Right panel flashes for context-sensitive help

I applied the fixes IE 10 to display help, still a topic displays the table of contents and the header, but the right panel is empty and will blink until I choose a different topic (but twinkle returns when I select the sensitive to the original context topic in the table of contents), or select a program from the IE toolbar (for example : 'About Internet Explorer', then it is fine until I have quit the browser and try again.

Here is some of the best. I use IE9 and do not want to upgrade to IE10 for precisely the reason why 10 HR needs a patch.

I took the models in FixForRH10Install and copied to where they needed to go, recompiled, and there is no more flickering.

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  • Opening a table of contents for context-sensitive help

    How a table of contents to open to match a subject that opens during the invioking of the context-sensitive help? I can't seem to find thecommand for this and haven't seen an answer to this question in the archives.


    Thanks, that's very useful. I thought it would be a matter of knowing the right keywords to search for.

  • Menu of context-sensitive help does not not for me

    With the help of Flash CC on my Mac. Connected to CC account.

    My understanding is that I should be able to highlight a term in the actionscript (like flash.display.Sprite) pane, and I should be able to control - click it, select "Show help" and take just for a useful article in the section help.

    But whenever I do that, need me just to the first page of the Web site using Flash (http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flash/cs/using/WSd60f23110762d6b883b18f10cb1fe1af6-7beba.html). Which leaves me with a huge amount of sort to find the appropriate help section.

    I'm doing something wrong? This feature simply not work? I have some obscure preference wrong somewhere?

    I seem to find any help for Flash or Actionscript is a frustrating and labyrinthine process. Very frustrating!

    It is often easier to simply go to the web somewhere - other than Adobe - to get an answer.

    Then, of course, if we are not asking a question, instead of getting a straight answer, I am usually related to some long, long, article that provides comprehensive information and what a response wave. It seems that people throw rather an encyclopedia to me that in order to provide a simple answer.

    You can download the files of help here: http://helpx.adobe.com/pdf/flash_reference.pdf

    context-sensitive help on windows that works, works with the online help.

    I don't have my mac flash cc activated this weekend, so I can't test there.

  • Context-sensitive help for objects on the tabs (bug?)

    If a command or the indicator is on a tab, the context-sensitive help for that apparently no longer works. It's particularly embarrassing for clusters of complicated example.

    Is there a workaround I'm mising?

    Example: This is the context for a cluster (A) and for the same cluster help when placed on a tab of the control (B). Case B is obviously completely useless.

    Hi Altenbach,

    It is true that it is not fixed for 2009.  I checked the condition of the CAR and it does not just he makes to the 2009 version.  It is always open and it looks like they still want to fix in the future, but no guarantee on which version.

  • Adding a context-sensitive help for an Application

    Hi all:

    I was charged with the responsibility to determine if we can add context-sensitive help to demand of our company which is located on the BlackBerry platform.

    Is there a way to create and integrate existing help with BlackBerry online help pages. In Nokia's Symbian-based smartphones, you can create a help for your application and integrate it with the help of Nokia online; a new subfolder is added to the directory of existing aid.

    A similar feature is available on the BlackBerry platform? Is there an API that allows us to integrate our online help with the BlackBerry online help? Otherwise, what is the alternative to create an online help for a custom application?

    Any help/pointers would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    Application of standard help Blackberry cannot be changed. And it is not possible to add/modify the contents of the application.

    Implement your system by yourself.

    For example - as a set of text/html files embedded into your application locally on the web server.

  • Implementing context-sensitive help for WebHelp in web application.


    I'm working on a help system for a web application. It will include context sensitive help triggered by an icon on the screen, and the subject is open in an iframe with a defined size. The developer has already implemented the iframe that appears when you click on the icons. It gives me the ID for the screens with the help of the icons as a java full qualified file name. I'm not sure what would be the correct process in RoboHelp to map the ID's for the subjects.

    1. can I create a map file using the list of the IDS of the developer send me? Would it not be in this format:

    #define Field_Name Java_File_Name

    2. I don't then add the ID to the help topic appropriate using pod folder contextual help in setting up a project?

    3. when I generate the layout I specify the map file I created above (.h extension)

    3. If the developer already put in place the size of the iFrame, is it correct that I don't need to create a custom window to configure size? Is it possible to put so two open shutters? (I think using the method above a pane opens with the link to the navigation pane)

    Thanks in advance,



    Check the project configuration > context sensitive help > map files. You can assign IDS the developer send you to topics. If you want to play with the mapping files, you must create mapping files (.h) and the alias file (.ali). Just assign a unique ID to a topic and open these files with Notepad to see how you should format these files.

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  • Execution context sensitive help

    I have read many topics on this forum I could find on this topic, read the pages of Peter Grainge with control, expanded my search to other areas of the web, even read the help of Adobe.  I'm still confused how to implement context senstive help using markers TopicAlias.  I hope someone has details.

