Satellite A100-564: need a newer graphics card driver


I can't update my Ati 200 M display only to the 6.14.10 driver and pilot it is very old.
I found a new driver on the ATI homepage but it doesn't work. Only the driver of Toshiba work.
Both are very old? I try more than 10 drivers.

The pilot on support is 8.126 but pilot 2D and the driver control is only 6.14.
But why can't download a driver from ATI.COM?

And quick question; can I change in my satellite A100-564 more graphics card?

Here, two short answer;

(1) drivers from the ATI websites are NOT designed for mobile graphics cards equipped in Toshiba laptops.
You can find this info on the ATI page:

+ All pilot and technical support for the products are provided by the original manufacturer of the notebook or laptop. Drivers are available for download at are for products of office only. +

Graphics driver Toshiba are specially designed for Toshiba laptops and it is very important that you use these drivers to avoid overheating of the material and damage!

(2) the mobile graphics cards are not expandable. The chips are fixed and especially welded on the map and can be removed easily.

Good bye

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  • Satellite A300 - need a new graphics card driver to play the game


    I have a little problem,
    I have the game of simulation of tractor and I'll start the following error message:

    Error: Not impossible not init 3D System.
    Shader 2.0 model is necessary
    Please install the latest video drivers.

    I install some drivers on my computer, that I found on the Toshiba site, but still you can't and don't know what to do with it.

    Could someone help me please?


    The error is obvious; the game can not start and run due to the graphic driver.
    I guess that you will need the most recent version.

    I think you should check your graphics card chip and search on some 3rd party pages for the other version of the Toshiba driver page driver driver won't help you.

    Good bye

  • Do I need a new graphics card

    I have a HP Pavilion Slimline s3400f running Windows 7 32 bit.  I have a HP x 2301 monitor.  I need a new graphics card to take advantage of the speed of 3 ms of the monitor?  I can renovate such a card?


    Very nice monitor. The HP Slimline s3400f PC has only a power of 160 watts power is a big problem for the addition of a discrete video card that would allow you to use digital instead of analog video video.  You will see an improvement in the quality of the image with the digital video.

    It is possible to replace the power supply and add it to a profile low low-power video card.

    Contact Athena and get a recommendation of the PSU. HP Slimline power of Athena. There are also mini-ATX converter cable.  If you get a 220 watt PSU then the below video cards should work.

    Look here in HP Partsurfer for video cards that are used in the new Slimline models with a 220 Watt power supply.  These cards have been made specifically for the HP Slimline PC with a 220 watt power supply.

  • Satellite A100-036: need WXP video, LAN, WLAN driver

    Satellite A100-036: need WXP video, LAN, WLAN driver
    SASA. [email protected]


    Satellite A100-036 is a part of the series PSAANE;
    Go to the page of European Toshiba driver and choose the PSAAN A100.

    You will find all readers for your laptop ;)

    Good bye

  • I think that I need a new graphics card for my Satellite M70 343


    I had problems with my laptop. After a start-up time specifications and give a problem with the IALMRNT5 pilot report. The laptop also gives some display problems, after a certain time, then another graphic resolution is displayed.

    I have restored the software but is not a solution and also I downloaded the drivers from the Toshiba Support Site!
    I think the graphics card to give problems.
    Where can I buy the new graphics card?
    Installed: Intel 915GM/GMS, 910MS Express smart card.


    It s not possible to exchange the VGA card in your system, since the VGA is soldered on the motherboard (the most important thing of your laptop on which all components are on) and if you have a problem with your graphics card then you should contact a local service partner authorized, due to a hardwarecheckup or a repair of your device.

    To find the closest just check the following link:

    Good luck
    See you soon

  • Games - Assassin Creed (original) - do I need a new graphics card?

    I just bought the original Assassin's Creed game for my new computor (2 months).
    However, the videos feature a shift of the audio-video and the gameplay is very slow.
    After verification of the automatic system of the game, my computor has at least the minimum system requirements to play the game.
    I already put it to the minimum performance parameters in the Options menu, it helped a lot.

    The Question: Do I have a new graphics card or more RAM or both?

    This isn't a bad internal card, but overall, there are better dedicated graphics cards. In addition, some games simply behave better with a dedicated graphics card and receive more support because the players tend to have dedicated ATI and NVidia graphics cards. If you continue to play the latest generation or even current generation games on your computer, I would seriously consider getting a good graphics card...

    In addition, the minimum requirements are just that, minimum. He does not play smoothly at all. Just that it's at least somewhat playable.

  • Choppy playback, need a new graphics card?

    Hi all

    I am currently using Premiere Pro CS4.

    With my GT8800 Alpha Dog 512 mb graphics card, is it sufficient for video editing?

    When I play the video on the first, it seems very lag and of course, it is not smooth at all.

    I imported the 1920 by 1080 HD format, which is filmed with Canon 5 d.

    I am looking at nvidia GFX480/470 or quadro series. But I don't want that there was capacity for a game too.

    Please advise me.

    Please advise me.

    Using any version of first before CS5, the video card will make little or no difference in the editing experience.  The biggest performance factors will firstly be the CPU and second memory.  Look for before buying a new graphics card.

    Having said that, CS5 is designed with pictures DSLR in mind, wasn't CS4.  Your best bet would be to upgrade first before buying new hardware.

  • Satellite 5100 503 - I need a new graphics card

    My 5100-503 Satellite picture shows scrambled during the start especially when the computer is hot.
    The sound breaks also.

    He was diagnosed as a problem of display card. The card has a chip from nVidia GeForce4 440 Go.
    What is the equivalent card available on the market or any reliable source?

    As far as I know the graphic card cannot be exchanged. It s soldered onto the motherboard and so you need a new mainboard.
    Are you sure it's a graphics card problem? You have the same problem on an external monitor? Check it!

