Recovery problem HP Pavilion g6

1-product number: A4C50EAR #UUW

2. Windows 7 Home Premium 64

I have HP Pavilion g6: A4C50EAR #UUW

recently by mistake I formatted all were leaving them in Notepad, now I don't have any OS in Notepad

How can I restore my drivers and real OS

Help me please



There are two options available.

1. you can order a set of replacement recovery disks using the link below - it will reinstall the operating system, all the drivers, and almost all of the original software (the exception being often tests of MS Office).

Order HP recovery disks.

2 another option that you might consider is to create your own Windows 7 installation disc.

Before you try the following, make sure that you can always read the character product activation key 25 on your label Windows COA (5 blocks of 5 alphanumeric games).

An example of a COA label can be seen here.

You can create a Windows 7 installation disc you using another PC - just download the good Disk Image ( that must be the same version that originally came with your laptop ) from the link below and use an app like ImgBurn to burn the ISO correctly on a blank DVD - a guide on the use of ImgBurn to write an ISO on a disc is here.  These Images are clean and a very respected source, Digital River.

Windows 7 sp1-iso-official-32-bit-and-64-bit

Use the disk to perform the installation, enter the activation key of Windows on the label of the COA at the request and once the installation is complete, use ' 'phone Method' described in detail in the link below to activate the operating system -this made method supported by Microsoft and is popular with people who want to just have a new installation of Windows 7 without additional software load normally comes with OEM installations.

You may need, additional drivers and software are here.

Best regards

DP - K

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  • Pavilion Elite HPE-170F recovery problem

    I woke up yesterday to a problem of blue screen on my Windows 7 Pavilion Elite HPE-170F.  Following reboot, but would end up the same way.  Tried to boot mode without failure, but same result.  A technician came to the House and he did Diagnostics with its test disc that says the HD had to be replaced.  I had my recovery disks that I made when I bought the computer 4 years, which made her happy.  He installed the new HD and put the old in another location, planning to transfer my files after the restore.  He began the process of recovery with disk 1 and told me to change the disks as needed while he went to see another client.  All done and then it entered into startup mode of windows. went black for a while and then gave me the message "Windows Setup could not configure Windows to run on hardware.  The technician returned and tried other things but the same results.  We ordered a new series of HP recovery disks but will take a week.  The question, since the instructions say to disconnect everything except the monitor, keyboard, and mouse, would be the printer that is wireless a problem and should it be turned off?  Also, the mouse and the keyboard are different than the original, which would be a problem.  In addition, Windows installed several updates of the day before the problem.

    I venture a guess the your computer uses an Intel chipset, can be set to "RAID", and the replacement of the hard disk is a disk AF (Advanced Format). Please see desktop HP - can not recover the PC after replacing the Hard Drive with an AF Drive (Windows 7 and Vista) for more information on this topic. Please see computers HP-HP System Recovery troubleshooting (Windows 7) for more information on the AF drives and some troubleshooting tips.

    Alternatively, if you can still read the Windows product key of 25 characters on the COA Microsoft attached to your computer, you can install Windows 7 using this key. Please see "how to install Windows 7 without the disc" to get instructions on how to download Windows 7, create the installation media and install Windows 7 using the product key 25 character of the COA Microsoft on your computer. Using this method will not install HP customizations or value-added software and you will have to manually install all necessary drivers.

    Windows 7 SP1 can be found HERE and HERE.


    Direct link to Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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  • Resolved on Pavilion P6267 recovery problem

    You probably will not see my previous post because I think that I added it to a question, rather than to make a post - you know how we newbies are. I was able to solve the problem of not being able to make a pf my Pavilion P6267 recovery because I got was a black screen when I pressed F9 at startup. I found that, under control panel, recovery, recovery tools advanced, there is the possibility of creating a recovery disk. The option supports only USB memory sticks, so had better have a couple on hand :-) Of course I didn't read it that closely at first, and I jumped my CD in the drive and waited, waited and waited. Then I went back and read that he needed a memory stick. Boy, I felt stupid. Well, I think I'm getting better started on recovery. I have to stay up tonight until it is done, the necessary program installed, the database for this program on one of 5 external hard drives and the latest medical data for 2013 entered in the database because my husband wants to do taxes this weekend. Since we had more than $20 000.00 sundries (right, the company paid more than $ 1 million), we really need to be able to get this information back, then quickly, so that we can apply it to the tax return. Have a nice weekend - after finding this recovery option, the mine will be certainly more pleasant it looked like about 30 minutes ago! Janice

    Jan, welcome to the forum.

