Removing static route get % corresponding to any error no route to remove

I'm trying to remove a static route, I added:


R2 #show ip route
Code: C - connected, S - static, mobile R - RIP, M-, B - BGP
D - EIGRP, OSPF, IA - external EIGRP, O - EX - OSPF inter zone
N1 - type external OSPF NSSA 1, N2 - type external OSPF NSSA 2
E1 - OSPF external type 1, E2 - external OSPF of type 2
i - IS - Su - summary IS, L1 - IS - IS level 1, L2 - IS level - 2
-IS inter area, * - candidate failure, U - static route by user
o - ODR, P - periodic downloaded route static

Gateway of last resort is not set is divided into subnets, subnets 1
S [1/0] via
C is directly connected, FastEthernet0/0 is divided into subnets, subnets 1
C is directly connected, Serial0/0
R2 #conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
R2 (config) #no ip route
% Corresponding to any no route to remove
R2 (config) #r2 #show ip route


I was training establishment of a static routing on three routers r2 (2600xm) connected to r1 (2600xm) via maps module T1 on the serial ports. connected to r1 is a router 2500 old called PC.

I removed the static routes off r2 and PC but when I get to r2 I connect to 2500 another console cable that I use to access a server I get the above error.  all IP addresses are just generic subnets that I created to play with static routing.   I can't remove someone has any ideas?

you use the subnet mask different than the one you used. According to the route table entry mask is 29

Try this,

1] r2 (config) #no ip route

or 2] another easy method would be to check the working config and copy stick with 'no' at the beginning.

See the race | include the ip route

Copy the static route statement and paste this what with 'no' in the global configuration and check the routing table.

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  • Remove the static route by default


    I have a switch L3 which has a static default route pointing to a FW that is connected to a circuit of the Internet. The same L3 switch made EIGRP routers on our MPLS network. If this default static route disappears EIGRP will inject a default route, and users will receive their Internet traffic through the MPLS cloud as a backup.

    My question is how to remove this static road by default with a mechanism that is unique on the Internet circuit. I can't count on line protocol because it almost never goes down. I can't rely on Internet ping IP SLA addresses because if they descended through the Internet channel available on the circuits quickly and create a loop of the SLA of intellectual property.

    I wish I could do BGP with the Internet provider but this circuit is in a country where it would be difficult.

    Any ideas on how to remove this default static route based on something that is unique to this tour of the Internet.

    Thank you


    "I can't rely on Internet addresses ping IP SLA because if they descended through the Internet channel available on the circuits quickly and create a loop IP SLA."

    To remedy this situation, you must add a route with the 'permanent' switch at the end of any IP you track on your IPSLA... In this way, if this interface is down, your ping IPSLA would stop and IPSLA would be the move and change your default route.


    Route IP Permanent

    where is the IP address, you are followed and is your 'usual' default gateway

  • I get startup repair screen when I try to boot my laptop from dell inspirion windows 7, I run the scan and detects any errors. When I ran repair usb key received the error 0x400110020000100A

    I get startup repair screen when I try to boot my laptop Dell Inspiron windows 7, I run the scan and detects any errors. So, I tried to use a USB repair for a laptop Dell Latitude Windows 7 pro and I still can't the computer to start. Tried to restore to the factory settings, can not. I have no image, backups, all missing, restore points?

    After that I tried to launch the USB repair I got 0x400110020000100A error code and I received error (0x8007027E) indicating the device will not start without a reboot.

    Anyone know how to fix this?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm not computer illiterate, but am not pro either. Just use them not program them or even understand all languages!


    Dell Inspiron laptop about 4-5 years.

    Running windows 7 Home Edition.

    Does not start little matter what I tried.

    If I remember correctly, I looked in MS-DOS mode and noticed that it said something like "x: win...» "that seemed strange to me because I thought that it should say"c: victory... "but as I said I am not a computer wiz so if anyone can help me, I would appreciate it.

    I'm about to rip the hair off my head with my laptop. My latitude was blue planned, surprisingly I fixed it (don't ask how, you couldn't tell). Then my dell inspiron would not start right after my dell latitude fell out of my truck and landed on the sidewalk, wanted to kill the person, the screen is broken. I can use it but it is very difficult, see a mosquito net and not perfectly clear, works well. lol someone knows somewhere or that would install a new screen for a reasonable price? I live in the Boston area.

    Back to the laptop won't start not, when I ran repair USB key received the error 0x400110020000100A


    Thank you for the update on the issue. I appreciate your time and effort in resolving this issue.

