Satellite A100: Media buttons do not work


I have the Satellite A100, Windows XP SP2. All the media buttons on the left of the keyboard has stopped working. They worked yesterday, I did not install anything or even shut down the computer since then. They just stop working.

Can someone help me to fix it?

Thank you!


I think you should first of all, clean the registry.
You can use a freeware tool called CCLeaner. It s great. I also use it.

After removing the old Toshiba control Utility and cleaned the Windows registry reboot once more and install first the common Modules!
After the installation of common Modules install Toshiba controls.

Good luck and feedback would be highly appreciated.

Good bye

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  • Satellite M70 - media buttons do not work

    Hi all

    I have been using the Satellite M70 for 2 years now. My OS is XP SP2. The laptop comes with preinstalled express media player. And I still have the Express Media Player recovery CD.

    For the reasons that I just formatted the C drive. This is not the first time that I did. But the last time after reformatting drive C Media buttons are still working fine. This time beside the reformatting, I have updated BIOS (from site Web from Toshiba) to version 1.50.

    Now media buttons do not work. And not more than (browser and CD/DVD buttons) shortcut keys. I tried to reinstall the express media player by booting from the recovery CD and reinstall chose. But the problem persists.

    Are there ways to get the media buttons still work?

    Help would be very appreciated.

    P/S: in case it is because of the update of the BIOS, is there way I can flash back to its original version?


    I have the Satellite M70-159 with BIOS V 1.3. I'll try to update BIOS to version 1.5 to see if the same happen on my M70 laptop. I did not Express Media Player, but I will test it with running Windows XP Home edition.

    So. Windows XP Home edition, I can use all the keys with Windows media player. Browser and all media buttons work well. With WinDVD too much work.

    I don't really know why this does not work on your M70. Maybe you should remove all the stuff your laptop and do a clean install EMC and operating system itself.

  • Re: Satellite A660 - media buttons do not work

    First of all I apologize if my language is not good, because I'm Spanish.

    I have a * Toshiba Satellite A660-13D * and this model has a button touch media at the top, next to the keyboard. Here is a picture with the buttons marked in red: []
    Two days ago the buttons works well. There are a few buttons, one for an ecological mode, one to turn wireless on or off, one for play/pause Media Player, etc.. These buttons work only those who turn up and down volume. The button that activates / deactivates the Mouse-touchpad does not work too.

    I'm looking for solutions, and one of them suggests the BIOS update. I tried to update my BIOS with the downloadable files of the Toshiba website for my model of PC, but when I run the executable, it always crashes with this message: Winflash for UEFI has stopped working. I read on someone with the same problem as me and someone replied that he should try executing the BIOS via a .iso file burned into a CD-Rom and boot from it. But, where I could get this .iso file? If I enter on the Toshiba site in English and go to the download section, I can't find my model Satellite, so I can not get the appropriate files. Is my Toshiba Satellite A660 13d, and I find only A660-ST2GX1, A660-BT2G22, A660-BT3N25X and similar products.

    I would really appreciate if someone can help me with this. Thank you.

    You have mobile EMEA model then all the drivers, tools and utilities that you can download from

    Try please reinstall extra package from Toshiba.

  • Satellite A300-1GN - media buttons do not work with Win 7


    I installed windows 7 to my Toshiba satellite a300 1gn, short model No.: psagce and some illuminated media buttons do not work.

    I have the last drivest but still nothing. first button is expected to control the lighting of media buttons, touchpad and Satellite logo.

    second button is expected to open media player or something like that. the other front buttons work fine!

    Could someone helt solve me my problem?

    Hi mate

    Have you installed the VAP (value added package)?
    This package contains the necessary application that controls the media keys!

    Please check European Toshiba driver page for this package and install it!

    Welcome them

  • Media buttons do not work on Qosmio x 770

    Media buttons do not work.
    When I press the wireless button to open my windows media player, and you press the 3D button and play / pause turns off my touchpad.