    Thank you much for your follow-up to your problem.  Discover you the secret to get a problem solved on the forum; create your own threads.  In addition, it is always a good idea to make recovery disks/USB key when you first buy your computer.

  • Problem of Pavilion dv67023tx, drive damaged, recovery system recovery cd does not work

    Hi all! I really need help

    I bought my computer hp laptop Pavilion dv67023tx July 2012.  When I bought it, they gave me a set of recovery disks. January 2013, I did a system restore. It was fine then.

    Later, after some software hp update my cd player began to eject automatically. The light of the hp on the lid logo disappeared also. My audio jack went wrong from the beginning. So for all these problems together, I took it to the service center, and as it was in warranty period, they sent to hp. 3 months later I have my laptop back, I was informed that hp has changed the hard drive, motherboard, cover, screen.

    There is a month Itried to install some of my software I used earlier, but they were not working. If I had no other way than a system recovery using this link

    Then the main problem occurred. I couldn't do a system recovery from disk on my laptop. Then when I tried to do the recovery disks and he says, the system recovery disks do not support this computer. You are not able to restore this system with these discs.

    This link said, maybe its because hp has changed the motherboard.

    Now what should I do? I need a factory. But recovery in my laptop drive does not work, my recovery disks do not work. Please help me out of this. Or give me email ID so I can contact HP directly with problems, I do not find anything.

    Others suggesting me to install a pirated Windows 7, I don't want it. I had a real windows 7 pre installed, why should I?

    I'm sorry but I can't help you with recovery disks not working is not on your computer, but I don't have an alternative. If you can still read the 25 characters on the COA affixed Microsoft Windows product key at the bottom of the computer, you can install Windows 7 Home Premium using this key. Please see "how to install Windows 7 without the disc" to get instructions on how to download Windows 7 SP1, create the installation media and install Windows 7 SP1 by using the 25 digit product key from the COA Microsoft on your computer.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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  • HP Pavilion dv5-1299ee recovery problem

    Hi people.
    I had updated my Home Premium 32-bit to 64-bit os. I did a new install. I did not delete the recovery partition.
    And now I want to restore my system, but I can't. The help is very appreciated. Kind regards.

    That's right, unless you do the recovery disks, you will not be able to make a recovery. When you install a new operating system, deleted the recovery partition access and you will need to use recovery disks to restore the system. You should be able to contact the HP Support at 1-800-HP-INVENT to order a series.

  • HP Pavilion dv7-6185us: Hi there, I need the recovery for HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC Manager

    Hi there I accidentally erased my recovery disk and I would go back to the original factory condition because im having a lot of problems with the windows 10 'upgrade '. can you please send me a link to get it?


    You will need to use your recovery media to reinstall Windows 7 - a guide on the use of this media to reinstall Windows is on the document below.

    Performing a recovery of the system - Windows 7.

    If you do not have this, see if you can still order it at HP on the link below.

    If it is no longer available at HP, you can always order this media the 3rd dealer part on the following link.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Create a set of recovery problem

    I have a windows 8, 64-bit computer pc laptop (HP pavilion g6). Whenever I try to create a collection set with DVD discs I get this message "we live errors in the creation of recovery media. Please try again. »

    Any suggestions on how to overcome this problem would be greatly appreciated.

    It is no longer a problem

  • Blue screen with the error code and I have no disk recovery for HP Pavilion dv6-1260se

    I have a HP Pavilion dv6-1260se with operating system Vista factory installed. When you start the computer, I get a blue screen with this error message: STOP: c000021a {fatal system error}.

    The verification of a KnownDLL failed.  process ended unexpectedly with system

    a status of 0 x 0000221 (0x007fb9c0 0x00000000).

    The system has been shut down.

    I don't have a recovery disc for this computer.  I tried to order them, but they seem to not be available.  It is my daughter's computer.  She said she started having problems after you download Frost Wire (music sharing), and then she took.  We tried to go back to a bygone era and that did not help and then the blue screen with error message appeared. What should I do now?

    Hi Yprlvr

    It is not possible to download records from the web site, but you can order and they will send you the discs for you.  If you can get another option using F11 to work and get the restored system this way, you can make your own recovery disks (assuming that you have not already done on this PC, what a game can be made by PC).


