Satellite A300-15V: keyboard does not work after that Win7 has started


I just installed windows 7 64 bit on my A300-15V and some strange problems:

When I boot up, the keyboard and the touchpad works until I log in, as soon as the desktop appears my keyboard and trackpad stopped working.
If I restart the laptop everything seems again works fine.

Sometimes in the middle of working on something, the laptop and the trackpad will stop working completely and I have to restart the laptop to operate again.

I installed the chipset drivers listed under my OS, but that has not solved the problem.

Can someone point me in the right direction?


Hmm, please set the BIOS to default settings!

You can enter the BIOS by pressing F2 while the laptop starts.

You also need to install the driver for the touchpad, as far as I know there are two drivers; Synaptics and Alps. The two must be installed.

Please check also if the touchpad is not disabled by pressing FN + F9 key combination!

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    The only key/button that works is the power button. The dvd/cd drive works.
    Help, please.

    The external key board I use has no FN key. a f1 to f12, but when I hit the button on the external key board f8 nothing. Please help me get internet light somehow.

    Thank you

    And what kind of help do you expect now? What can we do?
    Why you n t fix it and be happy with the new keyboard?
    How long you want to use your laptop in such a State?

    Contact Toshiba service, let them swap keyboard and clean your laptop. OK it's a bit chilly but you'll well workbook again.

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    I see it as one problem for others:

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  • On NEW laptop keyboard does not work after that the screen keyboard has been activated and then deactivated.

    Look at my friend got a new laptop and went through the whole upward. the on-screen keyboard has been activated which invalidates the real keyboard when the on-screen keyboard has been disabled the real keyboard has NO return. If this is a bug... Fix it. This is not a driver issue, it is not a user error. Stop giving people answers, trying to pretend like it's not not the OS when most people already know that it is.

    I'm sorry, but I didn't not new meant only one day.  And when I got my new laptop, one of the first things I did was to create a point of files, even a day later I had a restore to use - point and that was possible here as well.  I'm sorry it wasn't the case.

    If the system restore option is not available, do a startup repair, boot from the disk Installation of Windows Vista genuine (or one that you can borrow from someone) or a recovery disc.  Here is the procedure:  You may need to change the BIOS to do first the CD drive in the boot sequence to boot from the CD.  To do this, hold the screen that tells you the key F to push to enter the menu start or start of installation.  Push it quickly. Make the changes, save your work and exit.  Put the CD in the drive and reboot.  When you are prompted, press any key to boot from the CD.

    If you do not have a floppy disk, you can make a bootable recovery disk by using with burning software like: and, of course, a blank CD.

    If this does not work, you can try to go into the BIOS during the startup (the key appropriate to push appear on the screen to enter the boot menu or boot installation - try them both in turn if both appear. It is possible that the BIOS contains an option to disable the keyboard (which may have been activated by the keyboard on the screen but not changed when disable you the on-screen keyboard) and you may need to re-enable manually.  There is a slight possibility, but it is an option to try.

    Another option to try is to set up a new user account that has never used the keyboard on the screen and see if the regular keyboard works when you connect to this account.  If so, you can simply treat the original as a corrupt account account and use the following procedures to complete the transfer.  To fix this use

    I hope that one of these aid procedures.  I'm sorry if they seem to 'generic', but we do not really know what is the problem - especially since the system is new.  We try and identify the cause and fix the problem at the same time using the procedures available to us.  I suspect there's a registry tweak will correct this problem, but I went through the whole registry, and although I found several referencers keyboard, I could find no which seemed to control or not activate the main laptop keyboard (though it has been in one of the entries that has been encoded in binary that I couldn't read).  It's possible someone who knows more about the registry will respond to this issue with a proposal to amend (or perhaps another solution).

    I hope that one of the solutions I proposed works.  Please post back in all cases we will know whether or not to continue searching for an answer.

    Good luck!

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  • Satellite A300 - Chicony webcam does not work after upgrade to windows 7

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    When I go into the Device Manager in the Control Panel, the webcam is not listed; nor is "imaging devices."

    I tried to download the driver manually, but I get an error message "Webcam open fail." Restart the computer or the camera. »

    My computer has registered my webcam as 'unknown device '.

    If anyone knows how to solve this problem, please, I beg you, let me know.

    > My computer has registered my webcam as 'unknown device '.
    > I tried to download the driver manually, but I get an error message "Webcam open fail." Restart the computer or the camera. »

    This means that the the webcam driver is not installed correctly.
    Visit the page of European driver of Toshiba and install the software/driver webcam just for this model of laptop.

    If the installation fails, restart the laptop and the tent.
    This should solve the problem.

  • Satellite L505-119 - keyboard does not work after the spill incident

    Recently had a minor spill on my laptop incident. Quickly, I removed the battery and the power and let it dry for a few days.
    After two days I tried starting but without success. Then I carefully opened the laptop and carefully cleaned and dusted it all the way to the motherboard. Surprisingly, it started working perfectly again, with the exception of the keyboard and I don t know what to do.

    I tried making sure that the band is correctly inserted into the motherboard of countless times and tried to uninstall and reinstall the keyboard drivers, but both were not helping. What I want to know is; If there is anyone of you who have had the same problem, and if there is a way to check if it s my keyboard or motherboard that is broken.

    Thanks in advance

    >... If there is a way to check if it s my keyboard or motherboard that is broken.
    In my opinion, there is only one way to check: replacement keyboard. You should test the functionality with the new keyboard to see if everything is OK.

