Satellite A200: no mode 'sleep' and ignores switch screen off time.

I recently bought a Satellite A200. It does not have a 'sleep' mode and power settings do not seem to work. for example, I put the screen turns off after x minutes and he ignores it.

Any help gratefully accepted.


You have a series of European Satellite A200 If Yes, then I don't know if the 0 button would recover your m system
The recovery CD would be necessary in your case.

But by pressing 0 and using the recovery CD would be to format the HARD drive. So in both cases the data backup would be necessary.

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    Thank you
    Irfan H, Engineer Support Microsoft Answers.

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    1. What are you referring to whn that tell you immediately the Quick Launch button remains on constantly?

    2. are you referring to the Dell docking station?

    You can try to update the graphics card and check if it helps to solve the problem.

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly ' t-work correctly

    Also check out the Dell support link to download the drivers:

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Satellite A200 - 10 X sleep mode troubleshooting


    1 first, I would like to know if my laptop supports "Sleep Mode" or not.

    If the answer is 'Yes', then this is the problem,

    I put my laptop to go into "Sleep Mode" when I close the lid, either it works on battery or AC adapter / CC... but when I close the lid, it will stop and the lid to stay blue and does not turn into the orange flashing as said the manual and does not respond to any key, even the key of power... and it still on that until I have set her free in contineous pressing the key market so that it completely stops...

    This also happens with all the options that lead to "Sleep Mode"... i.e. I have NO 'Sleep Mode '...

    any suggestions?

    THX I have nadvance,

    First mate, I want to know what you mean with the mode 'sleep'?
    Do you mean the Hibernate mode or in stand-by mode?

    Please tick the option which is enabled by closing the lid.

    This setting can be changed in the Vista operating system power options!

  • Satellite A200-1IW waking up from the idle screen mode - black

    I lost the instructions "Eve". I have Vista 32 bit official A200-1IW.
    A few days ago, I noticed that by pushing the "sleep" button I get one screen is turned off.

    Hard drive is working as processor (I hear the fan works) and seeing only flashes red. Incidentally, Hibernation is still alive (powercfg/h on) and hybrid sleep mode is turned off as it was before in power management. So I made no changes in the BIOS and in the registry.

    Enough of tender regular Vista upgrades. And thinking about it, I ve tried to recover the System State which was confronted with the problem. No difference. I used in the powercfg /a command line it shows S3 is active, S1 and S2 is not supported.

    I ve tried to change the power management settings and get no results. I can use the hybrid sleep mode, but I put t like it. Now the "sleep mode", single screen is turned off.

    Can you help me with my problem? I found a similar problem in the forum...

    PS. I disable LAN, I have not all updates are running and other applications. Maybe some service is hunging this mode and in that case why is the work of hibernation?

    I think that the solution is simple.
    You must update the BIOS and the graphics card driver.

    I read here in the forum that it must be a solution for these problems with the mode 'sleep'.

    Access the Toshiba driver page and choose your laptop and Windows Vista.
    Update the BIOS, then the graphics card driver.
    Restart the computer to update the latest Vista patches and reboot again.

    Once this laptop procedure runs correctly

  • Satellite A200 - Format C drive and reinstall


    I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 with a 32-bit, windows vista, who bought about 4 years ago. He became extremely slow and crashes on a regular basis. I want to format the C drive and reinstall windows vista. Afterwards, I'm going to re - install all drivers. I have questions about the process

    1. I have the recovery disk provided by Toshiba. Is this enough to do what I need from higher up? Also she's windows, because I checked the drive and could not find the Windows Setup files

    2. the recovery process reformatted all the partitions or only my windows drive (C :). I prefer if it puts only C: drive and not the other readers. However, I am still back up all just in case readers

    Thanks for the help.



    Yes, to format the C drive and reinstall Windows with the drivers and tools of Toshiba, the recovery disk is sufficient. Factory settings will be restored on your computer in order to have the same settings as you purchased the computer.

    Recovery disk reformatted the whole HARD disk, so you must all on another drive to backup and a backup of all important files should always be made only before reinstalling Windows ;)

  • Wake up the Qosmio F50 - 10G system mode 'sleep' and boots account locked window

    Why when the laptop is put to sleep and left for a while, flashing light and stops when you press the power button / laptop will wake up showing the BIOS screen then boots in the window account locked?

