Satellite C650-1CR - no webcam showing in Device Manager


I apologize if this question has already been posted. I have a Satellite C650-1CR; PSC08E-029001EN part number; Serial number 7A370192Q. Windows 7 64-bit operating system.

The webcam, which has worked before, does not now in any program. In MSN it says I have no webcam; in Toshiba Face Recognition, he says camera failed to initialize. I have nothing to this fact - it has just stopped working. If I click on the Toshiba web camera application in the utilities section, nothing happens. The camera does not appear in Device Manager - there is no device images shown.

I read through the advice here and you have downloaded the driver here, but that does not open. He goes as far as the extraction of the file, but then it will not run or open. I have the latest BIOS (update from Toshiba a couple of days). If I can avoid it, I don't really want to use the recovery disk I have many other things on my laptop that I don't want to lose.

Any advice or help would be really appreciated. My son just moved to Australia, and it would be great for me to be able to use the webcam. I hope I gave enough information on the laptop and the problem.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hey Buddy,

So if there is no webcam listed in Device Manager, you must check the installed programs in Control Panel > uninstall a program. Usually the webcam software should be in there and if yes remove it. Then, restart your computer.

To remove all also run a registry cleaner like CCleaner which can remove old registry keys. It s freeware tool is therefore no problem to find using Google. After that you have to reboot your laptop again and then install the latest webcam software from the official page of Toshiba.

Even after restart and you should be able to use the webcam again. Can you confirm this?

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    Someone at - he encountered this problem and managed to resolve it? Its a hassle to have to go through the uninstall it / Reinstall procedure each time. Your advice will be appreciated.

    Hey Buddy,

    You use the version preinstalled Windows from Toshiba or did you install your own version? I don't see any information about the BONES in your ad...
    Theoretically, it could be a software problem so ports USB work correctly if they recognized in Device Manager

    You should also try to update the Web from Toshiba site chipset driver. Maybe it helps.
    Otherwise, I could imagine that the update of the BIOS can also operate and this update you can get on the Web from Toshiba site too.

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    Go to the website of the manufacturer of your motherboard support and search for Windows 7 drivers for your specific model number.

    If there are Windows 7 drivers, then download to a folder on your drive hard and install all of them, starting with the card mother/chipset drivers, SATA, LAN, Audio, USB, graphics, Webcam, Etc., and so on.

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    J W Stuart:

  • Satellite C650-1CR - webcam initialization failed

    Hi all

    I can't have the built-in webcam to start.
    I downloaded and installed the latest version of bios and drivers webcam on toshiba website which invited cam to start to initialize.

    Now I have an error that says 'webcam initialization failed, please check your device... ". »

    The problem is that there is no registration for the webcam on the screen of the Device Manager.
    I am at a loss how do I get the webcam to work, any suggestions?


    > The problem is that there is no registration for the webcam on the screen of the Device Manager.
    Usually the webcam must be listed in the device under imaging devices Manager
    In my case it USB video peripheral s it is the Chicony usb webcam.

    You have marked unknown devices with yellow exclamation?
    If Yes, then this is probably the cam

    As a last option, you can try to recover the laptop using the Toshiba Recovery disk that you have created... If all goes well...

  • Satellite A100-1AI watch CD player but Device Manager shows the DVD player

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    Also Device Manager shows Mass Storage Controller and controller SM Bus as an unknown device (other).

    Since the switch from Vista to XP I have not adjusted my BIOS settings

    How can I make my DVD see CD and erase those unknown devices

    Thanks in advance


    Just a question;
    You can read and burn CDs?

    Regarding the unknown devices:
    These devices are only compatible Vista and so there is no drivers for the mass storage controller.

    Check this box:

    + After the installation of Windows XP, there might be a yellow exclamation by a "PCI memory controller" or * mass storage controller * in Device Manager. +

    _Solution: _
    + This unit is probably the module of Robson former Turbo Memory. +
    + This hardware will only supported by Windows Vista. +
    + That is why there is no Windows XP drivers. +


  • Satellite R630 - 130 missing Webcam from the device after Win7 Update Manager

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    This problem is common on the Internet - but there is not a lot of information on Google.

    Any ideas?


    I really wonder why the OS cannot recognize the webcam?  :|
    Generally, if the driver or the software is not installed, you should see an unknown device, but as I understand your message, even this unknown device is not visible.

    What to say try upgrading the BIOS, I read somewhere in the forum that the BIOS update can be useful in such a situation.
    If this is not enough, try the new OS installation (recovery of the laptop) and check if the webcam seems once again

  • Satellite L300 - ODD has exclamation mark in Device Manager

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    I tried for days to find the right drivers but no success, it displays as: PIONEER DVD - RW DVRKD08A ATA Device in Device Manager, I am unable to watch DVD s, thank you.

    Remove the device from the list and restart your laptop.
    The problem again?

    What operating system do you use?
    You use your laptop to factory settings?

  • Satellite A350 - FM tuner appears in the Device Manager?

    I have a FM tuner device, but I don't see that he listed in Device Manager. I checked hidden devices and it does not always show.

    How to see it in the list of drivers in the driver manager? (Why she get hidden well?)

    Where this device get its drivers or is it without a driver and only works with the tuner NXP software and the antenna

    Thanks for any help on this

    Hello perfection,

    Do you mean a FM tuner Satellite A350 internal or external one?
    As far as I know the Satellite A350 doesn t have FM tuner

    If you have an external FM tuner have you installed the driver for it? If so it should be listed in the device if Manager she s connected to the laptop.

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    And also no webcam device appears in the Device Manager on the system.

    What should do?


    1. what was the recent change in hardware or software performed on the computer before the question?

