Satellite A300-1BZ running slow


I just bought a Satellite A300-1BZ and I am not very happy as the laptop seems to be very slow...
I'm used to a 3 years old is not very powerful laptop and my new Satellite is most of the time slower.

For example just to log in a 'normal' Web page processors must run at least 60% to 70% and keep this speed even just to keep the page running...
Is this normal?
I would have immagined such a new machine to be much better...

Someone else has the same problem?

Please let me know I think of sending this laptop back...

Thank you

I agree with Joey please don t forget an important fact. You use the Vista.
Been to Vista specs and details?

This new Microsoft OS is a monster. He eats the material resources and therefore you feel a slow performance.
In addition, your laptop was equipped with different features and installed after many different applications that control functions.
All programs running in the background s Vista and generally, they use a portion of the CPU performance too.
All this can affect the performance of notebooks.

So please don t compare this laptop with older laptops because most of these older machines is not equipped with the same characteristics and the same software!


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  • Satellite A300-1BZ: %1 is not a valid win32 application after change of themes

    Having had my Satellite A300-1BZ for a couple of years now, I found myself suddenly bored standard vista themes and started playing with change them. (I was after a ultimate black watch with change start menu and buttons etc.)

    In any case cut to the Chase, I went wrong somewhere with VistaGlazz through to replace something like shell32.dll
    As it said in the readme file I changed it to shell32.dll.bak

    My computer has continued to run fine until I ran a reboot. After that, I got after the log on screen was a blue screen with a mouse.

    Luckilly I have an iphone so managed to get on internet forums and find a solution which was to use a command in cmd.exe that fixed the problem.

    The only thing is now that I have a very basic windows Classic theme that when I try to change to Vista in the theme settings it gives the message:
    * "the theme could not load. %1 is not a valid win32 application. "

    Any help and step by step for the user base would be much appreciated! I guess it can't be that bad since Windows is still running and working properly!

    Thank you

    Hi tarmacsnortingmonster,

    That is the reason why I n t play with any 3rd themes part because I always read from time to time on various problems after installation. So I don't use Windows themes pre-installed and don t have problems.

    In any case, I think you should try a system restore to an earlier point before installing this theme.
    I hope this helps if not it is time to reinstall Windows, I think that :(

  • Battery not detected on Satellite A300-1BZ




    Have you bought an original recommended by Toshiba battery?

    Are you sure that the battery is OK?

    Do you have the same message using the old battery?

    For me, it seems that the new battery is not fully supported...

  • Satellite A300-1BZ - 2nd location on hard disk?

    Hi friends

    I'm new to this forum so forgive me if I don't post under the good discussion!

    First of all, I wanted to know if a 2nd HARD drive can be added to my Satellite A300-1BZ (PSAJ4E-03L016KS)?

    If this is not possible, no one knows what is the largest (gigabytes) compatible HARD drive that can be installed on this laptop?

    Finally if one of the above options is available to what type of disc HARD would I have to install (size) & I would be limited to the use of a mark of toshiba HDD?

    Any comments would be appreciated!

    AFAIK the A300 supports SATA HDD and usually there is no limit!

    Theoretically, you can use all the available 2.5 SATA hard drives.


  • Cannot enable Bluetooth on my Satellite A300 - 1BZ

    My laptop package listed on bluetooth but I can't afford that. FN + F8 operating just shows WiFi power.
    Also there seems to be nothing in the Panel Manager or control device. I was wondering if maybe it was the bios previous to version 3.6 upgade the problem but I don't know if it's on before that.

    Sorry, but I didn t find info on BT on this laptop model -

    Are you sure that this laptop has Bluetooth?

  • Satellite A300D-17F runs slower than expected

    Satellite A300D-17 F

    Hi friends

    Since I bought this machine, I am not happy.
    There is a problem: he works so slow than other laptops and they have inferior properties.
    I don't understand.

    I almost have to break. I've done all the tips (uninstall tempro, stop the backround programs, program viruses... etc) but it's the same.
    -J' I want to listen to an mp3 that is not open for ten seconds, watch the movie it is not open again for 9 to 10 seconds.
    -i wana to connect to a site web it freezes
    -for example the search for Messenger is taking once again for secondssssss
    -implementation of xp, it is hourssss
    but the machines of my friends who have inferior properties are so fast

    Is there someone has this machines? It has the same problems? or only I have these problems?

    Thank you very much right now.

    Hi mate

    > Configuration of xp, it is hourssss
    This means that you have tested the laptop under Win XP?

