Satellite L300 BIOS update problem: "what BIOS is not for your laptop.

I obtained through Satellite L300 laptop and I want to update its BIOS (current v1.50), so I downloaded the bios update v1.60 - WIN and when I run the extracted PS10160M.exe file - I get a message that "this BIOS is not for your laptop.

What I am, I am doing wrong?

PS: that updating the BIOS was suggested automatically after registration on the Web from Toshiba site via the serial number.

UPD: it looks like autosuggestion fail: manual search shows that bios update 1, 60-win is not suitable for the model Satellite L300 PSLBCE. :-(


You used the wrong BIOS!

The European driver Toshiba page provides a BIOS for this Satellite L300 PSLBCE series and the latest BIOS right now is 1.50!

Currently, your laptop uses the latest version of the BIOS.

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  • This Bios is not for your laptop!

    First I started having this massage of error at startup 'System Fan (90 b)'

    I searched HP's site and found several tips to resolve this.

    one of the tips was to check your Bios version and to the most recent update.

    I followed the steps carefully.

    1 check my bios version / date.

    2. check my cpu model.

    3 open the HP website and let it detect my laptop model (and it does correctly).

    Laptop HP ENVY 14-2136nr
    Model: LM764EA #A2N

    4 select my operating system (Windows 7 X 64)

    5 - Check the Bios Driver and download it.

    6 - everything seemed perfect and once I try to install the driver I get this massage of error (this bios is not for your laptop!)

    HOW IS IT?

    HI @ibraham-hashem.

    I see that you have a laptop of HP ENVY 14-2136nr and that you receive 90b fan error. One of the suggestions is update the BIOS, but when you tried you have received the message that it was not for your laptop.

    First of all, I ran the HP Support Assistant to help with updates and solve problems.

    Have you checked against viruses and malware?

    I try to restore the bios, and then retry the update. Restore the BIOS

    If it is not successful, I would go to the bios screen, and when you look down, you should see an option to restore the default values.  Please restore the default values.

    Now, try to install the update to the bios.  Updated the BIOS

    I hope this helps.

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    Better to refer to the manufacturer of your system Support, their books online and their
    Forums about your model (with a grain of salt), because it will be the difference between the marks
    and even some models.

    Usually there is no exact answer but its best not to put the laptop off the coast and back
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    Check with your manufacturer for system and their forums as your laptop might already have this

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    Turn off your notebook LCD with one click - author's website

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

  • SHAREit worked before, but since the last update of what YOGA can not find every laptop


    I used SHAREit twice with good results (may 2015)

    I tried to use it in early August and earlier, n the YOGA 2 1380 pro cannot find the laptop more although they are 20 cm from each other.

    Version of Windows is different from Android. I already uninstalled the Windows version to a newer version without result.

    And another Member, I just tried to help her by suggesting ShareIt also cannot establish the connection.

    And I see no option to ignore updates.

    All solutions?

    Thank you


    I just tested the new version, go to/from my YOGA 2 1380F pro, my A520 AIO, and there is no problem.

    SHAREit A520 AIO, window 8.1, version (SHAREit Info)

    YOGA 1380F pro 2, Android Kitkat, SHAREit Version 2.8.8_WW

    One thing to check is if the WiFi Yoga tape is set to Auto (both bands), or at least updated the corresponding band of the PC.

    IIRC, the PC needs to be connected to any wireless network, although the WiFi it must be turned on and not in airplane mode.

    After an update, you may need to re-pair connection of old/exsiting, by making that stupid 'number' correspondence between the two devices.

    In addition, on the PC, there should be an Easyplus Hotspot Lenovo, showing in monitor resources on the 'networks' tab.

    See you soon


  • Satellite A100 - BIOS flash not finished

    My PC is a Satellite A100 PSAANE and after updating the BIOS an error pops up and flash not finished...
    I stop the PC and when I started it don t start

    How do I get back the original BIOS or how kan I do a new update of the BIOS via USB or CD?

    If the BIOS update was not properly finished, I fear you have real problem now and authorized service provider can help with this.
    I guess that you do not start your laptop. Am I right about that?

    Sorry but there is nothing that you can do it alone. Traditional BIOS update (diskette) doesn't exist for this model of laptop. Sorry :(

  • USRP RuntimeError: Please update the firmware and FPGA images for your device.


    I have an Ettus USRP N210 with a surfboard RF WBX running FPGA firmware version 4.