    What can I do? Please help me!

    Original recovery image is preinstalled on your laptop Qosmio (original OS that you got with it)?
    At first attempt please reinstall extra package from Toshiba.

    Remove the version preinstalled system, restart your computer and install the latest version of the Toshiba download page -

  • Satellite A100 - multimedia keys do not work correctly with Win XP


    I use a Satellite A100 with Xp sp3.
    Recently, the media keys did not work properly.

    When I open the Windows media player 11, I can go to the previous song, but I can't stop, pause, or skip to the next track by pressing the keys.
    Is this a hardware problem?

    Any help? Thank you.


    I doubt that its material related question I think that its software I m thinking: Reinstalling Drivers and tools

    First install the common Module. This should me installed initially.
    Then, install the tool called controls.

    All these applications can be found on the European driver Toshiba page.
    You must choose the right model number!

    Check it!

  • Satellite A210 - FN buttons do not work with another OS


    I reinstalled my Toshiba Satellite A210-1BX with another operating system Win
    My problem is, that the Fn - button does not work and is not pop down on the top of the screen.

    Should what program or driver I install this function? I have installed all the drivers on the Toshiba site :-/

    Thank you


    Why you n t post what OS it is? I mean that there are several Windows OS on the market

    So I can't help you right now but for Vista, you have the Toshiba value added Package. Visit the Web from Toshiba!

    Good bye

  • Satellite P750 - Multi Media buttons do not work

    In recent days, multi media buttons (i.e. buttons to increase or decrease the volume, brightness, etc.) do not work.

    My laptop Details: -.
    Model number:-Toshiba Satellite P750
    OS:-Windows 7 64 bit.

    Have you installed any updates last days?
    What you can try now is to reinstall Toshiba Value added package.

    The most recent version can be downloaded from the Toshiba download page -
    Check it out.

  • Satellite P305-S8832 - media buttons do not work with Win7

    Hello friends, wise

    I recently installed two new hard drives (500 GB 7200 RPM OS / 500 GB 5400 RPM DATA) and I did a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit on my 3 1/2 Toshiba Satellite P305-S8832. Everything except the media buttons works well enough.

    I downloaded the drivers from the Toshiba repository, including the installer of the Software for Windows 7 Toshiba and package valued Toshiba. These touch buttons above the keyboard and between the speakers still doesn't work, no light, no response, nothing. I checked the bios.

    These buttons work out of the box with Ubuntu Linux, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

    Any advice?


    In General, the multimedia keys are controlled by VAP (value added package) and the buttons should work after the installation of VAP.

    Found the drivers here:
    [Satellite P305-S8832 drivers: rpn = PSPC0U & modelFilter = P305-S8832 & SelCategorie = 2756709 & selFamily = # 1073768663]

    It seems that there is also a newer version of VAP.
    Check other new series Sat P in order to get the latest version of VAP.
    Also install the hardware installation. This tool allows you to customize your hardware parameters

  • Media buttons do not work in Satellite P300-21st using Win 7


    After the turning off my laptop, last week, the buttons of media suddenly stopped working.
    The strange thing is that they are flashing all the time, even when the laptop is turned off.

    I downloaded the toshiba Web site VAP (although the version was a 2009 one, if there is a new one for my laptop please let me know. Maybe I can use a VAP, a similar model.
    My system is Windows 7

    the other weird thing is that I have disabled the option of the illumination of the F2 Setup but the media buttons are still on.

    I also tried taking the battery, etc., but nothing

    any ideas?


    The VAP is a Toshiba Software and as far as I know, you can use the other version of VAP, which was released for other series of laptop.
    For example, you can use the VAP released for Satellite P500, P750 series or higher.

    But I m wondering why the s button led is always ON even though the lighting is disabled in the BIOS.

    > I also tried taking the battery, etc., but nothing
    It is also my idea unplug the power adapter, remove the battery, hold down power button / stop along 30 sec.
    Then connect the AC adapter and check the functionality of the multimedia buttons.

