Satellite L20-100 Touch Pad scroll does not work for Mozilla Firefox


Mine is a laptop Satellite L20-100. My touch pad scroll (the page scrolls automatically when you slide your finger upwards & downwards on the right edge of the touch pad) does not work for the Mozilla Firefox browser. It works fine with other applications like windows Explorer, microsoft word. When I try to scroll in the window of the Firefox browser, this isn't schroll at all. Please can someone help me?.

Kind regards


Read on the forum of Firefox:

If it doesn't help you, after your problem here

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    Operation system Win7 x 64, re-formatted and updated since Vista x 32, after having teething problems, install the drivers and do everything to work smoothly (for at least 2 months now), I managed. Today out of the blue the scrolling on the touchpad stopped working.

    I read on some forums that do, most said try using CCleaner to uninstall the driver and reinstalling.
    Tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver support Aus > drivers, done this, but received the error, (something) do not recognize the operating system.

    I went to the Synaptics site found a driver that has been recognized, it has installed but not really want to reboot the pc before I get some advice first. As there is a warning about the specific drivers for specific models and manufacturers...

    Help required, please.


    Uninstall the existing touchpad driver and install it:

    Recently, it has been already discussed on the dysfunction of the touchpad in this thread. But unfortunately it did not help him

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    I have a US Robotics router and a wireless laptop, I followed the instructions exactly in the manual to set up but the internet still does not work wireless but it works through the ethernet connection.

    Can someone help me please.
    If it helps my laptop model is 264 L20
    Thank you

    It is a pity that you describe your problem WLAN so little time and we don t know what you tried exactly and what results are there.

    For properly WLAN use two hardware components must be configured right - the router itself and laptop. It will be interesting to know on what are the instructions you wrote.

    Are you sure that your router is configured correctly?

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    Should I use a CSS rule that is similar to:

    filter: grayscale(100%)

    This property is not yet implemented in Firefox. It is supposed to be implemented in Firefox 34, according to

  • Left click the Satellite C660 Touch Pad/buttons does not work

    Hi guys!
    I own a Toshiba Satellite C660 (of course: P) anyway. Today, I was just doing what I do usually on my laptop,
    when suddenly the left button of the mouse has stopped working. (Bare with me, it's very weird to explain xD!) Also I can not 'left click' on my touch pad. I can still move the cursor with the touchpad and right click with the right button.

    I tried slightly shaking incase of crumbs, or something. Although I never eat around my laptop. It is not difficult to grow as there is something under it, it just doesn't work!

    In summary, I can't left click. But I'm able to move and made a click right, weird!

    For the moment I have my USB mouse plugged in my computer and it works fine, but it is very annoying!

    Sorry if I don't explain it too well!

    Help, please!

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to say what the problem is here. It is not easy to tell if the left touchpad button is faulty or disabled in some way.

    As a first step, you should check all the settings for the touchpad. If your laptop computer has preinstalled software check Synaptics all parameters associated with the touchpad buttons.

  • Satellite L20-183: PCMCIA Pixelview Tuner does not work with 720 * 480

    I have the following problem:
    I am the owner of a

    Toshiba laptop Satellite L20-183 (1.6 Celeron, 512 MB Ram, Ati radeon Xpress Mobile X 200)

    I just bought a
    Mobile TV Tuner PCMCIA (Prolink) Pixelview PlayTV havig the following specifications: TV%20Mobile.htm

    as you can see it it says he works at the frame size PAL: 720 x 576; NTSC: 720 x 480

    which is true, but not with my laptop
    It is functional on a laptop HP Celeron 2.8 Mhz, 512 Ram and Ati 9100 IGP

    on my laptop, it only works to the minimum framerate 320 * 288 (as I remember), but then the passage to the maximum framerate of 720 * 480 there are artifacts (horizontal lines) on the right size of the screen.

    I say it again on a similar notebook (talk configuration) with ATI 9100 IGP it works perfectly at maximum framerate.