    TCS 2.0 (RH8 integrated with FM 9) output is Webhelp

    All TopicAlias markers are presented and collected in HR as MapIDs.  I am the deduction is of these MapIDs is the same as TopicAliases.  So far so good?  I don't like digital HR MapID on rights holders.  I am interested in the TopicAlias recognized.  Reason being, I'm swapping the current configuration of WebWorks HR and must preserve the concept of the call using the sensntive context.  For example.  WebWorks uses a string such as:

    .. wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm? Context = project_user_guide & topic = topic_alias2

    I would like to keep the same format.  HR has a chain like that?  The closest I can say is that it's not.  I see topicaliases must be called using javascript or HTML, triggering the method using a url such as... / page.html #topic_alias_2.  We do not want to use the javascript method because the WebWorks method has been called by using a custom XML file that recognizes the topicaliases.

    I have provided enough details for people warned to get the picture?  Is there a method anyone know to make it work?

    Moreover, I also tried to create a new window and get context-sensitive help to be called using the method index_csh.htm #topic_alias.  That it produces a blank page.  I can't find any instructions how to get the CSH method buried as an obscure element HR to work (if that is an option here).

    Thank you very much in advance for any idea, anyone can provide.


    To custom windows (defined in the aid project), add ">" followed by the name of the window ("" / help/help.htm > mywin ' ") and it shows that you have missed the symbol" > ".

    Is all the elaborate help and the support in the CSH API


  • Exhibiting in context sensitive help display bug


    I found a bug, but just didn't know where to report so I'm posting it here. (What is the suitable channel for bug reports)?

    When I wriggle-over "before software final Position" on the property of an axis node SoftMotion, context-sensitive help contain this line:

    Valid values are between 0 and 253. The default value is 230.

    I was puzzled, because I use (successfully) values well beyond this range. In any case, I detailed assistance from opening and saw:

    Valid values are between 0 and 253. The default value is 230.

    It's a very big difference! Is it simply a typo, or a result of formatting stripped using the context?

    Hi JKSH,

    I presented the CAR #390204 to our R & D group for the survey.

    In addition, here a link to a page describing the process of bug reports.

  • Number of brackets next to the name of the Terminal in the context-sensitive help

    There, I noticed that I have the numbers in brackets next the terminal names to a VI in the context-sensitive Help window.  I think that this has happened at the time that I started to play with the VI Analyzer, but I don't remember for sure.

    Does anyone know what it is and how to hide them?

    Turn off VI script information in the pop-up Help window.  Options of-> VI Server

  • How to create a context-sensitive help when you move a field/menu drop down message


    Anyone know how to create a message dialog box helps to appear when a user hovers over a field, a menu drop-down or a subform?  Rather than create a context-sensitive help. I want to be able to give the user a hint what to do they have their mouse over a part of the form.

    Thank you for your help.

    Best regards.

    You can make the text in the tool tip box in the accessibility to this palette.

  • Context-sensitive help in the combined help files

    The same position is also in the forum of WinHelp.

    How context sensitive help working with the master - situation of the external help files?

    Here is my scenario:

    I have a master's degree. HLP, which connects to 5. External HLPs. I connected the. CNTs and index in the Master. I gave all the output files (6 sets of.) HLP, CNT. NEWSPAPERS and GID files) to the programmer and asked her to put them all in a single directory. Everything works well for the table of contents in the Master. HLP. In other words, these external link sections are listed in the table of contents and the content displayed is selected. However, when the application attempts to display the HCS to a subject in one of these related HLPs, the user receives the error 129 (the subject does not exist). But these CSH to a topic in the Master. HLP works very well.

    The programmer told me he puts the code in a registry for the CSH file look for the master. HLP only. And he cannot create multiple registry files or put multiple lines in this file of registry to search for multiple .HLPs.

    The application is developed in the form of Oracle and is hosted on a Windows XP machine as a Windows application. I use RH X 5. The project is a HR Word project.

    Is it possible to generate one. HLP to include everything? If so, how?

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

    I found a solution for my situation this morning.

    Just brought these subjects with the ID of the map and the map file to the Master.HLP. If I need to mod a few links to external links, exit works.

    Just need to get some sleep.

  • Context-sensitive help works does not in RoboEngine

    I publish WebHelp Pro content to a RoboEngine server on a Windows 2000 Server. Because it is a driver of this technology for us, I use a web server on port 8081, so my help is served from http://sps01:8081 /

    It works very well, with research and everything else as a stand-alone web site, but the integration with our application (VIsual Studio .NET application) does not work with context sensitive help.

    I created the map ID is. I know this works because when I publish the Microsoft HTML Help (CHM file) and the application works very well.

