Satellite A300-1GN - cannot install WLAN for XP driver

I did a dual boot with Vista and XP on my PC. Everything went right except WLAN driver. I looked for the WIFI model in Vista Device Manager and it says - Intel PRO/Wireless 5100. So I found the dirver for XP, but when I run the Setup - install windows appers, but soon it flashes orange and disappears. If to install PROset, this application installs well, except the error message at the end - driver is not installed.
Please, help me find the solution.


You're right, it seems that the laptop supports the internal WLan Intel 5100AGN card.

But if you are not 100% sure what WLan card is so that you can use the Intel Wireless LAN of Identification Utility to identify the WLan card internal.

This is the Intel page:
[Intel Wireless LAN Identification Utility |]

In addition, you can find the Intel WiFi Link 5100 on this page, it is also a network 5100AGN wireless card Intel WLan driver

Check it out and post the results.

See you soon

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  • Satellite A300-RJ1 - cannot install the new graphics driver from Intel page


    Another problem.
    When I use the "integrated" Vista, I can not install the new graphics driver (intel inside).
    Whenever the error message: the driver is not validated by your system, please contact your producer.

    So if I install a clean windows, so I can install the new graphics driver: S and I want to install because it is much more recently than the preinstalled :(

    Hi mate

    You can install this driver, but you need to use different installation procedure.
    You must install it in the Device Manager.

    Here, you can choose Advanced Setup, then choose don't search. I will choose the driver, then point to the driver files that you have stored on the HARD disk and complete the installation.

    But note; I read here that the use of non-Toshiba drivers is always at your own risk

  • Satellite A210-171 - cannot install WLAN for Windows Vista driver

    I downloaded a driver for vista Realtek Semiconductor Corporation wireless lan.
    When I go to install the driver, I get the error message "this operating system is not supported".

    My system below details

    Toshiba Satellite A210-171
    Model number: PSAFJE
    Operating system: Vista Home Prem

    I downloaded the driver from the website of UK.

    Could someone help me please in installation or help resolve the problems I'm having
    See you soon

    Hello Shadow

    Maybe a stupid question, but I would like to know why you need to install driver WLAN. As far as I know your laptop comes with Vista Home Premium. The recovery image (factory settings) contains the right WLAN driver.
    You have lost the feature or what?
    Are you still using an original preinstalled OS or you try ti install your own operating system?

  • Satellite Pro L500 - cannot install the Realtek LAN driver

    Hi all

    I got a Satellite Pro L500 Windows 7 pro with disk created from computers, cell phones, but now cannot install a Realtek LAN driver for the laptop.

    The installation of the driver software program doesn't seem to work properly all the time, tried several times to install with only once a realtek 'repair' option becomes available.
    When I managed to install the driver I got an error "the device couldn't start. After restoring I also had problems with a "controller driver simple communication PCL.
    which seems to have been an Intel MEI according to the SAT, DEV info displayed in the information systems.

    If these problems are linked and how to install the driver required in an automated system if the system does not correctly detects hardware?


    I m not owner of the Satellite Pro L500 but have you ever tried to install the latest driver Realtek LAN official site of Toshiba? > support & downloads > download drivers

    Check this box!

  • Satellite A300-1LT-cannot install the WLAN driver

    I have the Satellite A300-1LT with Windows XP x 64 on my system.
    Most of the drivers works fine, but I can't get the wireless to work.
    I tried all the drivers (intel, realtek, atheros) and nothing seams to work?

    Help, please!


    The laptop supports the Intel (Intel WiFi Link 5100AGN) WLan card then you need to install the Intel WLan card driver.

    Using Windows XP 64 bit OS?

    Please check this page of Portal Toshiba WLan:

    Here you can find a driver:
    Intel PRO/Wireless 3945/4965/5100/5300 XP 64 / 2000

    It should work!

