering default settings restore. Once it is done booting, what status is the switch then in? It is operational and accepting orders? Or another status?

  • Satellite T130 - 11 H - Wifi adapter missing

    I have a Toshiba Satellite T130 - 11H and recently adopting Wifi fail or disappears completely.
    This happens while I use my laptop, like working on a document or surfing online.

    I've been looking online and I see that it is a common problem with Toshiba laptops, especially in the USA and some know that after the expiry of their Anti virus which is the case with my situation, but I have now uninstalled the antivirus software Anti however adopting wifi still doesn't work.

    If I go to Device Manager I don't see the drive at all.

    Any help will be appreciated


    You mean that the WLan card is not visible in the Device Manager?

    You can see some other devices in device-> network adapters area manager?

  • Satellite T130 - 11 H Factory Reset - problems later

    I factory reset my Toshiba laptop and now I have problems.

    When I start the laptop I constantly get the message "prepare your pc for first use" and it starts, Toshiba menu starts too and keeps telling me it's to complete the installation.

    Randomly, he finished and restarts, boots up to the same problem.
    I tried to reinstall via usb as disk media.

    It s really strange.
    Do you use an installation of recovery for the first time?

    The value of the default BIOS and try again. You can also try to format the whole HARD disk before starting the installation of recovery using your USB key.

  • Cannot perform factory reset to Satellite L650

    Hi team, support

    Hope you will be well :)
    I have some problems and hope that you will help me solve them. Here is the description of my problem:
    I have a Toshiba Satellite L650 - 17R laptop computer I want to reset to the factory settings. I used the following instructions to do that (, but when I'm in pressing the F8 key when starting laptop it appears a list of choices on the display that does not contain 'Repair your computer' or "??" or something like that. The first entry in this list is 'Safe Mode', second is 'Safe Mode with Networking' and so on. Also, I tried the other method described in many places in the internet, which is to press 0 and the whole power button when you turn on the laptop. In this case again, he starts to do things as described in the instructions (example here it beeps, then when I let go of the 0 key, it prints "starting Windows" and shows the Windows logo, after that it goes to market as always and no other dialog boxes appear.

    Issues related to the:
    Is there another way to do the factory reset?
    I have doubts that the "Toshiba HDD recovery" tool of my laptop is corrupted, so is it possible to download this tool on the internet, on dvd disc and install from there? If so, then can you please give me a link of this tool for my model?

    Best regards
    Mihran grabbed.

    Hello Mihran and welcome in the Toshiba forum

    Let's see what's not there.
    First some general info. Each new Toshiba notebook is preinstalled with original recovery image. This image is also saved on the HARD disk on a separate partition. With the factory settings repair my computer option will appear in the advanced start-up (F8 at startup) and HARD drive recovery option can be made as described in Toshiba document you posted in your first assignment. If nothing is changed, this option will be there and you will be able to do the installation of HARD drive recovery again ad again.
    > when I'm in pressing the F8 key when starting laptop it appears a list of choices on the display that does not contain "repair your computer".
    This occurs if you have installed the version of the OS using the Microsoft installation disc. After having this option to fix my computer will disappear, and you will not be able to start the installation of HARD drive recovery.
    > Is there another way to do the factory reset?
    Yes. You must use the disk for the installation of the OS restore DVD. After that it all will be the same. Repair my computer option will be available again and you won't be havce factory again.

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.

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