Satellite L550-113 shows PXE-61 Media Test Failure

Hi - 1st poster time so apologies if this is correct.

I have the satellite L550-113, which is just coming up to 12mth old - bought the comet.
error "pxe - e61 media test check the cable of failure" message whenever I start the laptop but deals with work as usual.
These days sometimes goes in a loop with the beginning of message and the custom of error until you turn off / on again.

I take Comet or contact toshiba?
is this a common problem?
is this a simple fix?



I recommend you contact Toshiba. Addresses or phone numbers, you can find on Toshiba support page under > support & downloads > find an ASP.

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  • Satellite A100-237: error - PXE - E61 Media test failure

    The following messages PXE E61 Media test failure, check cable and boot PXE M0F agent out Intel appearing after start-up and restart the computer (after initialization message and link)
    Could you explain to me these messages: that means media test, is it important or normal.


    Please change the boot order in the BIOS. Set the LAN option at the end of the boot order.

    PS: This issue has been described a lot of time in this forum. Please use the advanced search option and search for PXE.

  • Satellite L30-149-PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable of


    My Toshiba Satellite L30-149 with the PSL35E-002002NS model number is equipped with a MK4032GSX drive HARD 40 GB, Bios V 1.90 and HP Windows XP Home edition.

    IT stops during startup with the text.

    For Realtek RTL8139 (x) /8130/ 810 x PCI Fast Ethernet Controller V2.13 (020326), PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable PXE - M0F: exit ROM PXE, operating system not found.

    This occurs even if the disc is removed and seq. boot is changed so it should search the CD/DVD and even though the power and the battery has been disconnected for 15 minutes. If the power were during 20 hours them lights upward by DVD for a short so that at the next startup, but not if the power was turned off for a few minutes.

    Before he died, he showed the blue screen several times with diskerrors in the event log, and I was able to run/CHKDSK without errors a few times.

    Please advice how to reset the Fast Ethernet controller, not sure that a HDD defective only can cause the fault of I m.

    Thnx in advance


    I think that this is related to failure of HARD drive or lack of OS on the HARD drive.
    Is this message PXE ONLY appears if the portable computer is trying to boot from LAN.

    Means either the LAN was chosen in the BIOS as first boot device or operating system is not found on the HARD drive and so the BIOS automatically goes to the local network.

    So I recommend this audit in the worst case you will need to check if the new HARD drive would solve this

  • Satellite L300 - PXE - E61 media test failure

    Today, while browsing the Internet, my laptop decided to randomly cut to a screen with this error message:

    Intel UNDI, PXE - 2.1 (build 082)
    Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation

    For Realtek RTL8101E/8102E PCI - E Ethernet Controller v1.07 (080320)
    PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable of
    PXE - M0F: Exit PXE ROM

    Intel UNDI, PXE - 2.1 (build 082)
    Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation

    For realtek RTL8101E/802E PCI - E Ethernet Controller v1.07 (080320)
    PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable of
    PXE - M0F: Exit PXE ROM.
    No boot device - insert boot disk and press any key

    I have absolutely no idea what it means, and I use never no ethernet cable because I have a Wi - Fi connection, but he is relentless. I went through F2 and F12 and all settings are perfectly fine. Order of the BIOS is fine with the HARD disc on top.

    What should I do?
    Best regards

    Hey Buddy,

    If you have tested the HARD drive in a box of another and external HARD drive laptop without success the case is clear: the HARD drive needs to be replaced because it s defective!

    I can understand that you want to recover your data, but what do you do if you are not able to access? In this case you need assistance, a special data recovery lab, but it is not cheap and costs hundreds of dollars.

    I m wondering that you don't have a backup. Have you never tried to do it or thought it would be useful?

    Last but not least a new HARD drive can be ordered at a service provider authorized in your country or each computer store. Satellite L300 supports SATA 2.5 hard drives.

  • Satellite A30 - PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable of


    I got a Satellite A30-064 as gift. The guy who gave it to me, said its broken. I checked the forum startup error message:

    + PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable PXE - M0F: exit PXE ROM +

    I can boot in the BIOS, change the HARD drive. The two old or new are properly recognized in the BIOS. Boot order is correct (not LAN).

    I have to give it to the recycling station? I don't not want to was wrong, it seems to me the error which is left is on the motherboard. Would this be a machine "Oops, I spilled my coffee on the keyboard?

    Has anyone managed to get rid of a similar problem?

    Usually this error message appears because the laptop tries to start from LAN because she doesn t recognize other bootable devices like ODD or HARD disk.

    Usually if the HARD drive would be recognized then this message PXE - E61 appears.

    What happens if you insert a bootable CD and press the C key immediately after starting the laptop?
    The C button should allow booting from ODD.

    Please check this!

  • Satellite C660 - 10 d Operating System not found PXE - E61: Media test failure

    I have a Satellite C660 - 10 d, which is part of the 1 year warranty which has suddenly decided it won't start and makes a strange noise that sounds mechanical.

