Satellite A210-171 bios update procedure?

Good afternoon.

First post for me and it's like the title says, really.

The procedure on the support pages ([]) does not appear to cover my case. I downloaded the package to update the bios twice now, but although method 1 seems closest to you, there is that there is no file "BIOS" (Windows batch file) (BIOS.bat). in the package. I'm a little confused and reluctant to move forward without knowing exactly what to do, only too aware of the consequences of being wrong!

All boards who are authorities on what to do would be welcome.

Thank you.

You try to install this update the BIOS?

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  • Satellite A210 PSAFGC - Bios Update to get rid of the white screen problem

    I also have the white screen problem and I would like to update my bios to version 1.30, it came with.
    The problem I have is that I have a number of room A210 model PSAFGC.
    Support bulletin 98082422 for the update of the Bios does not have my room exactly number and I can not find something for my model.
    The 2 updates are at 1.70 and 1.90. I read the text of these two, and they seem quite different.
    Don't know what to do. Here is the info of the bulletin.


    Update the BIOS of the computer to resolve this problem, by clicking on the link in the following list for your computer model.

    -Satellite A210 / A215, Ref. PSAFGU: BIOS version 1.70
    -Satellite A210 / A215, Ref. PSAEGU and PSAELU: BIOS version 1.90
    -Satellite Pro A210 / A215, Ref. PSAFHU: BIOS version 1.70
    -Satellite P200D / P205D, Ref. PSPBLU and PSPBQU: BIOS version 1.40

    REF. of the computer it is printed on a label on the underside of the case.

    Any help?


    The Satellite * A210 PSAFGC * series seems to be a Toshiba * Canadian * series and I would recommend checking the Canadian driver Toshiba page if you want to download the compatible BIOS for your laptop.

    Here is the link to the page:

    Best regards

  • Satellite A210-16F - BIOS update gone bad

    Yes, the flash upgrade did not go with me as, like many I've seen. Weird that toshiba recommends a bios flash when you get the errors of installation win7 / vista, and have many fail.

    I tried 3 versions of different bios of the internet, 2 from the site of toshiba (2.0 and 2.1, I thought) and alaa200a.rom.

    When I do the disc of crisis with the crisdisk.bat (even do it in DOS) it copies all the files on the floppy disk, also tried different phflash versions. Older actually seem to load for 2 minutes, the most recent tend to charge for a few seconds then stops and starts loading again etc.

    Needless to say that all my efforts with these bios have not paid off for a bit.

    When I put the laptop normally and when I press the Fn key on the keyboard, the Fn actually lights up, but nothing else happens.

    Anyone who would have an idea what to do, apart from buying a new bios chip?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS, I have a Satellite A210-16F PSAELE


    I think that you have to contact the ASP (SAV) to reflash the Bios. The Bios failure topics discussed almost every day and no one can give a good solution and more communicating with ASP.

    You can read an article that maybe can be useful for you:

  • Satellite A210 - 17l BIos update to take care of advanced format HARD drive problem

    Hi all

    Really hoping someone can help me with this.

    My old HDD not was not so I cloned the entire disc before it failed. -Just in time, too.

    I ordered a new drive - it's a WD scorpio black - Advanced format.

    Unfortunately I can't get my picture on this new album.

    Also, I am unable to do a reinstall with the original restore also cd because it doesn't have service pack 1 and that means that it can't recognize the HD.

    In any case id prefer to be able to restore my image and not make a re-install when even if possible.

    So my question is this:

    Y at - it an update of the bios I can ask my another pc version 2.00 is available which will include options to change the options of ide drive - ahci?

    It's the only solution I can think of-bearing in mind I do not have an operating system installed, so the alignment tools are not an option as another fix. -Fast technology of storage Intel drivers do not work, because I have an AMD athlon processor.

    So is there any BIOS I can Flash my computer with to activate the options mentioned?

    I have a method to Flash the bios with a BONE, so this isn't a problem.

    Also other suggestions for workaround on this more than welcome.

    Thanks :))



    Update BIOS don t help you. To my knowledge, it does not add additional options such as a switch between AHCI and compatible mode.
    In addition, you can use ANY BIOS. You must use the BIOS that came out for the model of laptop. But as I said, this isn't a solution.

    In addition, the image of Toshiba already contains all the drivers in order to install the system. It s any SP1 isn t the image part.

    I guess you're talking about Vista OS, given that the laptop came with pre-installed Vista OS.

    I recommend you format the HARD drive first.
    Use a tool called Gparted. You can create a bootable USB key containing this tool.
    This allows to start Notepad in order to format the HARD drive.

    The installation of the system using the recovery disk

  • Satellite U400 - doesn't have a Bios update procedure

    Hey guys,.

    I need help!
    I was updating my laptop works Bios and I had the power cord plugged in (no battery, he was at home).
    In any case, we had a power outage in the heart when I was doing the set date.

    Now, when the computer starts all the lights come on and there is no display, then a long beep.

