RoboHelp HTML 10 print output contains the code for all the headings on the pages on the screen.


When I generate output files using RoboHelp HTML 10 printed Documentation, the pages on the screen containing code for all items on all pages. When I print the document, the code has disappeared. Anyone know how I can't view the code on the screen?

Thank you.

Please do not take into account. I chose to show hidden text in MS Word and when I disabled the check box, the strange code on the screen disappeared.

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    Jim Hickman

  • I can name the html (in WebHelp output) of the FrameMaker content files?

    We are using FrameMaker 10 on Windows 7.  We use RoboHelp 9 for WebHelp.

    I work for a small software service in a large company.  We must provide our customers with context-sensitive online help.

    When we publish WebHelp, each page of the WebHelp consists of the section in FrameMaker and all the content that follows as such (in the next section).

    The way our software provides a context-sensitive online help is not by any alphanumeric code, but rather by the name of html file.

    For example, the name of the HTML file to the window "Add insurance" should be: AddInsurance.htm.

    When the user is in the Add Insurance window and press F1, the system looks in the folder help online to a file named, "AddInsurance.htm."

    Is it possible to manually assign the name of the output HTML of the header file in the source FrameMaker file?

    If so, I would be grateful for the detailed procedure.  (I was recently reacquainted with FrameMaker after a long absence.)

    Thank you!


    Yes, you can use the topic marker name field in HR Conversion settings to specify a marker custom FM that you put where you want your FM file broken up. In the text of the marker, you can specify the file name and the title of the topic - see the TCS blog for more information.

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  • run or print output to the web form developer Oracle runtime

    Hi guys,.

    I have installed oracle forms10g in windows 7. I'm using firefox v.2. When I run the form, the web Oracle developer runtime form does not open. the output is exposed in the mozilla firefox itself.

    But how to run or display output to web runtime Oracle developer forms?

    Thank you in advance

    What is the problem? What do you mean with the form, the web Oracle developer runtime form does not open and the exit is exposed in the firefox of mozilla itself?

    Is the form open or not? If you see that you are, where ever, then the 'runtime' is underway!

    It's poster in the window of the browser? But you expect it in an own window?
    If this is the case, you must set separateFrame = TRUE in fomsweb.cfg.

  • Stop the audio of the Web object to the output of the screen - Cap 7

    I have a series of slides, each with a Web object. Each is a link to an HTML page with a player/MP4. If I want to go to the next slide when the movie is in play mode, the audio stops not at the output.  I can't make an action to the exit because audio is not a tip, but the Web object Action. Am I missing something obvious here?

    Thanks in advance...

    The Webpage.wdgt has been fixed by Adobe and will be available in their store by next month. In the meantime, if anyone needs the interaction between the Web object, contact Suresh Jayaraman by e-mail at [email protected].

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    If the problem is specific to internet explorer, you can also check the items below to troubleshoot script errors and the check-

    I hope this helps.

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