Registration and getting started with the INK HP INSTANT

Registration and getting started with ink HP Instant

Note: your printer must be connected to the Internet via a wireless connection.

How does that you will always have ink HP? Your printer uses Internet to let us know when to send more ink. Here's how you can get all the ink you need, delivered to your door.

  1. Buy an eligible printer.
  2. Enroll in a plan based on the number of pages you print.
    Ink, cartridge recycling and transport are included.
    No annual fee, change or cancel your plan anytime.3
  3. We'll will ship special HP Instant cartridges.
    Our cartridges have more ink than the standard HP ink cartridges, so you'll replace them less often.
  4. Billing service and begin after inserting your first instant HP ink cartridge.
  5. Your printer will tell us when to send handwritten entry.
    Your service is not based on how many cartridges you use, so print as many pictures of high quality that you want.
  • You will always have ink before you need it.

LoneStarBob wrote:

I received my first ink (three colors) of HP cartridge. check the two original instant of ink in the printer cartridges they show two 3/4 full (identical). Puzzeld just why black not sent.

Hi LoneStarBob,

I'm going to private msg you on it to help track.

Thank you


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  • Getting started with the api perl?


    I'm after a pointer or two in the right direction to start with the perl api for vmware - I have read around and ended up do not know on what api should I use. The ESX environment is v2.5.

    My requirement is to collect performance data of the computer (cpu/mem/disk/net) virtual guests and some configuration data (disk to lun map/mem & cpu allocations etc.).  I say this only in case it affects the choice of the API.

    I've also seen some docs/examples of scripts that mention a list of attributes that can come from the guest - these come completely out somewhere just in case I need more later?

    I've seen talk about vSphere cli for perl 4.0 (sounds weird like perl 5.x now), also version 1.5 and 1.6 of the perl api.  VIX too.  I guess that vmware have changed the names that they develop products, but since I was at the VC 2.5 I know of course at what point in the cycle of life, I should be in.  If there is a readme file that explains this lot just let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

    First of all, definitely take a look at this page: in the section of the resources on the right.

    It is a large document showing you the details of how the perl Toolbox not Accon vSphere SDK for Perl, really worth to go through the documentation:

    If you are familiar with the esxcfg-* commands, whereas you'll notice through the vCLI/RCLI, which uses the vSphere SDK for Perl has the same exact command set but the installer to help make managing remote:

    There are additional utilities that come with the vCLI/RCLI, take a look here for list:

    As you know, these are all Perl scripts, which means that you can open them and see how it is implemented and how they use the vSphere API, the reference for the API doc is also very important as:

    vSphere 4.0 -

    VI 3.5 -

    I think the best way to learn it is to start playing with some of the scripts canned and to make it even easier to have an environment that is all set up for you with the vCLI and vSphere SDK for Perl, you can download the vMA that is a management assistant from VMware to remotely manage your systems (i) ESX and vCenter.

    The version of Perl that is used is in fact 1.6 but the designation of vCLI is 4.0 which is in conjunction with release of vSphere 4.0, it has nothing to do with the version of Perl (Yes the naming/numbering really sucks and confuses a lot of people)

    Here is a nice document that made the breaking of all the various API/SDK/etc.: Getting Started with vSphere SDK - Update for SDK 4.1 release

    VIX is the main for the management of comments, it is intended to be used or can be used in conjunction with the vSphere API and you can find more information on the VIX.

    Also, here is a code example for vSphere SDK for Perl: and vGhetto scripts repository

    Well, I'm sure it is a handful of information and it will take some time to digest, but still the best way to learn is to start playing with it and you'll get a kick for him.

    Good luck and happy to script


    William Lam

    VMware vExpert 2009

    Scripts for VMware ESX/ESXi and resources at:

    repository scripts vGhetto

    VMware Code Central - Scripts/code samples for developers and administrators

    150 VMware developer

    Twitter: @lamw

    If you find this information useful, please give points to "correct" or "useful".

  • Getting started with the extension of the iAd


    I recently bought SAI extension for ios package of slag and can't its implementation.

    I have followed the Getting Started document, but I am not having any joy. I have attached a few screenshots to show how it is implemented and problems.

    (1) library of API included


    (2) code in the first frame of the test app file


    (3) errors received when publishing


    (4) the errors received when private is underwritten


    (5) when I disable the strict mode and publish it, I just get a blank white screen when viewing the app on my iPhone.

    Help, please!

    Thank you!