  • HP DV6 3200: System recovery problem

    I have a laptop HP dv6z-3200, I got a Samsung 640GO disk, which I started to launch error message then decided to change to a new hybrid drive (Seagate 500 GB). Decided to create a USB recovery by software that accompanies the creation of recovery media compu. Then replace the old disk to the new. Checked to find errors. And connect the USB and restart the computer, I recognized the bootable disc and I opened the Recovery Manager, try to test the factory reset option and would not let me because it says that the new hard drive is smaller than the first. Then the probe the recovery option of Image reduced to the minimum, he completely all properly the Phase 1 and said that now the computer is restarted several times to continue with Phase 2 and complete the installation of the operating system. But rather than restart it gets the black screen with the HP logo in the Center and the House for hours without anything happening. Exactly the same for me test the system recovery option, it is marked in the same place and not the operating system installation is complete.
    I ask you to provide me with assistance for this problem.
    Thank you very much.

    Hi @Paulo-88 .

    Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A place where you can find solutions for your problems, with the help of the community!

    I stumbled upon your post on the laptop and wanted to help you! I looked in your question about your HP Pavilion dv6z-3200 computer laptop and the new HARD drive. Here is a link to your manual page 5 for HARD drive support.

    SSD or HARD disk must be as large, or remain the same. You can't go smaller. This causes conflict, and he won't see the HARD drive.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you.

  • Files fragmented in disc of recovery on laptop Pavilion dv6

    Product name: HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC

    Product number: LH601UA #ABA

    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    I recently installed Piriform Defraggler to use as a tool for disk defragmentation. I finished scanning and defragmenting the drive and decided to scan the recovery disc. My analysis showed me that I have a fragmentation of 91 percent of the 14.6 GB on the disc. I don't not sure if that means anything or not, so before I had rushed around trying to solve this problem, only to cause damage, that I wanted to check what to do here.


    A very good move on your part.

    It is recommended NEVER to defragment the partition recovery under any circumstances.

    The fact that this partition is almost full and very fragmented has no effect on the overall performance of your laptop.

    Never store all files on the partition recovery no more.

    Pretend it does not exist (unless and until what you need).

  • Re: Unfortunate judgment of the m6-1002sa - new drive hard - HP recovery kit - HP Pavilion

    HP Pavilion laptop 1002sa m6

    No. B6H92EA #ABU

    Serial number.      CND8310Q0V

    Recovery HP - suitable for the above computer disks.

    I recently installed a new disk for this computer (approved by the forum) and use of recovery disks to rerurn the computer to its factory condition.

    I have inserted the disc 1 and waited until I got the message 'change disk '.

    I inserted the disc 2, but while he was installing a temporary power AC power interruption occurred causing my computer shut down.

    When feeding returned that I turned on my computer to get an unrecoverable error message shortly after which the computer off again.

    I removed the disc 2 and turned on the computer again to see the message "bootmgr missing - Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete"

    I made this statement only to see the same message.

    Please advise like how to rectify the problem, as I love this computer.


    John Philip

    Hi John,.

    If the recovery procedure has been interrupted, you must start over from the beginning as follows.

    Shut down the laptop.  Tap away at the esc you key start Notepad to open the Start Menu.  Insert the disc of recovery 1 .  Select boot options (usually f9), use the arrow keys to select the CD/DVD drive and press ENTER.  You can also get a prompt to "Press any key to" continuous - it if requested.

    Then just follow it prompts on the screen.

    Best regards

    DP - K

  • system recovery problem

    I have a laptop hp pavilion dv 2700.  A few weeks ago the hard drive died so I replaced it.  Now I am trying to run the system recovery and it does not work.  I had recovery dvd that I did when I got to the computer, but they did not work.  Now, I'm doing the recovery with the DVD of the factory.  Everything seems to be okay until I get to a point where vista wants to restart and wonder if it's ok.  I don't seem to have a choice then I hit ok.  Then, after the reboot, I get an error message saying "Windows is unable to complete the installation.  To install windows on this computer, run the Setup again. "If I hit ok the computer restarts and I get the same message.  I ran the system recovery now 3 times with the same results.

    I talk to the tech support people and they don't seem to know what could be the problem.  They said they would send me another set of DVD.

    If anyone has any ideas on what's going on I would really appreciate it.


    Thanks for the tips.  I'm sorry that you have had problems as well.

    I think I have my problem figured out.  At one point, after about 3 hours of installation, I get a windows saying that the computer needs to restart and I can do it now and later.  The first 3 times that I tried installing, I clicked restart now and then after it restarted it said could not install windows and I needed to do it again.  I decided to try one more time and this time when the reboot box come I simply ignored it.  Finally it finished installing (I don't know how long it took because I went to bed).  Everything seems to work ok now.