    How did you install the Win XP? Have you installed using AHCI mode (in BIOS) or you switch to compatible mode?

    By using the compatibility mode that HARD drive could run slower and this could affect the performance of the operating system.

    Solution: You must install the Win XP in AHCI mode. I think the laptop supports the AMD chipset and the required drivers are therefore part of the ATI graphics chip.
    Download the graphics driver, choose the drivers SATA and include it in the Win XP disc using nLite application. nLite is free and all details can be found in the internet.

  • CorelDRAW X 3 crashes on the Satellite A300-1BZ

    I'm moving to a desktop environment for my new Satellite A300.

    The only problem I encountered is with Graphics Suite Corel X 3. It works fine on the desktop in XP and also on my laptop Toshiba no woman under Vista Home Premium. On the A300, it hangs in unpredictable ways. Sometimes it does not load, other times it loads and gets an error Vista immediately.

    The error message is not specific and the program closes. I have Vista and X 3 fully updated to the latest versions of the service. So I guess the problem is likely to be the installation of Vista on the A300 programme.

    Can anyone suggest where to look to fix this?

    Hello Peter

    In my opinion, you should check the FAQ section of the software manufacturer. Maybe you will find some useful information about the configuration under Vista.
    Have you tried to remove it and do fresh install?
    Check what applications are enabled to auto-start? Try turning off all that you don't need.

    It is not easy to say what the problem is here. All we have own OS configuration with different applications that run in the background.
    In my opinion, providing the answer to that is nothing but the mission impossible. ;)

  • Cannot create a recovery for my Satellite A300-1BZ CD

    I tried to use the Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator repeatedly and with many different brands of discs to create the recovery disk.
    However each time as the laptop is about to finish burning the disc, there is an error and the operation not can be completed.

    I don't think there is a problem with the drive as I have used for many other things including watching movies without problem.
    Could Toshiba please send me a recovery disk instead?
    Thank you

    > Could Toshiba please send me a recovery disk instead?
    A mail recovery disk? Very interesting. Mailed 4 GB image is not so easy.

    I don't know what you're doing, but if you want good tip then use Verbatim or TDK DVD-R blank media. For the DVD-R.
    I have too many Satellite A300 and recovery DVD, I created successfully.
    Do you use DVD-R virgins too?

  • Intel Matrix Storage Console - Satellite A300-1BZ


    I have an A300-1BZ and I noticed that the Intel Matrix Storage Console is informing me that I have 3 (0,1 and 2) SATA ports.

    He informs me that ports 0 & 1 are in use (I have 2 hard drives mounted) and port 2 is not used.

    What I want to know is - it possible that this small A300 that can accommodate a 3rd hard drive?

    The comments appreciated!

    As far as I know, none of the Toshiba laptops can operate with three hard disks.
    Two only. even more great multimedia models as Qosmio have two hard drives only.

  • Satellite A300-1BZ with Vista - Port Com disappeared

    Hello world.

    My first time and I'm a bit of a dunce with technical stuff, so please be gentle with me!

    A300-1BZ with Vista.

    Some time ago I installed "CarSoft V.83" (diagnosis engine) of CD on my laptop. He asked me to check the com port.
    I looked in Device Manager and in the list that I saw "port com 4". OK, we'll go with that then. Everything worked well and I was luckily away talking to my car.

    Yesterday I went to use it for the second time and he says there is an error with the com port and 'check' the com-port.
    So, I got the Device Manager to the top and there is no mention of any com ports in the list! It is the last time I looked, and now he's disappeared!

    I was at a loss what to do, I uninstalled the CarSoft, then re-intsalled once again. Received the same error message.
    Went to Device Manager. Still no com port 4 from the list, or anything that pertains to a com-port.

    I don't know how or if I can get it back.

    Help, please!

    Hi mate

    First of all there is no COM port. The com port that you could see in the Device Manager has been a virtual port created by the software of the car.

    What to say
    I recommend to remove the software of the car of the first installation.
    Then download the CCleaner and clean registry and system entries.
    Restart the computer, and then rerun the CCleaner
    After that, install the software in the car again

    Maybe it helps

  • Satellite A300-1PH - very slow meeting of Windows

    Toshiba Satellite A300-1PH.

    Because of some virus, I started the recovery on my laptop and installed Vista Edition home premium windows fresh. But now I am facing a problem.
    My windows is loading very slowly. When I start my laptop, after the Windows logo appears, it takes almost 4-5 minutes to load the Destop and the appear the message "Please wait".

