Satellite A135 - new installation of HARD drive "windows cannot be configured.

I have a portable Satellite A135-S4467 with a hard drive failed (WD 160 GB).
I bought a new hard drive (WD 320 GB).
When I try to install windows vista (32 bit) on the new hard drive by using the original factory software installation CD toshiba, I get the following error message:
"windows cannot be configured to run on this computer hardware.

After reboot, Windows will start normally or in safe mode.
I updated the BIOS to version 1.9.
I tried also to install the updated RAID/AHCI drivers of intel to the windows installation, as recommended by the windows forums - I always get the same error message, even after several attempts to completely reinstall windows.

Several forums, I searched for recommended to change the settings of the HDD (RAID COSM) in the BIOS.
I don't know how / if to do this. When I enter the BIOS, I see the hard drive, but I can't select it, so I couldn't try it.

It seems that I've tried everything, without success. I took care to unplug all external/etc devices during the installation as well. I also did all the drivers are for vista 32 bit.

Help, please!

Have you tried to install the OS using the Microsoft installation disc?
There may be a compatibility problem with your new HARD drive.

Do you get a place another HARD disk capacity not more than 200GB and test it?

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  • Satellite Pro A210 - error recovery after a new installation of HARD drive


    I have a satellite pro 210 (bios v1.6) has died the HARD drive.

    I bought a new WD Scorpio Blue 250 GB HARD drive and ran the reinstall drive (I've done exactly this for a friends Equium a month or so back and all worked flawlessy!)

    Everything worked fine until the first re-boot, went through the usual stuff:
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    Then a windows background, spinning slider with waiting message please, much HDD activity
    Then the sudden error:
    "Installation of Windows could not configure windows to run on a hardware on this computer."

    Does anyone have ideas, what it might be?
    A google search suggests the sata bios settings, but I do not see in the configuration of the bios page.
    In my view, there is a new bios v2 by download - would this help?
    If so how can I install it when the computer does not start vista? Or any other suggestions?

    Thanks for reading.

    Cheers, Stephen


    The SATA driver is not necessary if you use the Toshiba Recovery disk because the image on the recovery disk contains the SATA driver.
    So there must be other reason for it.

    In your case, I recommend setting the BIOS settings by default and start over once the recovery procedure.
    Maybe something went wrong during the configuration of the OS if second installation is worth a try

  • Satellite L300 - new info required hard drive

    I own a Satellite L300 and need to replace the hard drive. I am in Korea and went to the DEPOT, but they could not only replace the drive hard because they had only them in Korean, so I have to go elsewhere to get one in English (this is what I was told anyway) I don't know much about computers, I'm looking for help.

    When I bought my computer it came with Vista pre installed, so I don't have an installation disc or something like that. Because I get a new hard drive, I also will need to buy Vista and install it myself?

    Hello, my friend

    I'm a bit confused after reading your ad. Replacing the HARD drive is so simply and can be done by anyone and I do not understand how the service couldn t be able to do this. for this action, you need 10 minutes and can be done without manuals or service manuals.

    If you want to do this alone, please follow these steps:
    -Turn the laptop
    -Remove the battery
    -close to the battery you will see HDD cover fixed with two screws
    -remove the screws and the cover of the HARD drive
    -remove the block of HARD drive by pulling on the tab of the battery, following the direction of the arrows
    -Place the pack HARD drive on a flat surface (such as a desk) and remove the two screws flat head black with black head screws
    Please be careful with hard drives and apply pressure to the top or bottom of the unit.

    Vista operating system
    New Toshiba laptops are delivered without disc facilities but recovery image is saved on the HARD drive. When you start the laptop for the first time, you will see the recall of information you need to create this single disc using pre-installed Toshiba Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator. If you do not create and now the HARD drive is faulty, you have a problem. You must order the new Toshiba recovery media or you can use disks of Microsoft facilities to install Vista.

    If I forgot something please let me know.

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    Please tell me the correct procedure to return this laptop running to a factory State. I have the original Windows7 and Windows8, Driver and Application for the two OS disks ' are...  I want to stay with the installation Windows7.

    Thanks for any help on this problem. I have no idea where I was wrong!

    It is not impossible that the new disk is bad, have seen before. It is also possible that the controller sata on the motherboard is bad, but I'd watch this last possibility. You can get an Exchange on the new hard drive?