    In the form of information to your post, I have provided direct links to download the software from the HP drivers website and software for your laptop model (HP DV6 6016TX)
    Please follow the links below to solve the problem.
    Method 1
    Open the hardware and devices Troubleshooter
    Method 2
    Webcam troubleshooting (Windows 7)
    Method 3
    Download the driver / interface for the integrated webcam.
    This page corresponds directly to the recommended full HP drivers / software for your laptop.
    Refer to, software - multimedia section
    CyberLink YouCam software
    I hope this helps.
  • U350 webcam stopped working, Device Manager disappear.

    Hi all

    I'm hoping to get some help here. I have seen that other people had similar problems, but no satisfactory solution that applied. So go again us.

    I bought a U350 with Windows 7 home basic 32-bit.

    He came with a Bison/Lenovo Webcam which worked fine when I bought it. I usually use the camera with Skype.

    Yesterday, when using Skype, I noticed that the camera was gone, dissappeared.

    It does not show when I hit FN + ESC. I have reinstalled Power Manager, always the same question.

    It shows nothing in Device Manager. Imaging devices have disappeared.

    When I tried to add a new device imaging and added manually and stressed the downloaded driver, the driver installation begins. Then suddenly it stops with a warning saying: "no device in the setup.ini file is on this computer.

    I can't uninstall anything, because I don't see anything in the Device Manager. I can't install any drivers as the material seems to be undetectable.

    My wild guess is that the Webcam has stopped working or is disconnected from the motherboard. But maybe you have clues othere what this could be? Not detected by Device Manager means that the material is broken?

    Thank you very much!


    If you script site and it has not detected any camera, possible problem of cable, connector or camera.

    I suggest you call lenovo support line and ship your laptop.

    Edit: because you need technical support, I've marked this issue as resolved.

  • Satellite Pro L300: WLAN isn't in Device Manager and is missing


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    Also, my VGA graphics card didn't seem to update driver and when it does it is said that the system is below minimum specifications.
    It's so weird in Windows XP Home edition, it was working fine... All solutions?

    > I tried to download drivers Toshiba download drivers adapters and don't always work.
    Does that mean exactly? Have you installed driver WLAN or not? Wireless network adapter correctly installed and listed in device as a card Realtek WLAN Manager?
    How do understand you?
    You have problems to install the wireless network adapter or configure the WIFI connection?

    If the wireless network adapter is installed correctly activate the card with the WLAN switch and then use the FN + F8 key combination and make sure card is set on IT.

    Which driver to install display? What version?

  • Satellite L300 - no card wirless listed in Device Manager

    I have a satellite L300 (PSLB8A - 0d 3004)

    Sometimes when I start my computer or wake him up "sleep" mode I have wireless. The light without yellow wire on the front is, even if the switch is on. I look in Device Manager and see that the wireless card is not yet listed.
    The switching market wireless switch makes no difference. I tried to turn on/off half a dozen times the computer and finally he decides to work.

    What is the cause of this anomaly?
    My wireless adapter plays up?


    You can also enable the wireless network adapter by pressing the FN + F8 key combination.
    Check this box!

    You also update the driver WLAN?

  • Satellite L555 - no wireless network in my device manager card


    I work 2 days on WLAN, then lose connection and now I have no WLAN card in my device manager...
    I got the BONES to the State of origin, marked FW-implementation update 1.70, uninstall the battery, but no card WLAN...

    Within 2 days I see what fall Fn + F8 of WiFi/Bluetooth/WLAN... For only Bluetooth/Wlan.
    Can I change the WLAN status and the LED changes but no card WLAN in the connected device without WIFI Manager.
    I have other laptop that had WLAN-contact. I have Toshiba e-mail-contact but no answer, I am not happy.

    Who can help?

    Sorry, my English is not very good
    the elefant


    You sent an email to Toshiba? I wonder how. The fact is that if you have problems with your laptop, then you should get in touch with a local ASP (certified partner) in your county and do not send an e-mail to Toshiba.

    Back to your question;
    If I understand your question, the WLan card is not listed in the device under network adapters Manager; as unknown device or as a Ethernet controller.
    Is this correct?

    Well, it means that the WLan card module is not recognized

    I m wondering what Satellite L555-xxx you have exactly?

  • Satellite L300-170 - no network card in Device Manager


    I use Toshiba Satellite L300-170.
    I install Windows 7 and realized that my LAN connection does not work.

    In Device Manager, I have only the wireless network adapter which works fine.
    My question is: is - nothing I can install LAN adapter manually and then install driver although my OS does not recognize LAN adapter?

    Hi mate

    First of all, please set the BIOS to default settings.
    Then save changes, connect the LAN cable to the LAN port and reboot the device.
    After that please check in Device Manager if the LAN Controller would appear once again.

    AFAIK some newer laptops supports a new energy saving feature.
    The LAN card is active and appears in Device Manager only if the LAN cable would be connected!

    Welcome them

  • Satellite 1700-300: No. Lan port in Device Manager

    Hi Forum.

    I am currently repairing a 300-1700-Sat and reinstalling windows ME (Yuk I know but that's the preference of customers), however it does not show that there is any ethernet on the system hardware. There is an ethernet port on the back of the laptop, but it just does not appear in Device Manager.

    My first was, however, that it can be disabled in the Bios, I checked and there is no option for ethernet.

    Any idea people?


    I'm not an expert, but you are sure that the laptop has a LAN port to 100%?
    The laptop is an oldie. That's why I didn't find a lot of information in the internet, but I studied a bit and found that the device supports only:
    Parallel port, PS/2 mouse or keyboard, 2 x USB modem RJ11, speaker/headphone, microphone (no internal) port, PCMCIA port and external monitor port of CRT.
    There is nothing of LAN port

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