    Your problem is there in error. Looks like you are coding on the timeline instead of the class. That's fine, but that means getting rid of things linked class as a private function and extend class stuff. It's what your first mistake. When you do this, you receive the second error, here I can see in your code you have set up listeners for these 2 functions, but you do not have real onBannerAdLoaded and onBannerAdFailed function. Find these two in the docs or below, add them to your code.

    function onBannerAdLoaded(e:IAdEvent):void


    trace ("banner loaded.");


    private void onBannerAdFailed(e:IAdErrorEvent):void


    trace ("banner ad failed");


    The last error is an error on your part. In line 18, you have an ad in lowercase as SAI , it should be SAI, don't forget to flash is very sensitive. So change for this.

    IAd.iAd.createBannerAd (IAdBannerAlignment.TOP, IAdContentSize.PORTRAIT_AND_LANDSCAPE);

  • Getting started with the Pro user interface customizations


    I have to integrate into a home content management system where there is now a requirement for people to be able to edit PDF files. Before which has not been authorized.

    So what I need is the ability to customize the interface of Acrobat with a button or a menu to save the current active document in Acrobat Pro XI to the management system documents via http-based interface. This button is obviously an extension of the application, not an extension of PDF since it must be available for all pdf documents. After you have created and tested this feature, I need to deploy it in my organization.

    Now, my problem is that I have no idea where to start. In my view, the documentation is hidden in the extreme. There is no "Customizing the UI" with steps like 1 / Select this option, 2 / Add your Javascript, 3 / Save to file in the following directory... Honestly, I find the documentation next useless.

    If anyone can recommend a tutorial or a good book on it, I would be very grateful.

    There are many examples of code in Acrobat JavaScript API Reference, you just look under the relevant methods. But it doesn't have a 'sample' or 'tutorial' section, because it's a documentation, not a guide.

    You can find a lot of useful tutorials on this Web site:

    For example, it explains how to add a customized Acrobat menu item:

  • Getting started with the NI USB-6259 housing

    Hello, I'm quite new product OR. I try to use NI USB-6259 device for testing. I would like to write my application in pure C++ (Visual Studio 2005) but have not obtained from Measurement Studio for VS2005. I know it's possible to develop a full functional application for driver DAQmx without MS. I read some articles in the KB, but everywhere there is no specific information how start to develop. The paths on sites where there is default examples are not valid on my box. I have the driver NOR-DAQmx 8.7.1. Thanks in advanse.

    Thanks for the help!

    I finally found the examples using the C sources and it let me check if it is possible to develop an environment of use NI USB-6259. Now I'm thinking of creating access for this device, but I will ask on in a new thread.

    Thanks again,

    Dariusz Boczkowski

  • Started at Mo and not charging with the charger connected. Charger works. Keyboard not workin except power button / stop. Restarted using ex in car without success. SW

    Started MacBook and not charging with the charger connected. Charger works. Keyboard does not not except the power button / stop. Restarted ex drive no available help hoping that it was a matter of SW. SW and the operating system works very well. Read some info online. Tried to reset the SMC. Now, the MacBook does not start. Can U help me please. Thanks in advance.

    MacBook, 2010, Mac OS X 10.6.8

    Hi Veronica Steward,.

    I understand that you have turned into a series of questions about your MacBook and want help getting the computer to turn on. Here is an article that can help you through the steps to fix this problem:

    If your Mac will not turn on - Apple Support

    Let us know how it goes and thanks for coming to Apple Support communities.

    See you soon.

  • Firefox 8.01 - automatically load the "Getting started with Mozilla... page.

    Firefox 8.01 - whenever I starts, it loads automatically the "Getting started with Mozilla...» "the my home page Tab. How can't we open the tab "Getting started...". » ?

    Hi ricklord303,

    You should take a look at the Knowledge Base How to set the home pagearticle.

    There are the steps in this article to reset your preferences on the default home page. I would try everything first to clear all strangeness. If it works, you can try to set your homepage again to your personal preferences.

    If this does not work you should look at this article on this specific issue and Preferences not savedarticle.

    Hope this helps!

  • How to stop the tab 'Getting started with Mozilla Firefox' to open every time I open FF?

    Everytime I open FF, the tab "Getting started with Mozilla Firefox" opens. I checked and it is not in my list of homepage.

    If I open any additional windows, it does not open.

    But, once I close all the and reopen it again, the tab opens.

    I had a similar problem with some addons (ietab) do the same thing.

    I found the fix for it.

    About: config, filter for 'Start '

    Ones you want to should appear at the bottom.

    Startup.homepage_override_url and startup.homepage_welcome_url

    Double-click on each one and delete the text string. Close and reopen the window to check that it worked.

    As I deleted them both at the same time, I'm not sure who was the culprit. So, I suggest starting by striking first and tests before deleting this one.

  • Satellite Pro M10 will not start again and comes up with the error message

    My laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro M10 will not start again and comes up with the error message "load error" when I press the power button.
    The arised problem after installation of the 'symantec system works' and try to restart windows XP Professional to make the installed executable program.