  • Satellite P745 - touch buttons do not work

    The touch buttons above the keyboard for media on my Toshiba Satellite P745 series controls and shortcut keys do not work.

    Any solution for this?


    At a first try reinstalling additional package from Toshiba and verify functionality.

    Post comments.

  • Equium A100 av buttons do not work properly

    I have a satellite a100 with play buttons pause and f/r on the left side of the keyboard. Suddenly and without apparent reason, two of them refused to work. Only the stop button and the button of the internet will continue to operate? It would be a software problem or do you not think that the buttons are broken inside the machine?


    I don t think that the laptop or command buttons are broken. In my opinion the Toshiba control utility will not work. Why? Who knows? Maybe there's something wrong with the registry entries.

    I recommend you to download the Toshiba control tool and the common modules of the driver page.
    First remove the old controls of the operating system. Then restart the computer, reinstall the common modules and the new command buttons Toshiba utility.
    After restarting the laptop buttons should again work.

    Good luck and have a guy day ;)

  • Satellite A100: Recovery DVD does not work

    I want to restore my Toshiba Satellite A100 laptop to its original factory condition, but the DVD that comes with the package of recovery does not work...

    I have load to start computer press F12, and it starts on the DVD. It says "Loading RAMDISK Image", after which I am told by Toshiba customer service there should be options to clean up the hard drive or restore Windows XP.

    However, after VIRTUAL disk, I see a cursor on a black screen, and then the laptop off and restarts. After the connection, NO CHANGES made...

    What is the problem with that? How can I really use this recovery DVD?
    Someone help me please.

    Thank you.


    The recovery procedure is not difficult.
    Just try to boot from the recovery CD or DVD and follow the Guide on the screen line.

    Your problem is very strange. You have created all the partitions on the HARD drive?
    I put really t know why your recovery CD doesn't work properly, but I think you should try to completely format the disk (also partitions), then try to boot from the recovery CD.

    Don't forget that the laptop is in the boot mode. (don t mix the standby or hibernation mode)

  • Media buttons do not work on Qosmio X 770-h-13 using Win 8.1


    I can't turn the service wireless to bar media from Toshiba on the keyboard.
    All the buttons (except the volume) do not seem to work.
    Eco = ko, Ko without thread = 3D = KB, CD is k, k = illuminated keyboard.

    You can enable the Windows 8.1 wireless button, even if the key on the keyboard does not work?

    Donato Genua

    > You can activate Windows 8.1 wireless button, even if the key on the keyboard does not work?

    Yes, you can activate the WLan settings Windows 8.1
    Press the Windows and C (charm bar will slip in)-> settings-> change PC settings
    On the left, you will see the network settings box
    Here, you should be able to activate the Wlan.

    By the way: the X 770 series doesn't seem to be winning 8.1 supported. This means that pilots Win 8.1 are not available for this model. But special software is required to use the multimedia keys.

    Not quite sure if he could help, but try installing the drivers Win 8.1 and tools (i.e. Toshiba system driver, Toshiba Key Utility function) that have been released for Qosmio X 870.

    Good luck

  • Satellite L855 - FN buttons do not work after upgrading to Win 8

    Hi all... I had updated my Windows 8 Satellite and I followed the instruction guide.
    After the update the fn keys do not work correctly:

    I can't adjust brightness Display
    I can't use the multimedia shortcut
    I can't turn the volume
    I can't set power button wifi bluetooth, but only switch to airplane mode

    Thank you


    Have you installed the upgrade wizard to win 8?
    The upgrade wizard to win 8 allows you to get all the drivers Win 8.

    In General, the FN buttons are controlled by VAP (value added package)

    > I can't switch Bluetooth Wi - Fi, but only switch to airplane mode
    Air airplane mode disables the BT and WLan as well, that's how it works in Win 8

Maybe you are looking for