    Someone told that can a card linked to overaly settings video problem, but it unlikely for me as long as lon semms as he worked on another laptop with ATI IGP 9100, which seems to be older than my video card. (By the way all the parameters and options are the same on two laptops)


    Check the BIOS on the toshiba. BIOS in the video settings, there should be a possibility to change the PAL or NTSC. If the value is NTSC I see problems that you described. So as if you right-click on the desktop and select Properties, click on the tab on the far right, a last and properties then go to advanced. Under these properties, it must have an option to NTSC or PAL. Make sure that PAL is thus selected here and see if that solves the problem. I hope this helps.

  • Satellite A210-1AP: supervisor password utility does not work for Win 7

    I have the utility supervisor password v2.00.05 for Win 7, but it is not working on Win 7 I can't change my password! rpn = PSAFGU & modelFilter = A210-ST1616 & SelCategorie = 3 & selFamily = 1073768663

    I used this link.

    Model short is psaele
    Where I can find all the drivers and all the utility for Win 7.

    Your laptop is not model portable American and you must use drivers of European support page.
    For now, Toshiba has not begun support Win7, but I hope it will happen soon. The question is if your laptop model will be supported Win7.

    In any case, I think you can use touchpad driver designed for A300, but it takes that Toshiba offers all drivers.

  • On my trackpad scrolling does not work after the upgrade to 12.0

    On my trackpad scrolling does not work after update Firefox from version 3.6.28 to version 12. It normally works in Thunderbird, and other applications. It is a Lenovo T61 with XP Service Pack 3 and all drivers up to date. Version 3 seems to have bad memory leaks so I would like to upgrade, but I can't do it without scrolling. I would appreciate any advice.

    Try to change the pref ui.trackpoint_hack.enabled on the topic: page default config-1 to 0 or 1 to see if that makes the work button.

    Close and restart Firefox after changing the ui.trackpoint_hack.enabled preferably.

  • Border animated - video You tube does not support in Mozilla Firefox?


    I have embed code below on the edge animated youtube video in the browser. This code is working fine in IE, Chrome and other browser. But this code does not work in Mozilla firefox.

    Here is the code:

    var youtubevid = $("< iframe/>");

    SYM.$("vContainer"). Append (youtubevid);




    youtubevid.attr ('src',''); / / url/Video_Id

    youtubevid.attr('frameborder','0');       // 1 | 0

    youtubevid.attr('allowfullscreen','0');   // 1 | 0

    Please help me...

    Thank you

    E. Kumar Muduli


    I think I can help, first of all why the Panel is not clickable in FF.

    I'm guessing that you have created your video symbol by a drawing canvas, and then convert to symbol.

    The area you created becomes an invisible barrier when you convert it to a symbol.  The solution is to go to your video symbol and resize the area of 1px x 1px, then place it in the upper left corner at 0,0 position. This should solve the problem by clicking on.

    Regarding playback when appears not, I find the solution has been to use the feature. empty(). I posted my code above my sample of CreateDeleteYoutube.  You can download it to see how I did the job.

    Hope this helps!


  • Scrolling does not work on Satellite Z30-A-1DJ


    Summer on the internet trying to find an answer for my problem; How to make scrolling, pinching etc on my touchpad?

    Scrolling never works with this laptop (2 months) and up to now, even moving cursor was not reliable, since sometimes when starting the laptop touchpad was completely dead and has not reacted to what.

    Now there seems to be problems with it since I uninstalled the driver for the touchpad and restarted my computer, but still scroll does not work.

    Troubleshooting for this problem was no good.
    They all lead you to the first research of mouse in the start-> mouse-> advanced properties screen and from here you can adjust the parameters of mouse pad.

    I don't even have this tab on my laptop, while all the others are there (buttons, pointers, pointer, material options).

    How can I adjust the settings of touchpad on Satellite A-z30-1DJ?

    The characteristics mentioned touchpad should be accompanied by software as hardware.
    There are standards of touchpad different as Synaptics, Alps, but also momentum that support different features and different software.

