Remove the first 5 blocks in a data stream

Hi all

I have a problem to remove the first 5 blocks in the data stream. My sampling rate is 1 s, block size is 1 and the entrance is the module «the ddf file read»

I use the following modules for an average analysis 30 years running.

[read the folder]---> [Formule1] -> [set variable] -> [formula2]

|                 ^

--> [time]-|

module parameter

======                =========

delay of 30

Formula1 ${var_1} + in (0) - in (1)

the value of variable ${var_1}

Formula2 in (0) / 30

This configuration is used for channels 13 and one of these channels is used for purposes of triggering. Due to the nature of the variable defined and read in the underlinedmodules, the trigger sequence is delayed for 2 sec. Since I used the trigger to collect the last returns average of each channel, it is now mixed with 2 sec for the next round.

My question is: is there a way to reduce say 5 blocks of data from the stream? Please help and have a nice day


Look at the SEPARATE module in the Group of data reduction.

It allows you to set up an initial leap, then a current break.

To do this, you want to jump 5 blocks once, does through go zero blocks... who spends the first five and then release all the data blocks of subsequence.

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    You can try creating a method in ApplicationModule for filter master records instead of executeWithParams?


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    debp83130756 if your page is slow to load, start a new thread here on the forum, ask for advice on improving the performance of page loading, and include the URL of the page. (A new thread will attract more attention than to post a reply in a thread that has been dormant for more than a year.)

    PageSpeed side has surprisingly little to page load performance as experienced by a visitor to the site and is not related to SEO or your Google page ranking.

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    It seems that the error only occurs when page 1 and 2 are deleted at the same time. Delete a block of pages (1 to 4 for example) also causes the error.

    Are there bizarre explanations for this, or is this a bug?

    Hope I made myself clear and sorry for the bad English.

    Oh, I can, and you're absolutely right. This is without a doubt on pages 1 and 2. So weird.

    You can report it here: feature request/Bug Report Form and in the meantime, try to avoid this particular combo!

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    Kind regards


    Assign a value into slices and you can have table data that you can get out.

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    for those who want the truth revealed open their hearts and their secrets unseal right now until the now from now who complete memories for those who are now in this House only truth will be heard from the mouth

    The executable creates a registry key on the computer on which it is run that blocks or unlocks (according to the used command line option) the provision of a Service Pack to that computer through Windows Update. The key used is HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate.

    When the ' / ' B is used to command line option, the name of the value of the key 'DoNotAllowSP' is created and its value to 1. This value blocks delivery of a Service Pack to the computer through automatic updates or Windows Update.

    When the ' / U' command line option is used, the previously created registry value that temporarily blocked the delivery of a Service Pack to the computer through automatic updates or Windows Update is removed. If the value does not exist on the computer on which it is running, no action is taken.

    Microsoft partner - "gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the war room. »

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    When I use the markup of text editing tool, I pointed out a word/phrase/sentence and then start typing in the replacement, the first letter is automatically highlighted and then removed when the second letter is typed. Thus, each word/phrase/sentence I type is missing in his first letter. Very annoying and has just started happening recently.

    Someone else encountered this?

    No idea how to solve this problem?

    I use a Mac.

    Hi LPerkins,

    The issue that you are facing is known for us and a Bug was registered for the same.

    The engineering team works to its difficulty. This only happens on Mac and on Windows.

    Kind regards


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    I ran the first Pro CS6 uninstall program and it gave me an option to remove one or both. I just selected Premiere Pro CS6 uninstall and kept still.

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    I am combining multiple xml files to generate the report using BIPublisher. I generated xml based on a VO by using VO.writeXML. How can I remove first row (<? xml version = "1.0"? >) in the xml file?

    Use the transformer and setOutputProperty to omit the first line.

    Transformer transformer = TransformerFactory.newInstance () .newTransformer ();
    transformer.setOutputProperty (OutputKeys.OMIT_XML_DECLARATION, 'yes');

    Edited by: Puthanampatti Dec. 6 2012 18:42

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    Here how I ffind the first occurrence of the applied digital of each string, it can be a character space as 'LOMBORD 123'.

    My version of the database is 9i I can't use the regular expression.

    Thanks in advance


    You can try:

    MHO%xe> with t as (
      2  select 'LOMBORD 123' col from dual union all
      3  select 'LOMBORDD'  from dual union all
      4  select 'LOMBORDD45'  from dual
      5  )
      6  select col
      7  ,      substr(col, instr(translate(col, '0123456789', '0000000000'), '0', 1, 1), 1 ) the_number
      8  ,      instr(translate(col, '0123456789', '0000000000'), '0', 1, 1) the_position
      9  from t
     10  where  instr(translate(col, '0123456789', '0000000000'), '0', 1, 1) > 0
     11  /
    ----------- ---- ------------
    LOMBORD 123 1               9
    LOMBORDD45  4               9
  • How to remove the first 11 characters of a string

    With the help of ' XML Publusher Desktop / generator model for Word / 5.6 Build 45'

    I use XML Publisher. With the help of a RTF model, to generate purchase orders by email of the purchase of the Oracle.

    The fields are drawn from the XML code generated by Oracle.

    One of the fields is the place of delivery Description field.

    Will appear in the report as follows:

    * & lt;? SHIP_TO_LOCATION_NAME? & gt; *

    When I attach a test XML file in Word and view the output, one of my test case returns a description of the site:

    DON'T code USE County Hall of Global location

    What I have to do is to remove the * DO NOT USE * according to the description of the location.

    I could do is a Find / Replace, or a substring to ignore the first 11 characters from the string. But I don't know how to do it.

    Any help would be much appreciated, because it is a production problem that is causing a bit of a small problem for us!

    Thank you very much.

    Maybe you know this syntax :)


  • ValueChangeListner do not get fired when I entered the same value after you remove the first.

    Hello world

    Can anyone help on this.

    JDeveloper version

    I use '< af:inputText >' with valueCaangeListner.

    Here as soon as I entered a value, valueChangeListener get fired...


    When I remove the and I entered the same gain value in the text entry box, ValueChangeListner do not get fired.

    When I came again, a value different valueChangelistner get me fired.

    Kind regards


    What you say is logic and sense, you enter 500 then delete 00 then add 00 in inputText perspective there is no change in place, therefore, the converter does not occur because there is no changes occur.

    To do something like that you can do a work around using javascript. You can follow these steps:

    1. Select af:inputText and bind it to the backbean


    2 - Add clientListener and serverListener inside inputText as:


    3 - Add handelEnterButton as javascript method:

    function handelEnterButton(event)
      var code=event.getKeyCode();
      if (code==13)
         var source = event.getSource();
         AdfCustomEvent.queue(source,"serverListenerOperations", {}, false);

    4. in the method of serverListener back bean refresh as inputText component:

      public void serverListener(ClientEvent clientEvent)

    5. now, try to change something in the inputText and then press enter

Maybe you are looking for