Re: Unable to record the extended warranty on a replacement laptop.

I followed the advice of Toshiba and my warranty extended and registered the day I got my laptop. Due to a hardware failure within the first 2 days, my laptop was returned for a replacement again. I saved the new laptop but can't save the extended warranty because it is always linked to the previous mobile phone number.

Toshiba support sent several emails, I am either ignored or asks me to sign up for my new laptop (which I already have). Then how get into the mentality of the Toshiba Corporation and then ask to complete a very simple procedure to transfer my extended warranty on the new laptop?

Or am I asking too much?

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Your old notebook must be removed from the database of Toshiba.
Try to contact Toshiba reuse this mail. Maybe they need several days for a response.

To be honest, this is strange. Many people have two or more laptops from Toshiba and must be able to register extension notebook or guarantee for each of them. for this reason I can't imagine that you are not able to register the second book and extended warranty for it.

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    the extended warranty for my hp laptop for over 2 years

    If the product is under factory warranty now, only then you can extend the warranty.

    Looks like you're outside US, so call HP.


  • Satellite Pro P100: The extended warranty is not available?

    Hi, just about to buy a Satellite Pro P100, but when we look at the warranty I don't see this pattern on the list machines covered by the extended warranty available at Toshiba.

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    It makes me a little nervous if Toshiba does not cover this model for extended warranty.


    Did you mean Satellite Pro P100 or Satellite P100-xxx?
    I asked it because I don t find any laptops Satellite Pro P100 on the Toshiba site. Only Satellite P100-xxx are available and these books are very new. Maybe you checked the list of bad guaranteed?

    PS: I can t believe that the extended warranty is not available on this device.

  • Re: Question about buying the extended warranty

    If my warranty has already expired, can I still purchase an extended guarantee warranty offers still appears on Toshiba Tempro? Help, please.

    Everything about the extended warranty, you can find on
    For more information, contact the nearest Toshiba service provider in your country. They can help you with this.

  • Question about the extended warranty

    I got my satellite pro of the United Kingdom, but I'm not living in the city. I am trying to buy the extended warranty, but all sites require a card credit UK address. I contacted the dealer in Egypt who said I have to buy UK not the Egypt, is this true? and how can I buy one?

    Hi Ali

    As far as I know, you can buy the extended warranty in the country where you bought your laptop. Maybe try to contact authorized service partner in the United Kingdom and ask if you can buy it here. Money transfer should not be problem and the small box with the assurance that they can send you by mail.

  • Question about the extended warranty on Satellite A300-1EI

    Nice day.
    I need to some information and help please.
    I bought a laptop around mid September 2008 in Saudi Arabia. (Jarir Bokstore). The store had a promotion whereby you get the standard one year international warranty, BUT they give you a further extension of one year (so 2 years in total).
    I intended to have bought an extended warranty for a period of three years. The seller told me that I can activate my warranty 'gift' and later buy another warranty extendable to a total of 4 years international coverage.

    I signed the guarantee and it appears on the portal of warranty toshiba.
    However, when I returned to the store to buy a new extended warranty told me that you cannot register more than one warranty.
    I found it strange and therefore did not buy the extended warranty still additional. I need to know if it's actually true, or I'll always be able to buy an extended warranty again. Seems that I meet a brick wall, when I ask the salemen... .thought I would try the forum instead.

    I need to get information from a reliable and trustworthy source.
    The other news, they also gave me, is that they are waiting for news from Toshiba regarding the same subject.

    Kindly help.
    I thank you and looks forward to a response.


    AFAIK all Toshiba laptops are covered under warranty for one year (12 months).
    If you would register your laptop on the Europe of Toshiba page you would get more than one year warranty; total 2 years warranty.

    > The store had a promotion whereby you get the standard one year international warranty, BUT they give you a further extension of one year (so 2 years in total).
    The additional year of warranty is not a gift from the shop. You will get this additional year warranty always if you would register the laptop. It has nothing to do with the place where you purchase this laptop.

    So now, a few words about your warranty extensions.
    First, you will need to register your laptop on the Europe of Toshiba page.
    This registration will allow the second extra year of warranty. (as mentioned above)
    Now if you want you can buy even more extended.

    Toshiba offers various packages and in your case I would recommend to check this Toshiba Europe page for more details:> download-> guarantee and registration for the Service & support

    Welcome them

  • OfficeJet Pro 8620: How can I claim the extended warranty and offer Cashback?


    I just bought an Officejet Pro 8620 and claim the extended warranty and cashback that were offered.

    I am using this Web site:!

    HP promotions site doesn't seem to work correctly by saying "we're sorry - this link does not work."  and don't give me the shape I need to make these requests.

    A person of Promotions HP can fix this please?

    Thank you

    E-mail received from HP saying that rejected my application and I need to re-apply using the URL provided in the e-mail. What I've done.

