Removal of a dead Smart Wi - Fi router


I need help...

I just replaced my Cisco EA6500 router, because he finally died, I replaced it with an EA8500, I kept the same name of the previous router wireless network, but today, WiFi Smart shows two networks with the same name - a online and offline...

How can I remove a router 'offline' and dead Smart WiFi?

Thank you!

Hi keirebuniiru. I understand that you have associated the two routers on the same Linksys WiFi Smart account, and since the EA6500 is no longer active, it shows offline. Well, let me help you with this. Please send your full contact details (name, first name, telephone number and e-mail address) to [email protected] and please include the link to this post.

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    2 X - Box Live connection interrupts the connection once every 2 or 3 minutes about, constantly.

    3. I can't connect to my linksys config site, and when I ping, I get 100% packet loss.

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    Computer for office died and I bought my current laptop (which I use to write this post). I connected to the wireless network without existing, although during the first week, there was some notable slowly down on me and my fiance wireless from time to time. I played around with some parameters in the linksys config page and reset the router and things are back to normal.

    However, I recently bought an xbox wireless adapter and was very disappointed by the loss of connection. When I test the connection it says I am connected but my "NAT" is moderate. My config is set so that uPNP is enabled, but I still have this problem. At the same time, we noticed that our Vonage has been screwed up and had the above mentioned problem.

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    Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Please tell me if you need info to Add ' l and I'm going there as soon as POSSIBLE.

    To check the address IP connect a computer/laptop computer directly to the router on its ethernet port and click on Start > all programs > Accessories > guest... A black box will appear (command prompt)... In the command prompt window type ipconfig and press "Enter"... Look for Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection address IP, subnet mask, and default gateway...

    The address of a default gateway should be the IP address of your router...

    Open an Internet Explorer browser on your computer (desktop) wired page. In the address bar type - x.x.x.x (where x.x.x.x is the default gateway address), and then on enter. Let the empty user name & password use admin lowercase... It should open the configuration of your router... If it does not accept the default user name or the password then you need to reset your router to the factory settings...

    Press and hold the button of reset for 30 seconds... Release the reset button... Unplug the power cable from your router, wait 30 seconds and reconnect the power cable... Now re - configure your router...

    If your Internet Service is cable follow this link

    If your Internet Service is DSL follow this link

    To open the NAT-

    Click on the tab "Games and Applications" and then click the sub-tab "Port Range Forwarding"...

    (1) on the first line in the box, type Application in ABC, in the start box, type in 53 and the type of box in 53, leave the Protocol as and under type ip address and check the box to enable...

    (2) on the second line in the box, type Application in PQR, in the start box, type 88 and type of box in 88, leave the Protocol as and under type ip address and check the box to enable...

    (3) on the third line in the box, type Application in XYZ, in the start box, type in 3074 and end in 3074 box type, leave the Protocol as and under type ip address and check the enable box and click on save settings...

    (4) once you return to the game to the top page, click the Security tab and uncheck block anonymous Internet requests and click on save settings...

    5) click on Setup and change the size of the MTU to 1452 and click on save settings...

    (6) address IP, Goto settings XBox network settings and assign the following on your Xbox and select manual IP settings
    IP address:-, subnet mask:- default gateway:-

    (7) also assign addresses DNS on Xbox
    Primary DNS:- Secondary dns:-

    (8) turn off your modem, router and Xbox... Wait a minute...

    (9) plug the power to the modem first, wait a minute and plug the router power cable, wait another minute and turn on the Xbox and... test it connects...

    IP address: part 192.168.X. [last intellectual property in your device] for example if static ip given to the unit's 192.168.X.10 get the last part and put it in the empty box...

    For the without wire that -.

    Open an Internet Explorer browser on your computer (desktop) wired page. In the address bar type - and press ENTER...
    Let the empty user name & password use admin lowercase...
    For wireless settings, follow these steps: -.
    Click on the Wireless tab
    -Wireless network mode must be mixed...
    -Provide a unique name in the name box of the wireless network (SSID) in order to differentiate your network from your network of neighbors...

    -Set the channel 11-2 wireless, 462 GHz... Wireless SSID broadcast should be enabled and then click on save settings...
    Please take note of the name of the wireless network (SSID) because it's the network identifier...
    For wireless security: -.
    Click the sub-tab under wireless > Wireless Security...
    Change the mode of WEP wireless security, encryption must be 64-bit. Let the empty password, do not type in anything...
    Under type of WEP Key 1 in all 10 numbers please (numbers only and no mailbox for example: your 10-digit phone number) and click on save settings...
    Please note the 1 WEP key as it comes to the security key for the wireless network...

