S StackPower modular/Hot swappable?

I know that StackWise (Stackable Switch) is progressive, which means that if I add a new switch, I don't need to turn off the whole range of switches just to add

But what of the cable StackPower/StackPower?

Yes StackPower is hot as well.

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  • HP 8560p laptop: hp 8560p's caddy drive upgrade hard hot swappable

    Upgrade of removable hard drive Bay is hot swappable so that I can without damaging it remove the optical drive Bay and insert the caddy upgrade hard drive, while the unit is running, i.e. without turning it off.

    It is theoretically but I hesitate. Why do you need to do this? I could check and see if the DVD drive appears in the removable hardware when you click on this icon in the lower right

    If it shows up here so you can stop it and I would be sure that it is OK in this case.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • Upgrade PowerEdge T320 wired hot-swappable drives


    I'm new to this forum and have sought on this matter but cannot find anything. I hope this isn't a duplicate.

    Well, I just bought a PowerEdge T320 with wired readers and I was wondering if it is possible to update hot later? Whether it is sufficient to install a bottom of basket? Would what parts I need?

    Kind regards


    Hello, Tommy

    Anything is possible, but ranging from cable at the bottom of the basket on the T320 would not be taken in charge or simple.

    Whether it is sufficient to install a bottom of basket? Would what parts I need?

    You would need more of a bottom of basket. You must also different cables, and you need some parts that we do not sell. Depending on which controller you have you can have a different controller if you want to use more than 4 slots on the backplane from the controller chipset only supports a maximum of 4 hard drives.

    The backplane and cable configurations use different chassis. We do not sell the chassis. You need to change your current chassis to create disks for HDDs bays. The enclosure which use wired readers couldn't be used for pluggable hard drives hot.

    Thank you

  • ESXi 4.1 hot swappable eSATA

    We run ESXi 4.1 on a Dell R710 and want to attached a box eSATA for backup purpose AND be able to Exchange hard drives without having to stop the ESXi server and perform any manual process.  Is this possible in ESXi 4.1?

    I found this ESXi 3.5 poster that said this is is NOT possible in ESXi 3.5 and was curious to know if something has changed since then.

    Thanks in advance for your ideas.



    You can use iSCSI or NFS.

    But with NFS, you can simple copy of the files, with iSCSI, you can't see the files of the virtual machine (cause it works at the block level).


  • Reference Dell 6248: hot swapping and upgrade battery links

    I have a set of switches Dell 6248.  I have a few questions to explore:

    (1) can I add/remove the CX4 cables while the switch is working?  (I guess it's the same rules as a cable normal Ethernet...)

    (2) can I add/remove modules while the switch is working?

    First scenario I'm looking at: extend the stack on a stacked rack.

    I think the process here is, install a switch of spare with stacking module, run off battery cables to the battery, breaking and re-Assembly of the ring, then turn on the switch, confirm the ID stack and connectivity and migrate customers to it.  I can totally hot cables plug the CS4, right?

    Next scenario I'm curious: upgrade of 12G to 48G stack.

    Can I exchange the accumulated 12 GB card and swap the 48G card in when the switch is on, or do I have to turn it off?  Connectors on the 48G card the same?  (CX4..)  Can I / layout 48G and 12G cards in a pile during my upgrade?  Is the maximum length of cable the same (3 m) on a stack of 48G?

    Thank you!


    Hey Danny,

    The stackable modules are not hot-swappable. The cables are, but for the modules to detect that it must present when the switch is started. A reboot is also required for stacking on these ports using Ethernet. Yes 48 GB stackable modules also have a 3 meter cable.

  • Adding a new Hot Swap HDD to a PowerEdge T420

    My server T420 currently switchable 3-hot hard drives installed and I intend to install 2 hard drives hot swap. The server has ESXi 5.1 and I am looking for the instructions for this process. The plan is to turn off the server, install the new HDD and reconfigure the BIOS to power for hard drives new. Is the installation process for the similar server to our plan or very different?


    You can stop the server, but it is not necessary since you have hot swappable hard drives. While in THE RAID controller BIOS, simply insert drives into available slots. Hard drives will appear in a 'READY' State At this point, you have to reconfigure your virtual disk as needed.

  • XR - 10 GB - SR replaceable hot

    I have a 4507R-E.  10GE slots 3 and 4 have Sup 6 L - E (X 2) supervisor, 1000BaseX modules (SFP) installed.

