Satellite 1800-100: need manual disassembly instructions, service or similar

This thing is long out of warranty, and it is I have a few things, I would like to try with it.
I have a few spare CPU, among which are both 100 and 133 Mhz fsb coppermines. I was not able to determine if they are compatible beyond the fsb to 100 Mhz, but the lappy versions is currently equipped with a celeron 700 mhz coppermine, so the 100 Mhz version should work. Anyway, id need to clean the CPU cooler to get a stable and low working temperature. However, I was not able to find anything in the way of manual disassembly instructions, service, or similar.

Nothing in this field would be nice, because I don't want to tear into a unit fully working as a 'best effort '.

Any ideas as to what is 'max memory'? from what I read and tested memories, seams 2x128MB to overcome, however it could just be that this 'thing' is picky about his memory. I tried a pair of PC133 CL2 Kingston 128 MB of "MEM" and he refused to start. Now his race on two "noname" 128 MB, CL3, PC100 and its working like a charm. I tried a pair of muschkin CL2.5 256 MB mems as well, without success.

What id of love really is to get at least 512 MB of memory running here, with a ~ 1 GHz cpu. Daniel that there are virtually no upgradepath information available for a machine of this old? I couldn't see why someone might not want to leave anyone to tinker with the stuff its still under warranty, but by now there may be any unit left of the warranty of this version.

Well well, thank you for your time and effort.


As far as I know the laptop was delivered with a Celeron 100 MHz FSB 800 MHz speed. But I've read many sites that usually it of not possible to upgrade the processor.

I also found information on the compatible RAM and size max upgrade. It seems that you can upgrade the RAM to 512 MB max and these modules are supported:
PC100 256 MB (PA3069U - 1 M 25)
PC100 128 MB (PA3005U)
PC100 64 MB (PA3004U)

More I have not found any official manual of maintenance. It seems that these documents are available only for authorized service partner Toshiba.

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  • Satellite 1800-100: need a display driver for Win XP


    I downloaded the driver, trident on the Toshiba site. But when I install it, XP pro says he won't.

    In the .inf file I see: compatible win 95 :(
    Can you help or extract a good driver on the same model?

    I test a lot of drivers, but nothing is good...

    Thank you.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Satellite 1800-100: BIOS error message

    I got a message when I turn on my satellite 1800-100.
    "bios (block3) is damaged (call your local Department of human)." "Place a maintenance disk in the drive and press to enter.
    I downloaded the bios and inserted in the drive. The laptop read the disk and successfully write the new bios, but when it restarted it have the same error message. So I need the MAINTENANCE DISKETTE.

    Thank you.


    In my opinion, this disc has all the service partner. In my opinion, you should contact them. You will be very happy if a user has something like that especially for this device older (three years).

    Good bye

  • Satellite 1800-100: message - Bios block3 damaged

    When my Toshiba Satellite 1800-100 startup appears «block3 damaged, please call military...» ». The CPU, memory, RTC battery, main battery, hard disk, power, work correctly.

    I tried to update the bios of dk using the F12 key without errors, but the message is the same at the start.
    Please, help me.


    There is nothing wrong with the hardware of the laptop but only with the BIOS!
    I read a few threads on a similar BIOS problem and it seems the BIOS has to be flashed again on the special way!

    It should be a message sayingPlace a maintenance disk in the drive and press on enter.
    Am I wrong?
    Well, this disc of maintenance is needed to repair the BIOS and only the authorized service provider could do that!

    In my opinion, you should contact the ASP in your country for assistance!

    PS; I found this very interesting forum thread:

    It is perhaps useful to s

  • Re: New SD-R6472 satellite 1800-100 - player target not found

    Hi fans of Toshiba

    I have a Satellite 1800-100 and bought a Player DVD SD-R6472
    I downloaded the SD-R6472 csel changer program but cannot execute it.
    It says "target drive is not found.

    I have already download the latest version of the bios

    Anyone know what to do next?
    It would be much appreciated if someone could help me on this

    Best regards

    There is a simple explanation; the firmware that you use is simply not compatible with your SD-R6472 drive.

    I don t think you will succeed to Flash the drives settings.
    Is that these tools is not available on the Toshiba page and I doubt that any software 3rd party would be able to do this

    Before you buy a CD/DVD drive, you must make sure that such ODD would be compatible with your laptop.
    In my manual, I have found information on compatible players.
    Maybe your user manual would provide info on the STRANGE compatible too
    If this isn't the case, then you should contact the Toshiba ASP for information on compatible CD/DVD players.