  • New installation of hard drive on Y510

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    That's exactly what I did, and it worked like a charm... have not tried restoring to a single key, but I clone the partition of the same size. I encountered an error while trying to boot Windows, but there is nothing that the Vista recovery environment could not fix it for me in a minute or two. I think that the manual fix for this would be to start at a command prompt or from the recovery console and use the commands /fixboot or /fixmbr to take into account the reorganization/resizing partitions.

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    Hello Keith,

    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft community.

    Thank you for details on the issue.

    This problem can occur if the storage controller and chipset drivers are not updated or due to incorrect BIOS settings.

    I suggest you use the steps in this article and check if it helps.
    Windows 7 installation problem: hard drive not found

    Note: Changing the BIOS / semiconductor (CMOS) to complementary metal oxide settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/CMOS settings can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

    I hope this information helps.

    Please let us know if you need more help.

    Thank you

  • PC crashed - installation on the new PC or HARD drive

    My PC with one of my installed CC Suite licenses seems to be dead. I am assessing whether I need a new PC or a new HARD drive is internal.

    I have an installation on a Mac (that I want to keep), but I was wondering if I can just download "installing PC" on the new PC or HARD drive and allow with my CC Identifiez_ you?

    Will I need to "deauthorise' previous installation?

    I can not access the software CC deauthorise it manually from the dead PC and wonder if I try to reinstall on a new machine, if the system will say just that I'm over my limit of license because I have not already deauthorised installation?

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    Bought the new 250 GB hard drive, but with it cant start System. The version of the BIOS is 1.80 I have to update so that it will support 250 GB? I think that's the problem because when I remove the hard drive from the system can start. Can you post the link to the download for a newer version of the BIOS if there is a previous hard drive was 40 GB?

    Thank you

    Hi andmk,

    I doubt that your computer will start if you remove the HARD drive. If no HARD disk is installed the computer is not able to boot and start Windows because the disk HARD, the operating system is installed.

    In any case, what exactly happens if you install the new HARD drive?
    Is it recognised in BIOS?
    Can you do a recovery on the new HARD drive installation?

  • I want to clone my original equipment existing 500 GB HARD drive to a new 1 TB HARD drive replacement. How?

    G ' Day,.

    I'm getting too big for my old 500 GB HARD drive, so I bought a new 1 TB HARD drive.

    Now I have all of the rescue disks that I made when I first got my laptop Compaq Presario CQ57-105TU . I could use them & fresh install all software & original OS, but then I have to start from scratch and re-install all the software I have installed, in addition to redo all adjustments & changes I made to the Windows 7 operating system since the first day - a year ago.

    Not really how I want to spend the next week or two around.

    I would like to clone the orig 500 GB HDD & all of its content to a new 1 TB of HARD drive.

    Sounds like where I want to go, but for 1 small question. I heard that if I just I'll have about 500 GB of space available new but I was also told that I will not be able to create new partitions of disk on the new HARD drive because of any existing partitions on the original HARD disk are created.

    1. is this true?

    2. in the case, where can I find a failsafe procedure to accomplish the clone, & then create 2 new partitions to cover the free space on the new drive.

    3. If so, is there a work around? If there is what is the procedure (plse give me cramps of brain with the jargon of techno... tnx)

    Some additional information that might be important.

    At the present time, my HARD drive has this configuration:

    Now that (Q) Local drive is diferent.  It shows 0 bytes available & 0 bytes used, & I don't have access to it.

    Computer of my wife... another laptop CQ62 model... also has the same drive,

    but hers is labeled as Microsoft Office 2010 Starter... as 0 bytes available & used - also no access, & as below, not showing is not in Dmgt.

    This drive does not appear in my Configuration of MANAGEMENT OF RECORDS :

    Thanks for your time & consideration... Bobby

    Him early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese

    OK...'s done it!

    I used my CLONING HDD DOCKING STATION friends exactly like this, but he bought from a different seller 2 years ago.

    All I did was take my 500 GB drive original & placed in A slot (the front slot - Master) & I placed the new Toshiba 1 TB disk in slot B (the second slot behind Slot A... Middle - Slave). I turned the power on the box. I waited until readers spun & were ready, & I don't have a press the red button on the box...

    25% light started to blink & cloning began...

    About 40 minutes later 50% light began to Flash & the 25% brightness has remained stable.

    This means that 25%of the process has been done, & he went to 50%. .

