Remove the Dell recovery partition and create a data partition

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Two years ago, I bought a Dell Inspiron N5110. In addition to the existing windows partition, I wanted to add a partition Ubuntu as a partition of data (NTFS). Well, I added the Ubuntu partition, but because of the Dell recovery partition (14.65 GB, used 7,69, formatted to NTFS), I had no primary partition left to create a data partition. I did not had the time to solve this problem so far.

Here you can see the different partitions. 4, 66GB there is the linux swap partition and the 18.63 is the linux partition. Of course, they are contained in an extended partition that is created during the installation of linux using GParted.

Basically, what I would do, is to remove the recovery partition. I did not throw a look inside, but I read that as it contains bootstrap information, as well as win7 boot no more if I'm deleting it. The partition is marked as 'active' (in contrast to my main windows partition of C). I guess this is a classic problem, but I couldn't find a tutorial or a satisfactory answer on this forum (I apologize if this is the case). I assume that it is not enough to define steps to activate the recovery partition and assign to the partition c active (i.e. they don't going to critical data recovery to the c partition). Furthermore, I read that repartition your drive could affect the functioning of the emergency recovery partition, is this true?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.




Yes, sorry, I had a problem and the image has not been correctly incorporated into my message. Here it comes. Sandra means healthy, active, primary partition means that primary partition. However, you will notice that windows see the ubuntu partition is a stretch.

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  • How do I remove the HDD Recovery partition D folder?


    I have the folder called HDD Recovery aprox. 3 GB on disk D (OS Windows XP SP3).
    I want to delete without cleaning partition and information about it.

    Can anyone give me the solution of this problem?

    Can you please tell me what there is problem for you?

    You can simply remove this folder and... bye recovery image. After doing this, you will not be able to install the operating system using the HDD recovery procedure (F8 fix my computer).
    So before that, you create DVDs of recovery for other facilities.

  • Why the Dell recovery partition is marked as partition active?

    As far as I know the active partition where the bootloader. So I have a few questions:

    How the recovery partition to load windows?

    Could not Dell set the Windows partition active? If I do it myself that I would not be able to access?

    Is this partition created by Dell or have I not this option with a non - OEM Windows copy as well?

    Hello VYOAMA

    You are right that the boot loader is located on the active partition.

    Your next question how it load windows? Instructions in the bootloader show

    When windows is located on the disc and load it where. The old directory of BACK

    has almost disappeared since the bootloader it uses and compensate for finding things on the disk.

    Your next question about Dell implementation active Windows partition? Yes, and on some systems

    and not on others. Your next question to yourself and that you would not be able

    to access? One thing you cannot access is back at the factory. Once the connection between

    Partition and windows partition recovery is broken cannot use F8 to recover the original image.

    Your next question, yes Dell partition configuration, but it is a version of Microsoft Windows and you can

    Create your recovery partition, the system, the partition to the OS partition and set the place in several ways.

    Hope this answer some of your questions and always back up your computer before changing



  • Satellite A660-k17: can I remove the two primary partitions used for restoration?

    I have 3 questions :) #.

    1. I burned a copy dvd recovery media, on a laptop A660 k17. There are two partitions on the disk that I think are there for the recovery. The first is 1.46 GB and it's for the recovery and another partition hidden 8.29 GB... and I think that the first contains the Recovery Wizard and the whole environment in which we will get through the repair of the system and the hidden disk contains the actuall with windows data, drivers and so on. Can I remove these two? I ask mainly on the first, if it is not necessary for the system to boot or something after that I have to recover the laptop to the factory setting.

    2 and I also want to leave my partitions so that I don't have to partition the whole drive from C 600 GB again. I have a D drive created but there is this response to a topic already in the forum
    who says that when I leave the partitions I created myself, that the recovery will be not available. I have a copy on dvd, but only to make sure no kidding something upward.

    3. when I want a clean system without some software which are preloaded on the oem recovery disk... I have to use windows recovery? or it will be the same as the toshiba one?
    Thanks for the reply possible :)
    Beautiful day :)

    > Can I remove the two primary partitions used for restoration?
    First not, but you can remove the Toshiba recovery partition if you created the recovery DVDs. One day, if you want to install the recovery image once again you can use created the recovery disc.


