Satellite L20-155 HARD disk upgrade

Can I replace the real 60 GB HARD drive with a 120 GB HARD drive without any other upgrade?
I use Vista with 1 GB of Ram. Thank you. Tony


I think that this will not be a problem also without any other change.


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  • Satellite L20-183 - HARD drive upgrade


    I have a Toshiba laptop Satellite L20-183. I would like to change the hard drive TOSHIBA MK6032GSX to a larger and more rapid as: WD 320 GB 7200 RPM 16 Mb SATA2 Notebook WD3200BEKT.
    It will be compatible or should I buy SATA 1 HDD 5400 RPM?


    Satellite L20 works with disk HARD SATA 1 and maximum capacity, with which it was delivered was 100 GB but I think 320 should not be problematic.
    RPM MAX was 5400 then I think you should buy the HARD disk with the same number of TURNS.

  • Re: Satellite L20-155 crashes randomly


    You have a strange problem with the Satellite L20-155, about three years.

    During use, it just hangs. The mouse is not responding. No error message in the event log, using windows XP Professional Ed. Screen is frozen.

    I have seems to happen randomly. Sometimes after 5 minutes, sometimes 10. Sometimes, it crashes then on the XP Welcome screen. \

    Open the folder to see if there was a lot of dust in the fan to avoid a temperature problem. This was not the case. The fan was clean and properly in the course of execution.

    Tried to start the pc in safe mode. Because in safe mode I don't seem to have problems, I decided to reinstall XP everywhere because I thought he might have had a software problem, but during the installation, the PC crashes also. Everything freezes. No response what so ever. He tried twice. In the copy of the files, the PC crashes.

    Has someone experienced similar problems?
    This sounds like a hard drive problem?

    I would like to know suddenly course where I have buy a new hard drive.

    Thank you

    Kind regards



    I agree with Abe. I had a similar problem with my old Satellite phone. I did HDD test and discovered that there were many defective sectors.

    Computer laptop start works well, but after a while I noticed the same symptoms as you. If possible, try to get the new HARD drive, Exchange and I am 100% sure that everything will be OK again.

  • Satellite L20-155 BIOS restore

    The BIOS on my laptop seems to be corrupted.

    I checked section Service and support but my (Dutch) is no longer on the current list.
    Download laptop L20 refer to different models than my - 155.

    Who can help me with a proper BIOS of restoring files, or can I use any BIOS L20?


    > The BIOS on my laptop seems to be corrupted.
    Why do you think that?

    Satellite L20-155 belongs to the PSL2XE series and on the Toshiba Web site that is only available for version 2.20 update (you can see more information).

    Welcome them

  • RAM and the satellite L20-100 HARD drive


    I have an old Satellite L20-100 and it has a few problems with the HARD disk. I want to buy a replacement (new HARD drive) so I need to know what are the types of FDI in L20 - 100 discs...

    In addition, what type of DDR2 RAM I should buy to install in this laptop?

    Don't want to buy a fake, because if I do, it would be very difficult to sell...

    Please, help :)
    Thank you.

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    I agree with Akuma L20 supports a SATA controller and you need and 2.5 SATA HDD.
    Usually it s no matter which manufacturer is all 2.5 SATA hard drives must be compatible

    With regard to the 48-bit LBA:
    As far as I know that this could be just a problem with HDD IDE (P - ATA). SATA HDD should not be affected. So, theoretically, you could upgrade the HARD disk using larger than 128 GB.

    Regarding the upgrade of memory:

    You need DDR2 533 MHz (PC2-4200) 200 - PIN SODIMM and you can use 2 x 1 GB RAM

  • Satellite A50-111 - HARD drive upgrade


    I need to upgrade hard drive of my laptop because it is very slow. However, I know it's a 60 GB to factory-installed 4200 RPM.
    I'm ready to be upgraded to a fast 7200 RPM, if possible, with a decent capacity, but I'm not sure of the supported hard drive type (IDE?, 2.5?) is a model of 5 years. In my view, there are incompatibilities with the laptops today, hard drive formats, so I really need help.
    Thank you very much for your help!

