Research within the buffer to the client in the OSMF player empty the buffer to the client


In one skin for OSMF player I have seen that when we seek bar then load and current bar the two becomes equal to the point of pick up and he starts again seek point if loaded bar loading was first superior of the current bar.

In other words, I can tell when we perform the search operation then bufferLength becomes 0 and start buffering once more from the point of pick up but if we are looking in the memory buffer to the client why must she do bufferLength 0 and empty the old data that has already been buffered.

Anyone has idea about this issue.

Kind regards


Yes, that's correct. The event you want to play can be MediaPlayerCapabilityChangeEvent.canPlayChange.

-Zhang Wei

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  • Differences between archiving and off of a qualitative research within the Admin Data Toolbox.


    Can you please let me know what could be the difference between archiving and the deactivation of the Qualitative research in data Admin Tool Kit.

    Thank you

    Rohini M

    When you idle or archive anything it is no longer available for selection.   The difference between inactive and the archives, it's inactive items still appear available for the fine items while searching of archive will not be.

    Allows so that you have the following to say:

    List A

    -Article 1

    -Article 2

    List items

    If you were to inactivate the point 1, end-users is more would see can be selected when you use the extended qualitative attribute.  However when they are looking for specifications based on the extended attribute, they would still be able to select 1 point, whereas they could find objects that this value was used. If you archive Item 1, end users should display it no longer available for selection from anywhere - including research.


    If you were to inactive or archive the whole list, you would see is no longer available for selection when the establishment of a qualitative research of extended attributes.   I don't think that there's nowhere you can search for extended attributes by the list of research currently out of the box so that they would act similar.  Is there a place to find attributes extended by the search list and then he would follow the same rules as above.

  • Through remote access vpn Ipsec within the host is not available.


    I have a question in confiuration vpn crossed.

    ASA 3,0000 Version 5

    the only question is, to access remote vpn clinet IP cannot access inside the host. However able to reach the branch of IP and it uses corprate Internet.

    In SAA from the external interface I am able to ping remote clint IP but not from within the interface. Please help and let me know if additional information is required.

    Thank you



    For the NAT0 configuration, you only need NAT0 instruction for the interface "inside".

    This single command/ACL should allow for 'inside' <-->'vpn-pool' communication.

    NAT0 configurations on the 'external' interface should be necessary only if you make NAT0 between 2 VPN connections. I guess you could do this since you mention traffic crossed?

    I suggest using different 'object-group' to define networks of NAT0 destination for different ' object-group' to the 'outside' to 'outside' and 'inside' users NAT0.

    I also obsessively using beaches too wide network in the statements of NAT0. According to some records, they can cause problems

    For example, this network ' object-network "contains the 172.x.x.x.x set private IP address range. And in this case it contains some of your 'inside' networks too?

    How is this a problem of crossed by the way? You say that the problem is between the VPN clients on the 'external' interface and network local hosts behind the 'internal '? Crossed would mean you have connection problem between 'outside' <->'outside' perhaps.

    I don't know if I made any sense. Can be a bit messy. But can not give very specific answers that I don't know the entire configuration.

    Also make sure you have the "inspect icmp" configured under the policy-map of the world, so that the response to ICMP echo messages are automatically allowed through the ASA.


  • IP overlapping between VPN remote access and within the interface

    Hi all

    I tried to replace an ASA and configured vpn for remote access using cisco VPN client.

    Remote access users are not able to access within the network, but have no problem accessing the network through a VPN site-to site.

    One thing to note is that remote access VPN users are assigned an ip address of 10.X.3.1 - 10.X.3.200 mask The inside interface is on 10.X.1.2

    Remote access users will have no problem to access within the network if the pool of the vpn client is changed to to

    ASA errors

    6 January 7, 2012 16:25:08 302013 10.X.3.1 27724 3389 10.X.1.66 built of TCP connections incoming 20940 for outside:10.X.3.1/27724 (10.X.3.1/27724)(LOCAL\Cisco) at inside:10.X.1.66/3389 (10.X.1.66/3389) (Cisco)