    You can try the following methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1:

    You can use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows recovery environment (Windows RE) to troubleshoot and repair the following items in Windows Vista or Windows 7:

    • A master boot record (MBR)
    • A boot sector
    • A Boot Configuration data (BCD) store

    Note: When you are troubleshooting startup issues by using the Windows RE, you should first try the Startup Repair option in the System Recovery Options dialog box. If the Startup Repair option does not resolve the problem, or if you must troubleshoot more steps manually, use the Bootrec.exe

    Use the Bootrec.exe tool in the Windows recovery environment to troubleshoot and repair startup issues in Windows

    If the problem persists, proceed to method 2.

    Method 2:

    Please follow these steps:

    1. Tool command prompt open in the mode of the Windows recovery environment .
    2. You will see X:\Sources
    3. Type chkdsk c:\ at the flashing prompt to launch the utility Chkdsk. replace c:\ with the letter of the drive that you want to run the Chkdsk utility. If the hard drive is d:\, then type that instead.
    4. After the "chkdsk c:\. "insert \f command to fix errors on the disk volume or the \r to recover bad sectors and then press ENTER.
    5. Restart the computer once the chkdsk command has completed.

    Note: Running chkdsk on the drive if bad sectors are found on the hard drive, it attempts to repair this sector, if all available on which data may be lost.

    For more information: Please refer to the section of the additional If you can not boot into Windows at all stages in the following link.

    Resolve stop (blue screen) error in Windows 7

    Hope this information is useful. If the problem still persists, please post back for further assistance, we will be happy to help you.

  • I removed mcafee security because the subscription was on now Defender does not illuminate. I get a time-out error?

    I removed McAfee because membership was about to expire. Then I went to turn on the defender and it will not turn on. I get a time-out error. How can I solve this problem?

    Run the McAfee Consumer products Removal Tool (free from here: )
    Direct download here link:

    Once done, go to the center of the Action and activate Windows Defender and Windows Firewall.

  • I get a 'Secure connection' error failed with google stating "certificate contains the same serial number.

    When I click on a link to a google search, I get the "Secure connection" error failed in Firefox. He says, "please contact the administrator of the server or email correspondent and give them the following information: your certificate contains the same serial number for another certificate issued by the certification authority."

    I followed the instructions here:
    and looked at this article: & As = AAQ

    I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox, deleted the entire folder profiles and reset Firefox. I see that the older (orphans) article points to my router. However, I have a new router and have updated their software. There is no button to add an exception (as stated in the article), so I can't just work around it. This problem does not occur with IE, so I have a hard time to believe that it is my router.

    How to solve this problem? I really want to change browser.

    Finally, I tracked the issue. The answer was found here:

    It turns out that Avast has a web shield that passes through its own verification of certificate https. Of course, this feature is not quite right and loses track of the certificates. Disable "https scanning" in the settings of Avast resolved the problem.

  • How do I trouble and get rid of the error Code: rundll32.exe on my MacBook Pro?

    How do I trouble and get rid of the error Code: rundll32.exe on my MacBook Pro?  The heading reads as follows: of "http://Mac support1. com ".  I can't remove it from Safari.  It is also IMMEDIATELY said 'call APPLE to 1-844-335-2242 '.  I asked that this number.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Choose force quit from the Apple menu, close Safari and then run it with the SHIFT key is pressed. If the message reappears, disconnect the computer from the Internet and close the tab Popup came.


  • Static route ISA570W to Comcast gateway/modem

    In my view, that it is a question of static route.

    I want to be able to connect to the gateway/Modem Comcast ( using any computer on my network. Currently, I am unable to do this, I am also unable to ping the unit of Comcast. Here's my setup.

    Comcast device (SMC8014)

    WAN IP: 50.x.x.238

    LAN IP: (

    A single cable CAT5E for:

    ISA570W (WAN Port) - (basic out-of-the-box configuration, 1 - WAN, DMZ - 1, 8 - LAN Ports)

    WAN STATIC Port info:

    IP WAN: 50.x.x.233 bridge ( 50.x.x.238

    LAN IP: (

    DHCP enabled for bridge VLAN-1 ( - 99) by default:

    A single cable CAT5E for:

    Cisco SG200 - 50 p (POE switch to serve as a connection for phones and desktop computers)

    LAN IP: (

    For devices on my network to get an IP address from the device of the ISA, ISA is also the default gateway. I have logged on to the device of Comcast and all firewall rules and blocking are disabled.

    Here's a copy of my current routing table according to the ISA570:

    Destination address

    Subnet address Entry door Flags *. Metric Interface
























    My desktop (, so I'm unable to ping or you connect the unit to comcast to

    So according to me, that missing me something simple here, it is a solution of static route, or I'm looking for policies of NAT?