    These are the specs on the site = Yes & PRODUCT_ID = 97598

    Hey Buddy,

    In my opinion the HARD drive upgrade will not increase performance well then you should try the other options first as reinstalling Windows, or upgrade the RAM.

    Anyway, Satellite A50 use IDE interface, so you can use hard disks of 120 GB of disk space.
    Of course, you can take a model at 7200 RPM, but they need more energy and produce more noise.
    I recommend a 120 GB 5400 RPM model. That s pretty fast!

  • Satellite L350 - 21Q - hard drive upgrade

    I have a satellite L350 - 21Q and while to love him as a machine in most ways I think it would be benefited greatly a larger hard drive. With this in mind, I started looking for a suitable replacement and found a 1 TB drive in size and uses the SATA 3.0 connection.

    I'm not sure if the machine will support the drive and so I look to you guys for help. Anyone know if the drive works with the machine, or is two opposites. If this is true can someone advise me what SATA type works and this as the maximum capacity of the space on the hard drive please?

    Thanks in advance :-)

    Unfortunately, Toshiba provides some specific information on hard drives compatible and tested.
    In my opinion you should not notice a few problems with this HARD drive. It is important that you use the HARD disk with SATA connector.

    You can order the new HARD drive, test and if something does not such as you simply want to return.
    Your comments are welcome, because we do not have precise information about these updates.

  • Satellite Pro L650 - hard disk is not initialized.


    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L650 and I am having some problems.

    It all started a few weeks ago, I received the dreaded screen black death (windows could start, but then just came up with a black screen and a cursor. After playing well, I thought that a reinstall of windows would do the trick.

    It worked, but none of my pilots have been installed... After much research, I found my Toshiba repair disc. I put in and went to fix it. At half way through formatting the drive, it came with an error, saying that he was unable to delete a specific file, it asked me to reset.

    So I reset, and it came with a screen with "this disc is not initialized, Please initialize now."
    So I pressed Yes, and it resets, it came with the same screen. and again and again.

    So that's where I am. It is only a year old, and already got the replaced disk. I'm desperate difficulty, I don't want it to become a grammage of paper-dear...

    First of all I m wondering why the message appeared saying that the disk is not initialized have you used the Toshiba restore for the OS installation disc or have you used any other Windows disc?

    On the other hand, it might be possible that your HARD drive is malfunctioning, the cursor blinking in the upper left corner is a sign for this fault
    So I recommend you to check the HARD drive. Use a tool like Drive Fitness Test, for example, it helps you to check the HARD disk
    If errors will be displayed so the HARD drive needs to be replaced

  • Satellite A100-062 - HARD drive upgrade


    I'm out of memory on my A100-062 the disk of Vista (C) on my laptop (currently 62.6MB/37.1GB left!), but I left on data (E) 32 GB drive / 35.9 GB.

    Is it possible to move itunes and my library of music on the D drive and where there is more room? Or should I look to upgrade the hard disk (internal or external)

    I am a complete novice when it comes of it so * _basic detailed explanations_ * on what best to do would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Max1210

    Before you buy a new HARD drive, you should try to move the folder my documents on the second partition. Also the mp3 files you have.
    I save my documents, pictures, music, and so far only on the second partition. On the first partition I install only the programs that I need.

    If you want a new HARD disk it of your choice if you take a HARD drive internal or external. On the external HARD drive, you can backup your data.

  • Help to find the driver on the Satellite A200 (PSAE6) HARD disk controller

    Greetings. This text has been written through a translation program, to try to understand :)

    My friend bought a few days back to herself TOSHIBA Satellite A200 (PSAE6) where it has been established operating system Windows Vista Home. He asked me to change OS on Windows XP Pro. With the first problem I have consulted - have deleted Vista, but to set up XP is not possible due to the absence of the HARD disk controller driver in the OS distribution kit. Windows Installer cannot find the HARD drive. I read that it is necessary to load the driver during Setup, press the F6 key. But a problem I can't find the driver in that.