    I tried the options F2 & F11 at startup, but I always return to the same messages some options I try:

    Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller v1.23 (28/07/10)
    PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable of
    PXE - M0F: Exit PXE ROM
    Operating system not found.

    I can't go beyond that and get the laptop doesn't work, which leads to my second problem.

    It is under warranty so I thought I would sign in for repair. The serial number is recognized in the section Product Support My. But when I try to enter in the repair section, it is said

    ERROR: serial not valid number.
    Please check and try again.
    Then gives a number to call which only works weekdays.

    So, I have what appears to be a broken laptop that I can currently connect to repair.
    If you are able to help with one of these problems, it would be greatly appreciated.


    I'm quite sure that the problem is related to the defective HARD drive.
    This would also explain the mechanical noise when starting.

    PXE - E61: Media test failure appears as the laptop attempts to boot from LAN.
    Why? Because the disk HARD could not be found and the CD/DVD drive does not contain a startup disk.

    So the BIOS switched to LAN

    This is why replacement of HARD drive should help you with this problem.
    If the warranty is valid, get in touch with a local ASP in your country. Maybe you could get a HARD disk which could be replaced easily

    This is a database with all FSA worldwide:> support download &-> find an authorized service partner.

    By the way: this is the beautiful short films hwo to replace a HARD drive:

  • Satellite C660D - media failure PXE - E61: media test failure, check cable of


    hope I can help with this problem.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C660D, which I bought in 2011 and he has recently started to act, whenever I try to pass on it tells me

    Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller series V2.38 (24/12/10)
    PXE - E61: media test failure, check cable.
    PXE - MOF: Exit PXE ROM
    Operating system not found

    This problem started when I tried to install the new operating system (Win 7 32 bit) on my hard drive of the windows partition, this instillation was a success, and I even managed to create a user profile after installation.

    However, as soon as I logged on to the computer says me he wants to get back out to check my windows and it did it automatically and since then he never restart and tells me that this media test failure error.

    I checked my hard drive if that work by connecting it as external on another computer and its still fine with everything that always there, I deleted and reintroduced it a couple of times, but always the media test failure still occur, I even tried to change the sequence of start several times, including the default settings , but the problem still persists.

    I have two laptops of the same type and both of them give me the same problems, I am running out of ideas on how to fix this problem any help will be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    This message means that the system was not found on the HARD drive and the next boot device was LAN. But unit was not able to boot from LAN and so this PXE error appeared.

    You said that the HARD drive is OK. Well, what is the status of the HARD drive in the BIOS?
    HDD is recognized correctly in the BIOS on the first page of the BIOS?

    Where it is, you should try to reinstall the system once more.
    In the case of the disk HARD isn't visible in the BIOS, you must replace it.

  • Re: Satellite L850-150 - PXE - E61 media test failure error

    Hey all,.

    Yesterday, while using my laptop normally, my laptop crashed and showed me the blue screen. When I tried to restart, he gave me what PXE - E61 media test failure, followed by the well known text.

    I looked in the BIOS and boot order was right (HDD is first as it should), but to my surprise, the hard drive was no longer recognized on the first page of the BIOS (it says HDD/SSD: None). I already tried to reinsert the HARD drive (loose screw them, removed and inserted back), but it does not solve the problem. In my opinion, it probably means that my HARD drive is defective?

    What would be the best course of action? Is it still possible to fix it? Thanks in advance.

    Somehow the disk HARD is not properly detected.
    Try to set the BIOS to default settings and check again.

    Please do so and send feedback.

  • Satellite L300-229-PXE-E61: Media test failure


    A couple of years ago, I bought a satellite L300 - 229.

    The other day the screen empties and restarted with the following eror is
    PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable of
    PXE MOF: outgoing PXE ROM no boot device, please insert the boot disk and press any key

    I have not received a boot with the portable drive... Can someone give me some advice on what I should do next?

    Kind regards



    The message appears because the laptop trying to boot from LAN.
    The laptop cannot find the boot device
    I think that your HARD drive is dead or the master boot record may be damage.

    To resolve this issue, you must install the system again probably you need to replace the HARD drive first and then you will need to install new windows.

    If you have no recovery disk, see this page:

  • Satellite C660D-124 - PXE - E61 media test failure

    Hi all

    This is my first post on your forum.
    I know a little bit to move the laptop.
    I have a Satellite C660D-124
    I was playing music when he decided to stop and I got this error message.
    PXE - E61 media test failure.

    what I've done so far;

    (1) battery removed, removed HDD.
    replace drive HARD and battery. no change in error.

    (2) joined in setting up F2, noticed the HDD\SDD says NOT PRESENT.
    Scrolls to the start menu that looks like this...
    down the HARD drive and back up and saved on exit without change by mistake

    (3) when I go peripheral to the F12 boot boot, the boot menu reads as follows;

    There is no DISC in the start menu, is there?

    I would have appreciated your advice and your expertise on this matter and I hope that my h/dd is not dead
    see you soon


    Your HARD drive is defective and must be replaced.
    I m sure about it because the HARD disk does not appear in the BIOS. But it should.