    Click the settings advanced wireless
    Change the interval of tag to 75 > change the Fragmentation threshold to 2304, change the RTS threshold to 2304 > click 'save settings '...
    Now let's see if you can locate your wireless network and try to connect...

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    Thank you.

    Disabling the default isakmp policy is only supported since IOS version 12.4 (20) T leave. Earlier version does not support turn them off by default

    ISAKMP policy.

    Here is the command for your reference on when it was released:

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    A few days while the comings and goings, an impressive looking sports car whizzed past me. I tried to take a quick picture of it on my iPhone, but because it happened so fast I got a little confused and forgot that slide to unlock no longer works and don't slide up to start the camera. Subsequently, I've missed because my mind didn't work fast enough under pressure.

    And I was wondering... What happens if the same thing were to happen in more serious circumstances? For example, a woman can be followed and need to call for emergency assistance. It cannot be thought in a panic and right forget how to use the phone properly to make that crucial call. Who knows what might happen?

    I know this example is a little extreme, but it serves a point that Apple remove something that is ingrained in our brains for reasons of change could be dangerous. Remove slide it to only unlock the device serves no end! Maybe they could give us a choice in the operating system of dragging or by pressing the home button? I like Apple products, but I hate how they sometimes change things that do not need fixing.

    Thanks for reading.

    fizzyfizz wrote:

    I know this example is a little extreme, but it serves a point that Apple remove something that is ingrained in our brains for reasons of change could be dangerous. Remove slide it to only unlock the device serves no end! Maybe they could give us a choice in the operating system of dragging or by pressing the home button? I like Apple products, but I hate how they sometimes change things that do not need fixing.

    The great thing about human brains is their ability to adapt to change. You will find that you will adapt to the new system, just as you learned to swipe to unlock when you've got an iPhone.

    What happens if the same thing were to happen in more serious circumstances? For example, a woman can be followed and need to call for emergency assistance. It cannot be thought in a panic and right forget how to use the phone properly to make that crucial call. Who knows what might happen?

    Do you mean that only women should always call emergency? Or that only women are not well under pressure and would be so confusing them would not be able to make a call?

    Note: you don't have to unlock the phone to make an emergency call.

    I did not use swipe to unlock since TouchID has been implemented. Contact ID was always faster.

    You can submit your comments to Apple here:

  • Article number: 28840 Smart wifi configuration router Linksys by using the Smart installer - missing a step?

    I guess that something is missing here?

    The tutorial goes from:

    Check if you are able to access the Internet by connecting the modem to the computer via an Ethernet cable


    Step 1 - Connect your computer to the router by an Ethernet cable.

    No mention of the connection of the modem to the router first?

    Hmm. It seems you are right. If you have not connected the router to the modem, there are 4 step to the rescue.

    I hope someone from Linksys will see this and have fixed.

  • How to remove an incompatiable extension from your computer that has been disabled by Firefox (Smart Printing button 1.0), but don't find it on the hard drive?

    I was cleaning my Add-ons, etc and noticed that extension, Smart Printing button 1.0 is disabled b/c, it is not compatible with my current version of FF 18.0.1, why not uninstall and go? I looked for answers on how to do it, but come up empty. I searched my C drive for the HP, print Web program (such as suggested by the forums HP) and found nada, I think I might have deleted (not uninstalled correctly) as I felt as I didn't need and now the extension. How can I remove the extension of Smart Printing button 1.0 on the list of Firefox extensions in the current situation?

    This extension is likely to have been installed in the world and is located on via an analysis of the registry.

    • HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Mozilla\Firefox\Extensions\extension-id
  • How to change the encryption type M252dw printer WPA2 (WPA - PSK) for the WPA used by the router?

    We had to change the type of encryption on our WPA2 WiFi router (LAN setup origin, on which to install and successfully used our M252dw printer) and use simple WPA, to solve some other problems of connectivity.

    NOW, the HP printer, we have (M252dw) apparently does not automatically reset the encryption type.

    Apparently, he has no way to automatically start "from scratch" when connecting to the new configuration of router.

    Even with ALL the rest on the LAN works fine and speaking well, including WiFi laptops and smart phones, the HP printer sees the new name of WiFi SSD connects to the router in order to attempt a connection, accepts the new password WPA, but RETAINS THE WPA - PSK PARAMETER OF CONFIGURATION PREVIOUS.

    We know, because after that the printer fails to connect, print the network SHOWS Test report this known problem in the paragraph of the resolution of the problems, but worthless advice said to "run the setup of wireless network for re - enter your network WPA wireless security password. The WPA authentication on your HP printer has been changed from the default setting. This can cause problems connecting to your wireless network, if your wireless router does not use the same breed of WPA authentication.

    Well, DUH.

    Mind you, there is NOTHING in the post above that says:
    1) go to "this" menu item.

    2) click "this" option to change the encryption method.