    We have no disk with drivers that should go with a computer and therefore it is necessary to search independently on the Internet. On the Toshiba site to locate the pilot, it was not possible. Then I came to the Intel site and download "RAID/AHCI - Intel® Matrix Storage Manager» After unpacking I got only «infinst_autol.exe» archive

    Where can I download this driver (not a "EXE" format) that can be used during the installation of Windows XP?
    PS: a chipset - Intel PM965 Express

    Thank you


    use the files in the folder "ICH8M_32bit".


  • Satellite L20-155: which Linux distribution is capable

    Top members Co,
    After several research reading etc in this forum and on the pages of Toshiba-Novell-Linux groups here in my country (Netherlands) I only found something on which distro is capable with my L20-155.
    My wish is to install an Os (Suse 10.1) and say a well-intentioned through window$ for the last years.
    Are there members with experience and/or good recommendation?

    Thanks so far


    I read this ad, and it seems that the distribution Linux Mandriva 2006 works correctly on the units.

    Unfortunately, the agent support Toshiba doesn't Linux and, therefore, you will find not all Toshiba for Linux drivers on all laptops.

  • Satellite L20-155 TV out does not work


    I recently bought a toshiba l20-155, when I attach to my TV, I get no image on my screen.
    When I choose in windows xp to enlarge my desktop computer for a second monitor, I still don't see anything on my television.
    also I checked on the ATI website for the latest drivers and I checked the s-video cable and my television channel.

    Please help me!

    Hello Thomas

    If your laptop computer is properly connected to the TV using just the FN + F5 key combination to switch to the TV. Also check that your TV S-video port is enabled.

    You don? t need all the drivers because preinstalled driver is already tested with TV and there everything is OK.

    On this path, I will also recommend to visit the page and under SUPPORT & DOWNLOADS you will find TROUBLESHOOTING page. You will find many useful documents in the Knowledge Base.

    Good luck!

  • On the Satellite C - Windows HARD disk failure has detected a HARD disk problem

    Since 2 days have been making repeated dialog "Windows detected a hard disk problem", warning of potential failures of the disc so back up, what I did. Disk in question is a Toshiba MK-5065GSXN.

    As a non-tech user, my instinct is that a new laptop is a better choice than to call Toshiba support for a laptop warranty (2 years) out of.

    On the other hand there may be a simple software fix. The opinion or advice welcome


    The message says that something is wrong with the HARD drive.
    It might be possible that your HARD drive will die sooner or later so his need to backup data on another HARD drive, disk or flash memory.

    Finally, I must say you n don't need to buy a new laptop just because your HARD drive starts to hurt work in such cases purchase a new HARD drive and replace it
    HARD drive is not very expensive and the replacement of the HARD disk is very easy in your user manual

    PS: what model of laptop you have exactly?

  • Satellite P200D-139 - HARD drive upgrade options

    I received a P200D-139 and there seem to be two 40GB hard drives.

    I want to upgrade if I put Windows 7 on it.

    I have updated the BIOS, so how big a drive can I put into each slot of the HARD drive?

    I'm also going to 4 GB of RAM.

    See you soon



    Satellite or Equium P200D series was equipped with SATA HDD.
    This means that mobile supports the SATA HDD controller, which means that we must avoid any physical limitation.

    Usually, you can use any HARD drive 2.5 SATA
    But I think that 320 HARD drive should be good enough
    What do you think?

  • Equium A60-155 - HARD drive upgrade

    I have an Equium A60-155 with 40G HARD drive.
    The manual says that this model comes with up to 80G installed, but is it possible to upgrade to 120, or even 160G?


    If your laptop comes with a HDD of 80 GB then you ve got a good chance a 100 GB or 120 GB HARD drive would be supported.
    I have no course with a size of 160GB HARD drive but I m m the 160 GB might be too afraid.

    I recommend you use and test a 120 GB

    See you soon

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