    Have a nice Weekend

  • Satellite 1800-100 Celeron 800 Mhz memory wich?

    As the subject says, I have a Toshiba Satellite 1800-100 laptop Celeron 800 Mhz with 128 MB of Ram and I need extra memory for it.
    I want 256 MB additional but which must be of type number in my laptop? Unfortunately, I couldn't find a good job site to find the answer by myself.


    Check the following URL. I used ORCA RAM modules myself successfully.


  • Question on change of processor satellite 1800-100

    Al first of all, Hello to everyone. I have a Satellite 1800-100 with a celeron 800 mhz CPU.
    I have from another DESKTOP PC, a PENTIUM III 700, and I want to improve my toshiba with this processor. I probed this celeron 800 mhz CPU during this work computer desk 1 year ago and it's because the processor of this Satellite is not a special mobile chip, with less power, etc.. It s a normal desktop CPU.

    But I want to install the 700 mhz PENTIUM III CPU inside the laptop, but...
    What I have to change the jumpers in the 1800-100 motherboard to install the 700 mhz pentium III or this motherboard is able to auto-detection of the processor type and automatically configure itself.


    Usually CPU replacements on laptops are not compatible and it s still a very risky game. It can happens that laptop does not work properly or will not
    In any case, I discovered that the Satellite 1800 series supports a Pentium III or Celeron processor.

    This processor can be used:
    -Basic operation of processor Pentium III with a clock internally 750/800/850 MHz, 100 MHz bus, and 1.70V
    -Internal basic operation of processor Pentium III with a clock of 1000 MHz, 100 MHz bus and 1.75 v

    -Basic operation Celeron processor with a clock internal 800 MHz, 100 MHz bus and 1.70V
    -Basic operation Celeron processor with a clock internal to 700/733/766 MHz, 66 MHz bus and 1.70V

    > What I have to change the jumpers in the 1800-100 motherboard to install the 700 mhz pentium III or this motherboard's power auto detect CPU type and auto configure itself.
    To my knowledge, it should start automatically. You do not need to change anything.

    But note; I m not 100% sure that you'll be able to remove the CPU because the CPU can be welded on the map.

    Best regards

  • New HDD for Satellite 1800-100


    I need a new hard drive for my satellite 1800-100, but I do not know which one to buy. All disks I found to date are the IDC standards 40 pins and ATA 100-133. They match my laptop? Help, please.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Kurt,.

    The best option is to check your hard disk for its model number. Then, you can Google for it to find its exact specifications and the purchase of a drive that is.


  • Satellite 1800-100: bad XP drivers?

    I visit the pages of pilot official Toshiba via the homepage of support, but as this link and Satellite 1800-100 pilots are wrong with OS compatibility:
    I selected and download drivers for Windows XP, but none of the drivers can be installed under XP because of these messages: to install the infrared driver because of this message: "it is a different style INF" - it is made for Win ME.

    Also "Aladding Cyberblade - Trident' display driver for XP cannot be installed, the message:"the driver is not compatible with XP.

    Why are there bad drivers on Toshiba support satellite 1800-100 pages?

    Also how can I run "Wireless link" for an infrared connection, whatever I do, I can't open 'wireless link in Control Panel icon', I click on it but it does not open without any alerts.

    Help, please.

    Thank you.

    I can't believe that. I n t have this unit but I have download several drivers, unzipped, and he seems to be good.

    In any case, try to use the drivers provided by the other 1800 satellite.
    I found the description in the option more information that most of the drivers are the same on the Satellite 1800.

    Check it out

  • Satellite 1800-100: video output does not work

    I just installed windows XP on my old Satellite 1800-100, but now my video output no longer works. So I just downloaded the latest version of the driver, but there is no way I can get it installed. According to Windows the new driver is more recent, so it won't let me update. And when I try to uninstall the display driver, I have to restart for the taking of effect and wile it restart automatically installs the standard driver again.

    Can someone help me?


    You say TV out port, or monitor the port? As far as I know, this unit is pre-installed with Windows XP Home edition at home and all the drivers can also be used for WXP Pro.

    You preinstall your own OS (no recovery image)?