  • Satellite A300 PSAG4E - cannot install ATI Cataliys


    I have a Toshiba Satellite A300, model PSAG4E. I installed the latest display driver that I could find to the drivers download page ([this | = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 153 & selProduct = 781 & selSho rtMod = 737 & language = 38 & selOS = 10 & selType = 11 & ad = yearuplo & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = g machines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = 35 & lectedLanguage is = 38 & type = 11 & page = 1 & ID = 65951 & DISO = 10 & driverLanguage = 42]).

    Display drivers is installed correctly, but ATI Cataliys is not installed. I can't understand this.

    Can someone help me?

    Did you remove the previous catalyst of the system?
    Maybe it s a registry problem

    It's my recommendation;
    Before install you new ATI catalyst, delete the previous.
    Then clean the OS using CCleaner. It s free!
    After that several reboots try reinstalling the catalyst again

  • Tecra 8200: I can not install Wlan for XP driver

    I can't find the driver for windows xp wireless. I have Tecra 8200. I try to install a large number of drivers from the official page of Toshiba Tecra 8200 for but the drivers do not work.
    If anyone knows how I can install wireless in my tecra 8200, let me know.


    First of all, I want to say it's the Tecra 8200 has not been delivered with Windows XP and you will find not all Wlan for XP drivers on the Toshiba site.
    I checked and there are only drivers for W2k, NT and W98SE.

    But as far as I know the device was shipped with the standard ORiNOCO specification Wlan miniPCI Wireless LAN Card: 802. 11 b
    In this case, I recommend looking on the net for these drivers.

    Unfortunately, that's all I can suggest.

  • Satellite P300-1GN - cannot install Windows XP SP3

    Hi all!

    I bought the PC laptop Toshiba P300-1GN for a few weeks. Windows Vista is bad for this computer, but Windows 7 works like a Charm. But Windows 7 is not compatible with my programmers tools.

    On the Toshiba site, I saw the drivers for Windows XP. Tried to install Windows XP, but I got the blue screen with error 0x07b. In the PowerQuest Partition Manager both hard drives have error partition #702 (something like that number) but under Windows Vista and 7, drives are works fine without any errors.

    What seems, that's the problem? Drivers SATA Windows XP or something else with hard drives?

    Needs a very fast before going to Toshiba service desk information.



    And why you can t install?
    You get an error message or something else?

    In my opinion that isn't a description of error so I can t help. If you want help you need to post more information.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro L300 - cannot install software for USB 3.0 Expresscard

    I try to install AKE USB 3.0 expresscard to a Toshiba L300 Pro running Windows 7. The laptop recognises the ExpressCard but the software does not correctly install if the unit will not operate.

    Tried the drivers NEC & fresco provided with the unit and also tried other drivers for AKE downloaded fron internet but still no joy.

    Has anyone ever loaded into the software for a USB3.0 expresscard successfully? The laptop will have USB 3.0?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    If the software doesn't install correctly, try to contact the manufacturer of the card and ask for help.

  • Satellite A660-07U - cannot install the new display driver

    When I got to my laptop, it wouldn't even start the box! So I googled how to get operational and it wouldn't install Windows 7 32 bit, so I installed Windows 7 64 bit and that worked.

    I am one of the users who is also having their laptop freeze on them at all times. I did the update to the Bios and it always does. So I decided to try to update the graphics drivers with new ones on this site, but it seems that they won't install. I got 64-bit drivers for Windows 7 first, I have Windows 7 64 bit installed in my laptop. But it cannot find the necessary material, I thought, he says its because my laptop is not a 3D version, should even elsewhere?

    So then I tried the 32 bit drivers and it says im using the wrong system operating system for these drivers.

    How about if some drivers I can use?


    A moment I really t understand: why you have your own version of Windows 7?
    Usually by Satellite A660 is always equipped with operating system (Windows 7) and it s already preinstalled. This means that you can start your computer laptop out of the box and Windows 7 will begin. Therefore, you don't need an additional installation.
    And let me guess: you don t have created a right Toshiba Recovery disk?