    Can any ideas on how I fix?
    It is still under warenty

    Thank you


    Unfortunately buddy; There are not a lot to do.
    It seems that the BIOS update procedure has failed because of the failure and the module ROM was flashed properly.
    I hope that the motherboard isn't too bad.

    In your case it s is strongly recommended to contact the local ASP.
    Guys should be able to help you
    I'm not very well if you need a new motherboard or just a new update of the module m ROM
    But the ASP technician needs to know what needs to be done

    Good luck & welcome

  • Satellite A210-171 - new graphics card update

    Currently, I have a toshiba satellite A210-171 with an ATI Radeon® X 1200 graphics card.
    Mass effect on the laptop, I installed and I can't play it because my graphics card is good enough,

    I was just wondering if anyone knew a graphics card which i can have this laptop which is either NVIDIA GeForce 6 series (6800 GT or better), ATI X 1300 XT or better (X 1550, X 1600 Pro and HD2400 are below minimum system requirements).



    I presume you didn't search forum discussions on upgrading graphic I'm right?
    In all threads, you can always find the same info; No, that s is not Possible!
    Mobile computer technology is just different, an upgrade to the graphics card can not be done!

    Laptops are very useful due to the portable but mobile use cannot be upgraded like current desktop PC.

  • Question about 1.70 - victory on Satellite A210-19 bios

    Hi all
    I have satellite A210 - 19A and I found a new victory in version 1.70 of the bios on toshiba website. Is it written somewhere of what precisely it fixed? I ve got BIOS version 1.50 now and my pc works well so I don't know if it's good to install it. I fear some strange things could happen and I know that I can't go back return old bios, or what I can?

    Unfortunately, Toshiba doesn't publish details on the improvements in the BIOS.

    But buddy note; If your laptop works properly without worries, then a BIOS update is not necessary. You should know that an update of the BIOS is always risky. Wrong or bad BIOS update procedure could damage the ROM. module
    That is why a BIOS update must be done ONLY as a last resort!


  • Satellite A210-171 - unable to connect to any access point or router

    Hello. I don't know that this is the right forum. Not something I do normally but since I am desperate to solve this problem, I'll give it a shot.

    So I bought a Toshiba Satellite A210-171 nearly a year ago. It has a built-in wireless driver.

    The problem is, however, I can't seem to connect to any access point or router. What I end up getting most of the time are so a message saying that I am connected but with limited connectivity which means I can't access the internet. At other times, the network in range will appear in my network list, (with a signal strength excellent), but once I have select a message appears saying that the connection attempt has failed. And at other times my laptop detects the network connection and functions smoothly.

    I do not understand of course. So if someone could explain to me why my laptop selects and selects Wireless connections, that it connects and how I can solve this problem, I would be grateful!

    Thanks in advance

    Have you tried to update the driver on your laptop?
    Check the Toshiba site for an update: > support & downloads-download drivers online

    And if you are already on this site check for a BIOS update.

  • Satellite A210-171 - curriculum vitae of Vista failed

    Satellite A210-171 running Windows Vista 32-bit Home.
    At the start, I have Windows RESUME loader screen showing error and asking to choose either 'continue with system summary' or 'Delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu. BUT the keyboard does not respond (not even to select the caps lock). Must turn off switch to restart.

    All on a touch after the startup splash screen Toshiba produces a blank screen (same f8 and other function keys).
    Tried default BIOS settings to no effect.

    This problem occurred a few months before and has been resolved by wiping of hard disk and put on a fresh copy of windows from a CD of Vista. Now, it's back--cannot keep from scratch!

    To be honest I n don't know what can be the reason of this problem. If you don t have some important data saved to disk HARD reinstall Vista with recovery DVDs.
    When bring you your laptop, press F12 to enter the boot menu, put the recovery DVD in the optical disc drive, choose the CD/DVD drive in the menu and press ENTER.

    Just follow the menu on the screen and reinstall Vista.

    By the way: this model works perfectly with Win7 32 bit so if there is a possibility, I recommend you to use Win7.

  • Satellite A210 - 171 (PSAFJE) - powers but does not start


    I hope someone can help me. I have a satellite A210 - 171 (PSAFJE). When I press the power button, the blue satellite lights text at the front left lights up, the light blue power (O with a top vertical bar) the HARD turns, the clique CD/DVD drive on a couple of times and its orange light flashes but nothing (BIOS and POST) is displayed on the screen.

    The battery and the power supply are fine.

    I tried to fix a screen of stand-alond without result.

    The CPU HSF seems to be spinning and blowing air on the side.

    I removed the HDD SATA and attaches to a desktop system - it reads and looks quite good.

    I reinstalled the SODIMM - in fact, I removed the and then replaced them, everyone in the slot on the other.

    When powered, if I press on the "* FN *' & ' * F10 *' keys together, the indicator below the F10 lights & stays on until I repeat the sequence of button.» This happens not with ' * FN *' & ' * F11 *'.

