Replacing the battery for Compaq Presario C 785 TU

My name is Prince Mathew. Is my laptop model Compaq Presario C 785 YOU. It has a battery 6 cells. I would like to buy a new battery of 12 cells for the laptop. I intend to buy it through online purchase. So please suggest me what battery model will be compatible with my laptop. Thanks in advance.

I'm from the India. My question is, can I assume all C700-compatible batteries are also compatible with C785TU?

Please tell me if all the below listed compatible items with my laptop.


the real HP 4000 rupees shipped from the India:

2 500 no real rupees:

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    first of all, you must know the make and model of the card.

    If my suggestion is to download a program called "SIW".

    then in the section video, it will display the necessary information find its place of origin and download the updated driver and software.

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    Any suggestion is appreciated.


    I put t know where is the cheapest place to purchase the battery, but in my opinion, the offers online are the cheapest.
    You can see the Toshiba site options and accessories:

    Here, you can select your model of laptop, and you will find the compatible battery.
    You didn t write about you model exactly but I think that the battery pack (Li-ion, 12 cells, 6450mAh) with the PA3382U-1BRS part number must be compatible. But check before you buy!

    In any case, you could Google for that number and I m you will find many offers online.

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    You will find how to do here.


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    Hi all

    Y at - there no replacement battery (compatible maybe?) with a higher capacity (> 2100mAh) for the computer portable satellite nb10t-a-103? the original battery only works for 2 hours.

    Thank you.

    Unfortunately, I found only a single compatible battery for your laptop model and it's battery with the PA5170U-1BRS part number.

    To be honest, 2 hours on power battery isn't so bad. If you want to use a little longer power profile change advanced power settings.

  • Apple will replace the battery for my MacBook Pro to the retina when in-store?

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    well - it depends on the discrection of one you get. I'd be inclined to say "no, they can't do it for free. As for how long that will take, well. again, you will need to enter and take a go-genius bar. What I can say is to be nice and polite, and maybe you could get lucky


  • Pavilion DV6 2166DX: replacing the battery for DV6 2166 DX


    After that long use battery on my laptop has died (RIP).

    It was a good race, but now I need a replacement, and until now, no one can tell me what it will be.

    I brought my original battery at Best Buy - no luck, they don't have any.

    Any ideas where to buy and what exact type, I need because I've had 2 batteries 'compatible' which is useful only in name but not in actual use - these things are not suitable in compartment on my laptop.

    Thank you.

    P.S.:for a reason any type battery not meantioned on the label and I have 2 sets of codes which means exactly nothing according to Google search.

    From the Manual:

    (20) battery

    12 cells, 95-Wh, 8, 8 - Ah Li - ion 509460-001

    6 cell, 55-Wh, 2, 55 - Ah Li-ion 509459-001

    6 cell, 47-Wh, 2.20 - Ah Li-ion 509458-001

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  • replacing the battery for dv6t-2300

    My battery died and I want to replace it, but I can't find the compatible battery for my laptop... HP manual did not help me, it didn't show my model... I also checked the other sites and my model does not show anywere, it's like my model is not so popular or I don't know... Pls help me to find the right battery for my laptop.


    Please check this picture:

    You can also find it on the following site:

    Kind regards.

  • Try to find the BIOS for Compaq Presario C300 (C350EA) file

    I tried winflash BIOS to a Compaq Presario C300 (C350EA) but it failed.

    The machine still messages, but it can not find a disk hard when you install windows on the CD.

    The HARD test in the BIOS disk still works, like the rest of the BIOS screen.

    Now, I'm trying to Flash the BIOS from disk BACK/external using PHLASH16. EXE, PH1614. EXE and AWDFLASH. EXE.

    In each case, the files of bios provided by HP here do not work:

    Utility in the BIOS but power load hook or warn that the "signature of the platform is not not in the interface.

    Any help with this would be most welcome.

    Thank you very much


    Hi AxshunJaxun,

    I thank very you much for your detailed and helpful response.

    I had already tried all of those, but your screenshot of a Win7 installation has helped me tremendously.

    You see, I tried to install the original version of Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) 2005, which corresponds to the label of license on the underside of the laptop.

    So after seeing your post I threw a Win7 disc in the drive and tried to install it, just to see how the installation program.