    Why I get this is event viewer? Source ACPI
    The embedded controller (EC) data returned when none was requested.
    The BIOS may try to access the European Community without synchronization with the operating system.
    These data will be ignored. No further action is necessary; However, you should check with the manufacturer of your computer for an updated BIOS.

    When Windows 7 starts, the icons on the desktop, menu start and records are white then start then normal fill when seen once again, any reason why?

    I used Windows 7 drivers.

    Thank you

    Hey mate,

    I have too many Qosmio F50 and you can change the option if, after hibernate or stand-by the account should be locked or not. As far as I know that this can be changed in power management.

    About this window of Event Viewer, I never heard talk about this and my Qosmio F50 works fairly well with Windows 7. You have installed all the drivers for it? You have yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager?

    I also used Windows 7 drivers, but did you download from the Toshiba page? These drivers are pre-tested and normally should work pretty well.

  • Satellite A200-1AB has Bluetooth and if yes how I turn it on?

    I have a toshiba satellite A200-1AB, I was wondering if there is a bluetooth cos I can't

    Check if your laptop has a BT tag at the bottom of the unit.
    If so, then the laptop supports the BT module and you could turn it on by pressing the FN + F8 key combination.

  • Satellite A200 - 1 GB: images and display color starts to shake

    I have a satellite A200 - 1 GB, and sometimes it reverses the colors of the screen and starts the image starts to tremble. In the beginning, this event was rare, but now that it becomes more frequent.

    I have the latest drivers and all the vista updates. This first grit in the first I used it (with no other software installed).

    Can someone help me with this?
    Thank you

    > Sometimes it reverses the colors of the screen and starts the image starts to shake

    Didn t see something similar and to be honest I don't think that this could be related software.
    I would say that the dysfunction of the LCD or part as FL-ups or something like that.

    I think that you shouldn't t waste time for an investigation and should contact the ASP to the extent possible.
    Guys should check the laptop and if necessary should replace defective parts.

    The guarantee seems to be valid so don t be worried. It should cover everything!

  • Satellite A200 PSAE3E - no loading and opening at startup Flash cards

    I have a Satellite A200 PSAE3E and noticed recently that Flash cards do not appear now when I move my mouse to the top of the screen pointer.
    I checked that the program is set to start when the laptop is turned on and I looked at the settings for the program and everything seems OK.

    However I can't get them to appear if I double click on the file and start it manually.
    As a temporary solution, I put a shortcut on my desktop to start it.

    Any help would be appreciated.



    Start the * msconfig and check if the Toshiba Flash Cards are verified and activated in the Startup tab.
    In addition, you should check if the service that controls the flashcards has been activated.

    Welcome them

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    Thanks to anyone who can help me find my sanity!

    Hi Shesarock,

    1 - is the computer going mode to "sleep" after the installation of the device to the computer or is unable to put the computer in standby mode?

    2. you are unable to get the computer out of fashion 'sleep'?

    Refer to the article below and check if it helps.

    The problems of wake the computer from sleep mode

    The screen saver does not start after the installation of a wireless pointing device

  • Vista wakes up immediately mode 'sleep' and then at irregular intervals

    When our standard Dell Vista machine is put into mode 'sleep' almost always wakes up in 30 seconds approximately. It is in "standby mode" for more than a few minutes it then randomly wakes at other times.

    There is no scheduled tasks or updates running during these times so I don't know why he wakes up so often. SP1 has been applied and its updated with patches.

    Anyone know why the mode 'sleep' is more than a NAP of 10 seconds?

    See you soon

    "Wake on LAN" is a parameter you can probably find in BIOS Setup settings, accessed at the start of the boot.

    keys to access the BIOS Setup. Go to: Mark L. Ferguson MS - MVP

  • Satellite A200 - crashes after sleep

    Hi guys,.

    I have a little problem with my laptop to the end. For some reason, my laptop almost always (95% of the time) decided to freeze after I'm back on a sleep. After that I put the laptop to sleep and then turn it back on, the laptop will work fine for about 2-5 minutes before the processor stops to do anything (the processor light would be completely off).

    I tried to close all programs before I put it to sleep without success.

    Could there be a reason of this because after rebooting, my laptop would work fine, no blocking or crash at all, only after he falls asleep.

    Thanks for your time and help,


    Before we start a long discussion about everything and nothing, this laptop you have exactly?

Maybe you are looking for