    I downloaded a * + Satellite A210/A215 Satellite Pro A210, Equium A210, Satego A210 Series Maintenance Manual + * (first edition may 2007) but the instructions for * + remove the keyboard + * do not appear to be correct and notes to open the laptop (to have a look on the system map) say you must do this first (and appear not to be accurate in any case).

    Someone has an idea what more I can do, what might be the problem or where I can get the valid instructions for opening the case?

    Thanks much for any help.

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    > Someone any idea more I can do, what could be the problem or where I can get the valid instructions for opening the case?

    In my opinion, you did all that would help determine the possible fault
    I would check also the RAM and the HARD drive first, it seems that the HARD drive is ok and that the RAM modules are not the problem. I don t think that the two modules of RAM might be bad at the same time, so I think that the problem can not be linked to the faulty RAM.

    It is possible that the CPU or the motherboard is affected, but in this case, some diagnostic tools are needed that would allow to obtain more details on the affected parts

    But this can be done by a technician of Toshiba ASP so what to say that sounds like a serious hardware problem (motherboard, cpu, etc.)

    But try this: unplug the power adapter, remove the battery and leave the laptop disconnected for a while and then connect the two parts and try to turn on the laptop

    If this is not enough, it helps technician ASP would be necessary

  • Satellite C660-13R - BIOS update problem

    Hi all

    I was updating the BIOS on TOSHIBA SATELLITE C660-13R of 64-bit windows 7. Downloaded driver toshiba web. To halfway the portable installation hangs. I left it for 40 minutes to run, but he did not return to the normal state. As the motherboard fan began to move at high speed, I decided to take out the battery. Result when I power my laptop back I 1 beep from the motherboard and a black screen.

    Can someone help me please?

    Of course, the BIOS update procedure has not. Something was wrong during the update process and it seems that the EMRPOM module was not properly flashed.
    This is the reason why the laptop is no longer.

    Possible solution?
    Well, if EMPROM isn t damage, it should be possible to re-flashing the BIOS module once more, using special version of BIOS and crisis disk BIOS.
    Usually the authorized Toshiba maintainer in your country should be able to re-flash of the module using this disc of crisis.

    I also read in this forum that some people managed to re-flash EPROM module using some 3rd party crisis disk found somewhere in the internet but it still does not
    The ASP will therefore probably be your last resort

    However, to use the forums advanced search option to find related discussions on the crisis disk BIOS could be interesting for you

  • Satellite A210-171 - maximum capacity of a hard drive?

    What is the max HDD capacity satellite a210-171 may take?

    Hi turboiwan,

    As much I know satellite A210-171 has already interface SATA HARD drive so that you can install each HARD drive with this interface because the standard SATA are without capacity limits. This means that hard drives of 500 GB or more may work.

    For example, I upgraded my laptop with 500 GB Western Digital drive HARD and this worked great.

  • Where to find maintenance manual to disassemble the satellite A210-171

    Hi guys.

    I'll have a bit of a dilemma with my computer laptop satellite A210-171.
    The CPU fan plays up and I need to replace.

    The problem is that I'm unable to strip this thing down.
    I already have some small studs plastic broken on the Strip above the keyboard, and I now know exactly how to remove the touchpad and the cover.

    I use the FRU guide for satellite A210 claiming to also apply to the satellite a210 series, but many of the screws indicated in the guide are not on this laptop.
    The position of some components also differ.

    I'm not familiar with working with computers and their components, but when it comes to laptops, I feel very uncomfortable when something does not move and I don't see why.

    If someone could direct me to the right guide FRU for my model or ome other material of appropriate reference, I would be very grateful.

    Thank you.



    Unfortunately, maintenance manuals don't are not downloadable did not find all pages that provide these manuals only manuals that are also pre-installed on Toshiba laptops can be downloaded.
    But as far as I know Satellite A210 is the same as Equium A210 so the two series are not very different.

  • Satellite A210-171 supports Bluetooth

    I own a satellite A210-171.
    I don't know if there is a built-in Bluetooth.

    How can I tell if my laptop has built-in bluetooth or not?

    Check the bottom of the unit.
    If there is a Bluetooth label then the laptop was equipped with the internal Bluetooth module.

    If there is no label of BT, the BT module is not installed ;)

  • "Satellite A210-171-freezing error event ID - Kernel-WHEA.


    In January 2008, I bought this laptop satellite (A210-171) and have during the month or so it started to freeze, and the only solution is a hard re boot, after which it is fine for awhile. I fear that I will lose all my data or it will go wrong at the wrong time and so I would like to get it fixed.

    According to Event Viewer, it's Kernel-WHEA Event ID 2

    Does anyone know any task etc that may fix this problem?

    Thank you

    Luke Fisher


    Laptops or the OS can freezes for different reasons.
    The freezing system can be caused by a faulty memory, but this issue could also be related to corrupt software.

    If you, it would be very interesting to know if the system hang after a clean install. ?:|

    I have a Satellite A210. I installed Xp and Vista and I n t notice serious trouble with the laptop.

    In my opinion, you should study a bit.

Maybe you are looking for