    So, if anyone has the same problem, just leave the computer alone until you get to the part where you get to set up your windows account.

  • order a recovery disc for pavilion dv6-3090tx


    I have a HP Pavilion DV6-3090TX about 2 years. A few months back my laptop froze and wouldn't restart normally. I wiped the hard drive and installed a version on the theme of windows 7 (30 days activation is already passed) so I can continue to use it (in the middle of my Uni term) because I didn't have the original Windows 7 disc that was used to install on my laptop. A few days ago, my battery is dead (no longer charges-warning about replacing the battery keeps popping up) and I think it's because of the incompatibility between the os and the hardware. I want to order recovery disks for my laptop to prevent other problems like this happen and hope you re - install windows 7 Home premium that came with it originally.

    Question 1-will it re - install all the parameters, including standard factory programs and the OS (windows 7)?

    Question 2-if my warranty has expired, can I pay and how much?

    I'm in new Zealnd, if it helps.

    Appreciate any help I can get this,

    See you soon.

    Thanks a lot for the post, but I chose to ring a number 0800 NZ and he ordered on the phone I found on the forum. (5-7 work days to arrive I hope so!) But your adivice I'll keep for future reference should something else happens :-|.

    I appreciate the help, and thanks again.

    See you soon.

  • Creating recovery discs - HP Pavilion 17 - I am a novice at this and really need support

    I downloaded information and directions to do this procedure on the HP site.  I have a few questions to clarify some of my concerns.

    1 using the dvd - recordable dvd is the same as you would use to burn videos or other?

    2. I learned later that this procedure should be done just after I bought the computer.  The only information I have on my PC are my emails.  I have not bought any software. Just got the things installed at the factory.  My question about this is in the article that says it will save all the software, but you can save the software to a system image using windows 8 to create a system image. I have instructions to do but ned opions on the question of whether I should just do to only my e-mail of files) or do it for the drivers, windows, programs, system settings files:.  It also shows the following which is very confusing to me that the HP recovery restores the image of the software in its original state.  Any software that is installed later is deleted when you perform a recovery of HP.  Does that mean if I do the first HP recoveering I lose my emails as well as bar favorites that I created to facilitate the connection to important websites without having to type in the address.  It was created for me and is installed with the screen of my provider verizon internet.

    3. I have an ALERT noting this update of windows 8 crashes 12% 13% 14% or 15%.  This alert has appeared on the results of product warranty HP detection/HP site and also another site that I don't remember.  What does that mean?  I don't know if I'm supposed to do something.

    I really need your help and your advice on how I should proceed on the above problems.


    I have instructions to do this, but need advice on if I should make every effort to only my (e-mail) files or do it for cover discs, windows, Control Panel, programs and files?  He

    joseysgirl wrote:

    Thank you very much for your quick response.  I have a few questions/comments to check that I understand your answers.

    1 DVD - I understand that I must use the best discs that will work in my DVD, such as Verbatim, Sony, etc.

    In addition to this is there any other preferences for the current DVD and for use on a 64-bit process that I have on my laptop, speed, other important characteristics? No, just get the DVD + R discs or good quality r. Sony usually works well for me.

    2. I unerstand that the actual creation of the recovery disc will affect in any way my software added and created documents such as e-mails and the bookmarks bar, etc., that it concerns only the factory installed components... Fix. Using disks to restore/reinstall on the laptop says back to out of box state. With this procedure, many people use a regular backup of the files to get back on the machine after a factory Recovery.An external USB hard drive is very nice for this, but backups can also be done on DVD.

    3. create a system image - am I right in assuming that this process does not duplicate topics in the created recover disks?  Also, when you add details such as software, the documents, etc. to your computer requires another creation of system images. She does double duty with elements of recovery such as Windows, drivers & software - but also an exact copy of the hard drive with your added files, newly installed programs, photos, etc. All of your personal files + recovery disc files are in an Image. In front of the effect of the restore with recovery disks - this process restores laptop with original Windows, software & drivers so that your files added. And Yes - additional Images would be required to maintain an up-to-date image.

    4 USB Flash drive - I have no idea what it is but I have instructions for the use of this procedure for creating recovery image on using flash player and it's faster than a DVD.  Is the ddrive USB flash something that I have to buy, it's expensive and my PC has the ability to use this process? Your laptop has Betacam do recovery on USB - but in reality this process gives owners more trouble than DVDs. Several times resulting in the purchase of several flash drives before finding one that works. My advice-stck with DVD.

    Thanks for your help.

    Here is the full information on my laptop.

    HP Pavilion 17-e040us

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