Replacement of the frame and hinges - HP Pavilion dm4 laptop

I have a HP Pavilion dm4 laptop of 2.5 years. The first hinged on both sides broke that makes it harder for the laptop to close properly and now the frame is breaking apart. Is there a way I can get/buy replacements before other parts are screwed up.

Thank you


Yes, I also have this problem (dm4-1050ea).

It all started on February 2015, when my aunt noticedv that my laptop was nt close properly.  It could be be made to do by pressing half upper (screen cut) to the front to the rear of the closure.

The hinges then becomes deective that the screen don't would not SOUPLESE nd would not sit just to the place (angle) you open to.

Following the hinges too stiff beame to exploit, came shortly after the left of the screen/lid and the window broke near the LH hinge (rather than though the bezel as shown in the image above). Then the right hinge broke off, then the screen become deective (mainly a band along the LHS - worked with detached hinges OK))

So, I find myself with computer work, not 100% functional & broken and needs special care to use. the screen does not work in all areas (a replacement looks like £30-$50), with the virtually hanging screen, need to rplace lying hinges (£10-$15) and also nees any other bits (?) and the knowledge to fix it.  HP say they can't stand any more of this model and have no theparts (from end of 2015).

It may be beyond the capacity of an almighty ccompany such as HP to find parts, but it does not seem beyond the my ability to get parts of - maybe-2nd hand - other HP broke! - But what I lak is kno detailed ho a skill to perform any repair.


I hope some find these useful - they're just a small selection of procedures available for repair (probably none authorized by HP that want you to throw in and buy a new model idir HP)



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    I work with a MAC OSX El Capitan system


    I suggest remove you the printer cartridges

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    now, first install black and see another error.

    If this isn't the case, restart the printer and do the same for the rest of the inks

    She solves the problem or help to identify the defective

    It may be useful

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    {Removed privacy}


    I found a replacement with the same 'model' and even 'HP mPC PN' but it was made in 2009, and I don't know whether or not the implementation of the SATA connection on the rear of the car fits.

    Any help is very appreciated!

    Thank you


    It seems that the reference is the same. As long as the part number is the same, it is essentially the same part and should work without any problems. The only time where this part can fail if the part number is different. If a part is different from another part (software, hardware, etc.), it will have a different reference number. Also long that 461646-6 c 2 is identical on both, there is no problem with the disk replacement.

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    After that Windows Update Setup, I don't have a taskbar, start button or the cursor of the mouse.

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    What exactly was the disc that you used to install Windows 7?

    Have you tried to format the drive and reinstall Windows 7?

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