    If I open the help page for the URL I used is:

    http://sps01:8081/Robo/bin/Robo.dll?TPC=%2Frobo%2Fprojects%2Fkeystone%2Fgetting_started%2f getting_started.htm%3FRINoLog28301%3DT & mgr = agm & wnd = ___defaultSystemWindow___ & agt = wsm & ctxid =

    I expect to be able to get to the context-sensitive help for the 3004 category to

    http://sps01:8081/Robo/bin/Robo.dll?TPC=%2Frobo%2Fprojects%2Fkeystone%2Fgetting_started%2f getting_started.htm%3FRINoLog28301%3DT & mgr = agm & wnd = ___defaultSystemWindow___ & agt = wsm & ctxid = 3004

    But I don't know if the same page by default.

    I tested on a number of HelpID familiar work otherwise, so I'm happy with my card ID.

    Looking at the deployment of RoboEngine guide, examples of URLS on page 30 have (RoboHelp Pro only). I am created with RoboHelp X 5, it's my problem, my version not support context-sensitive help in WebHelp Pro?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi Chet,

    Problem solved. Thanks for the tip on the CSH test tool. I tried to use it and found that it was not launching help at all. It made me study my maps. Looking for card ID 3004 mapping, I found that it * was * a topic mapped (to the Unassign button has been activated), but there is no title in the subject. It seems that there is a broken link on the subject. I have not assigned the mapping, then then reallocated, and the problem was solved.

    In total, he had 5 broken mappings, including all the ones I was testing!

    Thanks again for the pointer. The CSH test tool works pretty well actually.

  • Disorder of context-sensitive help Test tool


    I work on a project to RoboHelp 6 WebHelp (using Internet Explorer 6 on a PC running Windows XP, Service Pack 2) and trying to create a context-sensitive help for an application server.

    I got a list of IDS of the card by the developer, created a map file, mapped (at least I think I have it was a success) the aid project map ID and card #. Update the WebHelp. Has launched the CSH text tool. Selected to test the project locally (off line), entered into the topic of startup (default) name file, pick him ' < ProjectName > .h ' file mapping, selected a number card, and click on view help. An hourglass appears briefly, then nothing. This is not what I expected.

    Can I print a report card ID for the project, and none of the icons in the dialog box change the ID of a yellow card. Is there something to load? Somewhere else to look at? Another way to specify?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Posted by: bbleft
    Obviously for the Test of CSH tool work, the 'record' is entered in the text box must be the FILE START and not the default theme, correct?

    It is correct. It refers to the physical location of your webhelp output, but includes the startup file (for example projectname.htm).

    Posted by: bbleft
    Also, during this project, I may have topics merged and then deleted the startup file since I don't see it in the see also list. This being the case, create a new boot file and call it index would be acceptable or even recommended?

    It should be OK to do. Just make sure that you recompile and generate before the test. Call CSH does not care what happened to a file until there where you said it would.

  • I can't hide context sensitive help search

    I have a master chm and 17 slave CHMS which are merged based on what is installed on the user's PC (each chm is installed only if the associated software module is installed). I need to include a context-sensitive help for all these CHMS (place all these context sensitive subjects in the master chm) but I don't want the user to be able to find these subjects by the research. I tried the previously suggested on the forum in order to hide the pop-up windows - up of research by renaming the extension (htm to xhtm) and addition of the heading in the file of baggage, but the link does not work when I test the mapping (using the CSH test tool). Anyone know if this is possible?

    Hi Pete

    Thanks for your reply. I tried assigning the ID of the map after changing the file extension, but nothing helped. Your comment on the ID of the card being always assigned to .htm made me check the ali file where it was indeed still .htm. I edited manaually cela and hey presto it works now.

    Thanks again.


  • Is there a way to open the context-sensitive help in a new window with RH10?

    I'm linking my context sensitive help by using the RoboHelp_CSH.js file in my web application.

    The correct topic opens when I click on the help link, but it opens in a pop-up window. This causes problems in Firefox and Chrome (which blocks the popups by default).

    Is there anyway to force the contextual help topics to open in a new window?

    I tried to add

    < p > < A HREF = "(javascript:RH_ShowHelp(0,'http:/myurl/index.htm", HH_HELP_CONTEXT, 100) ' target = "_blank" > help < /A >

    which opens a tab empty in Firefox without content inside. And it works in Chrome either.

    Anyone encountered this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    Hi and welcome to the forums.

    Using the RoboHelp API, it is quite an annoyance. (Read: great pains)

    Fortunately, there's a simple solution:

    http://MyURL/index.htm# ' > newwnd = false "target ="blank"> help

    This link does exactly the same thing, opens to aid in a new browser window.

    You may also be interested in my custom WebHelp API: http://www.wvanweelden.eu/blog/2012/08/03/custom-webhelp-apis

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