    Dear Sirs:

    My Inspiron N5110 HARD drive is corrupted, that's why I want to reinstall Factory OS (Windows 7) and clone the drive to a new HD.

    I tried with "Repair Your Computer Menu" in the menu (F12) Advanced Boot Options but nothing happens with this command, Windows is unable to connect with the Dell recovery Partition.

    DataSafe program cannot associate and open the image file factory reboot

    I tried in vain to watch the recovery Partition image files, since all the files are "locked" and I can't find the right file.

    I tried with ATTRIB to makeall files in the folder visible and also checked the boxes of "total control" permissions to users and administrators in the collection folder security tag, but all the files are hidden.

    When I try to study the folder with Explorer appears a warning from DELL in blue color, informing that "this section contains files that will be used by datasafe.t... do not change or remove these files... any change in the partition may avoid a recovery in the future."

    No matter how many clicks I give with the mouse, the files are not (maybe explorer is corrupt because it closes from time to time then).

    Please help me to access the recovery image file in order, can I use another alternative to recover the Original OS. (EASY BCD 2.3)

    Thanks in advance

    Now that he planted once, the existing HARD disk should be used again if you are sure, it will certainly not or glitch again. This usually requires extensive tests. In my experience, after a rotation of HARD drive developing errors, it is only a matter of time before it will fail again.

    The recovery partition should only be accessible with its corresponding software (not Windows Explorer). In addition, have a recovery Partition on the same drive that it protects is a misconception.

    I suggest you just install a new HARD drive. If tests well the existing one, you can use it later for backups.

    Better yet, install a 240 GB - 512 GB SSD now that prices have fallen. Your machine will be much faster.

    Contact Dell for Virgin Media or Windows recovery disk. Clean install, then Dell drivers (chipset first).

    If you have Windows CoA key, you can probably install clean Windows-10 from Microsoft. ISO. Provide, your machine is not too old and approved to Win-10.

  • Cannot access the system recovery partition

    I can't access the dell recovery partition, I tried many things like ctrl and f11, f12 and similar, but it won't let me in any ideas?

    Hi Cyber_Punk,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Please click on the link mentioned below to make sure that you try to run PC Restore correctly:

    NOTE: The PC Restore will remove the applications and data in the system.

    If the PC Restore does not work, you can perform the re-installation of windows by using the system shipped with the system disk operating system.

    Thank you & best regards
    Mustapha S

  • Remove the Flash recovery area

    IAM on oracle on windows 2008 64-bit. We have a database with the recovery flash set up in her area. We want to delete (IE completely remove the flash recovery area without affecting the DB). So, what should I do? I can find one of my files to control it. I want to completely remove the flash recovery area so that my data files and files redo, control files can be on the same location. Thanks in advance.


    In addition to having a control file in the flash recovery area, which is strange, not desired, I wonder if you have covered Google for the answer:

    Transfer the control file to another location means a change in the spfile and restart the database.

    For the rest, refer to the manuals


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    Best regards

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  • Can I use the HP Recovery partition after formatting and partitioning the rest of the hard drive?

    I recently had my HP Pavilion dv4 2145dx laptop (Windows 7 64-bit) go kerput.  The Geek Squad said that the motherboard is dead.  I bought a laptop and I use this one for now, and I use the former dv4 as external hard drive.

    I intend to continue to use the hard drive from the old dv4 as an external unresolved for now, but I wish we could fix the dv4 at some point in the future.  Here's the problem: to get the most out of the former dv4 as external drive, I want to repartition it so that there is an NTFS partition and one HFS partition +.  This way I could easily use it with my Mac and Windows machines.

    But if I do that, I'm not sure if the image of HP recovery would continue to operate.  If it does not, then if/when I get the old dv4 a new motherboard, I couldn't restore the operating system from the recovery partition.  It is a problem, because I have not create recovery disks (stupid, I know - I'm definitely making them for the new machine).

    So, I want to do these two things:

    (1) create my dv4 recovery disks.  Can I do this if the dv4 drive is mounted in an external enclosure?

    (2) format and partition the drive dv4 (the leaving intact recovery partition) and later to recover the system from the recovery partition.  The recovery partition would continue to operate in these conditions?

    Thanks for any help that anyone is obtained.


    What you do to the C:\drive will make the ineffective recovery partition.

    You will not be able to create a set of recovery discs unless the drive is usable in Notepad.