    (3) select the method (SSID, WEP, WPA, WPA2) that corresponds to your router.

    ... because... There seems to be NO option ANYWHERE in ANY menu that offers this choice.


    There is a checklist wonderfully unnecessary, repeated throughout your manuals and on the site, basically saying

    ' Check the type of printer encryption (WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc.) corresponds to the router.

    Well well... What do you do when you KNOW that it IS NOT?

    Thanks to try at least, I appreciate it.

    Unfortunately, it did not work;

    but it leads to find the answer for later use.

    Summary -

    After selecting
    Printer flow treatment and deleted the saved connection data, an IPv4, subnet mask and default gateway address (router address IPv4) and IPv6 turned power on.

    Then... I did this:

    (1) Went back to and IPv6 turned to back, leaving only ON IPv4.

    2) went back to and returned once again the preferred settings.


    Default gateway:

    3) reinforced by the "Wizard" where he immediately found the SSID of the wireless router.

    (4) select the SSID of the router

    (5) when it is asked for the password (which is actually just a 'word' with WPA pass) I got that.

    (6) given the printer attempts to connect and failed.

    WPA - PSK same listed, even noted on the test report from network once more.

    Therefore, no chance after Restore Defaults.

    It really would have been nice if HP had made sure this option actually actually reset * ALL * default settings, including the wiping WPA2 security type.

    (Just for reference, the DHCP range is set to -, so that the fixed IP addresses assigned, like this printer, you can assign DHCP to be defined to ensure no changes outside.

    This printer is the FIRST device assigned a fixed IP address, to make sure that nothing else can come into conflict with the IP address and eliminate it as a cause as possible.)

    OK - so after your suggestion, I am inspired to re - enter the menu and look at it again.

    I had already looked through what I have and not able to find the submenu I thought that has been included by HP...

    .. .or I would expect a user was manually choose method/type of security encryption (SSID, WEP, WPA, WPA2)

    .. .or at least handed to "REMOVE/RESET/nothing: Please ask the next router you are trying to connect to use"

    One thing I found there is the option that resembled what I wanted now:

    That seemed to be the best thing after trying to 'Network Defaults' so I did.

    Then did a not through all the steps above, 1-6...

    * SUCCESS *.

    ALSO: The printer is already running on each PC had to be "retired" in Windows

    -According to the right

    -Then follow up

    -Waited for printer not found, click it, and then select

    Thank you HP - I just needed to find out who Reset was correct.

    Now - I humbly suggest stating that in the manual.

    Under the line "Verify encryption type corresponds to router", you could add something simple like:

    "IF it isn't, then select and your printer will automatically ask the next router you are trying to connect with and correspond to this type of encryption."

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    Here's the scenario: we have a workstation Dimension 9200 does not illuminate. We concluded that food was dead. There was no light, no sign of power, then I found a supply of replacement and began to remove the old. I got all the cables connected and removed the screws that hold the power supply up to the posterior end of the case. But now there is something under the power supply on a support. How to get the power supply out of the case?

    Thanks in advance for any response.

    Its a hook you press while you can drag slightly forward and out.

    1. Remove the cables in the power cable routing clip.
    2. Remove the four screws that attach the power supply to the back of the computer frame.
    3. Press the release button located on the floor of the computer frame.
    4. Slide the power supply approximately 1 inch toward the front of the computer.
    5. Lift the power supply of the computer.
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    I hid several pictures, but they make their appearance in a smart album that I created.  How I really hide?  If I remove them from the smart album are they deleted my pictures constantly even if I firstly, drag them to another traditional album.  Thanks in advance to smooth out my confusion.

    You cannot delete individual images of the smart albums. Smart albums based on the rules you set for them.

    Yes, the hidden images are not intended to be Secret. If you do not want them visible at all, remove them from the library of Photos ('Photos' or 'All the Photos') views.

  • I thought that there was once a way to scroll through the bookmarks and remove all those who died, but I'm not; ?

    Just that I remember years ago that I had an option that strives to open each bookmark and remove all the dead.
    I want to go back.

    The add-on CheckPlaces could help.

  • To exclude HP Smart Web Printing

    I have an HP OfficeJet 4500 All in One G510n-z.

    It has installed Smart Web Printing, but it does not work properly so I want to uninstall it.

    I have 2 computers, 1 with Windows 7 Professional and one with Windows 8.1.

    If I uninstall Smart Web Printing, it will affect my all in one software?

    Hey @Jeff17866,

    I understand that you want to remove the functionality of smart Web printing of your computers for your HP Officejet 4500 Wireless all-in-One Printer. To be honest, the HP Smart Web Printing Software is just a plugin for Internet Explorer that allows you to select, edit, clip and print the content of web pages without having to print the entire web page. There is absolutely no reason that you must have the software installed, if that's something you don't think you are going to use. It is installed as 'extra' software Also, by removing the Smart Web Printing service you will be in no way affect the current software and drivers for your printer.

