Recovery work do not

After getting a virus on my girlfriends laptop which caused this crash she used the windows vista recovery disc Home premium product to try and restore the laptop back to factory settings, however a short while in the restart of a warning sign appears who says

C:\program files\java\jre1.6.0_02\binclient\classes.jsa WARNING

file corrupted block at offset 01523db6

error restoring image

the file or directory is corrupted or unreadable.

and now I can't boot windows vista at all, the windows Boot Manager appears saying that

file: \windows\system 32\winload.exe

status: 0xc000000e

Info: the selected entry could not be loaded, the application is missing or damaged.

can someone help or give me a solution to this issue? any help would be greatly appreciated.

How did you get the method of recovery? Did you really do a clean reinstallation of your system?
Because these messages seem quite abnormal on a new installed machine.

You could do another trial, recovery and see if it happens again. Next step would be to try an original installation disk to Windows. In some rare cases her may be something wrong with the recovery media.

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  • Satellite A80 XP recovery work do not


    I have a Toshiba Satellite A80, I want to pass on to my children.
    Before that, I need to reinstall the XP o/s via the original product Recovery DVD-ROM.

    When I boot the disk, it tells me that it only works the * 'Toshiba PC' *-press the button and it restarts.

    Am I missing something? -Any ideas?

    Thank you


    Are you sure you used the right and compatible CD?
    Perhaps the recovery disk was created for another different Toshiba notebook?

    Moreover, something might be wrong with the DMI information, which are stored on the motherboard.
    The DMI contains different information on the laptop.
    If this info is damaged or does not exist because mobo has changed, then you will get this error message saying that it is not a Toshiba laptop or similar

    If the worst case I recommend that you install Win XP using a Microsoft Win XP CD. All the drivers of Toshiba for A80 lie on the European driver Toshiba Note page; You must choose archives to find the drivers.

  • Satellite A200: Recovery work does not correctly


    I have a Toshiba A200 and attempted to retrieve the default settings using the provided Toshiba CD recovery. I can't make it work...

    Initially, the recovery seems to work very well, and it copies the files from the first recovery CD (1of2). Then, I get a message "Please insert next media and press OK to continue" and the drawer opens. When I insert the second CD (2of2), he turns as if you're trying to read, then opens the tray and again gives the message "Please insert next media and press OK to continue.

    I thought maybe it was a doubtful CD2, but trying to retrieve from the hard drive partition without using the CD (i.e. by pressing 0 at the start and following instructions for out-of-box state) I get the same message. Surely if I get back from the HARD drive so that I would not insert any media?

    I have tried several times and get the same message. In addition, sometimes after inserting CD2, I get the message "error copy of file or folder.» Cannot copy PREINST001: data error (cyclic redundancy check). »

    I would be eternally grateful for any help on this one!


    Believe me a virus cannot affect the recovery procedure.

    First the HARD disk will be formatted before the OS will be installed and that would wipe out the virus from the HARD drive.

    Second, a virus cannot affect any 3rd party, no writable media

    It is therefore something different

  • System Recovery works do not with my Satellite P100

    I followed the instructions I saw on many sites to be able to do a system restore to 'out-of-box"State. I've maintained pressed zero and hit the key on and then release the zero key when I hear the beep. After that it only gives me the possibility to proceed to the recovery of the system. It starts just as usual.

    What I am doing wrong?

    Hello Shae

    How to start now? OK Let's ' s go!

    Toshiba recovery procedure can be done with recovery CD/DVD or facilities using images stored on the HARD disk. Image stored on the HARD drive will be offered with the new notebooks only and I am sure that your Satellite P100 is delivered with a CD/DVD media and not the HARD drive recovery option.

    AFAIK this option 0 is for HDD only installation. Please note that this option 0 is not also for all Toshiba laptops. For European books, you can start installation disk with F8 and not 0.

    I hope you understand how this works now. The question is what P100 you have exactly and how you are trying to install OS? You want to use Toshiba Recovery CD/DVDs?

  • Rescue and recovery work do not

    I erased from my hard drive and installed Ubuntu. Now I need Vista to use some software to test for my state bar examination. Rescue and recovery disks as well as keep the f11 system restore gives me an error of starting. Vista is gone for good? Lenovo wants to charge me $45 to send discs that will work. Can get an a .iso for this version (Vista Business SP1 64, I think) somewhere and use my activation key product on the lower part of the PC? I don't have time to search the forums and I'm not an expert. Help, please.

    something here should work for you.

  • Quiz on recovery work is not for me in Captivate 5.5

    Hi all

    Running in a couple of frustrations with Captivate 5.5.

    The Resume Quiz option doesn't seem to work for me.  When a user presses the button, it goes back to the first question in the questionnaire, but he still has their initial response and he won't let not the user change.  The clear buttons / propose do not work either.  So they can't go.  What's not?  Am I missing something?  Extremely frustrating.