    In any case, before update you the display driver you must remove the older version first. Then, restart your computer and install the latest version.

  • Satellite L500-19Z - cannot use WLan because the driver has been removed

    I accidentally uninstalled REALTEK WLAN driver and now I can't use the wireless installation.
    I tried to use system restore to recover before the uninstall, but the system restore won't restore (tells me that anti-virus prevents it probably, but I stopped my loading anti-virus, so this isn't the problem).

    I then allowed Windows 7 to find the material and it re-installed the driver, but I still can't use WLAN.
    Anyone got advice to help me get out of the mess I made for myself?


    To my knowledge, this laptop supports the Realtek RTL8191SE WLan card 802.11bgn.
    You can find the Wlan driver here:

    I think that it shouldn't be a big problem to get this working again ;)

    Good bye

  • Satellite A200 PSAE3E - cannot install the ATI graphics driver

    I have a Toshiba laptop Satellite A200 PSAE3E and on Vista, it tells me that my display driver is not updated (generic), even when I installed Toshiba Tempro it came.

    So I downloaded the driver and will not install ATI Catalyst, in the installation process it stops and tells me that it could not detect the compatible hardware.
    If someone knows a solution to this answer please problem.


    It would be very interesting to know what model of laptop you have.
    I mean I want to know the additional number: A200-xxx

    What is the portable was really equipped with the ATI graphics card?

    You should check this again because I assume there is no installed ATI chip

  • Satellite L630-10R - cannot install the new display driver

    I wanted to update my display driver, so I removed the 'old', but now I can not install new, when I start the Ati catalyst Wizard there is no display driver must be installed, I can only install the new installation manager. In addition, my graphics card has been recognized as HD 5145 by windows and is now recognized as HD 4500 Series.

    How I can install the new drivers?


    Why you wanted to update the display driver? Have you had any problems?

    Well, I also put t know why you are not able to install the display driver, but where did you downloaded the current version? Toshiba page or the ATI site?
    I recommend you to download the drivers of Toshiba page only because pilots are pre-tested by Toshiba.

    What operating system is installed?
    Usually, you can also install the drivers manually through the Device Manager. This is why open Device Manager, select the graphics card and choose update drivers. Then use advanced installation where you can choose the driver directory yourself.

  • Re: Which driver WLan I need for Satellite A300-1GN PSAGCE

    Hello people...

    I need help for my friend...
    Here we have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A300-1GN (PSAGCE) and on the page of the driver Toshiba, for each card has two or three companies...

    For example, wireless LAN, a Realtek, Atheros, Intel... which is right?
    Where I see that?

    I would also like that when I am trying to download a driver LAN wireless, I see a message that I do not have permission to view this page...

    What can I do?
    So I have now 4 yolks in Device Manager.
    Three things of base system and wireless LAN...

    Help, please! Thanks in advance...


    As I m not wrong not the Satellite A300-1GN supports WiFi card Intel 802.11 a/g/n and you might find the WLan drive on the Toshiba WLan Portal:

    Welcome them

  • Re: Satellite A300-1GN - required XP for a long time to start


    I have the Satellite A300-1GN.
    I reinstalled from Vista to XP Home.
    After you have installed all the drivers from my system starts more than 4 minutes. I'm on SATA (no AHCI) compatibility mode.
    You have the same problem?

    I can't go because I have the blue screen to AHCI.

    Any ideas?


    If you have disabled the SATA feature then the HARD drive and the entire operating system can not be used with better performance and this could be the reason why the laptop needs a little more to start.

    But the problem is that if you allow the AHCI in the BIOS, then your operating system would not start and you need to reinstall new OS using the SATA drivers.

    Another reason why Notepad starts slowly could be a large amount of running system process in the context of the BONE.

    Factors that could affect the start-up procedure

Maybe you are looking for

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