RN104 Webmin?

According to other threads I've met I know that RN is based on Deb is it possible to install Webmin, Apache, MySQL, as well as DNS Bind to fundamentally transform into a full fledge "VPS" so to speak? or is it too much to expect of him?


Hi Sliquid,

It might be possible for these add-ons or applications to install but the CPU and memory units is not powerful enough to run those or let's say it's too much for the RN104 unit. Try to consider the top models 6 OS like 200, 300, 500 and 700 series.

Kind regards

NETGEAR community team

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  • series of 100 ReadyNas rn104 principle capacity hard drive


    I have a disc of 4 Tb. still one of 3 Tb. more I can put in my rn104


    I think the RN104 and others in support of this range of NAS drives up to 8 TB of capacity.

    Note that default RAID is used, so unless you did something to change this, do not not the capability of your NAS as simply being the sum of all your disks. I think, when RAID is enabled, you can expect to 'lose' capactity as a "tax RAID" 1 Road (StephenB thank you for a very reasonable period). Things become a little more complicated when you start mixing disks of different capacities.


  • RN104 - problem of "Delete inactive volumes to use the disc." #27199519

    I have what seems to be similar to many other questions.

    I have a RN104 with two 2 TB drives using X-RAID RAID 1 (mirror). I also activated the encryption. A couple of days, we had a power outage and the ReadyNAS close.

    I plugged the USB with the encryption key and he started upward but am now getting the error "delete inactive volumes to use the disk. Drive #1,2 '. And we can access is no longer the actions that have been setup on the NAS.

    All the suggestions/help? We are out of the period of our support.

    Just to close the loop and maybe help someone else who is having a problem, here is what he has done for me.

    I end up paying for support, however ultimately my problem was that when I copied/pasted the encryption key from our secure and saved on the USB password manager, the key had a newline character hidden line the end of it (an artifact of the copy/paste from the password manager) which was originally not to be able to decrypt the volume. I had to use a hex editor to view and delete the character that is hidden at the end of the key, then my volume was fine. So, if you have the above error AND you use an encrypted volume AND you have copied/pasted your encryption key from another source to a USB key, check the key for you ensure that no character hidden inside.

    I had a problem of tracking where we couldn't access or connect to one of the actions. Support has fixed this issue for me, the samba configuration file was empty, for some reason, support it repaired and we are back in business.

  • How can RN104 6.5.0 I know if there is a newer version of anti-virus more?


    I RN104 [4-Bay] upgraded to OS 6.5.0

    Anti-virus PLUS is 2.0.4 - and seems to work very well.

    How can I tell if there is a newer version of AV-Plus run with OS 6.5.0

    I press on "check for updates", but all that updates it's virus definition file.

    Thanks, Jim

    The latest version is always shown in apps.readynas.com. Currently the latest version is 2.0.4.

  • Rn104 NAS


    I am looking to buy a NAS RN104, and I was wondering I have several hard drives with data then and when they are installed in the nas data drive will remain and can be used

    or the Nas will have to reformat the drive to read.
    The current drive I have are the NTFS file format and I don't want to lose the data that is on it when I put them in the sin.

    And it is also possible to have 4 separate readers?

    Thanks in advance


    The SIN you will need to format the disk, so make sure that your backup is up-to-date first.

    Yes, if you turn off X-RAID and destroy (erases all data) the volume by default, you can create a separate for each disk volume.

    When you use a separate volume for each disc, it is still more important than is the case to save regularly. With volumes not redundant if a disk crashes, you will lose all data on the volume using this drive.

  • RN104 break during the resynchronization


    3 days ago my RN104 with firmware 6.4.1 gets unaccessable, and I had to pull the plug. This caused the device to resynchronize the WD harddiscs red 4. Today at nearly 90% the unit still gets unaccessable and I have to start from scratch. Even though I have the log files, I don't understand the behavior... Anyone able to help me?

    Norbert THXs.