    Can you still read all 25 characters of your product key of W7 on the bottom of your laptop broken?

    If so, you can do this...

    If you can read the Microsoft windows 7 25-character product key, you can download simple Windows 7 ISO files to burn on a DVD for the version of windows that is installed on your PC, and which is listed on the Microsoft COA sticker on your PC case.

    Burn the ISO with the option to burn the ISO on your DVD burning program and burn it at the slowest possible speed that will allow your program. This will create a bootable DVD.

    Or use the installation of Windows 7 USB/DVD tool to compile the ISO file that you download from Digital River. Link and instructions below. You need a 4 GB flash drive to use the USB compilation method.

    Use 25 characters on the PC product key to activate the installation.

    The key will activate a 32 or 64 bit installation.

    Then go to the support of the PC and driver page to install the drivers you need.

    Link to downloads ISO of W7 is below.

    Or, you can probably still order a set of recovery disc for your HP laptop.


  • Ubuntu erased OS and the system recovery Partition drive

    I wanted to test Ubuntu and install it with my Windows Vista. However, the Ubuntu installation failed and somehow corrupted and cannot continue with the installation. So just right now, I'm still in mode "test drive" in Ubuntu that runs on a CD player.

    Apparently he erased my drive hard because I can't start Windows (does nothing) and the F11 recovery partition would not be.
    This computer did not come with a recovery disk (I have the HP-m8000n) and it is refurbished.

    I just realized that these computers have these stickers that contain the product key. Could I possibly use this key again? If so, how can I install Windows Vista software? I don't have a record of it at all :(

    Please and thank you! I appreciate any response!

    In addition to Richard's response.

    Your key is for the specific version of preinstalled victory, a generic installation of OEM win "might" work with your key. You can, but try (with your key)

  • Dell WiFi laptop computer n5110 removes the signal at random and then starts working again.

    original title: my wifi is randomly

    I ve dell laptop n5110 ci5 sandybridge, dell Wireless wifi 1702

    my wifi is randomly, after that turn off/on it begins to work

    Here are the event log:

    Support TCP/IP NetBIOS service was sent successfully a stop command.

    The given reason was: 0 x 40030011 [OS: network connectivity (planned)]

    Comment: no

    The support TCP/IP NetBIOS service entered the stopped state.

    I suggest you visit the Dell support website and sΘlectionnez you install all the drivers of network and also download other software related so you do not have. In addition, scan complete with anti-virus and see if anything come or not?

    If you have no anti-virus, you can run the on-demand scan with:

    Changed the motherboard... it works fine now

  • Add updates on the Alienware recovery partition


    I bought an Alienware M11XR3 during 2011, it came with win7 and no service pack.

    Recently, I created a USB Alienrespawn recovery but I don't think it's updated SP1 of win7, to new dell drivers for audio, video, etc...

    Is it possible to check?

    Is it possible to add these updates on a USB of recovery and the original recovery partition?

    There is not official but suggested software to do?

    Thank you very much

    Hi Kiran,

    Thank you for your kind reply.

    In fact I have active SP1 and latest drivers works fine. I just need to format the PC because of accumulated file clutter and save problems due to widely used (many programs install/uninstall) I'm not really able to clean. So I would like to make a facility instead of factory restore then update it, but unfortunately, it seems the only way.

    Thanks again and with regard to the best

  • Re: How can I return the system recovery partition?

    I just used the cd to restore the system and on resetting my system to factory setting, but unfortunately, the system drive on the system recovery partition has been deleted.

    How will re - install the drive to restore system partition?


    Do you mean the second Vista partition which contains the backup system files?

    This partition is hidden and usually after installing the OS from the Toshiba Recovery disk this partition must be re-created.

    I m 100% sure because I ve got my cell several times using the Toshiba Vista recovery DVDs and the hidden partition is created every time.

    Best regards

  • Is it ok to uninstall/remove the XP in 2001 and 2005 software updates?

    Is it ok to uninstall/remove the XP in 2001 and 2005 software updates? I have a whole list of updates over the years. Should I just keep piling up? Or they build with each other?

    Original title: is it ok to uninstall/remove the XP software updates from 2001 to 2005? I have a whole list of updates over the years. Should I just keep piling up? Or they build with each other?

    You can create more free space in C in carrying one of the measures suggested below.