  • CPU upgrade in Satellite 1800-100


    I have a satellite 1800-100 and I was wondering if the computer's bios supports a pentium 3 cpu, it has a celeron processor. I found a topic

    but he Don t have no response.

    Can someone tell me if this is possible? a P3 850 is really cheap and it could be a great upgrade :)

    Thank you


    The processor upgrade is not possible, as far as I know. A long time ago a user has tried the same thing and the new processor has damaged a whole unit because it was not properly cooled.

    Please be careful about this.

  • Satellite 1800-100 - cannot start when the cable is plugged

    My Satellite 1800-100 now only lights up when the power cable is plugged.

    It allows me to recharge the battery well when the laptop is turned off. And if I can use it only on the power of the battery which is not used for a long time - about half an hour just as much.
    What do you think is the problem? The battery or the AC/transformer cable?

    Thank you for your help.
    Kind regards

    I m not sure but I think it is a problem of the motherboard.
    I had the same problem 4 years or more (I dunno m) on another laptop. The repairman replaced the motherboard and the problem was solved.

    So you can look on eBay for a second hand motherboard for Exchange it.

  • Satellite 1800-100 and SD-R6472

    Hi all.

    I have a Satellite 1800-100 and I want to change the cd-rom included with a DVD - RW unit toshiba SD-R6472 drive, but then the BIOS not reconigze, shows "IDE #1 ERROR" and deactivates the device.

    That's happened? can I mount the new unit?

    I thank very you much.


    did you check the master/slave setting of the new drive? There must be a PIN with a connector!

    Pete Bye

  • Satellite 1800-100 microprocessor upgrade

    Hi!, thanks for this forum.

    Okay, I bougth a satellite 1800-100 four years ago in a shop, here in Spain. I improve my memory with a module of kingston pc100 144 pin with 256 MB. I mounted this module because this motherboard FSB is 100 Mhz.
    Now, my laptop has 384 MB of RAM.

    But, I would like to increase the speed of my 1800-100

    I opened the laptop to investigate the resources inside. I mounted and dismounted several times, CPU Intel celeron 800 Mhz processor. But I Don t know if it is possible to have more information on the characteristics of motherboard'internals. I would like to know which is the microphone the quicker one can get in my book. ¿Celeron 900, 1000, 1100 or more? Where can I get a pentium III 800, 900, 1000, 1100 or more? I didn t see indications or jumpers in the motherboard on the tensions, or speeds and I Don t now if this motherboard determines automatically the voltage and speed when the microphone is mounted. I have 1 or 2 microphones of fastest in the House, and I want to ride in my laptop
    without the risk of burning the microphones or the motherboard. Is posible to find information on our satellite motherboard. I Don t know who is the superior of technology of microphones that are supported in my 100-1800.
    It is the only way to increase the speed, because the chipset is not really good, and cheap nor quick. I think that when someone buys a computer, desktop computer or a laptop, it can receive all the documentation about the inner workings of a computer, so isn´t?

    I m sorry for my questions severals, but I m very intetesred with this problem...

    Thank you all...

    Hi, Rob

    Information about the technical details on his books will be no manufacturer of space available.

    A laptop is high designed compact Machine, which is not
    be for the upgrade of this element by anyone.

    OK, hard drive and memory are no problem as long as you can catch this part by opening a ceiling with screws.

    So finally, you won't find the technical details of the motherboard is this Forum here, the only chance I have is to talk directly to a technician of Toshiba.

    Maybe he'll tell you a bit about you looking for ;)

    Good bye

  • I need remove the guide of the Satellite 1800-100

    My laptop Toshiba S1800-100 need battery replaced CMOS, I am wary of die battery because today I discovered that the time of Windows is back about 15 days today, however my laptop has no battery, battery died and only the AC power feeds but it was unplugged for a long time because I was away for a long time.

    Yes, is there a guide step by step disassemble S1800-100 or where can I get a?

    I also expect advice on techniques for CMOS battery change as I am senstive to research disassemble the guide to avoid damaging the mobo.

    Thank you...


    The CMOS battery swap is quite complicated, and the laptop has to be disassembled. Maintenance manual is not a public document and I do not think that you will be able to find it for download.

    Only thing I found is to follow link

    Please check it out, but if you try to do something you do at your own risk.

    Good luck!

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