    Replace the HARD drive, reinstall the system and the laptop would go again :)

  • Satellite L450D - 13 X does not start the system - PXE - E61: Media test failure


    I turned on my laptop after only a day and it will not load
    As a first step, he said start the system restart or start normally,

    I chose startup repair, but it does not complete the repair.
    It now comes with a repetitive screen with PXE - E63: media test failure, check cable of
    PXE - MOF: exit ROM PXE

    I tried Googling the answer and go into the BIOS menu and to the section boot but I can't seem to change anything at work.

    There are, and exclamation mark in front of what I think is my hard drive on the screen

    ! HDD1/SSD1 TOSHIBA MK2555GSX-(S2)

    I have nothing in the disk drive and I don't have a recovery disk.

    Any help would be appreciated




    For me, it looks like a malfunction of the HARD drive and so the BIOS can not find a bootable device and goes to the last possible bootable option which is LAN.

    The exclamation mark in front of the HARD drive indicates that there is a problem with the HARD drive so I think you need to replace the HARD drive and you need to reinstall the system.

    PS: What laptop do you have exactly?

  • HARD drive failed on the Satellite 5100-603 - PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable


    my laptop enter to the BIOS and tell me 'Intel (R) Boot Agent Version 4.1.03 Copyright (C) 1997-2002, Intel Corporation.
    PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable
    PXE - B0F: Exit Intel Boot Agent.
    Insert system disk in drive.
    Press any key when ready... »

    and I started to install windows, it tells me 'hard disk without work... '. »

    Help me please


    Sorry but I don't understand what kind of help you want. If the HARD drive is faulty, you should exchange it.
    Moreover, what model of laptop do you have?

  • Satellite Pro C660-v10 does not start: pxe - e61 media test failure


    laptop was dropped accidentally, worked very well at the beginning but now does not.
    Press f12 for the boot menu, the screen says,

    PXE - e61 media test failure - check the cable.
    PXE - m0f too; output
    PXE rom operating system not found. Please can someone explain what this means?

    > pxe - e61 media test failure - check the cable.
    > pxe - m0f; output
    > pxe rom, system of operation not found.
    > can someone please explain what this means


    The PXE error in most cases because the laptop can not boot from a CD-DVD or HARD disk drive and going to the LAN.

    There's maybe one losing a contact between the HARD drive and controller HARD drive.

    Select this check box. Open the HARD drive Bay and check if the HARD drive is properly connected.

    If the HARD drive would not be recognized even if the connection is OK, then I would say that your HARD drive is defective and must be replaced.

  • Satellite A210-1AS-PXE-E61: media test failure, check cable of


    I had some problems with my A210 overheating a stop (even tried extra cooling), but since the last stop, I am now unable to boot, I get the following...

    for fast ethernet Realtek RTL8100E/8101E network adapter v1.02 (060529)
    PXE - E61: media test failure, check cable of
    PXE - M0F: exit ROM PXE
    operating system not found
    Intel UNDI, PXE - 2.1 (build 082)

    I assumed that the HARD drive is dead, although I don't want to get another, only to find it's something else like a bad cable... I removed the HARD drive and given the link suddenly.

    If someone could advise me before I go and buy another HARD drive, I would be grateful.

    ... also, if I don't change the HARD drive, my Vista recovery disc would work with the new drive or do I need a new copy of Vista?

    Thank you


    Yes, it's a typical message when the laptop cannot boot from the HARD drive and switches to the local network.
    I think that your HARD drive is not present may be dead
    You can check the BIOS if the HARD disk is which are listed there.

    If the HARD drive is not recognized in the BIOS, then I would recommend this replacement.
    As far as I know it takes 2.5 HDD SATA


  • Re: Satellite Pro A210 - strange start up error - PXE - E61 Media Test failure check

    Here's a weird scenario.

    HARD drive has failed. Fortunately, do regular backups, then restored on a new HARD drive.

    New HARD drive is securely fixed to the A210. Power on, HDD recognised by the BIOS and proceeds to start, get the following error:
    For the Fast Ethernet Realtek RTL8100E-8101E network adapter Version 1.02
    PXE - E61 Media Test failure check cable
    PXE - MOF from the PXE ROM

    A210 will BE boot from USB or DVD.

    Tried various things, internet research, found a lot of mistakes same or similar, air conditioned and have a no good result.

    I have a Paragon boot, booted disk in it. One of the options is to find some operating systems on hard disks. Try to find BONES. If you want to start in it, accept and Win 7 loads!

    So, why the A210 will not load the OS? It recognizes the HARD drive, and another medium may start in the operating system.

    Looking forward to your answers!


    Have you tried to reinstall the OS on this HARD drive rather than install the backup?
    There may be something wrong with the backup you just

    Generally, this error because the BIOS cannot boot from the HARD drive and passes to the LAN.

    If the HARD drive is recognized in the BIOS then it must be something wrong with the operating system on the HARD drive.

    Recommend the fresh OS install and check it once more..,.

Maybe you are looking for

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