    This device is powered in a production environment.  Documentation does not explicitly specify if we can install X 2 - 10 GB - SR GBIC into the uninhabited GBIC slots on the Sup 6 L - E, while the power is on.

    So I think as the GBIC slots are not configured and are uninhabited.

    Someone at - it had harmful effects by installation X 2 - 10 GB - SR GBIC in the empty slots of Sup6L-E on a live production camera?

    Yes they are hot-swappable. Deletion and insertion online is supported. The only affect on the rest of the device is that because of the connection or the removal of the interface (routing or convergence tree etc.).

    A link confirming:


  • UCS hot add/replace memory/CPU

    Hello. I know on cisco UCS C460 we can expand the amount of memory using memory riser cards. Memory riser cards are hot-swappable. This means that when I run Win2008R2 Datacenter Server c460 I can hot add and replace the memory riser card memory?

    Can I hot replace memory on the motherboard slots?

    What UCS server models are supported CPU hot add/replace?


    Yes the risers of memory are hot-swappable, so assuming that the bare metal OS can support memory added to hot it will work.

    There is no DIMM slots on the motherboard directly on the C460.  Memory riser is only motherboard for memory interfaces.

    There is no such a thing to my knowledge as an addition to hot CPU on all Cisco platforms.

    See the Installation Guide HW for more information:


    Kind regards


  • PowerEdge R805 - Replaceable HD hot

    I have a PowerEdge R805, which shows a lack of HD (E1810).

    What is the best way to determine if the drives are hot-swappable?

    There are two (2) disks on the server - I guess they are mirrored and replaced once the mirror will be rebuilt automatically.

    They are.  If the disks are on a bottom of basket and accessible from the front of the machine, they are exchangeable hot.  Hot disks are the only option on a R805.

    As a general rule, the reader will rebuild automatically, but if not, then you must assign as a hot spare to start reconstruction.

  • Can I make a switchable hot on HP Proliant DL380 G6-Raid-1

    Afternoon everyone,

    I got one of the hard drives on our host of failure and I ordered it as a replacement. We are currently running ESXi 4 and I wanted to know if I can swap the hard drive on or it will take some configurations, such as moving of virtual machines, etc.?

    Thank you

    Welcome to the community,

    If the controller supports and if the drives are hot swappable to actually do this way. Replace the drive in a RAID 1With the host turned off, it's like playing Russian roulette, because you don't know which drive is synchronized to that. However, this does not mean that I do not recommend to have a current backup of the virtual machine in case something does not work as expected.


  • Hot-swap drive case

    I did a small update to help me with my computer backup, etc.

    When I was building my computer Baz Studio North advance I think this hot-swap drive thingie:

    SUPERMICRO CSE-M35T-1B black hot-Swapable 5 Bay SATA HDD Enclosure

    http://www.Newegg.com/product/product.aspx?item=N82E16817121405 & cm_re=Supermicro-_-17-121-405-_-produit

    I have a BONE and disc 4-1 TB drive in my raid.

    Is this microphone Hot swappable always a good choice, or are there others.

    I will be buying 2 extra 1 TB drives for backup and yet, for now keep my raid as four 1 TB drives.

    Thank you


    Yes Rowby

    That's the one.


  • HP Z620: SM951 m2 SSD in a HP Z620

    Hi all, my first post on this forum. Not so much a question but rather a few possible useful information about up-to-date maps of style M.2 SSD autour regarding the HP Z620 workstation.

    I recently bought a module 256GB of HDD Samsung SM951 MZHPV256HDGL-00000 PCI Express m2 to install in my HP Z620 workstation, as most of the people, the speed of transfer seems certainly attractive. Before installing the module my Z620 was already configured with a 480 GB SanDisk Ultra II 2.5 "SSD as a boot drive with a second drive Hitachi 2 TB (with 1 partition MBR) of 7200 RPM and a Seagate 4TB third of 5900 RPM (GPT with 3 partitions).