    Before recovery he never had so much time. Onliy since 1 month since I bought it.

    Can any body tell me please what is the problem actually?


    This is normal behavior after the clean install of OS and many people have noticed the same on the different laptop models. The solution is very simply you need to optimize the operating system preinstalled.
    Please visit -
    And pick up the info how to proceed.

    Good luck and please send some feedback.

  • Mousepad & keyboard do not work under Win7 on Satellite A300-1BZ


    I just installed Windows 7 on my laptop that is about a year now, but the mouse pad and keyboard do not work. No lights on the caps lock keys or anything either, the only way to get to work is to press the power button so that the laptop goes to sleep and then press it again to turn it back on, then wakes up the keyboard but the mouse pad still does not work.

    I can plug in a USB mouse and it works, but I would prefer if the keyboard and the touchpad just would first work place! However if I restart the computer using the touchpad keyboard then suddenly works.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

    I upgraded my Satellite A300 to Win7 and two works of features perfectly.
    Did you upgrade or clean install of Win7?

    To be honest, it's a little strange. I installed Windows XP Home edition, Vista and now Win7 on my A300 but the touchpad and the keyboard worked fine all the time.

    Have you noticed this immediately after the departure of punch or later?

  • Acoustic bass on Satellite A300 1BZ

    I have a sound problem with my A300-1BZ laptop. The sound is low. My friend has an older model of Toshiba as mine, but he has really good sound. Especially when we connect laptops same speakers hi-fi sound is really low every other A300-1BZ laptop.

    I've updated the sound card, but I could not find solution. There nothing actually. Can you help me please?

    For you it of a low sound for someone, maybe this volume is not too low.
    I mean that it's not easy to tell if the sound should be stronger

    What you can do is to check all the volume controls in Control Panel-> sound
    Check if they are set to a higher value.

  • Satellite A300-1ED - super slow performance of SSD

    Hi people,

    My 2009 toshiba a300 is a great laptop, but after 5 years of use, it slows down a bit.
    I tried to improve it with new CPU - unfotrunatlly BIOS run.

    So, let me show you my current specification: T2390 1, 86 MHz dual core, 4 GB of 533 HD3470 GPU, RAM, windows 7 64 bit edition Home premium and to speed up everyting, I recently bought 120 GB 840 evo ssd.

    The results? Horrible...
    17, 4 MB/s when copying random file.

    Guys, help me.
    He got the last intel ich8 drivers (I can't install Intel Rapid Storage - don't know why "this platform is not supported'), beta drivers GPU, fully updated, Bios 1.80 Samsung ssd frimeware magician WIN. Startup time is also very slow.

    > Results? Horrible...
    I'm not sure but think that the SATA HDD controller supports SATA so you can expect the theoretical speed of 150 MB/s I. (or lower) but so be 100% sure you should install some like Everest Home Edition or AIDA64 hardware diagnostic tools. In the best cases, it would be SATA II

    What SATA mode is set in the BIOS? AHCI or compatible?
    If it s all in compatibility mode, the SSD drive would not use SATA properties.

    In order to use SATA performance, you must set the AHCI in the BIOS and installing the Win 7 system, you must add the SATA driver (part of the set of Storage Manager intel IRST)

  • Satellite A300-1MC is slow using Win XP

    I recently spent 400 odd quid on this laptop.
    Hated Vista and installed XP Pro.

    However, I find when I get my screen 'connect' on XP, my office rises and it takes 10 years before you can start applications like Firefox, etc (hourglass, etc.). In fact its probably the same speed as my old Satellite 1900 d (which is 8 years old). But once it loads its fast 'enough' fast but not lightning.

    I've defragged after countless updates of windows and it seems to be faster. But still very disappointed. Any thoughts?
    Virus scanner is Mcafee Total internet

    I also played with 'start-up' thru MSCONFIG and got rid of things I don't need, but always without success.

    The A300 is really that slow? I don't have any normal office and questionable applications 2003 as mentioned above McAfee

    Any advice on the deactivation of some files that I need that is the Toshiba system that could possibly slow down?


    I wonder how you installed Win XP?
    Did you change the SATA mode on compatible? Yes?

    Well, then this is the reason why the laptop is ruining more slowly than expected!

    If you want to get full implementation of HARD drive, then the SATA mode must be set to AHCI and you must install Win XP using SATA drivers!

    I recommend this thread:

    Jimi post Nice link to the Intel Matrix Storage Manager which contains the SATA

Maybe you are looking for

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