    I would say that the update to the beta last fixed my problem... Any reason is originally disappeared.

    Thxs. & happy new year.


  • RN104 - Cloud features and applications

    Happy with a new RN104. Currently two area s of interest:

    -It looks like the cloud feature is a little buggy. According to management, this can be linked to with current updates of Netgear server.
    I am currently unable to create and manage many of the users of ReadyCloud. Will investigate further.
    -In addition, I want to run some applications like Wordpress and make it accessible from the outside of my LAN/Internet router.

    Impatient to discover the expertise in the forums!

    JennC wrote:

  • "There is no media available to read" error when I access new folders on my RN104 using my WDTV

    Story: I bought a WDTV about a year back so that I can copy all my DVDs on my RN104, and then put the DVD in the loft.

    The last time I gott it works (after many hours!) but the movie was very nervous, I just so stressed out in the end, I decided to leave.

    I tried again a few days back and somehow they are transmitted continuously smooth - no idea why, maybe theres been a firmware update since then or my WDTV has catalogue records, but they worked as I wanted to then.

    In any case, I got rather excited and started to copy my DVD to my RN104 reuse MakeMKV.

    I managed to copy a bit more than one evening, I checked I could play via WDTV and everything seemed fine.

    The next day, I used the same computer to copy DVDs more to my RN104, now when I try to play these movies "there is no media available for playback.

    I'll put my hands up and admit that I push some of the menus in the RN104 but I don't think I changed anything.

    I found a few sites offering patches, but these that seem to all take care of the people storing movies on a PC not a SIN or they talk about menus that my WDTV isn't appearing any more - something about re-scan the drive seemed promising, but I can't find it in my menus.

    I did some research with my setup and found that it has something to do with the issues and not the files.

    If I copy a film one of my new records that showed the error in a file like that I can access, I'm able to play.

    I thought to delete the folders, I couldn't access and just make new, but all new files that I create, I am unable to access.

    I'm guessing this has something to do with permissions on folders, I played with the settings but I'm really not very good with this stuff and I'm worried, I'm just going to make things worse!

    Any help is appreciated!


    I found if I copy a folder that I can access and rename the WDTV is happy to access.

    Also is it just new folders, I create.

    I could technically just copy a folder that works and use it as a model, but if there is a solution I'd rather!

    Do not worry, I worked on what was the probelem:

    I had checked 'specify the authorization when a new file/folder is created. Otherwise inherit the parent authorization"in"Default"settings"File access"on the NAS.

    I unchecked that box and everything started working again.

  • RN104 inaccessible after firmware update

    update the firmware now rn104 request device, never pwd password

    Hello pdasterly,

    This is unusual. I guess that's best for you to stick with 6.4.0 for now, perhaps until the official FW is released.

    Kind regards

  • RN104 - added 4 new 4 TB drives. 2.5 days of resynchronization. Start copying files, or wait until it's done?

    I think I've drunk mostly in the title...

    I just added four new 4TB discs (WD40EFRX) to a vacuum RN104 running the latest operating system. (6.4.0)

    At the start, he started a resynchronization estimated at about 70 hours.

    Is a resynchronization required on an empty set of disks? (If not, can I cancel?)

    If I have to re-sync, can I go ahead and start writing some stuff on the drive is Resyncing? (I'm willing to take whatever the performance hit, there could be.)

    Thank you!

    The synchronization is made at the level of the block of readers, even thoug hthey are empty, they still need to be resynced.

    If it's critical to copy the data across, you can start adding data while resynchronization is in progress. Although you will take a significant performance hit, synchronization and the writing speed. AND, you won't have the advantage of reduncancy until the end of the resynchronization.

    Unless it's critical data, my suggestion would be to wait until the Resync is finished, and THEN copy the data across.

  • Migration of disks between RN104 and RN204

    Can I ask?

    I have RN104 with WD RED (xraid, raid 5 FW 6.4.0). 4x3TB I think buying new RN204 unit.