    This sequence was continued until finally all the lights were on fixed (25% to 100%) which means that the clone was complete.

    I think it took about 2 hours and 15 minutes to clone completely.

    I closed the box power off. Then, I removed the two discs.

    I installed the new drive in the laptop carefully, & reinserted the battery, & I plugged power/charger/adapter sector of the laptop.

    Then, I ran into my fingers & press work / laptop computer shutdown.

    A few seconds my laptop has been as always to initialize.  I just had to check to make sure that I have installed the new drive... & Yes the one on the desk was the original, no doubt which means that my laptop startup disk was indeed the new drive I cloned just to.

    My laptop is started without fault!  without a hitch. Just as he always had.

    I used my computer management Administrative tool - disk management & made a simple volume for the 450 + GB of free space, affecting the next letter available player - in my car (F) case & I named it so.

    Everything worked perfectly, I can read & write on the new partition/volume. As I mentioned previously, I probably won't be able to start from scratch, but my drive (C), but it's fine for me.

    So, what have I learned?

    Well, first of all, my Compaq Presario CQ57-105TU can go to 1 TB of HARD drive without modification.

    Using the cloning method, I did no doubt saved full at least 1 weeks of resettlement work if I selected the new installation method using backup/rescue disks when the computer was first, I created started way back when.

    Outside the 2 + hours time, it took to clone the drive, 15 +/-minutes initially to remove & reinstall the drive, & the time it took to assign the new free space a drive letter (every 5-10 minutes) the procedure was clearly simple cut, I know could have been done differently, but not as simply as the method I chose.

    Pepe, thank you much for the time you spent researching my issues & responding to my message.

    I'm so glad all your fears & roadblocks have been made not, & in the end, it was possible to accomplish the task against our initial concerns - count in a very loose way with the greatest ease.

    Here are some pictures of the Station of Clone (the box) exactly like the one I used:

    Congratulations to all,

    Bobby, alias DreamRyderX

  • can I have installed hard drive window

    My dear, I have a problem. I have dell core i3 with Windows vista. When I buy my albums lab 1 window cd also available. After a while a window installed from the CD and after that I received an error when start my lab top and I can't installed some drivers like DOLL bilu and wireless. now I want to reinstall the window of hard drive... is it possible? and how it is possible

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    You cannot reinstall hard unless make you it bootable and copy the installation files. I really don't understand what you're saying here, something about drivers. IF you are unable to install them, download and manually install (drivers on the manufacturer's Web site from your)

  • Image portable HARD drive for transfer to the new computer portable HARD drive on the same laptop


    Laptop was to receive the new HARD drive more big;

    Configuration is complex and has a lot of data and SW engineering.

    Own re - install would take too long.

    In operating systems earlier I just created an image, installed the new HARD disk and restored the image.

    In Vista, it does not. New HARD drive with image does not start. (Partition is correctly selected as active)

    Tried other methods, including Robocopy but without success.

    Sysprep is the right solution? If so, how will this affect users profiles and installed applications?

    Thank you


    Hi Paraxis,

    Whenever we use the system image and restore from it, the hardware must be same, as has already been made to backup. The hard disk partition should also be in the same size.

    You can use Sysprep on your computer and check if that helps you solve the problem.

    Preparation system (Sysprep) tool is a technology that you can use with other deployment tools to install Windows on new hardware, operating systems. The Sysprep tool prepares a computer for imaging of disc or delivery to a customer of the configuration of the computer to create a new computer security identifier (SID) when the computer is restarted. In addition, the Sysprep tool cleans up user-specific and settings specific to the computer and the data that should not be copied to a destination computer.

    Access the links below for more information on Sysprep. (WS.10) .aspx (WS.10) .aspx

    I hope this helps. Let us know the results.

    Thank you and best regards,


    Srinivas R

    Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Can satellite M70 - I use all hard drives 2.5 "?

    All HDD 2.5 "can be put in Satellite M70 or they must have specific dimensions? For example, I thin on Samsung spinpoint [model:].

    It will be OK for my laptop?


    As far as I know the Satellite M70 was available with hard drives SATA and IDE hard drives. If you have a SATA HDD, you can use this HARD drive.

    The Satellite M70 takes to load only SATA150 (SATA1) but this isn't a problem. All SATA2 HDDs runs SATA1 mode and are 100% compatible.

    Good bye

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