Satellite A300 - cannot open the SD card


as you know, I won a Satellite A300, but my card reader does not work correctly. After inserting the card, it takes a long time to identify the card, then in my computer, the symbol appears but when I click to open the symbol "SD Deca", IE the map need to layout form or 'Please insert a card in the reader. Please note that the same card get identified in the external as usual card and card reader work entirely respective mobile (for micro SD) and the camera (SD).

If I connect the mobile / camera by usb, no problem, everything is normal.

Please suggest me how to fix card reader?

Thanks in advance.


Hi smarjit1,

Have you tried different SD cards or just this one SD card? The SD card is probably the problem, what do you think?

In addition, I would like to try an update card reader driver. The most recent driver, you can download on the official website of Toshiba:

Check this box!

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  • Satellite A300 - cannot access the Internet more

    I would like to re - open this thread because I am facing a similar problem.
    I have a Toshiba Satellite A300 and I installed Windwos 7 two months ago. Yesterday, his suddenly, my laptop could not access the internet more, but the wireless lan connection worked well.
    Until this malfunction appeared in the list of active connection, there was only one entrance, my network classified as "Home network" but now, instead, there are two entry, it is my network classified as "Home network", the other is a 'unidntified network', classified as 'Public network '.

    I am sure that the problem is in my laptop and not in the adsl router because:
    1 - other people to join my network wireless with normal internet access.
    2. the problem always occurs with other networks currently used by third parties to connect to the internet.
    3 - the problem always with cable connection

    Windows reports no error.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

    Hello Andrea,

    To me it seems that you don't have an Internet connection so you always connected to the router but if you can access Internet t. You should look in the router configuration to see if it s is connected correctly.

    Try also updating the firmware on your router and disable security features to test this situation.

    Last but not least, you should try too update the wireless adapter driver. It can be downloaded on the official page of Toshiba. :)

  • Satellite A300 - cannot use the CD/DVD drive


    I have Satellite A300 and my DVD drive is not seen by Windows 7.

    I do not see in the Device Manager, and when I use the updates provided by TEMPRO, and on the site, it just won't update.
    When I opened the Toshiba Disc Creator, it gives me an error saying that it does not have any drive connected.

    See you soon.


    You should try to remove the upper and lower filters in the Windows registry. So just follow this work around:

    Another question: can boot you from this drive?

  • Win7 on Satellite A300 - cannot get the FN keys work

    Hello world

    I really need your help guys I really need working FN keys
    I recently formatted my laptop Satellite A300 with Windows 7 32 bit and the function of the keys doesn't work. I downloaded PPV since your site also I tried to download the list of other types of Toshiba flash card utility.

    When I try to install it on my Toshiba he repeated to me invalid serial No.
    Why is this > also still FN keys doesn't work. Please help me. What should I do?

    Sometimes when I press FN + brighten it works but nothing appears on my laptop as it was when I had xp too, I bought my Toshiba of UAE UNITED.


    I have satellite A300 too and use it with Win7 32 bit. Everything works perfectly. It is very important to install all the drivers, tools and utilities, following the right installation order, so here is the list how I did it:

    Satellite A300 (PSAG8E) and clean Win7

    -Win7 (original Microsoft installation disc)
    -chipset driver
    -Storage Manager
    -display driver
    -driver sound
    -modem driver
    -utility supervisor
    Hardware - toshiba
    Control - HDMI
    -WLAN driver

    Everything works well but lacks some drivers

    Added Vista tips:
    Toshiba - help - working properly
    -Card reader - installed correctly
    -Webcam driver for A500 - tested with Skype - works correctly.
    Driver - Synaptics

    Win7 works well and I am very satisfied.

  • Satellite A300 - cannot find the drivers for Windows 7 64 bit

    I'm of the Greece so I apologise for any errors of syntax, I can do.
    My girlfriend has the Satellite A300 PSAJ4E but his hard disk was destroyed, so I bought him a new (WD Scorpio Black 500 GB) and I downloaded the original Windows 7 MSDNAA to install on the laptop.
    The problem is that it doesn't have the drivers cd so I have to find them on the internet. The other problem is that on the Toshiba official support site it is not found the laptop or the drivers for it.
    So please help me find them. Or tell me if I can insert some of the other Toshiba laptop drivers to it.
    I am ready to format and everything and I don't have the drivers.
    Thank you!

    PS. I found this site but I don't know if it is normal to download them from this site and also, I don't know if I should because I will insert Windows 7 64 bit.