    Thanks for your help and please let me know if you need more information on my network.


    OK, a few possibilities here.

    1. Did you go through this process for the SMC8014 Bridge mode?

    2. I advise to use a different subnet on the LAN of the ISA to the 10.1.10.x interface.  The reason is that when you send a request from a subnet of 10.1.10.x behind the ISA to a subnet of 10.1.10.x, your PC and the ISA assumes that the device is on the same network and will not try to route.  Consider using the subnet of 192.168.75.x by default on ISA LAN interface.

    If you do not step 1 above, then I'm fairly certain that you will not be able to browse the internet at all.  If you can browse the internet, but just can't get the Comcast router, then chances are 1 step has already been completed.

    Shawn Eftink

    Please note all useful messages and mark the correct answers to help others looking for solutions in the community.

  • SG300-52. Prefer to send traffic to the default gateway rather than static route? Network stops if I disable ICMP redirects.

    I have 4 switches, each act as their own with a 26 subnet mask. They have static routes for every other switch. The firewall has a static route to each switch. If I unplug the LAN of the Firewall interface, traffic stops the flow of the switches. If I block the side LAN firewall, ICMP redirects, traffic stalls outside.

    So if you are connected to this switch, say that you pull an ip address of Your front door is the switch. If you try to access a server, the SG300 sends your traffic to to get an ICMP redirect, rather than simply to communicate directly with

    My network 'basic' is vlan1 and the firewall is

    This is the route of one of my switches table (which has and ports run on vlan122)

     Maximum Parallel Paths: 1 (1 after reset) IP Forwarding: enabled Codes: > - best, C - connected, S - static S [1/1] via, 73:48:13, vlan 1 C is directly connected, vlan 122 S [1/1] via, 73:48:13, vlan 1 S [1/1] via, 73:48:13, vlan 1 S [1/1] via, 73:48:14, vlan 1 C is directly connected, vlan 1 

    In any case, what gives? Why the switch would first try to send the stream to the firewall?

    EDIT: Here is the server routing table:

     [email protected]/* */:~$ ip route show default via dev eth0 via dev eth0 via dev eth0 via dev eth0 via dev eth0 dev eth0 proto kernel scope link src 

    Hi Jonathan,.

    I'm sorry. I misunderstood the routing table you want to accomplish. Your concern seems relevant given that the matching rule more will be selected instead of one: page 275

    ... "When the routing of traffic, the next hop is decided based on the longest match on the prefix (LPM algorithm). A destination IPv4 address might match several routes in the IPv4 static routing Table. The device uses the matching route with the higher, subnet mask that is, the longest match on the prefix. "...

    So go ahead and report it to the support team so the guys can make the laboratory, confirm it and declare additional:

    Kind regards


  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager "disconnected" and I cannot get rid of the error message

    I just bought a Blackberry Curve 8530, running v5 software, my computer is Windows 7. I installed the 501_b073_multilanguage software that I downloaded from the site Web of Blackberry. When I run the Desktop Manager I get this message: "Before you start, check that your current BlackBerry device is connected to your computer." Troubleshooting functions I've seen on this forum: many tips (ones I've tried is below). One in particular, that I can't do is "Office Manager shows"off". ".
    -Make sure that the user has entered in the Desktop Manager and select options > connection settings > detect. »

    ... because I can't get rid of the error message dialoge box, and I can't click on the menu options in the BB Desktop Manager.

    I tried the following:

    • uninstalled and reinstalled twice - 2nd uninstall was a "hard" uninstall where I deleted the registry files by hand
    • installs the cable to the USB port at the back (after having tried both ports at the front) of the computer
    • rebooted the computer several times
    • hard starts the phone by removing the battery
    • plugged in, removed and replugged in the phone.


    • The phone is properly install when I plug it in, but the software still does not seem to see it.
    • In Device Manager, the BlackBerry appears under portable devices. Double clicking on it gives me the message "this device is working properly." of reassurring.
    • The Com1 port is working properly, according to Device Manager.
    • A double-click on the icon of the Device Manager to get the properties indicates that the Com1 port is "disconnected" - when I try to set it up, it appears just back to the disconnected state.

    If someone has an idea or something that I have not tried, I'd be happy of course!

    Thank you!


    Good, people, after a phone call from 3 1/2 hour with a (very patient) phone support person to Blackberry, here's what I learned.