    What can I do to get the notbook again reboot?


    Seems that there are problems with the files of GoBack.

    Try to boot in safe mode and remove the Norton System works from your laptop ;)
    If this does not help, you will need to recover the laptop with the recovery CD Toshiba delivered!

    Also I recommend to visit the Symantec support site and to check the solutions to the problem with the Norton System Works programs

    Good luck

  • loaded Microsoft combat flight simulator ww11 europe series. Unable to get game start with the joy stick. game with keybord works. gamepad is new logitech 3d pro extrem

    loaded Microsoft combat flight simulator ww11 europe series.  Unable to get game start with the joy stick.  game with keybord works.  gamepad is new logitech 3d pro extrem

    Hi Li-ngme,
    (1) have you installed drivers for the joystick correctly?
    It seems that the gamepad drivers is not updated for windows 7. Let us know if the gamepad work on other games under Windows 7.

    Try to access the link below and install the drivers for gamepad for windows 7 and even install as an administrator., in? WT.z_sp = Image

    If this does not work, try to contact Logitech and check if they have updates on this for windows 7.
    ThaThanks and greetings:
    Shalini Surana - Microsoft technical support.
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forumand let us know what you think.

  • When I try and play games my computer crashes or I get BSOD with the error Stop: 0x000000F4.

    Hello, I recently built a computer and installed all the software, drivers and updates of windows that I needed. Go and try to play games, I can play for a little bit. Then my computer crashes or I get BSOD with the error Stop: 0x000000F4. Generally before that happens, Skype will plant give me a message that says "error disk i/o" If that helps. How can I fix this problem so that this error does not happen again? It happened several times. I tried to reinstall the CMOS battery on the motherboard. I have the latest firmware of my SSD and drivers for my card mother and graphics card. My specs are:

    Windows 7 x 64
    I7 - 4770 k
    ASUS Z87 - a
    Corsair Vengeance 8 GB 1600 Mhz
    Modular power supply Corsair HX750
    Liquid chillers H80i Corsair
    EVGA GTX Superclocked 760 ACX
    Samsung 840 120 GB SSD (boot disk; the games installed on it)


    To help you, we will need files DMP to analyze what exactly happened at the time of the accident, etc.

    If you don't know where the DMP files, here's how to get to them:
    1. go to the Windows\Minidump folder.
    2 copy all the DMP files in the Minidump folder on your desktop and zip then those files.
    3 download the zip containing the files DMP to Skydrive or a Web hosting of your choice and paste in your answer.

    If you plan to use Skydrive, but do not know how to download it, please see the following:

    Please note that all "cleaner" such as TuneUp Utilities, CCleaner, etc., default will remove files DMP when using because of their place too.

    If your computer doesn't generate DMP files, follow these steps:

    1. start > type systemroot which should show the Windows folder, click it. Once inside this folder, make sure there is a Minidump folder created. If not, CTRL-SHIFT-N to create a new folder and name it Minidump.

    2. Windows key + key Pause. This should appear in the system. Click Advanced on the left system settings > advanced > performance > settings > advanced > make sure there is a check mark for "manage automatically the size of pagefile for all readers."

    3. Windows key + key Pause. This should appear in the system. Click Advanced on the left system settings > advanced > startup and Recovery > settings > failure > ensure there is a check mark next to "Write an event to the system log" > make sure that "automatically reboot" is unchecked.

    Ensure that the partial memory image is turned on and make sure the path is % SystemRoot%\Minidump.

    4. check that the viewers is ENABLED:

    Start > Search > type services.msc > on the name tab, search for Windows Error Reporting Service > if the service status is not started, then right-click and select start. Also to ensure that, under Startup Type set to automatic rather than manual. You can do this by right click, select properties and under general selection on 'Automatic' startup type and then click on apply.

    If you can not get into normal mode to do this, please do so via Safe Mode.

    Kind regards


  • I'm just getting started with adobe creative cloud. I hace low loaded Media Encoder CC 2015 as well as first Pro CC 2015, but when every time I select apps in the app it says "download error please aontact costomer support". I tried to slow down

    I'm just getting started with adobe creative cloud. I hace low loaded Media Encoder CC 2015 as well as first Pro CC 2015, but when every time I select apps in the app it says "download error please aontact costomer support". I tried to reinstall the creative cloud by using the link provided and I also tried manually. I have Windows 7 with a 64 bit system.


    I think that you have found the "download error" in the Apps Panel.