  • Qosmio F60 - Question about the extended warranty

    I just purchased a Qosmio F-60 (I am based in the Kenya) and after registration the laptop - my "registration form", says:

    Free warranty updated: SE5003E-B
    EMEA from 1 to 3 years warranty extension

    I checked on the "Details of the unit" section web site ( and it says that it is "extended warranty" "1 to 3 years. I just wanted to confirm that the laptop has now guaranteed for 3 years and what level of guarantee? Every bit of equipment?

    Thank you.

    Hi mate

    Firstly that there is a user forum and I doubt that anyone here in the forum could confirm your warranty status.
    But anything you need you can find on the page mentioned; unitdetails.
    Here you can see the details of the warranty, and when it was recorded.

    But if you have doubts, you can also check this page:

  • The extended warranty I bought is not accepted by Toshiba

    I bought a Toshiba A100-002 has recently provided with a 'standard' 1 year international warranty. I bought an "extended warranty from 1 to 3 years International" (code: SE5003I-APB), because it was presented as the only "from 1 to 3 years' warranty extension by the local website of Toshiba (Hungarian) and was also recommended by the retailer I bought the laptop.

    However, when I tried to register the warranty, registration page said "your number of collateral agreement that you have entered is not compatible with the model number of your laptop." Unfortunately I'm short on time I have only 24 hours left to sign up (it must be registered within 30 days of purchase), and the retailer is not reachable (it's Easter).
    Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong?

    My laptop:
    Satellite A100 (PSAA9) product name
    Model number PSAA9E-1M9053HU

    The registration page that I use:

    There is a thing I just remembered that might be relevant: I registered the standard warranty with Toshiba today, and the confirmation e-mail, said that it would take a couple of days for them deal with this record. Could be the problem? If so, what can I do?

    Thank you


    > There is a thing I just remembered that might be relevant: I signed the standard warranty with Toshiba today, and the confirmation email said > it would take a couple of days for them deal with this record. Could be the problem? If so, what can I do?

    I suggest the following:
    Wait for your 1 year warranty registration has been confirmed. Go after Easter at your dealer, tell him what is the problem, so it will give you a 1-3 year warranty extension, you then have to register on this website posted you´ve.

    You cannot do anything at the moment, because your first registration, which is limited to your machine is already made, so the other cannot be carried again.

    Welcome them

  • How to buy the extended warranty for the Satellite P840T-B684?

    I bought laptop Satellite P840T-B684 in Saudi Arabia with one year international warranty that will finally now I need to extend my warranty soon, but now I am in India.

    The service center in our area said that you should contact the shop were you bought it.

    What can I do now?
    Please help me...

    I don't know if this will help but visit the official page of Toshiba for the Middle East and choose the country of purchase -

    Try to contact the service provider and ask if you can extend the warranty.
    Please inquire about the international interest again. I think that the typical international interest as before no longer exists. Now you can get the EMEA warranty only.
    In other words, this guarantee is valid for only country EMEA (Europe - Middle East - North Africa).
    I don't know if this warranty is valid in India. Check it out.

  • Re: Can I extend the extended warranty for another year?

    I had already purchased an extended warranty on the A660 machine purchase. I can extend it for another year?

    Thanks :)

    I think it depends on the laptop model.

    The Toshiba warranty extension where you could buy such warranty service, you should visit.

  • No info on the extended warranty

    I bought an extended warranty for 4 years before an hour, but he knew for a year to program toshiba tempro, also tried to enter the certificate number of my purchase to but it did not show anything on my warranty

    Do you have a confirmation email?

    Try to check this page for details of unit days. Maybe he will be informed of the next few days.

  • What should I do to activate the extended warranty?

    Four days ago, that I bought an extended warranty from 1 to 3 years for my new cell A110-195. I registered the warranty but unfortunately I typed my email address wrong and because of that I had a confirmation email even if in the next page says successful registration.
    When I check my status in the or the my warranty is for 1 year.

    It is too early and the warranty status will change in the next few days or is something else to do that I did not because I received no e-mail message?
    Is possible to correct the address and get this email?

    Thank you


    To my knowledge, the status of the guarantee should change in the next few days.
    It does not immediately change after upgrade guarantee.

    If you typed the e-mail address incorrect, you should contact Toshiba or the Toshiba ASP hotline in your country. They might be able to provide one another advice how to change you Correo electronico.

    Good luck

  • Where is the extended warranty of Porteges?

    I bought a Portege A200 but can't find a extended warranty with the purchase. Of course, this is not normal?


    Hello Diz

    I guess you live in the United Kingdom because, AFAIK, Portege A200 is built just for the United Kingdom. As much I know an extended warranty must be purchased separately and saved by Toshiba. Each client has 6 months time to buy an extended warranty or some different services after purchase.

    Please contact your local reseller or Toshiba. I'm sure they can help you.

    Good luck!

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