    Maybe the laptop gets to hot, so try to clean with a jet of compressed air. This could blow out the dust.

  • Need of new graphics card for my Satellite Pro P100

    My Toshiba Satellite Pro P100 has no display screen or an external monitor, it has a separate Nvidia Geforce go 7600 graphics Card.
    Can any body tell me if I can get a replacement card?

    Thank you

    How do you know your laptop has a separate graphics card?
    Have you had success out of the mainborad?

    Sorry these issues but I m a bit confused. As far as I know graphics card is part of mainborad and cannot be replaced separately.

  • Need of new graphics card for my Satellite Pro M10


    I guess that my graphics card is broken because the quality of the screen is bad a flickering with green stripes. Almost impossible to read what is on display. In the list of devices, the graphics card is marked with the yellow triangle symbol.

    Its seems not to be a driver issue because it's the same thing at the start when you get into the bios (before windows xp starts).

    Is it possible to change the graphics card myself? I know, could be difficult, but I guess that I am capable of killing.
    But what card I can use? Now, it's a GeForce4 Go 410.
    Can I take a better as long as it's the same size and the need for cooling than the former? How do you know that you can adapt and where to buy?

    I hope someone can help.

    Thanking you in advance.



    Unfortunately, you cannot swap the graphics card because it s soldered on the main PCB (printed circuit board). If theres anything with Exchange of DIY. You will need to swap the whole motherboard to fix this error.
    Then if you still have warranty then bring your machine in an ASP. You can also bring your machine to an ASP when not in warranty, but you will be charged for the Exchange/repair of the motherboard and in your case, it could cost about 300-$500 (I'm just guessing, it can be much more expensive..)

    So if you really want a machine to work again then check this link:

    Welcome them

  • Very good work for Satellite A100-207 equipped with a graphics card

    Hello world

    most people know that graphical embedded or the graphic fight shared with high-end gaming. Well I'm pretty much playing pro Evo Soccer 6 on my pc at home with an old Prophet 3d geforce card. Now, imagine my surprise to play on my intel A100-207 standard work.

    It was far less detailed, but when I plugged an external monitor to the laptop even better.
    Don't know why, but this game shouldn't turn it on at all.
    I am very happy with the model indeed.

    It's nice


    I can only confirm your suggestion. I have another laptop Satellite but it also supports a shared memory graphics card. Many games run properly on it. Of course, I have to change the level of graphical detail at a lower stage, but it works.

    I think that sheared memory cards are not really bad. Many applications heavy performance (games) run correctly, but with a little lower graphic details.

  • Satellite A100 PSAARE: Toshiba Power Saver + graphics card noise


    Is there another URL where I can get a version update of Toshiba Power Saver for my computer drivers laptop Satellite A100 PSAARE other than the home page?

    It seems that it is not determinative of CPU fan (he always keep at maximum speed).

    Also, I noticed the graphics (GeForce 7600) too loud.

    If the monitor is off I can't hear it (just the CPU fan), but as soon as I started working it is audible and as a continuous beep kid.

    Is there a (software/hardware) fix for this?

    Kind regards.


    The European driver of Toshiba page is one place where you can get the drivers and tools for your European Satellite A100 PSAARE model.
    This time it s a v7.03.07.I Power Saver for Windows Vista!

    But I must say that I see no problem of software on your laptop.
    Cooling modules and fans have to run with higher performance to make sure that your hardware components may be cooled properly.

    Maybe a cooling module cleaning might help to improve the internal cooling and noise reduction.
    From time to time, I clean my fans for laptop using compressed air stream and the fans are running more silent.

  • Need a new graphics card

    The graphics card on my HP e9200z aw017 is fried because the fan stopped woking.  The graphics card is a Radeon 4650 4.

    This graphic cards sell HP which is compatible with this machine and my monitor does high definition?

    I suggest remove all your old graphics card cover plate will allow you to continue to use it. What I suggest is to remove the cover of the card (onboard) graphics on board port will allow you to continue to use the computer without graphics card installed. Please refer to the 3 and 13 below;

    1 - two 1.2 USB 1.1 for mouse and keyboard ports

    2 - S/PDIF optical audio port

    3 - port video graphics card

    4 - 1394 (FireWire)

    5 RJ45 Network (LAN)

    6. audio: Speaker of Center/Subwoofer out

    7. audio: rear speaker output

    8. audio: line

    9. audio: before line/speaker output

    10. audio: Microphone

    11. audio: output speaker side

    12 USB 2.0: 4

    13 - DVI - D port

    To continue using your computer while you wait for the replacement of the discreet graphics card, remove the existing card from the PCIe x 16 internal slot and remove the black plastic plate external (VGA or DVI) that says: "do not remove" the video ports shipped. Now, plug your monitor into one of these ports. Arrival of the new card, install it, and replace the plate to prevent you from the monitor on the wrong port.


  • Satellite L505 - recommendations for the new graphics card

    so Ive wanted to play dead space on my laptop, but there is no minimum required as far as I know. was wondering if anyone knew all graphics cards that are good for him and can be used with my laptop. And I need to know how to install the card.

    Hey Buddy,

    Please check this thread:𶳥

    As you can see, it is not possible to make a such update.

  • M70-147 need of new graphics card drivers

    Is this a new version of the drivers for my Ati Radoen X600se because I have some problems with a Vertain game I play? When I type alt tab at any time and im using the drivers from the Web site.

    Hi Patrick

    As you know M70 is fairly new unit on the market and I don t think that Toshiba has designed new graphics driver after this short period. If you want you can try to install the original ATI graphics card, but it can happen that drive installation is not possible because of the material.

    Sorry, but for the moment there is no solution. You can also check check and download page for Toshiba from time to time if an update is available.

    Good bye

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