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    the same problem. He repeats to me go to keyboard settings and make sure that it says allows full access to Bitmoji and it does. Should not have upgraded to iOS.

  • Keyboard does not. Able to use for the connection does not work after that.

    The keyboard works to connect. But does not work after that.

    Hello Sml15,

    The embedded screen keyboard should still work even if the physical keyboard isn't.

    Try this first...

    Press and hold the Windows key and the space bar.

    If no joy, go to the search bar and with the built-in keyboard, type the filter keys and choose key filter on or off.

    In the window of the ease of access to the keyboard, disable FilterKeys.

    If all goes well, which will fix the problem.

    Let me know how it turns out.

  • Keyboard does not work after authentication on the RDS Session host

    When you connect to the RDS through the access portal or app keyboard does not work after authentication on the RDS session host. Offline authentication works very well, past will guide you to the RDS host, then when you try to reset your password, the keyboard does not work.

    Has anyone else had that... ?

    Options (some better than others!) are:

    1. move all MS applications seamless

    2. have an application named "Reset your password" (or similar) which uses MS Seamless.then you can leave other applications, as they are

    3 disable authentication carried forward and implemented our service reset password instead so people reset their password before can connect you.

    4. use the full desktop instead of transparent

  • Satellite M40X-189 - keyboard does not work - long beep consisten

    Hello world

    Thanks in advance for any help provided.
    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite M40X-189.

    The problem is that the keyboard does not work, and it beeps long consistent. I have to press the keyboard for him to stop, when I get loaded in Windows, the touchpad is ok but I can't type anything with the keyboard. I checked the connection on the keyboard and it went ok.

    Is it possible that the computer tells me that the keyboard is down and replacing it will fix both problems?

    I don't want to spend money on a new keyboard for the same thing happen after installation.

    Anyone who can help me with this problem?

    Thanks again for any help provided.

    In my opinion it looks like a defective keyboard, and I think that a new keyboard to solve this problem.
    External keyboard works on your laptop?

    So in your case I would swap the keyboard.
    In addition, you can contact the nearest ASP and ask for help. Technicians can swap the keyboard for you and order a new one.

    Good luck!

  • Satellite x 200: Webcam does not work after I have connection on Microsoft messenger

    Hello everyone

    I have a Satellite x 200 SLI and for some reason any webcam does not work after I login on messenger... Even when I disable messenger and even disable internet... it still does not. Only when I restart the operating system.

    Anyone has an idea on how to solve this problem?
    Already did the updates but still, anyway.

    Hi Gabriel

    Check it out!
    I noticed several discussions on this issue, it would be really interesting to know if the SP1 fixes this annoying problem

    Your comments would be appreciated

  • Satellite 200-170-keyboard does not work and the keyboard stops working

    My U200-170 2.5 years, I have the following problem:

    When after the start of the key is opperated the keyboard does not work and the keyboard no longer works (works until the button is pressed) connect a keyboard and a usb mouse. does not work because that device unknown. After Internet received external usb driver work ok. someone at - it an idea to solve this problem.

    Thank you


    Sounds like keyboard problem.
    The operating system uses the pilot to clean keyboard and generally it s not necessary to reinstall the special keyboard driver.
    But one thing is really strange; the yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager

    Eventually it s only a problem of software in such a case, a system restore can be useful...

    Have you checked if the keyboard works in the BIOS?
    Do this!

    If the keyboard does not work in the BIOS, then you will need to replace the internal keyboard with the new.

  • Equium M50-235: the keyboard does not work after upgrde memory

    I just did an upgrade memory on my laptop using the second slot located under the keyboard.
    However, as I was putting the keyboard at the rear, the ribbon cable has pulled away from the motherboard and even if I pushed
    Reconnect and fixed with the clip, the keyboard no longer works.

    Is there a service manual I can get hold of someone know what could be the cause of the problem?

    Thank you!


    First of all, once you unscrew the keyboard, open the clip that secures it in place and reinstall the keyboard by ensuring that it is completely down. After that, now the flat cable in place, close the clip. Then, make sure that it is not lost and that it is seated correctly. Then turn on the laptop and see if it works. If this is not the case, try an external keyboard. If an external keyboard does not work, the keyboard on your MB controller is dead and you need a new MB. If an external keyboard works then your keyboard is dead, or the connector on the MB is dead. Best way to test is to try the first solution. If it doesn't work, take it to an ASP so they can try another keyboard for your laptop. Good luck.

  • Trackpad and keyboard does not work after upgrade to Windows 10

    Trackpad and keyboard do not work after the upgrade to Windows 10 in Boot Camp on a MacBook Pro in early 2011. So, I'm unable to enter password. How to connect? Can I go back to Windows 8?

    1. you can turn off your Mac and your power it back up and hold the Alt/Option key.

    2. you can also run the following procedures to restore the OS default.

    3. If you use a Mac 2010 to run W10, officially Apple does not support the combination. Older than 2012 Mac is not supported for the W10.

    4. Please see also Boot Camp: the operating system default value .

  • Satellite A300D-15B - Webcam does not work after upgrade to Windows 7

    My webcam does not work after upgrade to Windows 7. I installed the drivers but still having no luck

    Hey Buddy,

    What does it mean exactly when you say he won t work?
    You get an error message or only a black image? What model of laptop you have and that you use the Toshiba Windows 7 upgrade kit or a disc of Microsoft?

    At this moment I can only offers to install latest driver of the webcam of the official website of Toshiba. Make sure that this driver is released for Windows 7 and not Vista.

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