    2009 LabVIEW and NOR-USRP 1.1

    When I try to run one of the USRP VI OR as devices to find it displays the following error code:-1074118627

    "niUSRP finda length or configuration error has occurred."
    Code: 1440
    Details: RuntimeError:
    Please update the firmware and FPGA images for your device.
    See application for USRP2/N-Series notes for instructions.
    Compatibility of the Protocol expected number [7-11], but received 12:
    The version of the firmware is not compatible with the host code generation. »

    I can communicate with unity on Linux using UHD machine and the utility Configuration NI USRP can see the device, but firmware update is not possible, probably because of my IP ending in 221. Latest firmware Ettus was recharged via Linux UHD.

    Looks like my firmware again? I am not allowed to download the old versions of the FPGA firmware.

    Can someone help me with this problem please?

    With respect,

    -Sigurd has.

    Hello Sigurd,

    The NOR-USRP driver requires a specific firmware and FPGA image to be downloaded to the USRP to exploit.

    You can use the utility of Configuration USRP download appropriate firmware and FPGA image to the usrp.

    This knowledge base article will help you: how update the Firmware and FPGAS Images for N2xx and NI 292 x USRP

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    So I got a wireless mouse for my first time and it won't even install on my computer. It isn't the mouse because I tried other wireless mice and none of them work. In my device under other devices Manager there are only 2 USB receivers listed with question marks next to them. It is said that they can not find the drivers for the device. Then under my HIDDEN I tried to update the HID-compliant device and the USB input device, nor able to update. This is the message I get.  Windows encountered a problem installing the software driver for your device. Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error trying to install it. Peripheral HID-compliant, the system cannot find the specified file. I already contacted EVGA about the issue, because there is where I got my motherboard, but they said to contact Microsoft and I didn't really want to pay 50 dollars to send them an email. That's all just ridiculous.

    Well, I found the solution, just in case anyone has the same problem.  Apparently some day caused Wireless does not work on several computers. So you go into Manager for all of these research and device drivers manually. Then, you look for in C/windows/winsxs. Then the wireless mouse/keyboard should work.

  • Satellite L300 - 03C - updated to v2.2 BIOS update then fail to boot on XP

    The L300 BIOS - 03C v2.2 update does not boot on XP
    Model: PSLB8C-03C01X
    Help, please
    My OS is WinXP SP3, BIOS was v1.4
    using the latest BIOS V2.2 windows file to upgrade (v1.4)
    Progress is normally finished, however it fail to start.

    I still can get into the BIOS Setup, but cannot run Windows XP at the login screen.

    So, what can I do?

    Thank you

    What happen exactly when you start your laptop?
    HARD drive is recognized correctly in the BIOS settings?

    You can boot OS in SafeMode (F8 at startup)?

  • Satellite L300 - after update BIOS BSOD appears

    Hello world

    I have a question about it. I have a Toshiba L300 with Intel GM965 chipset. I've been works very well with this laptop after using the Bios v1.40.

    However, recently, after an upgrade of the Bios to v1.50, I started to get the BSOD (quite often) in Vista that I had in v1.30 bios.

    If you have this problem and find the solution somewhere, please let me know. Much appreciate.

    Moreover, there are some problems with BSOD caused by the chipset GM965 reviewed on the site Internet of Dell and Intel. Most people say it's because the Vbios (video bios). The fact that after upgrading my bios to 1.50, the Vbios from my toshiba is always (most recent intel is 1572) 1436.

    If you have a newer version of the vbios, please let me know when you bought your laptop. Much appreciate.

    Here is an exchange of views on Intel and Dell website:

    Moreover, for those who cannot upgrade the driver Intel site, please uninstall the previous driver and install the new driver of the installation file (or do it manually). Contact me for more details if you need.

    I'm looking forward to having good and clear on your part answers. I don't like the answers- and made-up. (I'm not a fool).

    Thank you


    I'm still looking for answers about Vbios. Hope can hear someone here.

    In the meantime, I would like to use this thread to discuss chipset GM965 and question, you can meet with her. Obviously, the driver supported by Toshiba is an older version and is missing many features. Some people say it is not safe to use other pilots, but it is false. There is nothing wrong if you use the original equipment manufacturers, as they know more of 3 companies.

    Intel has released a new chipset GM965 - X 3100 driver to:

    Covering memo:

    with many correction of bugs (including for the extended monitors).

    To get the best performance new driver. You must uninstall the current driver on your machine manually from the Device Manager. You can then run the whole upward.