    Initially, I bought what I thought, it was a generic SSD m2 to PCIe card on ebay for about £8. (NOTE: these cards generic mentioned seem to have the m2 socket and a LED power with resistance and are very cheap). After you mount the SSD m2 to the PCIe card, I plugged the card in the Gen3 PCIe x 8 socket on the motherboard of Z620 lane (i.e. the adjacent to the second GPU slot PCIe slot). Surprise, no visible SSD in BIOS or in Windows. As everyone does a little digging around, which resulted in install me a driver of Samsung NVMe and try various other methods found on other forums, but without a bit of luck. Still not visible in BIOS or in Windows.

    As a last resort, I thought I would try another PCIe adapter card and opted for the Mini ASUS Hyper M.2 X 4, which cost about £27 on ebay. Swapped my SM951 on the ASUS PCIe card and reconnect even taking on the mother board. Turned on the computer and waited for Windows to start normally and to my surprise the system seems to load new drivers for the newly tracked equipment. Of course, the device was displayed in Device Manager. After the initialization of the device in disk management, the aircraft was visible in windows Explorer. As a final check, I rebooted the PC in BIOS and confirmed that the device was displayed as an existing boot device.

    Using the same method I used to install the OS on the 480 GB SanDisk Ultra II, I simply used MiniTool Partition Wizard (which is free) to clone my OS to the SM951 drive. (Use the disk copy Wizard). After that copy over my PC restarted as planned, but to my surprise that he started from the SM951 drive. (Note: the PC starts normally on the disk with the new OS but I was surpised that he started so easily of the PCIe SSD without twisting them). To confirm the changes, I removed the 480 GB SSD and tried rebooting to who did it without any problem. After the execution of Crystal Disk Mark 5, I can confirm reading speeds just above 2000 MB/s and write speeds of about 1 300 MB/s. My SanDisk SSD (which is one of the best SSDS on the market) has reached 550 MB/sec in reading and 500 MB/s in writing.

    In summary, it seems that the PCIe card seems to be pretty important if you want to use a SSD of M.2 SM951 I would recommend that you avoid cheap cards on ebay.

    While I can't say with certainty, using the ASUS card can allow the SM951 to work as a disc bootable on the old Z400/Z600 machines, because it dispays inherited the SSD as a device in the BIOS.

    My complete system:

    2 x Xeon E5-2670, 64 (8 x 8 GB) 1866 MHz RAM, boot drive Samsung SM951 (via a Mini ASUS Hyper M.2 X 4 adapter), 480 GB of SanDisk SSD, 5900 RPM 4 TB of Seagate, Hitachi 7200 RPM 2 TB, Syba 2 port SATA III with 2 x USB3.0, Quadro K4200, Tesla M2090 ICY Dock hot swappable 2.5 "and 3.5" drive Bay.

    OOPS [email protected] ~ #? Sorry people! I accidentally pressed the button "problem solved." If your reading this thread it will make more sense if you skip the next post, (he appears later in chronological order).


    I competely agree with the notion of "disconcerting."  And in two aspects >

    Drive: The SM951 in the z420 has a Passmark of 11559 disk partition and the difference to your 7891 is too large to be a Variant.  I think warrnats of studies.  What are your storage space and option power settings?

    One thing however is that each time the pass mark is executed, the drive score drops. The first test of the Seagate ancient who arrived at the z620, the disk partition was 594, and the third time he has scored 495.  I decided to make a small improvement and an hour ago, bought a Turbo Z 256 GB AHCI, who will go into the z420.  With the Samsung SM951 / Lycom DT-120 moved to the z620, which should add about 11 000 points to the mark of 495.

    I was interested to see that the Turbo Z has an average performance greater than the SM951 and which must be due to the quality of the design of the Board and the refinement for use with an HP z.

    Tesla M2090: The situation with the M2090 is very strange.  My local fan use Tesla for flight dynamics simulations Matlab and they have staff that work on multi-threaded measure / parallelizing algorithms.  It occurred to me that the problem might be in the synchronization of parallization stream, but Solidworks is supposed to have the best, completely scalar of any program record.  Only to eliminate it as a possibility, are the z620 BIOS settings to allow all processors? Also, are there similar situations in the creation of the configuration of Maximus (Quadro and Tesla)?

    Your Solidworks model and rendering are a work of art-well done and a half.  I tried to learn Solidworks for a while for my projects of industrial design, but never have large blocks of time.  I find myself accomplish them in AuoCad. I have a book, 'The Bible of Solidworks' but it is more than 600 pages and I'm only on the Genesis.  How did you learn?  Do you give lessons?

