respiration rate

Hello! Im just a student in biomedical engineering and I need to detect the rate of breathing on labview based on accelerometer three axes, I m using the z axis accelerometer for movements of the chest and thorax breathing, but I do not see the signal of respiration. Also I use an analog butterworth filter with cutoff frequency of 1 hz (the frequency of respiration cause is between 0.1 and 0.5 hz) and a digital filter on labview. So that's my question, how can I take samples low frequencies or the signal is filtered? I am attaching the file vi that I use. Thank you!


An accelerometer is not able to travel, it measures acceleration.  But I suppose the signal is oscillating so if all you want is the respiratory rate, then it will work very well.  You probably need a bandpass filter with a low cutoff around 0.1 Hz frequency to eliminate any gravitational constant acceleration.

I'm not really familiar with the screw Express, but the filter there is no initialization entry, so it can be reset for each set of data that are acquired.  You can use the standard filter function in the range of Signal Processing.

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    For any consultation on iOS 9, in the application of health tap data on health > all, which has an icon of the top export which saves files xml inside a zip archive. This is perhaps similar to iOS 10?

    P.S. I read that on the Apple Watch heart rate data were inaccurate, while swimming so let us know if you have good data about him.

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    For swimming training, the watch is a bit disappointing, given that in the swimming training, you normally do a few repetitions as 10 x 100 start each 01:30 or 01:45. I normally use the watch of Garmin swimming to take the time (100 m start button and press again on arrival) of the clock, then briefly shows duration of the tour and afte 4 continuous seconds so you can see when you start again (e.g. to 01:45). I hope that there will be a third-party solution soon for Apple Watch 2, while I don't have to swim with two watches...


    1. After selecting the length of the pool, slide laterally on the screen to move to a distance goal, which can be set in meters or yards (firmly press the screen to switch between them).

    2. follow the following steps to customize the information displayed by the application of training during your workouts in the pool swimming:

    • On your iPhone, in the application of the watch, go to: Watch My > training > training view.
    • Choose several metrics.
    • Tap pool swim > press on edit (top-right) > select up to 5 parameters, including heart rate (they can be arranged in your order of preference).
    • When you are finished, tap on Done (top right).

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    To mark a segment (for example one lap) during running exercise using integrated workout app, you can double-click the screen. The display briefly shows the stats for this segment. Segments can be examined after training through the activity on the matched iPhone application:

    You can see that an application of third party best suited to your needs.

    To learn about the characteristics of third-party applications, I suggest you consult the descriptions of app developers and their support resources. For example:

    If you don't find the specific information you're looking for, you can ask the developer directly. This is usually possible through their support resources (you may need to create a free account in order to be able to connect). They may also be open to feature requests.

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    My quest for this question has resulted in answers for original 2015 watch/OS so I wanted to ask you again see if something has changed with the new series 2 and the latest OS.

    I'm looking for an alarm function on the Apple Watch who notify me if my heart rate exceeds a certain level.  This could be from the BONE, or a 3rd party application that runs on the watch (and he can't function without my phone).  It looks like such a feature useful for physical training and medical emergencies that I would not be surprised that someone has not implemented it. but my research has not given anything whatsoever.


    Heart rate alerts are not currently available as built-in iOS or watch OS feature.

    Also note that Apple Watch, heart rate sensor and the apps included Apple Watch are not medical devices and are intended solely for purposes of fitness. They are not designed or intended to be used in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or to cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of the disease.

    You can find the application third-party following (for example) of interest:

    • HeartWatch
      • The developer recommends:
        • "NOTICE: you can set up notifications for the following scenarios: what heart rate exceeds a value of bpm, when heart rate is less than a value bpm."
        • "NOTE: because your health is encrypted, store iPhone notifications only available when your iPhone is unlocked." This occurs in the background when you use your iPhone in an unlocked condition for any purpose, so in practice, you will be alerted as long as you regularly use your iPhone. »

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    The original WATCH allows you to do this, so I don't see why the series 2 would not.

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    What is the HR of Apple from Garmin or Polar precision for cycling?


    Consumer Reports tested the sensor frequency heart Apple Watch against their dedicated Recommendations cardiofrequence-meter and have 'no difference' between their reading: ports-tests.

    Apple has not announced any change in the sensor for the models announced recently.

    More information:

    Your heart rate. What it means, and where on Apple Watch you will find. -Apple Support

  • Accuracy of the resting heart rate

    What is the accuracy of the new Apple Watch to record heart rate at rest?  This will be my main app for the watch.


    Consumer Reports tested the sensor frequency heart Apple Watch against their dedicated Recommendations cardiofrequence-meter and have 'no difference' between their reading: ports-tests.

    However, note that Apple Watch, heart rate sensor and the included applications are not medical devices and are intended only for fitness purposes. They are not designed or intended to be used in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or to cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of the disease.

    More information:

    Your heart rate. What it means, and where on Apple Watch you will find. -Apple Support

  • Human resources management stops when I raise the heart rate

    I'm not talking exercise here, but something like mow the lawn. When the level of my heart going up to maybe 60% of my max (just above), my Apple Watch stops just save my heart rate. When I sit back it starts again.

    If I'm actually exercise using the app it works well

    What gives?


    In General everyday wear, Apple Watch is designed to measure your heart rate regularly only when you're still / no active - it is normal for the readings not to take when you are active.

    When recording a workout through the training app, your heart rate is rather measured continuously.

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    1. Restart the Apple TV (settings > general > restart).
    2. Restart the Apple TV by removing ALL cables for 30 seconds.
    3. Restart your router. (Also try to remove the power cord for at least 30 seconds)
    4. Restart your computer.

    If you're still having problems, try disabling bluetooth, if it is enabled, also try to use 802.11n for wifi if you are currently using 802. 11B or 802. 11 g. You can also try to remove any other software associated with the screen sharing or streaming to remote screens that you may have installed at one time.

    In addition, the following article can help you.

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  • Heart rate does not during the workout

    during an intense workout, my watch seems to think that my heart rate is only 50 BPM or less - starts ok, but then cela and will not regenerate little matter what I do

    no idea why?

    I can confirm that no tattoo wrist watch is super tight and do exercises like rowing or spinning - in weightlifting, he seems fine

    Operating system is up-to-date

    Thank you


    Apple says that, even in ideal conditions, Apple Watch may not be able to save a reliable heart rate monitor each time reading for everyone.

    For best performance of the sensor of heart rate during the training, Apple suggests you consider your clamping beforehand watch band and he loosen again thereafter.

    The sensor is also likely to give better results for workouts that involve rhythmic (for example running) rather than the irregular movements (for example boxing). Other problems that can affect the performance of the sensor include the perfusion of the skin and wrist tattoos.

    If your workouts involve flexing your wrists (for example what weight lifting, for example), it can help to keep your watch a little higher on your arm, the joint in flexion.

    More information:

    Your heart rate. What it means, and where on Apple Watch you will find. -Apple Support

    Use of the workout on your Apple Watch - Apple Support

    If you continue to experience problems, for more consistent measures, you may wish to a heart rate monitor external matching / Bluetooth chest strap for your watch:

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