Restore iTunes music library

Anyone know how I can restore my iTunes music Library using only one xml file library on my PC?


The XML file contains a list of what is / was in the library. Without the media you can not use it to restore iTunes. What is really? See the empty/corrupted after upgrade/crash iTunes library on the off chance that it provides the information you need.


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  • If I had to restore my music library after a computer failure, if I sync my iPod I lose the music?

    I had to restore my music library after a computer failure, but not all of my library was reatored. If I sync my iPod what do I lose music? I heard that

    You can not sync music between the two if the iPod has iTunes has no music. I don't want to lose my entire library which is at this point on the iPod.

    If you "restore" your iTunes library by adding your songs (and other content) to a new iTunes library (instead of restore full of backup iTunes library), your current iTunes library is treated as a different iPod iTunes library.  iPods can use Auto-Sync with one iTunes library at a time.  If you have set up the synchronization with your current iTunes library, the existing content of the iPod (from the old iTunes library) is deleted and replaced with the contents of your current iTunes library.  All the songs from the iPod that are not on your iTunes current library will be lost.

    By design, iTunes sync is generally in one direction, from iTunes to iPod library.  You cannot use iTunes to transfer files of song from iPod to computer (with the exception of songs purchased from the iTunes Store).  However, there are methods and third party utilities that can transfer from iPod to computer.  If you do an Internet search on something like 'ipod music transfer', you should get a few links (including a CNET article on the subject).

    Once the song on your disk files, add them to your current iTunes library.  After the confirmation of your iTunes library has all of your songs, you can configure synchronization with the iPod.

  • Ringtones for my 6 of my iTunes music library

    How to make ringtones for my 6 s of my iTunes music library?

    I followed a method I Googled, but it does not work. I'm on Windows 10.

    Have you tried this one:>

  • Gray 6 s more than 128 GB iPhone iTunes music library

    I have a new iPhone 6 s more than 128 GB. ITunes music library synchronized from your desktop Windows 10 for iPhone and most of the music is grayed out.

    I uninstalled iTunes from the computer Windows 10. I need help to remove the iPhone iTunes library so I can start trying to solve this problem.

    How to uninstall iPhone music?

    Contempt as I figured out how delete music from the iPhone. Now cannot get it to sync. The 3 days spent with this iPhone have been a waste of time. I will just return the iPhone tomorrow and back to Android and the cost of this iPhone close to a grand! I can install the iTunes on an Android library and play it fine and use as ringtones. However, iTunes is a program from Apple and iTunes is an Apple smartphone, and it is no longer supported on Android! It's unreal.

  • Unable to connect to iCloud, 12.5.1 iTunes music library

    I can't connect to my cloud music library... Since I updated iTunes to the 12.5.1 version.

    Anyone has any idea of what continues? ... I'm on El Capitan 10.11.6 on a MacBook pro of the retina

    Have you tried restarting your computer?

  • iCloud, game and music confusion Apple iTunes music library

    OK, first of all, I was a Match iTunes and subscribe Apple music, but before not to renew iTunes game, I asked and he said that if I keep my subscription to Apple's music, I would not lose my iCloud library.

    But its been a month now since the end of my subscription to Match iTunes, I keep my subscription to Apple's music and today, I have found that the majority of the track in my library of music iCloud is grayed out. So I'm screwed? I think that the information and the difference between the two services is not well explained, and now I think I'm losing all my songs matching (and many of them is not the access point) if I knew that I would lose all my music matching, I would never opt-out Match, but I read several article about it and they all said that I keep my current AP I will not use my corresponding music and everything what I lose is free of DRM.

    So, is anybody here had this problem before and there at - it a way to get my songs back?


    Have you downloaded your music before you unsubscribe iTunes game? If the music is not on your hard drive, you will see your music in gray. You have a back up?

    Also read the ITunes game usage tips


  • Match vs Apple-ITunes music (library iCloud)

    Is there a reason to maintain a subscription Match after Apple signed music to iTunes? the main reason that I had another match was to maintain access continuous songs "incomparable" (especially my own demos and stuff notcommercially available) that Match uploaded to the cloud. It seems that Apple music is that too by iCloud library. Am I missing something?

    Hello Kdilla,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    To learn more about the differences between music Apple and iTunes game I suggest you read the article of support related to below.

    iCloud library: understand the differences between music from Apple and iTunes game

    Have a good.

  • How to convert aac itunes music library

    My itunes library music is all MP3 files.

    I would like to batch convert to AAC files.

    How could I go about this?

    Thank you very much


    I have the latest version of itunes installed.

    That would take a greater amount of space?

    Why do you do this?  You are just tyranscoding to a format with loss to another loses fidelity. See:

    Getting iTunes and Windows Media Player to play well.

    In addition, most of the people - especially if you use iTunes to listen to music on the computer speakers or using standard headphones with an iDevice - will not be able to tell the difference between mp3/320 and aac/256.  Overall, the perceptible difference between mp3/320 and aac/256 is far, far smaller than between these and any coding lossless... and there are many combinations of recorded music and the ears of the people for which even this difference is insignificant.