    6 January 7, 2012 16:25:08 106015 10.X.1.66 3389 10.X.3.1 27724 Deny TCP 10.X.1.66/3389 to 10.X.3.1/27724 flags SYN ACK on dmz interface (no link)

    I understand that the overlap between access ip address range remote vpn network interface network and inside will cause routing problems, but why the syn - ack makes its appearance in the DMZ interface? The interface of the DMZ is on ip address 172.16.Y.1

    I intend to reduce the interface 10.X.0.0 inside if it is in fact a routing problem due to the IP address that overlap, but I understand why the syn - ack comes from the dmz interface and the diagnosis of the problem is correct. I check with the customer and was informed that the existing design works on an another ASA with no such problems.

    I agree what you said and also tried, but it does not work.

    Solution, that you already know


    Always ensure that the IP addresses in the pool should be assigned to VPN, network clients internal head unit and the internal network to the VPN Client must be in different networks. You can assign the same major network with different subnets, but sometimes the routing problems.

    Thank you


  • DB within the R12.2 upgrade upgrade

    Hi all

    We are in the process of upgrading R12.1.3 with, R12.2.5 database with Applications database. I'm a little confused about the process to upgrade the database as part of the upgrade to 12.2.

    In accordance with the note "guidelines preparation of database for an E-Business Suite Release 12.2 Upgrade (Doc ID 1349240.1)", I'm reviewing step 2

    Upgrading to the last group of patches (conditional) database
    Customers currently on or must now move to the or within the upgrade 12.2 following the documented process in the appropriate Interoperability Notes (see the References section below). It is highly recommended clients on previous patchsets to the upgrade database to the last.

    Complete all steps in interoperability Notes except the following:

    • Check the versions of the software
      • R12 to upgrades (12 c) must apply the 16289505 patch and patch 8796558interoperability *.
      • 11i upgrades to (12 c) must apply the patch of interoperability 16289505 as well as other pre-required patches listed in the 11i Interoperability Notes (My Oracle Support Knowledge Document 1524399.1in the References section below) *.
    • Step 'Run patch post-installation instructions' under 'Database Upgrade' in Section 1
    • Apply patch ECX post-implementation level (in the Notes of interoperability R12/11 GR 2)
    • Recreate the grants and synonyms
    • Restart the application server process
    • Apply the Oracle human resources (HRMS) patch 7721754 (11 I only)
    • Select the database Vault
    • Synchronize the views of Workflow
      • Note that this step must be completed after the 12.2.0 upgrade and application of the last ORS 12.2 when all services are up to such noted in last step be

    This stage supposed to complete interoperability for with R12.1.3? Am I wrong?

    As I'm not going to bring up the applications before upgrade R12.2, that I have to perform interoperability for 12.1.3 or can I perform the steps of interoperability for 12.1,0.2 with 12.2?

    Thank you

    You must apply the patches immediately after installing 12.2.0 software.

    This is mentioned in the section '1.5 request latest patches from application-level technology to perform file system', Oracle E-Business Suite Release Notes, version 12.2 (Doc ID 1320300.1)

    Thank you


  • Apps for password has expired within the period of grace and FNDCPASS does not

    Apps password has expired within the period of grace and FNDCPASS to help when we try to change the password it gives an error, but the account_status for user apps is still EXPIRED (GRACE). I should also mention that the account_status from APPLYSYS is open.

    Back-end, I am able to connect to applications using the old password. This new password doesn't think in the database.

    Please really apprepriate any help...


    So finally we internally researched and found the solution for the question below.

    (1) we changed the following values at the time UNLIMITED.



    (2) we took the backup of FND_USER and FND_ORACLE_USERID.

    change user apps identified by ;

    (3) then tried FNDCPASS so he changed the apps

    FNDCPASS apps / 0 system / SYSTEM APPLSYS

    (4) run on the database and Application Tier autoconfig.

    Change the settings of password to its original values.

    Start the application services and active user request execution to verify everything works well.

    First, we tested the action plan on our test instance. then we updated the plan of action preceding the SR. We go come from Oracle's Support.

    After the execution of the plan of action preceding our number got solved...

    I share the solution so it can help others...