    The default allocation for the restoration of the system is 12% on your C partition is more generous.

    I have them would be reduced by 700 MB.

    Make my computer right click on your icon, and select System Restore.

    Place the cursor on your C drive select settings but this time find the slider and drag it to the left until it shows 700 MB and output.

    When you get to the settings screen, click on apply and OK and leave.

    A flaw that might be useless which is for temporary internet files, especially if you keep no copies on the disk offline.

    Setting the default value is 3% of the walk.

    Depending on your attitude to copies offline, you could bring it to 1% or 2%.

    In Internet Explorer, select Tools, Internet Options, general, temporary Internet files, settings to make the change.

    At the same time, look at the number of days, the story stands.

    The default allocation for the basket is 10% of the disk.

    Change to 5%, which should be enough.

    In Windows Explorer hover over your Recycle Bin, right click and select Properties, Global and move the slider from 10% to 5%.

    However, try to let you become so complete that if it is complete and you delete a file by mistake it will bypass the Recycle Bin and have gone forever.

    If your drive is formatted as NTFS another potential gain arises with your operating system on your C drive.

    In the Windows directory of your C partition you will some uninstall files in your Windows folder in general: $NtServicePackUninstall$ and $NtUninstallKB282010$ etc.

    These files can be compressed or not compressed.

    If compressed text the name of the folder appears in blue.

    If not compressed you can compress.

    Right-click on each folder and select Properties, general, advanced, and check the box before you compress contents to save disk space.

    On the general tab, you can see the winning amount by deducting the size on disk size. File compression is only an option on an NTFS formatted disk partition / partition.

    Select Start, all programs, accessories, System Tools, system information, Tools, Dr. Watson, and make sure the box in front of "Add to the existing rating" is NOT checked.

    This means that the next time that the log is written it will crush rather than adding to the existing file.

    The setting of maximum size by default for Event Viewer logs is too big.

    Reset the maximum value for each log from 512 KB to 128 KB and set it to crush.>

    Select Start, all programs, accessories, System Tools, disk cleanup to empty your trash and delete temporary Internet files.

    Also select Start, all programs, accessories, System Tools, disk cleanup, more Options, System Restore and delete all but the last system restore point. Run Disk Defragmenter.


    I quote Gerry C J Cornell - a regular contributor here

    UTC/GMT is 21:33 Tuesday, April 17, 2012

  • Creation of the disk recovery Partition recovery disks or HARD.

    I hope that I get good advice from experts today.

    Is it possible to create a custom (mine) HARD drive recovery partition?

    Is it possible to create discs of recovery with all the updates and the installed program?

    Is it possible to update the recovery partition? (with whatever software and installed updates)

    For example, I have a laptop pre-installed with Win XP SP2 and I have upgraded to Win XP SP3 and for some reason any if I restore my laptop with the recovery discs or HDD recovery partition, the laptop will be restored to the factory loaded condition (this is XP SP2). Once again, I have to install all programs and install all updates (XP SP3). If we can create a custom recovery disks or custom recovery partition then we can very quickly restore the laptop easily to the last condition (condition at the time of the creation of the partition to restore or restore disks). It would be better if we can create the recovery partition as nothing else is needed other than the laptop for the recovery.

    Another option to achieve this is with Norton Ghost (or similar tool) but the problem is that we must always continue the Norton Ghost boot disk to start and recover the image. The compatibility problem with a model in particular must be checked. I installed Norton Ghost 9 on a laptop and the laptop turns off not with the shutdown command, and I have to turn off with the power button / stop. This problem was not to withdraw 9 of Norton Ghost. If we can create our own custom recovery partition, save us a lot of resources--time, money, broadband bandwidth and no tension of the installation of all new programs.

    Experts should Tips how to create the custom recovery partition and if this function is not available now experts should examine the possibility of updating the required HARD drive recovery partition.


    I assume you mean Windows 7 after having upgraded (since this is the forum for Windows 7).  Windows 7 has a disk Image feature that can do what you are looking for.  More information is here:


Maybe you are looking for

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    MY TOSHIBA EQUIUM LT IS 6YO. I HAVE THE RECOVERY DISK. AN outfit that have been paid eighty-five pounds for the support of a year now claim to allow to recover my LT I need windows vista disks to ensure my ability to log on as administrator and user.

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