  • ITunes music library

    I downloaded the album from one of my friends through the internet (not on itunes yet) (copyright all kept [it allowed me to do]) and now he came with a new song. All the songs are compressed into .m4a files somehow, but this is be mp3. I tried to change m4a but he wouldn't change his info so he can go to the album on the itunes library. Finally, I left it to be an .mp3 file and changed the info if it can match with the other player. She was, and now he's in an album with him. I was wondering if there is a problem to do so because the other songs are m4a but this one is an mp3 player and they are in an album. Can someone tell me if it's okay

    See this recent post on chaining albums. The file format is not important when it comes to this process. Note that you cannot change the internal structure of a file by changing the letters of the file name, but this can cause the file to be rejected by iTunes. iTunes game requires a minimum quality (equivalent to 128 k AAC/MP3 (I think) for the titles that should be mapped / downloaded. If you have the iTunes service game and re-download the track from another computer or device, you're likely to get an AAC 256 k version.


  • iTunes Music library artist ugly background colors, text hard to read

    How do I just get back a normal color background (white?)? Every artist that I click is little different color, dark, makes the text difficult to read, ugly; It's as if he is given all the colors of the album and dumping a composite in the background, really ugly.

    I don't need of all this "flavor, I just need to manage my library."

    Also, at random in this text box, the mouse changes to a pointer cursor and I have to click in the area twice to get the slider back so I can type.

    You can send comments on Apple and let them know how you feel

  • I need these files to iTunes 4 music library?

    I have these 4 iTunes files in my folder iTunes Music Library.xml intact from 2012 - the last time I did a transfer of iTunes library manual on a hard nine. They don't take up much space, but I'm doing a manual backup of my Mac and clean install of El Capitan so I won't wear any undesirable more that I don't need. Here are the screenshots of the files and the file 'Add' for example. All 4 have been created, modified, and last opened on 19-12 - 2012. I can remove them safely?

    I don't know all of the different .xml files. I wonder if you were a party edition and created their or another way to application in the past. In any case, most likely you don't need them and I do not recognize them as anything iTunes currently uses.  The fact that they are called "Music library" suggests that they date to before even 2012.

    If you fear never done this kind of thing, drag them to a folder somewhere for more security. Run iTunes as usual for a week or so and if you notice and deliver you can probably get rid of them for good.

  • How to backup itunes to an external hard drive music library

    You want to back up my iTunes music library from my PC Win10 on a hard drive external. Can someone help me?

    Let me clarify: I want to save my music library on my PC Win10 on a hard drive external.

  • Music library playing a song wrong to iCloud

    I just noticed a strange bug in my iTunes music library to play the wrong version of one of my songs.  Here's the scoop:

    I have the album of Pink Floyd The Wall on my main library that is local to one of my computers.  Because I have iCloud music enabled, which allows my other computers listen to the songs I have in my main library, I am able to listen to The Wall of another Mac.  However, it's playing the wrong version of "Another Brick In The Wall (part 2)," which, on my computer which is streaming the track plays the live version of the track (which I believe is from the album Pulse, which is a horrible post-Roger Waters album).

    In my main music library, which has the original album that I've scanned there nearly 20 years, the length of the track is 04:01. However, when I listen to the song with another Mac, who plays bad live version, the length of the track is 07:07.  Now, if the runtime is the same, then I would chalk up a simple glitch where the Apple servers has confused, in the course of the same artist, even followed by name, same DURATION... but since it's a completely different album and different runtime... real head scratcher for me there.

    Just wanted to put this out there and see if anyone else has had this happens, and if there is some sort of fix.  I have not spent a lot of time to my music from my other computers, so I don't know if it's just an a stop or a bug that assail you my library continuously.


    This a fairly common problem with Apple's music. Read this ic-fingerprints /


  • Sync iPod very old classic in my musical library of MacBook Pro

    My husband has an old, classic iPod (remember the year), and I would add my iTunes library (songs) for what is already on the iPod.   When I connected the iPod to my 2011 MacBook Pro, set iTunes to update iPod to the latest version of the software, but then do not synchronize.  When I plug my iPod to more recent (2011) model, it automatically up-to-date with my iTunes library.  Why don't the old iPod to date as well?

    Thank you


    If the iPod is currently to synchronize with your husband iTunes library, it doesn't syncs automatically with your (different) iTunes library, unless you change the association so that it syncs with your iTunes library.  The iPod can only using automatic synchronization ( synchronization music setting) with one iTunes library at a time.  If you change the binding so that the iPod will sync with your iTunes library, content current iPod is deleted and replaced with the content in your iTunes library.

    To do this, select the iPod in iTunes (click on its button on the device on the horizontal bar) to show the settings screen in the iTunes window.  The side left (in the sidebar), under settings, click music.  Right, parameters of music on the iPod screen.

    NOTE: All of the songs from the iPod that are not in your iTunes library will be lost.  If there is a problem, thanks for posting

    Check the box to Sync music.  This enables automatic sync and combines the iPod to your iTunes library.  If your library iTunes music can fit on the iPod, you can choose the option synchronize entire music library.  Then click apply.  iTunes syncs your music to the iPod, by replacing its existing content.  Further, iTunes automatically keeps your iPod 'in phase' with your iTunes music library when you connect (or click sync , if already connected).

  • I need to uninstall I-Tunes before the upgrade to Windows 7 and I'm afraid that I do; lose the music library?

    I need to uninstall I-Tunes before the upgrade to Windows 7 and I'm afraid that I do; lose any music library?  I'll be able to download I Tunes and recover my music library >?
    original title: Windows 7 upgrade from VISTA?

    Hi Jrawie,

    If you want to upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7, you won't lose iTunes music library. However, there is a chance of losing the music of iTunes library if you choose custom installation.

    You can see the Microsoft article for more information on the upgrade:

    Upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7

    You can also view the article mentioned for more information:

    Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

    Let us know the results.

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