    Please check the help below document:

    Download error in the applications tab of Creative Cloud Desktop Application

    You can also view the threads below:

    Persistent Cloud error - error download - creative

    Re: Creative Cloud "Download error" message

    Kind regards


  • I try to enter the serial number to register my software, but the label outside of the box, he's starting with the letters and it does not accept the letters... . Only numbers

    I try to enter the serial number to register my software, but the label outside of the box, he's starting with the letters and it does not accept the letters... . Only numbers

    Serial numbers contain no letters, so maybe it's your redemption code, for use on to get your serial number.

    Here are a few links to look for more information rd

    Quickly find your serial number

  • How to get started with vmware in the SMB

    Hello world

    I read through this forum to help me understand more about vmware. I think that I have only a very basic understanding of vmware, so ask your recommendations for the project, I'm about to start.

    We are a company SMB with 3 offices in 3 places. We are about to implement a new software which runs on separate SQL 2005 servers in all 3 offices.

    I intend to provide all 3 offices with a similar configuration and have the servers SQL replicated during the night.

    The necessary servers are SQL server, file server and license server.

    The material I've been watching is DELL R710 or PE2950III PE. The number of people using the software would be about 5 to 6 for each office.

    Now, my goal is to move finally all our servers in a virtual machine, but to keep it simple for now, let me just start with what it takes for my project.

    My plan is to buy 1 server for each office and make them run 2 VMs each (SQL, Server license). With respect to the file server, I could use the local storage of the physical server.

    I am aware that this configuration will give me any redundancy in the case of a material error in the physical machine, but I'm hoping to expand my setup with the budget for the next fiscal year and buy the redundant servers.

    So I'm trying to get to the top and now works with spending too much on the material, but I still want to be able to move to a business solution from vmware that allows me to move VM is 1 physical machine to another, etc..

    I wonder now, what software to use for my project. I've been mainly reading on ESX and ESXi. I was looking at the license to the Foundation, but not sure that ESXi makes much sense at all if I have my VMs on 1 physical computer only.

    Then the VMware Server would be a better solution for me? If I decide to VMWare Server, can I still upgrade ESXi later?

    If I go with ESXi, I understand that I can have embedded it or installed. I guess that I can't use the local file storage when using the embedded version of ESXi?

    If I install ESXi, however, I have to start in Win Server 2003 or 2008 first that requires a separate license again and then install ESXi on its own partition on a Raid1 array. I would then use a Raid 5 for all virtual machines.

    Also with ESXi, would I be able to upgrade to a later version of ESXi with my setup? I guess that all the virtual machines must be stopped for an upgrade to ESXi?

    Appreciate any advice.

    See you soon

    Yes, this seems a sensible approach. As you are new to do this of course, you understand the different options of ESX here because it can be a little confusing to start. Going with Vmware server path would be much more disruptive in the future that you will suffer more downtime to make the change. Just to be clear, VMware Server is one where we have an application that runs on Windows (or Linux) to provide the functionality of virtualization. ESX or otherwise runs directly on the hardware.

    ESXi free edition, this may be an option for you initially, but you can not manage it with vCenter. You must use the VI Client directly to each box, failed to get the enterprise as vmotion etc features. With a single server, initially, this could be a good starting point.

    With paid for ESX you will have many other options, note the ESX layer features are essentially the same although we allow them just allows you to add the other stuff by taking the commercial offer.

    At this point it is assumed that you have vCenter somehow, so you will need a Windows Server to the host which can be a virtual machine if you want. If you started with the edition free is simply a matter of connection of the device of vCenter for ESXi nodes and they get activated with the management features - no downtime is necessary.

    Then you have 2 choices for ESXi

    (1) install on HDD or USB

    (2) buy what it come pre-installed with your server.

    The question is then what edition you purchase. We have some packages SMB has been called Essentials or Essentials more, but they are limited to a maximum of three servers altogether, it would be ok for you in you're first scenario but if you then want to make each site two nodes, so you'd not nowhere to go, a nd currently is not a licensing mechanism to upgrade , that's why I suggest you seriously consider 'Standard '.

  • Why my DVD does not start with the film and not on the menu?

    HI -.

    I'm just starting to use yet.

    I import my film as a timeline, my PSD as a Menu, link the button in the menu to the timeline and tie the end to the Timeline action to return to the Menu.  I get no error, when I check prior to construction.

    But when I play the DVD, the menu is entirely ignored.  The movie just started.  End action works and I can navigate the Menu using the remote control, but I want the disc to start with the Menu.

    What Miss me?

    TIA your instruction.



    In this case, first of all, I would check my first piece of the project. You can check the first play in the drive properties in the properties panel.

    Click on the disk icon in the window of the chart and look at the properties of the disc in the properties panel.

    If you want your menu to play first you insert the disc in the drive, then this menu must be set as the first piece of theatre.

    I hope this works.

    Thank you


Maybe you are looking for