    To download drivers use the Toshiba download page -

    There you can find your model of laptop and all drivers, tools and utilities for it.
    Can find you it?

    If you need help or assistance installation and the installation order please let me know.

  • Satellite P200: Cannot open the Power Saver - fatal error in Windows XP Home edition


    I just installed XP and I came across a problem that is boring. When I finished to install Power Saver and the driver, I got a message saying fatal error and I thought it was because I haven't restarted. Then, after only a day or 2 later I went to the energy saver and he said cannot open because you don't have access rights to "Toshiba Power Saver.

    Is there a solution to this


    I put t know if this is a solution but try my proposal:
    First of all, remember that you are registered as an administrator or make sure that you have administrator rights.

    Remove your old system energy saving. You must remove the driver and utility.
    Then reinstall the computer and clean the registry using the freeware like CCleaner.

    Then install the driver of saver of power and after reboot the new install standby power plant.

    I hope it helps

  • Satellite A300 - cannot install the BT stack

    Hello evryone,

    I had a problem with the bt stack and the file "setupdiu.exe".

    When I try to install battery bt it tries automatically to uninstal the battery, the problem is I get the error:
    "The file Setupdiu.exe is not marked for installation.

    I looked everywhere, but the only solution given is: delete the folder "C:\Program Files Toshiba Stack.

    I got this deleted file, I got the hidden files and I tried to remove the map with CMD and all other means to delete something with her, but he tells me that the map does not exist.

    I deleted the folder bluetooth stack for windows by toshiba in my registry and restarted, this also does not work.

    I have Windows Vista Home premium (32 bit) and my laptop is a toshiba satellite A300-1OS.

    I tried the "Difficulty" of Toshiba, this installed bluetooth stack tool and I run, helped not a little.

    I really want to have this problem, because he bug on the other bluetooth software and connection.

    (Sorry for my bad English)

    I am grateful to anyone who can help,
    Live Justin

    I think the problem is, as you said, that the previous version was not properly removed. I would setup a tool such as
    "ccleaner" (free Internet) and clean your system registry and files. Maybe it works eventually. If not then your system in Mode safe start (press F8 during startup and check your system files again if some battery Bluetooth related files still exists and remove them if necessary)

  • Satellite L300D - cannot open the ACPI ATK0100 kernel mode driver


    Please, I have a big problem.
    I used recovery dvd to re install vista basic.
    Since starting I have this message:

    * Cannot open ACPI ATK0100 kernel mode driver *.

    An unknown device is detected in my windows and there is no driver to install. I have no wifi detected.
    Manual installation of the driver atheros do not work!

    Please help me!

    What can I do?


    I never heard of this issue, but try to update the BIOS as Akuma said. It s worth a try! On the Toshiba site, you can search for an update of the BIOS: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    In the worst cases, you should try to reinstall Windows using the Toshiba recovery disc.

    Good bye

  • My Satellite A300 cannot recognize the buttons at the top of the page

    I + re-inistalled windows vista and installed everything. They work fine except the buttons that are located above the keyboard. I know that I can verify their status in all programs > Toshiba > utilities > Toshiba Assist, but the problem is that the my notebook cannot recognize the buttons.

    I installed all the software for each hardware but still cannot use the buttons...
    What should I do?

    Have you used the recovery disk when you installed Vista?

    If this isn't the case, you must download and install the Package of added value, which can be downloaded from the Web from Toshiba site in the section support/drivers.

  • Satellite L455D - cannot open the lid

    I got a Toshiba Satellite L455D-S5976 laptop for about 2 years. The other day when I went to check the daily messages, the cover has come practically out of it! I had left the laptop the night before waiting for things to download, because it takes forever for this laptop to do anything. I ve done before without incident, so I didn t expect something. Its perfectly fine opening (although the bottom, a keyboard and trackpad felt hot enough to burn me), but when I closed there was a sound of cracking type and closed the lid twisted.
    A little freaked out by the break at random, I turned it around look at the back.

    There was a piece of metal that comes out like a thumb at the back and a small piece of broken metal fell. I can t even open it now. I guess a part inside the laptop has melted and he does.

    Is that what someone else had a problem like this or know what to do to get it resolved?

    I n t have problem in the past but I think that laptop must be disassembled and checked what is the problem.
    It is not easy to discuss these issues on virtual path.
    The question is what you can do now. You can try laptop disassembly only, but if you n t have experience with this, it can be quite risky. Small error can ends with racks made of plastic broken or laptop Briefcase.