    Pointers, greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards.

    Hope that you don't mind wondering if you not mix affects the review and recovery? If the user looks at a quiz, it is no longer not to resume it, even if there are still attempts left.


  • Presariocq60: Recovery work do not

    It's time to reinstall my os using the recovery boot option wipe completely the disk and reinstall from the recovery partition, everything is went well, but at the end of the "software installation" stage when it restarts step software installation started again for about 10 minutes then restarted again then repeated these steps over and over again I have fa it for more than 24 hours but at this stage "» got the same result, I tried using the recovery disks that I created when I used the laptop but with exactly the same results. I did this procedure once before without any problem at all. I now have a computer without an operating system and apparently no way to reinstall.

    Hi @aussieguy1,

    Thank you for your query.

    I understand that you did a full restore and all is well, until the end of the "stage of software installation" when it restarts. When the computer reboots, it repeat the software installation and restart, only to repeat the process.

    First of all, I would like to try a reset hard or forced.  Remove all devices such as USB keys, printers, monitors, or SD cards. Here is a link as a guide.   HP Notebook PCs - performing a Hard Reset or forced Reset.  If the problem persists, try to start in safe mode to troubleshoot issues.  HP Notebook PC - enter Safe Mode. Another link that can help is by using the Configuration System (msconfig).  If the difficulty persists, I suggest test you for a hardware problem.  HP Notebook PC - hardware failures (Windows 7, Vista) screening.

    Please let me know the results.

    Thank you for your participation in the Forums of HP! We want to help you as well as others who may encounter a similar problem. "Think about scoring the post that solves your problem as" ","accept as Solution " to help other members of the community! To say thanks for the help, please click "Thumbs Up icon" below.

  • Satellite P10-304: 2nd recovery disk does not work

    I'm selling my laptop.

    Went to use recovery of original product CD provided along with the PC.

    1 disc worked OK - unfortunately 2nd disc (undamaged) stops at about 60 percent and gives the following message;

    error number 437
    Can not read the file
    version: 7,00 (Apr 2001 19, build 254).
    License: XQ199905
    command line arguments: - clone, mode is pload, srx = x: \01367000.GHO:1, dst = 1:1 - batch

    PROG mode: prog_local
    Name of the path:
    dump file: x:\01367001.GHS
    dumpPos: 0
    flagexplode: 10

    State of IRQ of mouse: no IRQ (0)

    Help, please!?!

    I have a buyer waiting and everything seems to be Dutch!


    It's not easy to say what's wrong with the 2nd recovery disk.
    I would recommend formatting the HARD drive completely and try again to recover the operating system. If it doesn't work, well try to contact Toshiba. Here, you can order the recovery CD. Maybe the problem of recovery will be solved as a gesture of goodwill.
    Nevertheless, the recovery cd is not expensive.

  • Satellite A100: Recovery DVD does not work

    I want to restore my Toshiba Satellite A100 laptop to its original factory condition, but the DVD that comes with the package of recovery does not work...

    I have load to start computer press F12, and it starts on the DVD. It says "Loading RAMDISK Image", after which I am told by Toshiba customer service there should be options to clean up the hard drive or restore Windows XP.

    However, after VIRTUAL disk, I see a cursor on a black screen, and then the laptop off and restarts. After the connection, NO CHANGES made...

    What is the problem with that? How can I really use this recovery DVD?
    Someone help me please.

    Thank you.


    The recovery procedure is not difficult.
    Just try to boot from the recovery CD or DVD and follow the Guide on the screen line.

    Your problem is very strange. You have created all the partitions on the HARD drive?
    I put really t know why your recovery CD doesn't work properly, but I think you should try to completely format the disk (also partitions), then try to boot from the recovery CD.

    Don't forget that the laptop is in the boot mode. (don t mix the standby or hibernation mode)

  • Satellite A30 - 203 - recovery disk does not work

    Hi all

    I have an old Satellite A30-203 and have a problem. I tried to format my laptop but the product recovery cd does not seem to work in deletion the data on my disk, its becomes blocked during loading files of ntfs? Now I am not able to retrieve a windows session would I need a new product recovery cd and would be able to get it?

    Thank you

    Hi dimation,

    It is difficult to say what is the reason of this but made is either it s a laptop problem itself or the recovery disc (e.g. scratches) causes this problem.

    In my opinion the best way to check this using a Microsoft Windows disk. If the installation completed successfully, you need a new recovery disk. As a result, you can ask a service provider authorized in your country! :)

  • For 1000-zx satellite recovery disk does not work

    XP Recovery disk does not work. The 3 options are unresponsive. Is there an easy solution. All other functions of cell phones seem ok. It is a reliable machine for more than 3 years, but now must use the recovery disc. Brilliant ideas greatly appreciated.