    Thanks a lot for the help and time.

  • Urgent: Need to put camouflage pattern of vector within the shadow of a text

    Hello everyone forum Illustrator. This is my first post here, and any input would be greatly appreciated. Here's the number: (also see joint photo for reference)

    I do a concert of paint sign for a client and I need to be able to put this Camo vectorized inside the long, red shadow for the model takes up the area of the shadow of itself. The other issue to note, is that I have been using the appearance of the window to make the shadow (using Add new fill, then adding the fx of transformation to make the shadow). Because I use this method, I don't know if the mask plugin will recognize the shadow as it's own thing.

    I have to have this done in the morning. Thank you in advance for your help!

    As a summary, I would like to camouflage within the red part. : )

    Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 4.28.52 PM.pngScreen Shot 2015-07-10 at 4.33.47 PM.png

    you have a text, with 2 refills, second an applied transformation.

    Add your shade of reason to this filling.

    No camouflage, but you gain the

  • Replying to a virtual machine within the same site

    I try to install vSphere replication v5.1.  I do this without SRM, but just the OVF appliance (s).  We currently have 8 guests distributed between two groups.  We have a vCenter control all this, and all is listed in a Data Center.  The second group is in our DR site and has different storage mapped to it.  I try to use vSphere replication as a means to keep our important VM replicated to our centre of DR disaster.  Is it possible to do so in the only current configuration?

    I'm having a hard time comes to work.  I have deployed two replication OVF devices and I'm stuck trying to replicate a virtual machine actually.  It gives me an error that the data object is not found.  I thought that I needed to 'Connect' from the local site to the remote site, but since this is all a time installing vCenter, I get an error indicating it cannot connect to itself.

    Is what I'm trying to do possible?  If not, could you let me know what I need to change to make it work properly.  Thank you.


    The scenario you describe is supported - you can replicate virtual machines from one host to another within the same VC.

    To do this:

    -you will need to deploy vSphere 5.1 replication for a VC and no specific host

    -VR requires VC 5.1. If you liked VC - standalone VR will not work. If you have more recent VC, for example 5.5, you need RV 5.5

    -For replication within the VC even you don't need to link to the target site.

    -Simply select the computer virtual you want to replicate, when you opened a session in vSphere Web Client connected to the VC, point to the same location - must be available in the list, and select the appropriate data store and move through the wizard.

    Kind regards


  • General research of the interactive report takes a long time

    Hi all

    I have two reports IR in my Application, both use the tables, even where the clause, column display is different.

    Two queries 60000 records, back in my first report, after that my report will load, I use the General Search button to get the data,

    When I try to find 100 in my relationship, my first report showing search results in 5 seconds, but this is my second story I do the same steps, but its taking a lot of time to react.

    Could someone tell me what is the cause of this problem also what basis this research will be working means how it works?

    See you soon,.


    Count (*) () as apxws_row_cnt

    I used this trick before in other applications non-APEX.

    This allows me to get the total number of rows returned from the fair analysis the first record in the result set.

    Allows me to print "N records found" or "you are on the page n of M".

    ORDER IN...

    These are added to the SQL when you sort by the column within the IR.

    To get rid of them, you must NOT SORT the IR... that end users will hate.

    You are better to ensure that the underlying tables have indexes on them

    Run this in SQL Developer and compare it to the other without the ORDER BY clause:

    Select * from test by arrangement_number desc, ext_tx_number


    Maybe it is a column grouping or calculation that is defined within the IR.

    I have not messed with those too.


  • Design Muse &amp; change within the catalyst company

    Hello world

    Apologies from the start for beginners question however, I struggled to find a topic that describes perfectly the relationship between BC and Adobe Muse. I created the site of Muse and satisfied with the appearance of the site, I just realized that when published in British Colombia, I give myself a few restrictions tightened, for example I can't create pages or modules in the admin of BC... the options just aren't there, I can see web forms, I created however. Do I have reason to think that you are not allowed to completely change the content?  Adobe wants you to make the updates within the Muse and then download the site every time. However, when you want to get forms, client and job connections most advanced features I'll need to make specific changes within the BC and among the markup, i.e. which means "enabling editing options.