    Don't forget to add a light T & L SW for some software to improve their performance. (Look for how to improve x 3100 perforamce on this site support or the answer that and I'll show you how). For x 3100, SW mode will allow you to have some executives rate more and you can play your games as well as make your graphic works.

    Kind regards.

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  • Satellite P200 - BIOS did not recognize my usb 3.5 drive "

    I have a few years ago:
    Satellite P200-1FY
    Reference: PSPB6E-0QR035FR

    I just bought a new hard drive WD20EARS (2 TB) 64 MB of RAM,
    and I connected on an external box<-> SATA USB3 (closed hot 'cc'), so plugin on my toshiba via USB (USB2.0 card)

    I partitioned the drive with 2 parts (1 part FAT32 (enabled): 930KB and 1 NTFS 1, 89 GB)

    * My problem is :*
    I am not able to detect the drive by the bios (bios updated with 2.7 "bios -"), in order, starting with partition FAT32)

    tests I've already done :*
    (1) connect this drive (WD20EARS) on a PC: HP 6530--> result b: drive is detected by the bios, it is impossible to boot the disk
    and the operating system is started correctly

    (2) plug in sametime a usb2 startup key and the disc--> result: WD20EARS disc is displayed on the selection of the bios (sometimes)
    but it is impossible to start on it. When I select the drive, the USB is booting

    Could you help me find the problem (bios, disk or box usb3) or have you updated to solve

    Kind regards

    Stand by.
    BIOS cannot detect the external HARD drive? You want to start OS saved on the external HARD drive? Is this correct?

    Tests 1 and 2 are related to this HP laptop?

  • Satellite L300: Supervisor password problem

    I just bought a Satellite L300 and installed all the drivers from the Web from Toshiba website.

    I created the user password in the wizard from Toshiba and once I configured the SUPERVISOR PASSWORD.

    But when I tried to enter in the Bios after reboot, the work of doesen't password and in the window when trying to change the user password, it also asks supervisor password and it still says: PASSWORD INCORECT.

    What can I do?
    And why this has happened?

    Hi mate,

    I think that in this case only an auhtorized service provider can help you. If you ave you forgot your supervisor or typed wrong password it can only be removed from an ASP.

    Here, on the site of Toshiba, you can find a list of the ASP s: decision-making supported downloads & => find an authorized service provider

    Just talk with them a little and they will help you! :)

  • Tecra M11 - T.BIOS'CEO update doesn't work is not for

    I am currently on BIOS version 2.90. EC version 1.90.
    I downloaded the package to update the BIOS to
    However, when I try to update I get the following error message...

    Error: Preparation of updated failed.
    You have not given permission to run the update.

    I am the administrator. I am running WIndows 7 Professional 64 bit.
    Model M11SAU1.

    I'm upgrade is because I hope that this will solve my problem of wireless USB headset. I have a plantronics. Audio 995 wireless headset with USB dongle that simply will not be installed by using standard windows drivers who told me that the manufacturer should work. This unit works very well on my other machine Win 7 64. Ironically, it also fits great under VMware with XP on my toshiba... but refuses to install natively?

    Answers to one of these popular questions ;-)

    > I'm upgraded is because I hope that this will solve my problem of wireless USB headset. I have a plantronics. Audio 995 wireless headset with USB dongle that simply will not be installed by using standard windows drivers who told me that the manufacturer should work.

    In my opinion, this has nothing to do with the BIOS and don't think that BIOS update is a solution for this...
    However, have you intsaller the VAP (value added package) for this model of laptop computer?

    As far as I know that this is necessary in order to update the BIOS!

    Also, make sure you have disabled any software Antivirus and other security software and options!

  • Game Minecraft OpenGL satellite L650 - driver update problem - PSK1E


    I know that several posts have already highlighted this problem.

    I have a Satellite L650 PSK1EE.
    Sorry if this is not the right place to post but I could not find anywhere else to start a new thread.

    Essentially my children want to use * Minecraft * on this laptop. I downloaded it but get the error message that my graphics driver is not compatible opengl. I only have Intel. So I tried the usual driver updates, then I tried to download a generic Intel driver but I don't know which one is right.

    Once I have selected * chart * then * laptop graphics driver * s then I get the choice between 2nd or 3rd generation processors, accelerators and mobile chipsets, which none means nothing to me and I'm stuck.

    It seems that some people have managed to circumvent the built-in graphics card driver and update manually one this way, once you know what you download and then unzip and so on...

    Of course, I can waste my time.