    I don t know buddy, maybe you should seek professional help and communicate with the service of Toshiba.

    What do you think of all this?

  • Satellite A300 - cannot install the Win XP SP1

    I tried to install my MS Windows XP existing operating system - original disc, has worked several times before - a model A300 - 29K, and it has not worked. (blue screen, error)

    (Vista can be installed - if the machine is OK)

    The question is: is it possible, that this model is not compatible with XP?
    (this version of XP is old enough, only SP1 - I usually improve with SP3 after installation)
    No idea how to install my version of XP on it?
    (the machine is sold without an operating system - so not any disk with it)

    Thank you


    Of course, you can install Win XP. It s no matter what version is XP Pro, Home, MCE, etc..
    The problem may be the lack of SP2 and SATA drivers!

    First, you must create a disk for Win XP SP2 and SP3.
    For this, you can use the nLite tool

    Google for the nLite for more information

    Secondly, you use nLite to include the SATA drivers for Win XP disk.
    The SATA drivers are part of the Intel Storage Manager

    There is a lot of discussion on the installation of the driver SATA I recommend to use the advanced search option and read the content.

  • Satellite A200 - cannot find the graphics card just for Win XP driver

    Hi guys,.

    This is my 1st time here:
    A little confused on this, can someone help please:

    I have a Toshiba A200 XP Pro SP3 &.
    Rebuilding, & having bad identify & location fix the Radeon graphics card.

    Display-> settings properties shows that ONE monitor & should show 2 monitors - where all THE graphics are not displayed as it should - any ideas how to fix this please?

    Can you please post the complete laptop model name and model number?

  • PSAJOE satellite A300 - cannot remove the external HARD disc


    I have portable adjustable 300 (PSAJOE).
    I can't remove the external hard drive (Toshiba USB2 {80 GB}).

    Whenever I try to remove the device it just hangs. I use windows vista Home premium.
    Flah interesting little player with 2 GB capicty works ok and easily removable by simple click.

    Help, please.
    Thank you


    Maybe you should first check if there is no access to all the files that are stored on external HARD drive

    I put t know how it works with your external HARD drive, but if I want to remove my HARD drive safely the new window opens and I get a USB mass storage device called option.

    If I mark this USB mass storage device and press STOP then a new window opens and I get 3 different devices;
    -USB mass storage device
    -Generic volume
    -USB HDD device

    If I score the first two options then my HARD drive crashes but if I choose the last of them then I can remove the HARD drive safely

  • Satellite A300 - cannot read the second HARD drive

    Greetings from the Spain,

    I got 1 month there is a serious problem with my laptop (which is 5 months old), associated with crcdisk.sys.

    I gave up after several hours studying, and send the computer serving techniques. (Vista was does not load and no recovery was possible)
    Technical services changed 1 hard drive and the motherboard (don't ask me why)
    This computer cams with 2 HD (these 2 devices)

    The first has a recovery partition.
    The problem now is that I see the second HD (D :) but I can't read or access it.)
    However, McAfee, it can scan and I can see the names of files (they were there before sending it to T.Service) during the scan.

    The only solution I have Toshiba is "send it back", but with the previous experience I've had with this guy, maybe now they put a new keyboard and wait another month...

    Any ideas?

    Thank you


    Now I can read the second disc of Internet expolrer..., i.e. D:\documents... I read a few videos, I got there and seems to work.
    However, I cannot read with ordinary windows Explorer or cannot write files from any program.

    BTW. I can access from the Explorer, but just the files, i.e. d:\documents\letters, but not to the root?

    You have installed the laptop with the recovery disk? Try this!

    What operating system do you use? If you are using Vista control this information from Toshiba:

  • Satellite A300-M01 - fingerprint - cannot open the sensor with Win XP


    I got a Satellite A300-M01 with Windows Vista but my my software is very slow, so I'm a Windows XP Installer to put in. After that, the fingerprint reader no longer works the registration of fingerprints he'll only say 'Cannot open the sensor' and if you access the service of this device it says "specified device instance handle does not match this device."

    I already downloaded the driver for this sensor of, but after the installation, the problem is the same. Any info is much appreciated.

    Thank you.



    Have you installed the tools and all the other drivers of Toshiba?

    Search on the Toshiba site for a BIOS update.
    Maybe this can solve the problem.

    Good bye

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