    Therefore, it means you need to design sites of Muse, pull them in British Colombia and work above, simply from BC? I don't see how you can maintain a link between the Muse and British Colombia because Muse is a software design and British Colombia is a CMS... they do different things.

    The question is, I have set up a range of forms, a secure connection, develop more content in British Colombia and then I want to do a major design change which means ebb in Muse and overwrite everything that has just been setup... y at - there something I'm missing or is this how it works?

    I would appreciate any help on this matter,

    Thank you very much


    Hi Sam, you can go into the settings and enable editing.

    The reason for which it is set up to be restrictive is good because they programs like muse create sites, yes they make nice but they are not really functional Web sites. But you'll find this clunkyness tries to use BC as a CMS and creation of the site through Muse. Just as many more securezones, eCommerce, blog... and more will just become increasingly problematic to say the least.

  • Every page on my site has a clear red color that fills the area within the margins.  How to get rid of it?

    Every page on my site (not yet published) has a clear red color (maybe partially transparent red?) that fills the area within the margins.  My wife was working on a page, when it happened - they only thing she could think of was that she might have hit the 'function' button and the ' key (immediately to the left of the "Enter" button).  I've been playing with it and research online for the answer, but have failed so far.  Any ideas?  It's probably something CRAZY... stupid easy feeling.  (=) Thanks for any help you can give!

    Muse Glitch.png

    Turn off network Overlay on the view menu.

  • address bar automatically uses eToolKit for research on the web - I want to be Google - HELP

    Today, I downloaded something and he changed the setting for my FireFox address bar. It's called eToolKit research on the Web. I tried to uninstall this program, but my address bar is always using eToolKit. I uninstalled FF and re-installed - still has not removed eToolKit. Has made scans antivirus, malware, adware scans, etc. Still no luck. At Add/Remove programs. No luck. I tried the system restore, but I keep getting a message that I can not restore. My address bar used by default in Google for keywords that I put in it. Help, please!

    Troubleshooting extensions and themes

    Clear the Cache and Cookies

    Clear the Cache of the network

    Check and tell if its working.

  • Free app from Merriam Webster found within the Starbucks App

    Hello, the starbucks in messages app, it is supposed to be an application of Merriam Webster's dictionary for free (value of $3,99 otherwise). By starbucks, this free app is available until May 24, 2016. I have nothing in the messages. I deleted the app off my iphone for a few minutes, turned the phone back, re-installed the app, signed on my account of starbucks in the starbucks app and still nothing. I called the service customer starbucks, and they suggested that contact iTunes or the App Store for resolution. Can anyone help to understand why the dictionary app does not appear within the app from the SB?  Thank you.

    I suggest you contact the support for the app of Starbuck. He is not an apple product.

  • ATL-TAB within the APPLICATION does not work

    I'm a convert from windows and love the mac but Alt - Tab within the application does not work - very annoying. I often have multiple windows in the same application, and if the only way to go is to use 4 fingers Mission control, it's terrible because Mission control lists all windows in a small size and pain to know that you want to go. While with alt - tab, I can quickly cycle or just go to the last which is often I want to go to.

    It is one of the major issues Mac usability for me.

    Any tips? or addons?

    Thank you.

    Cmd -'

    Curiously, this document has the wrong shortcut. Keyboard shortcuts in Mac - Apple Support

    They have to move to the next application window is to go to the previous application window.

  • How do specific research on the Apple Support forum?

    I have a problem where the memory of 'airportd' on my server consumes 2.5 GB. Even if wifi is turned off.

    I do research on the problem, but when I look

    airportd AND memory

    'airportd '.

    "airportd" AND memory

    the support sites always happens with 1000 pages how to fix your airport (no d) or installation of memory.

    So: TL; DR: How to do a "grep" as search

    See this link: wAnsweredFirst = true

    You can also try a google search: % 22server % 22 & as_oq = & as_eq % = 22install + I. /c0 >

    You can change the parameters of search on the left. If you can't find the answer you are looking for you can make a new post. -AJ

Maybe you are looking for