    This is a work in progress, a test image of Sketchup in a 380 m long, five-story Office / Library / laboratory building. It is not much smaller than the island that it is.  It is of the most complex single drawing I have already done in AutoCad for Sketchup on the z420 and translates into Revit on the z620:

    Quadro M2000 of M4000 and proposed Sysem:

    I am hopeful for the Quadro M2000 because it's a little more than half the cost of a Quadro K4200 and again:

    Highest pass mark ratings 3D:

    Quadro K4200 (317 tested): 4895

    Quadro M2000 (12 tested): 4671

    Quadro "P4000":  Think of your consideration for zz620, the first two Pascal GPU Quadros, the P6000 24 GB - said at a cost of $12,000 and the P5000 were released and they will be specular perofrmers. However, what I expect is the 'P4000"(or whatever it's called) that, if true to form - i.e. to perform as well as the next model to the top of the model it replaces and costs a little more means, he must run to the near K6000 levels but cost only $100 more than a M4000.

    M4000:  However, the M4000 is a serious candidate to replace a K4200.

    Highest pass mark ratings 3D:

    Quadro M4000 (8GB) (264-tested): 7234 with i7 - 6700 K / ASUS Z170-A

    6934 _ with Xeon E5-1660 v3 / Dell Precision T5810

    _ 6112 with 2 X E5-2670 in HP z620

    As usual, the performance of the GPU will be linked to single-thread performance.

    Average for the M4000 (820 U.S. dollars) is 6402. For comparison a $3,000 over-pants W9100 6570's Quadro K5200 6155. a GTX 770 average 6149and GTX 960 5916. Thus, the M4000 is actually in the top end of the intermediate level games GPU. Of course, $1 800 Quadro K5200 in mind is good enough for terrible cartoonist as I.

    In time, sell the K2200 in the z620, buy a used M4000, for the z420 and place the K4200 in this place. When the 'P4000"arrives, the price of a used M4000 will drop - as K4200 will still more abruptly.  The United States already, they have sold for as little as $600.  I had a reliability perfect with the eight or so used of Quadros, I got - I always use a FX 2004 580 as the GPU in my server.  About three months after the introduction of the 'P4000", might be a good time to change.

    System proposed: If you are interested, I did a few suggested workstation build lists on a material of Tom.  They have a semi-competition annually to build the better the price list.  As 99% are game systems, I add some ideas of workstation. See and scroll down to: Workstation: 2D - 3D CAD visualization / Graphic Design / Simulation / Animation > $ 2,000
    , which uses a Xeon E5 / Quadro M2000 or GTX 1070.  I also added lists $1,500 and $1,000 categories. The $1,500 version uses a Xeon E3 / M2000: not the handful of forum on behalf of your construction and avoiding the odd capitalization & symbols $1,500 workstations. The title is due to the State of competition rules that have been added because the names that I usually use. for example: "BambiBoom PixelCannon Cadamodarendergrapharific iWork? TurboBlast ExtremeSignature SuperModel 8000® © $$™® £ ©™ _ 6.14.16™ ' = forum handle + "strange capitalizations and symbols".»  It's nice to know that its efforts are particularly noticed.

    If you want more suggestions for the proposed system, I'd be happy to discuss it.  If you think this isn't the Silesian general, send a PM.

    Where is your son?

    See you soon,.


    My motto: "Why use only one job when twenty will do everything as well."

  • Tecra M4: TMESBS32. EXE stops hibernation

    Hi all

    I read the forum trying to learn more about hibernation, standby, and TMESBS32. EXE

    My brand new Tecra M4 wont stanby or hibernation. The problem seems to be due to the TMESBS32. EXE

    Does anyone know why TMESBS32. EXE (see below for information on what it is) could shut down the computer after hibernation, or how I can fix this?

    I'll go in the details below to try to help those seeking information with the forum search tool.


    My computer worked fine until two days ago. What I did that day was to install updates from Microsoft and burn a CD with Sonic RecordNow! that came with the computer. Since then I could not Stand By or Hibernate mode (using the button in the computer window disable the menu start).

    I looked on this forum, found my log files and a reference to TMESBS32. EXE causing the problem (see below for more details). If I finish this task so I can Stand By and hibernate again.