    If anyone knows how to proceed, I'd be very grateful for any help so that I can stop spending hours Googling this.

    Thank you very much


    You must install the Intel HD driver.
    Try this driver of graphics Intel HD for Win 7 and Win 8

    You must choose the zip (NOT exe) for System 32-bit or 64-bit package according to the version of the system that is installed on your laptop.

    [Drivers Mobile Intel HD graphics | ProductLine = graphic + portable + pilots & ProductProduct = 2nd + generation + Intel % C2% AE + Core % E2% 84% A2 + Processo rs + with Intel % C2% AE + HD + graph + 3000% 2f2000]

  • Satellite L300 - boring loading problems

    Hello world.

    I've got my Satellite L300 nice for about 23 months now, and I absolutely love it.
    There is just one problem: my PC is not loading properly. There are always about a 1/50
    lucky, I have to play with the inputs and output for all 5-10 minutes each
    I plug it in time. I had this problem before (about two months ago) where I sent it
    Back to the store and they fixed. I was able to pick up there is still almost a month
    and everything worked properly again.

    It's really, really frustrating and I hope there is a solution simple sorta.
    Anyone who is familiar with this problem and to know what exactly is the problem?

    Thank you in advance.

    This kind of technical problems, there is no simple solution.
    If you have a serious issue with load problem, it is probably related to electronic power supply and it must be checked by authorized personnel only.

    Tell me but honestly: what can you fix these problems?

  • Satellite P755 - Bios is not accessible, but Windows works

    Hi all

    I have a big problem with my computer. My Bios does not appear...
    At the exit of Windows 8, I did a full format on my computer to accommodate this new OS with beauty. Some time later, I installed Ubuntu 12.04 in Dual-Boot.
    One of the two facilities are doing? lost me the BIOS, let me explain:

    Knowing that my computer is a Toshiba, normally, when I start, the first image that appears on the screen is the Toshiba logo and down ' press F * to access the BIOS. " But I have no more of this logo, instead, I Dual-Boot option appears asking me to choose one of the two BONES (I think it's the GRUB, I'm not sure, but he was purple, so...). After selecting one of the two BONES, I go straight to the page load of the chosen one.

    I didn't get worse, so I left it because it wasn't bothering me... until last night.
    My computer was getting a bit slow, I decided to format it again, but as I said, I have no BIOS, so not boot via DVD at startup. I had to format by Windows, leaving behind the Windows.old folder on the hard disk. But I wanted to fix my famous problem at the same time, so I decided to uninstall Ubuntu and install Windows 7 instead of 8.

    Everything was going well with uninstall and install.

    Win7 is restarted, still no Toshiba logo, and I get the Dual-Boot option, as before, asking me to choose between Ubuntu and Win7 (I already uninstalled Ubuntu), but this time, the screen is not "purple", it is black...

    When I'm on the Dual-Boot, there are only two buttons that work, the F8 and F10.

    When I press F10, I have this:

    Change startup options: Windows 7
    Score: 2
    hard drive: 97f097f0

    / Noexecute = optin

    When I press F8, I enter the menu of Windows repair, where there restore Windows, command prompt, repair Windows, etc...
    I tried a few things, typed on the command line like fixmbr, etc, but nothing worked

    I'm stuck on Windows 7 without Bios and a Dual - Boot does not work, I don't know what to do...
    I've looked everywhere where my problem comes from, but does not have the awnser.

    For more information, I have a Toshiba P755.

    Well, I hope someone answer, even though I know that this problem is a bit weird...

    Thanks in advance to all who will try ^^

    I think that the dual boot is always available in the Master Boot Record (MBR) and so this double menu boot appears to turn on/off the device.
    But this should not prevent the notebook to access the BIOS.
    Usually, you can access the BIOS by pressing F2 while turning on the laptop.
    I recommend that you press this several times in the line.

    However, I think that the reason why the Toshiba screen projection does not appear is simple: in my view the QuickStart has been enabled in the BIOS.

    You will find the option called startup speed in BIOS-> Advanced tab.
    Usually its normal value.

    If his play on Fast, the BIOS should start from disk built-in HARD (or SSD), the laptop would support only the LCD and keyboard internal and does not display Toshiba Startup logo. Therefore, put again to normal.

    In which case you would not be able to access the BIOS by pressing F2, I recommend to remove the portable computer HARD drive and turn on the unit without the HARD drive.
    Then press F2 to enter the BIOS

    Your comments and good luck would be appreciated,

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