    Well, I put t know why you recovery CD doesn t work. Have you checked the CD some scratches? Have you tried to clean this CD?
    However if it of impossible to use the recovery CD, you can contact the ASP and buy a new one. It doesn t expensive.
    In addition, you can install an original Windows operating system and then all the Toshiba necessary drivers on the Toshiba site.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A50 - recovery disk is not working


    I'm trying to do a clean install on my laptop, but the recovery disk is not working.
    The files transferred to the laptop, but once done, I get an error message that says: "the system is not fully installed. Please run Setup again."

    Does anyone have suggestions as to how to fix it?

    It took me four days to get to this point and make me very frustrated.

    Thanks heaps



    What is the installation using another CD; That is to say the Microsoft Windows XP disk?
    Have you tried that?

    In my opinion, this would help to pinpoint the problem
    The error message can be linked to different issues; I mean the HARD drive or a single partition problem could also be possible.

    Try to format the drive HARD whole again. Delete all partitions from the HARD drive and check if you can proceed with the installation.

    But if you will not be able to install the OS by using the recovery disk and other disks then a question must relate to a part of the material. (possibly HDD)

  • Windows XP Recovery CD does not work


    I have an old laptop Toshiba Satellite A10 - S103 (I have since December 2004). The operating system is Windows XP.
    When I try to start the computer, the following messages appear:

    {color: #ff0000} ERROR IDE #0

    {color: #ff0000} INTEL® BOOT AGENT FE v4.109

    {color: #ff0000} Copyright (c) 1997-2002. Intel Corporation.

    {color: #ff0000} PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable.

    {color: #ff0000} PXE - M0F: Exit Intel Boot Agent.

    {color: #ff0000} Insert system disk in drive.

    {color: #ff0000} Press a when you are ready...

    When I inserted the recovery CD, I received the following message:

    {color: #ff0000} Drive partitioning error!

    {color: #ff0000} Press a key to continue...

    And when I press a button, displays the BACK slider:

    {color: #ff0000} C:\ >

    I have an emergency disk (3 ½ "), that I created with MacAffe when I bought the computer. If I use this disk, the following message appears:

    {color: #ff0000} ERROR IDE #0

    {color: #ff0000} From Magic Bullet

    {color: #ff0000} Magic Bullet has detected the presence of a virus as EXEBUG or PURGYST!

    {color: #ff0000} These viruses change your CMOS settings so that a booting from C: occurs before a start:

    {color: #ff0000} If you now press any key, Magic Bullet is committed to repair your CMOS, invites you to turn off your computer and again this startup disk. Then only, you will have a clean system of wichich to check your hard drive.

    When I press any key:

    {color: #ff0000} Magic Bullet has now set your CMOS. Shut down and restart this disc again. Then, run FindVirus to check your hard drive.

    I shut down and restart again (with and without the diskette on A :) but the result is the same):

    {color: #ff0000} ERROR IDE #0, etc.

    What can I do?

    Thank you.

    I fear that the HDD doesn't work and not recovery of Windows XP Home edition as mentioned in the thread topic.
    HDD correctly recognized and listed in the BIOS settings?

  • Portege M200 recovery process does not work

    I want to re format my old M200 of 4 years using the original recovery disks (4).
    The recovery.txt file that is stored on the first disc advise me of a process for this, but also States that "this utility does not if the drive has been formatted or converted to NTFS.

    My C drive is NTFS, and the recovery process does not work.
    I'm unable to find any other documents or files on the drives to advise me what to do help.

    I would be greatfull for anyone who has experience with this issue who can advise me on the correct process to run my recovery on a drive formatted as disks


    May I ask what laptop do you have: is it a M200 Satellite or Portege M200?

    How have you tried to recover the laptop?
    Have you tried to boot from the CD?

  • Recovery folder does not work...

    Good guys.

    My recovery drive is there, but its not readable when I press F 11.

    I found out why is it hapenning but I don't know how to fix the solution...

    Its because my folder recovery attributes is marked solid color which I know should be disabled.

    Here's how his looks:

    Now the problem is that I can not disarmed, whenever I uncheck, it becomes solid color automatically...

    I tried Fix for HP Multi-partition recovery ManagerMais that too makes no difference...

    So, can anyone solve it for me please.

    I will be very thankful to you...

    Best regards ~.

    Try this which worked for many >

    1.right - click on the "Computer" icon and select manage.
    2. This will launch the Microsoft Management Console.
    3. on the left side of the MMC console, click "Disk management" and it will show you all the partitions.
    4. right - click on the "HP Recovery" partition and select "Mark as Partition Active."
    5. when the warning message appears, select 'Yes' – Reboot and it will automatically start in the Recovery Manager (do not press F11).

Maybe you are looking for