    I suggest in the future if you need to reinstall you software package HP and the driver to choose the option "Customize" at the beginning of the installer and turn off printing Web Smart option if you don't have to go through this again.

    To uninstall Smart Web Printing on Windows 7:

    1. Go to your Start menu
    2. Select Control Panel
    3. Under the control panel select programs and features
    4. Once the list of programs fills in the programs and features box scroll down and look for HP Smart Web Printing. Ideally, you should be able to simply select this option, and then uninstall it.

    To uninstall Smart Web Printing on Windows 8:

    1. Launch of your start screen by clicking the Windows button on the lower left corner of your screen, or by selecting the Windows button in the bottom left of your keyboard to the right of the Ctrl key
    2. Once the splash screen opens just type "programs and features".
    3. Programs and features should now display as a search option. It should not, you may need to select the settings at the top right and then select programs and features
    4. Once the programs and features open and fills the programs installed on your computer, scroll up until you are able to select HP Smart Web Printing and remove it.

    Please let me know if it solves your problem. Good luck!

  • We add a wireless "router sub" or to our current router Linksys router cascading


    Add a router under or a router cascade to our current Linksys router because when we have people at the meetings, we do not want our regular wireless accessible by all.  We look at the HD Video Pro EA6500.  Do we need to buy a bridge?  No matter who is the master and who is the slave?  Are there more questions, what should I ask?  The EA6500 is compatible with all other models of Linksys?   I read some of the questions and answers on this forum of the Linksys community but I don't know where I should start.

    Thank you very much.

    The Smart AC Linksys router Wi - Fi 1750 HD Video Pro, EA6500 allows you to access the Internet via the Wi - Fi and.  Router Linksys Smart WiFi, EA6500 is ideal for applications focused on media such as streaming video, games and voice over the Internet (VoIP) phone.

    More control over these articles.

    Get to know the router Linksys Smart Wi - Fi, EA6500

    Linksys router Smart Wi - Fi, EA6500 frequently asked questions

  • Unable to connect to Homegroup Windows 7 between the Modem to the PC and the Modem to the router for PC users.

    I want to talk about WIRED computers, do not speak of wireless.

    I have 3 PC:

    -2 are connected via Modem directly to the PC.

    -1 is connected through router, and the router is connected to the modem.

    The problem, this is it, it cannot detect the homegroup that I created on the computer that is directly connected by modem.

    The 2 PC via modem are perfectly detected and connected to the homegroup, so I want to know what I would do to another PC (which is connected to the router via modem) detects the homegroup, I had already created?

    Help, please.

    A Modem can have only two ports, connect to the internet (Wide Area Network) and the second to a SINGLE local device. In most cases the internet Service Pwill provide with only an IP address so itself cannot connect to more than one at a time. In current solutions, it is very rare for a Modem to use. If as you say, you have several devices connected to this unit then he himself is a router but possibly with the Modem built in if you have ADSL ISP.

    If your second unit is also a router then that explains why you cannot connect all devices in the same residential group.

    Router 1 has created a Local Area Network including both PC and the WAN port on the Router 2. Router 2 has created another independent local network with the 3rd PC. It is very likely that the two local networks will be IPv4 and traffic can be routed between them correctly in both directions according to the two local networks subnet ranges.

    Even if they are properly configured to allow traffic that HomeGroup requires IPv6 that some home routers support fully and every Member of the residential group must be on the same LAN anyway, he will not support a routed connection.

    Remove the 3rd PC of the 2nd router and plug it into the direct 1 router, remove the router 2nd the 1st in order to free the port. 3 all PCs are now on the same local network and communicate both IPv4 and IPv6, and homegroup should work.

    If you need additional ports provided by the 2nd router for other devices is not part of this problem then consider replacing it with a switch. If you use Router 2 for other devices Wi - Fi irrelevant then you need a wireless access Point.

  • Mapping to a USB drive via a router Linksys Windows 7

    So I have a Maxtor OneTouch 4 Plus connected to a linksys WRT610n.

    I'm trying to map the drive to my PC running Windows 7. The problem is when I go to the card, Windows user name and password request. I know that the password, but my router does not use a username. I just contacted Linksys and apparently there is no way to create a. If I try to log on without one, windows said no.
    No idea what to do.

    Hi Nex,

    Please refer to the article to know how to map a USB (Universal Serial Bus) drive through Linksys router:

    How to map a drive on your WiFi Smart of Linksys router

    It will be useful. If you have additional questions on the computer, please ask your question about Windows and we will be happy to help you.

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