    In the case where this software isn't installed or is not working, the touchpad to scroll as well as other features are not available.
    It could also be that tactile built-in module support no additional features.

    To my knowledge the Satellite A-Z30-1DJ should be equipped with an Alps Electric touchpad and this touch pad is different and does not support the same parameters as MOMENTUM or Synaptic touchpad.

    However, as you said, the additional parameters for touchpad Alps Electric are in
    Control Panel? mouse? last tab (Advanced)

    If you wish, you can try to install the driver for the Synaptics touchpad that has been released for other series of laptops as Portege Z10T-A

    I'm not very well if this Synaptics software would work correctly under the Alps touchpad m power but its definitely worth a try.

  • Tecra A7-202: Touchpad driver virtual scrolling does not work

    Hello, I have problem with Synaptics touch pad driver version 9.1.0 (laptop Tecra A7-202).

    When I run any program as administrator, virtual scrolling does not work.
    When I run the program as a normal user, everything is OK.


    What's your Tecra preinstalled with designed Toshiba recovery image?

  • Scrolling does not work on some applications

    I use the program Notepadd ++ and I can't use the touch pad to scroll. I plugged in a USB mouse and scrolling works very well with this device. I tried reinstalling the drivers, etc., and it still has the same problem. Also scrolling does not work when you play videos flash on Firefox. Again, scrolling works very well when you use a USB mouse.

    Name of product: notebook PC HP Pavilion g6

    Product number: B5R80UA #ABA


    After doing a little research, it seems that programs are in conflict with the driver and you are not alone in this experience.

    Here's what I found to solve the problem in Notepad ++. Note to change the registry, depending on how comfortable you are with it or not, it's you if you want to try this fix or not. I always recommend to back up the registry before you change anything.

    "It seems that everything that makes the Synaptics driver to display the slider is confusing Notepad ++."

    "If you go to HKLM\Software\Synaptics\SynTPEnh and add a new DWORD value named UseScrollCursor with a value of 0, the slider will not appear and vertical scrolling will work in Notepad ++.

    Good luck!


  • W520 Trackpoint scrolling does not work in Lightroom

    I am trialing Adobe Lightroom and scrolling does not work with the Trackpoint unless I click on the scroll bars. I have not had problems in all the other apps but have not been able to find a solution for Lightroom. Any ideas?

  • my scrolling does not work on my laptop? Help, please

    my scrolling does not work without the key and hold. Help, please?


    · What is the operating system installed on the computer?

    · What is the number and the model of the laptop?

    · Will there be any changes made on the computer before the show?

    I suggest you to access manufacturer's website and check if there is the latest drivers or patches published for touchpad that you can install for your laptop.

    See: to update or change a device driver:

  • Synaptics touchpad two fingers scrolling does not work in the player to develop modern UI application Windows 8.1

    I have a HP Envy TouchSmart UltraBook 4-1161er. Two fingers to scroll worked well in all modern user interface applications that come with the pre-installed operating system Windows 8.1, but the situation changed after the upgrade to Windows 8.1. Now this excellent and very useful two fingers scrolling does not work in the updated reader application. How to make it work?

    If the problem is in the drivers, maybe, install the drivers the latest may correct this?

    I tried to find the latest drivers for the touchpad Synptics in my ultrabook on the HP website, but it's the same old v16.5.3.3, I already have (published in may 2013). Synatics official site contains a link to the latest touchpad driver pack v17.0.19. Can I install it?

    I would try to install the Windows 8.1 (64-bit) driver Synaptics touchpad available in the download section of your sleekbook web support before using compatibility mode.  If the current driver does not work for you, try the earlier versions available .

    If you have no positive results, then use the compatibility mode (select Windows 8) on all three Windows 8.1 synaptics touchpad drivers, starting with the most recent.

    To use compatibility mode to install the driver just softpaq to the right, click on the file and choose troubleshoot compatibility. Select Windows 8 and run the installer.

    The following video has a decent explanation, but the Narrator does not get to the point for a bit. Go directly to the minute 4 and watch it from there.

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