    Service Mobile Toshiba Extension Slim Select Bay. Task service / found on Toshiba laptops running Windows 2000/XP, and which allows DVD + CD? Writer to be hot-swappable.

    Log files
    When I go to run compmgmt.msc invites Event Viewer gives me the following warnings:

    Under System
    TMESBS32 refused a request for suspension of power. EXE.

    For more information, see Help and Support Center at

    [does not help the link]

    Under the Application
    The description for the event (1) in Source (TMESBS) ID is not found. The local computer may not have the information necessary registry or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. You may be able to use the option/auxsource = flag to retrieve this description; For more information, see Help and Support. The following information is part of the event: TMESBS, Waring!, code: 17 h, CM_Query_And_Remove_SubTreeW ERROR.

    Hi Kelly,

    I think that the idea to your problem lies in the fact that you had previously burned a CD. The TMESBS32 routine is a software designed to monitor the activity of CD burner you in the selectbay so that you can effectively share the device without causing Windows to crash.

    As burn you the CD the TMESBS32 routine is now active monitoring the CD burner so that it can put an end to any associated process if necessary. The fact that this routine is actively followed is enough to keep your laptop in hibernation or on standby. For one of the following options to work then all currently active processes must be able to suspend their activities and write their current status of your hard drive so that they can resume later if necessary.
    I suspect that the TMESBS32 process does not support this facility.


  • Unable to boot from CD for satellite 220CS


    I don't have a 220CS/1.4 GB toshiba satellite model. PA1240EYV-NLDI
    It has a removable disk station.
    Later, I get a different model number 6 x drive of CD-ROM XM-1402, worm. No. 002, ROM version KF60118.
    This player has is own case and I can connect it incidentally to the laptop
    I can remove the hunt of her case, but it is not possible to change the cd with the station of the floppy drive.
    This cd drive don t fits into the space of the disk station.
    When I connect the disk with its small cable to the laptop, and I tell the BIOS to boot from the CD, then I hear the cd turn an I see the burn of LED for a short time.
    But it doesn't boot.
    I tried to use the thing like no boot device.
    The OS on the laptop is Win95 (I want to change this)
    I modified config.sys and autoexec.bat.
    For this I used the original drivers for the cd from the drive (downloaded from the internet).
    But the system don't see the cd drive.

    The BIOS said it is possible to boot from the CD, but why not my system?

    Who can help me with this problem

    Thank you

    As far as I know that the CD of your laptop is hot swappable (change of disk CD) without turning off readers with Bay exchangeable are perhaps available on ebay and your operating system should already have the drivers or go to the manufacturer s website and download them.

  • I have to shutdown PowerEdge T320 to add more disks?


    We have a Dell PowerEdge T320 with following Perc

    ID 0
    Name Adapter PERC H310
    State Loan
    Firmware version 20.12.0 - 0004
    Driver version 6.801.05.00

    Currently, the server has two drives of 1 TB on a RAID 1 virtual disk. I want to add more than 4 drives (2 TB) and create a RAID 5 with 3 disks and leave one as a spare drive. So my questions are:

    1. do I need to disable the server in order to add new readers? -the server has access area Bay front for Perc connections, which are the SATA drives.

    2. what would be the appropriate steps to set up the RAID. Can I make using Dell Open manage?

    3. do you know if the 2 TB drive, I want to use as a hot spare works also for the 1 TB RAID 1 drives?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. you should NOT turn off to add or replace the hot-swappable drives. Leave it on.

    2. Yes, use OpenManage... Select Reconfigure in the drop-down list of tasks available for RAID 1.

    3. Yes, the reader may be bigger, but not smaller. All larger than the other Member disks space will be wasted space. Then, you'll go from a 1 to a 4 TB RAID 5 RAID 1. Half of all your drives of 2 TB will be wasted.

    Another thing, you need to know is that if Windows is ALREADY installed with UEFI enabled (as opposed to the BIOS), then you can not use more than 2 TB. Windows cannot use a greater than 2 TB drive unless it's TPG, and Windows cannot start a GPT disk except if installed on UEFI system activated. Conversion to GPT is destructive, so it cannot be changed without reinstalling.

    My advice would be to set up your 4x2TB in a 4 TB RAID 6 disks - RAID 6 is a better use of a 'rescue' as a backup pending. RAID 10 would also be acceptable.

Maybe you are looking for