    Not surprisingly, the Win7 installer detects the disc perfectly but report it as being on an advanced interface for AHCI.

    Unfortunately, I don't have an additional license for Win7, so I am forced to persevere with Win MCE.

    So, now I'm at the stage of trying to force the installation of Win MCE program to see the HARD drive by installing the 3rd AHCI driver.

    For the moment, I have the installer of Win MCE see my external floppy drive but I can't find the right drivers for the HARD disk controller. Installing Windows reports that "the txtsetup.oem file is not found.

    I tried to download and run the Intel SATA AHCI Controller driver file to , but it fails with the error 'error Windows N. 5 access is denied. Disk error n. 69 on track 0, head 0 "or"the current image format is not supported by the drive.

    EDIT: I used WinImage to unpack the disk image file and manually wrote the files on a diskette.

    Thanks again for your help, it seems to have worked. Will update again when the installation ends.


  • replacing the battery for sleekbook 14-b017cl

    In December 2012, I bought a laptop named hp pavillion slekbook 14 model b017cl,

    now at start up I get a message about the failure of battery so I need to change the battery.

    I started looking for a replacement of the battery, but I found nothing

    Spoiler (Highlight to read)

    Spoiler (Highlight to read)

    model 14-b017cl hp pavillion

    model 14-b017cl hp pavillion

    someone help me?

    Yes, part number 695192-001 is used in more than 200 HP products.

  • All the driver for Compaq Presario with OS Windows XP Profesional

    Hi admin and all,.

    In this case, I am the new office. Where is the computer I use a desktop Compaq Presario CQ3138L with operating system Windows XP Professional PC brands. After the re - install all drivers are not available. After browsing the site HP Web is not available for Windows XP. I'm waiting for all his help. Thanks for the solution


    What you expect and that you end up with, are two different things.

    No HP PC consumer in the past 7 years has support for windows XP.

    When you use a PC for work that you can buy a PC company that normally support for other windows operating systems.

    You will need to find XP drivers individual available Web sites by the hardware manufacturer.

    I'll try and help you find the drivers, but no guarantee of success.

    First install the Intel chipset driver and restart.

    Then try this graphics driver: * & DownloadType = drivers

    Audio: Accept the contract, download and install the file 3rd on the list (first shown in green).

    Network: Download and install the driver for the second on the list.

  • where can I find the driver for the webcam for Compaq Presario CQ-43-110?


    I just bought the HP Compaq Presario CQ-43 and installed the windows 7 (32 bit) operating system, but I could not find the driver for the webcam on the Web site. where can I find it? Thank you


    Hi, Davina:

    It is possible that you only need the software Cyberlink you Cam to run your camera.

    Please see this link to the general W7 upgrade guide for laptops and below the level of 2 models, you when you scroll down you will find the link for downloading the Cyberlink you Cam software.


  • Replacing the battery for Satellite M70-164 (PMS71E)


    The battery that came with my Satellite M70-164 (PMS71E-00Z01TPT) got only worn - takes only a few minutes without being able to provide.
    I found the original battery is PA3465U-1BRS, but was hoping that the other battery models with the largest capacity available, but cannot confirm this situation...
    Can anyone tell me what battery models are compatible this laptop?

    Thank you!

    Best regards
    Jorge Antunes

    Compatible batteries for your laptop model are:
    PA3465U-1BAS (6 cells).
    PA3465U-1BRS (6 cells).
    PA3457U-1BAS (8cell),
    PA3457U-1BRS (8cell)

    Order the battery 8 cells.

  • Replacing the battery for Satellite C850

    I have 2 Satellite C850, part no PSKCCA-00N010.

    Batteries begin to fail, the battery part number is PA5024U - 1BRS 10.8 V 48 Wh 4200 mAh.

    I find that there is a 11.1 V 67 Wh 6000 mAh available. Is it compatible?

    It's just different tension that concerns me, I understand higher mAh is a longer life.

    For each computer model Toshiba laptop offers compatible pieces. Each pat has part number that can be used to order. If your original battery is faulty or there is another reason for the Exchange, I recommend to the original battery command using the part number you found on the battery label.

    I found info that C850 Satellite can be used with the following batteries:

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