    You can check your drivers USB in this way:

    1. Plug your phone into your USB key. Assuming that your Blackberry is "seen" by your computer...
    2. Go into the Device Manager on your computer (Panel)
    3. Expand the Universal Serial Bus controllers at the bottom of the list item
    4. Right-click on the BlackBerry smartphone, and then select Properties
    5. Click on the driver tab
    6. Click the driver Details button
    7. You should see a driver. I saw two. The one like the BlackBerry is the RimUsb one.

    So here's what NOT to do: we threw any driver who has been the "extra". This actually made using my mouse and keyboard cannot, because they are USB and my poor husband has sent in the basement to find a million-year-old keyboard (and mouse) with the old fashioned type of connectors (PS2). Bleh. Don't, don't.

    Here's what I did that worked (not saything this will work for you - it changes the registry to a backup system with this backup and restore if you are nervous about this kind of thing):

    1. On the start menu, choose run and type regedit into the registry editor.
    2. Follow this path to the file: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SYSTEM, CurrentControlSet, Control, computer, class
    3. Click: {36FCE60-C465-11CF-8056-4445535400000}
    4. If there is an article called law "UpperFilters", delete it. (See photos)

    Hope this helps someone.


    First photo: Watch 'before '.

    Second picture: displays the full path of the file and 'after '.

  • Explain SGE2000/P static routing (equal to L2 +)?

    L2 + mean?  I know these aren't L3 switches with IVR capabilities, then what is the purpose to configure static routes, if there is no functionality InterVLAN routing?



    Welcome to Cisco Community!

    With get them into a huge discussion, I will try to respond as quickly and directly as possible.

    Our EMS and EMS in the series switches are layer 3 switches (can also be configured as L2) so that they are able to operate as a (inter VLAN) router or gateway for all the VLANS. Once you have created the VLANS and assign an IP address, that IP address will become the GW for this VLAN. Under routing, you will not see any scholarly networks until what you assign the VLAN to a port and the port is enabled. You will then need to configure a default route to send traffic to the cloud. The router must belong to the same VLAN on the switch. So if the switch has an IP address of, the router will have an IP address of for example. The road reads: next hop metric 2 (or higher).

    With respect to the static routes as a switch L2 or L3, that they would be useful when you have a device connected to another switch that is disjoint from your typical network of the local switch. In other words, let's say you have 3 (except default native VLAN 1) VLAN V10 - 30. Everything you devices belong to these VLANs, but you have a server on 30 VLAN that is not connected to this switch. You will then create a static route for the IP address of this server to the remote switch.

    VLAN30: (local EMS)

    Server: (on the remote switch)

    Remote switch: (distance EMS)

    VLAN30: (on the EMS distance)

    Static route:

    hop metric next destination 2

    I hope that answers your question. These are really my favorite switches, because I find them very reliable and highly configurable. I love these things.

  • On startup, I get a msg of error DLL RUN as follows: 'there was a problem starting C:\ProgramData\ctfmdctr64.dll. The specified module could not be found. »

    I am running Win 7 Pro.  On startup, I get a msg of error DLL RUN as follows: 'there was a problem starting C:\ProgramData\ctfmdctr64.dll.  The specified module could not be found. »

    The error msg box provides an OK button. After clicking this button, everything seems to work well.

    FYI, I use AVG Virus Protection program. I did a system restore to a date before when I think that this problem started. No luck there.

    I suspect some malicious programs hiding somewhere and part of it may have been removed by AVG, but not all.  Anyone know what program calls for this file? How can I get rid of this problem?   Any suggestions would be welcome.

    Thank you.  f* address email is removed from the privacy *

    Disabled under msconfig.exe startup items are moved to this location in the registry:

    To permanently delete, you can delete the key relevant to this place. Method of the prudent man will like so:
    1. Burn a CD of Windows repair. Everyone who makes his own PC must have a maintenance.
    2. Create a System Restore Point.
    3. Start the computer with the CD in repair and check if the above Restore Point is visible.
    4. Start normally.
    5. Remove the offending registry key.
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  • When I restart my Satellite M50 I get NDSNLS. INI error

    When I restart my Satellite M50 I get NDSNLS. INI error.
    I don't know which driver I need to download and reinstall.

    All suggestionjs.

    PLS and tnx.


    Remove the system and reinstall ConfigFree. You can download the latest version of the Toshiba support page.
    Please post the result.

  • Having a problem with my computer I try to restart and get BSOD saying internal error Planner video background

    Original title: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

    Hello im having a problem with my computer I try to reboot and I get BSOD saying internal error Planner video background

    Here is my mini dump file:! 4807 & authkey =! AGKWUp-ndI0XBgE & ithint = the file % 2cdmp

    and here is my system info:! 4810 & authkey =! AFloWJarqiE83QM & ithint = the file % 2cnfo

    im hoping that this will let you know what is wrong or not


    This phenomenon was linked to your video driver (atikmpag.sys) /DirectX.  I would completely remove the current driver and install the latest driver available.