    Is it possible to migrate all records of old RN104 in new RN204 unit without formatting and copy data?


    1. place a working drive (must not be your table) in the 204

    2 update the firmware on the 204 to 6.4.0

    3. check that the firmware update was successful

    4 power down, remove the disc from work

    5. move your drives in front of the 104 at 204 (keep the same order).

  • Need advice on resetting to the default settings on the rn104

    Thus, after the 40th forced resync since the upgrade on my rn104 6.4 (System hangs / freezes and I have to unplug & plug in the power supply), I decided to do a reset to factory default.

    My setup is as follows, with two drives of 3 TB and two 2 TB drives.

    Furthermore, the actual use is the following, with 3.36 to free a total of 6.35 TB:

    Given that I don't have another external storage available at this time, I thought:

    (1) remove a 3 TB drive and let ReadyNas make its resync with the remaining drives (3 TB and two 3 TB)

    (2) to reformat the removed 3 TB drive and use as a backup disk for the data stored in the ReadyNas

    (3) reset the ReadyNas to factory default

    (4) catering for ReadyNas data from the backup 3 TB drive

    (5) reinstall the 3 TB in ReadyNas drive

    (6) let the new resync ReadyNas

    Is this a correct procedure above? Errors or best solutions?

    Thank you in advance!

    p.s. Logs don't show any problems with the disks, but unless I have use ReadyNas in read-only mode, all of a sudden it freezes and leaves me no other choice, but unplug the power and reboot.

    And whenever I do, there to resynchronization and it takes about 36hours to finish.

    I tried all the solutions on the forum, the deletion of snapshots to the deactivation of applications, but nothing: it keeps freezing. Moreover, even if I try to 'access' from different positions (l do not know the exact term), such as moving the files via SMB and others via http (for example with the browser interface) at the same time, the system hangs after a few minutes...

    I think it is quite likely. I'd give the beta version a try.

  • RN104 ' readynas btrfs delayed insertion index dir + ' on the Panel

    Hi all.

    After updating my RN104 (2 TB, 3 TB, 4 TB, 4 TB) to 6.4.1 the weekend last everything works correctly. Today I see the messege "insert a readynas btrfs dir delayed index + ' on the Panel and the main unit is not available any more (I think that this has nothing to with the 6.4.1 upgrade). Backup LED continues to blink and no indication of damaged hard drive. No idea what happened? According to the notifications by e-mail of the system, he showed some virus warning and make a backup (rsync)... This seems to happen suddenly. Any idea what's going on?

    Not much that I can do as no access (even ssl).

    Thank you.


    It could be that anti-virus takes up resources on your system. Some users have reported that after that the deactivation of the performance of Kaspersky Anti-virus on 6.4.1 is returned to normal.

  • replacement of power 4 pin din power for RN104


    The power adapter that came with it recently resumed a ReadyNAS RN104 opportunity, does not remain in the ReadyNAS unless you really push. The ReadyNAS works great however, I would get another PSU. Would be a generic 4 pin din power supply with the same power specifications work? or Netgear do something special with the pinout on their connector?

    Thank you.

    Hi falconyt,

    Yes, a similar diet with the same characteristics would. Pins or connector is different where the product is released or sold.

    Kind regards

    NETGEAR community team

  • RN104 freezes during shutdown

    new firmware now the system hangs during shutdown

    There's a bit going on this system.

    You have four volumes and the system is always looking for some old volumes that you used to have in the NAS.

    Also I see that you are running the ReadyDLNA and iTunes Server services. You can check if the system shuts down properly if you disable these?

    I see that you have installed applications for example MySQL, Transmission etc but Transmission does not appear to be installed properly. I don't see the application from the applications available in the interface of web administration or apps.readynas.com installed.

    You use also some 8 TB of SeaGate disks of archives. That are not on the compatibility list.

Maybe you are looking for