  • When I access my facebook account, it freezes. Then, I get the "not responding" error messages How can I fix this?

    When I access my facebook account, it freezes.  Then, I get the "not responding" error messages  How can I fix this?

    What version of the operating system is running on your computer? Windows Version 5.1

    What browser do you use? Windows Live - Windows Internet Explorer 7

    ·          When the issue started?

    ·          Only happens when you connect to Facebook?

    As best I can answer: error signature when facebook freezes

    szAppName: iexplore.exe szAppVer:8.0.6001.18372 szMacName:hugapp szModVer: 0.0.0. offset: 00000
    He started several days ago and Yes Facebook is the only program that freezes.

    I think 5.1 means that you're running XP, but what Home or Pro version?
    You specify using IE7, but I think that the error message refers to IE 8. You have it improved recently?

    How many times you run a program that cleans ALL accumulated cookies? Not only the option in Windows XP which doesn't seem to work for them all. Try, it's free and works well!
    Just need to have all your browser windows closed when you run part of the cleaner. Restart and try to sign Fb.
    If surfing a lot, is recommended to clean/remove cookies on a DAILY basis.

  • I get the Windows Update error 80070490 blues! -Vista

    Original title: I get the Windows Update error 80070490 blues!

    I am running: Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit & Internet Explorer 7 (impossible to upgrade to IE8). I've beaten my head against the wall for well over a month now because I can't seem to install the following updates without entering a code 80070490 error:






    I did the following in all possible combinations in an attempt to install these updates:

    Disabled user account control

    turned off the Windows Firewall

    disabled my antivirus (Avira Anti - Vir Personal)

    To put it succinctly, I can't think of anything to do after following all of the ideas, tips & suggestions help Section!

    Help, please! All I can think to do now is to get some black candles and sacrifice a rubber chicken!

    Wouldn't you...

    0 X 80070490 - ERROR_NOT_FOUND
    Corrupted system file; You will need to perform an upgrade on the spot or reinstalling the operating system.

    The error you receive occurs if there is corruption in the manifest of component maintenance base.

    Ignore the title: the "Windows features" dialog box is empty in Windows 7 or Windows Vista, or you receive an error message that includes the following code when you try to use Windows Update: "0 x 80073712".
    "Explains the SFC / Scannow.

    See also: how to use the System File Checker tool to fix the system files missing or corrupted on Windows Vista or Windows 7

    A repair install is the usual solution of SFC/scannow does not work.
    However, a repair (AKA In-Place Upgrade) installation will be not solve the problem if it is due to a hijackware infection.

    You receive an error code "0 x 80070490" when you use Microsoft Update or Windows Update Web sites to install updates

    NB: If you have installed SP1 or SP2 for Vista

    Uninstall the Service Pack/s: How to uninstall Windows Vista service packs as a troubleshooting step

    See also:

    How to overcome error 0 x 80070490 when installing updates in Windows Vista/Server 2008

    Step 7 (method for Windows Vista), the * UPGRADE option is not available because Service Pack/s are installed and that your operating system is newer than the system you are trying to reinstall, so service pack/s must be removed in this case.

    TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2011 - Update Services

Maybe you are looking for

  • The FN key does not work on my new C70D Satellite

    Hello I'm new here :) I bought a new Toshiba Satellite C70D-B-108, but the Fn key does not work. Is anyone know I can fix it? The laptop runs on Windows 8 with a shell "classic."

  • Satellite P100-160 - system does not boot

    Hi all I was hoping someone may be able to help me with a problem I have with my Satellite P100-160.I was using it the other night without power connected when my battery ran out and he stopped.When I reconnected the power and it works I got the usua

  • Equium A60 does not restart

    Hello My Equium A60 which I had since almost two years earlier this week crashed and does not restart. I met previous problems of slowness and the computer laptop closing (which I believe was down to heat), but it's much more serious. All that happen

  • Trun CapsLk indicator has not extinguished

    HELO. It comes to TEO by using G465 with AMD processor. I just bought two days ago and Capslk key doesn't work correctly. After I turn it on, the lower right of the screen goes out an indicator saying on the CapsLk is a tower. But, I can't turn off w

  • BlackBerry App Facebook app problems

    Please I need help with my facebook app. He won't open and I can't even install it it BlackBerry world either. What would I do? Topic title edited to reflect the new topic.