Satellite L750D - MAC address change by itself

Satellite L750D/L755D 18mths old.
Restarted this morning after the weekend and cable NIC MAC address has chnaged.

Started in windows and could see a different value to Friday (as we control access through MAC address and was blocked).
Started in normal Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) and a different MAC address again.

NIC seems to work fine with whatever he chooses - but how MAC address can be change by itself?


> NIC seems to work fine with whatever he chooses - but how MAC address can be change by itself?

The physical MAC address is not editable, but there are a few ways to spoof the mac address
For example, using Windows XP, the MAC address can be changed in the properties of the Ethernet adapter. On the Advanced tab, under "MAC address", "Locally administered address", "Ethernet address" or "network address". The name of this option depends on the Lan driver that is installed on your laptop. And important note; not all drivers are supported changing the MAC address of this way.

In addition the system registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\ {4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} contains some parameters of the network interface and the option called NetworkAddress will serve to set the MAC address.

There are also tools that could spoof the address MAC for example, SMAC MAC Address Changer.
Finally and above all some routers provide an option to change the MAC address.

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    The address real wifi to your phone depends on the address given by your router, unless you tell us what it is that we cannot know the answer to the question.

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    Whenever the S55 connects to a wireless accespoint - wifi MAC address change.
    Is this a known issue or bug (Android)? Whe needs a MAC address for MAC filtering.

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    by the way, have you tried to do a factory reset and check if she always changes?

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    The rest of the story: just got my adapter and had problems he connect my Linksys WRT110. Discovered the hard way that the MAC address on the label is the * wired * address, not the wireless MAC address. Has been able to configure the adapter and use the admin software to watch the Mac wireless. I plugged this address into my WRT110 that has the MAC address filtering turned on. Smart card, life was good.

    Unplug the adapter and it moved to its final location. Plugged in, no connection. Received a computer laptop and connected to the card, and this amazed my eyes see but the wireless MAC address has changed with the power cycle! Unplugged the card even once, waited a few minutes, then plugged in. The wireless MAC address verified again and of course, once again changed.  When did it become an acceptable practice?

    It is of course difficult to use the card in an environment with MAC address filtering turned on. Is it possible to prevent this address change?

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    Found the answer - the wireless adapter takes the MAC address of the device, it is well plugged. Interesting.

  • Why is the MAC address Clone?

    When I disabled it Clone MAC address I lost access to the internet.

    Does anyone know why MAC address Clone is necessary and what it does?

    Clone MAC address changes the MAC address of the router on the internet port.

    You can use the function of the cloning MAC address to clone the MAC address of a computer if you used before your computer directly to the modem.

    Some ISPS (especially cable ISPS) only the customers to have an active internet connection at any time. To do this, check the MAC address, that is, they remember the MAC address that accessible line via the modem and lock the connection to this MAC address.

    If you test your internet connection directly with your PC first and then connect the router the router can not get an internet connection because the row is locked to the PC's MAC address. Now if clone you the address MAC from the PC on the router the router "pretended" to be PC and the ISP will accept traffic again.

    Usually, simply reset or turn on the modem to reset the lock again. Sometimes, you have to turn off the modem for a couple of hours (for example, through the night) after a few hours of inactivity the ISP removes the lock again. Sometimes call the ISP to remove the lock, but it's not very often.

    So basically, generally useless clone MAC address at all because you could accomplish the same thing by resetting the modem or it turned off for a few minutes. If you connect the router to the modem, ISP learns the MAC address of the router and it gets working internet connection. (Of course remember, that once a computer directly connected to the modem would not get active internet connection unless you change the MAC address of the computer to the MAC address of the router).

    But the function is useful if you do not want to. You simply set the MAC address of the connected device before, and you get a working internet connection.

  • It is possible to find the old MAC address?

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    Thank you


    While previous answers are basically good, I want to add that you need to search your vmware*.log files or all occurrences ethernetX.generatedAddress to find the older Macs used by the virtual machine.

  • Satellite C850D-104 - change of MAC address

    On the new laptop of C850D-104, I have a problem with the mac address.

    Well well, in short: it changes.

    My firewall filter (also) on the mac address so I need to add the mac address of the new machine.
    Which seemed to work fine until I restarted the laptop warm. No possible connection.

    And looking on the firewall, I see indeed a different mac address attempts to connect.
    To be sure, I restarted again, and yet once again, I get a new address (another).

    Restart IE cold. stop and restart seem to reset the address this is a first.
    And after a warm reboot, the new address.

    Now bypass is simple, do a cold reboot, but it is still annoying.
    On the internet I found some versions of back problems with the netword card driver, but my current license is some versions above that should have solved the problem.

    Any suggestions?

    I had the same problem in a C850-154 (with a Realtek wireless adapter) and the pilot was at the beginning of this year.
    I have updated with the driver of the 14/09/12 (version 2.00.0020) and the problem was solved.

  • Satellite L650 - IP address invalid when I change of place of connection

    Well, my problem is: in my house, we have several points of LAN connection, like, bedrooms, living rooms and so on. But the thing is when I change the connection point with my laptop (like going from living room to bedroom), LAN stop working! I can't reach the internet or the network itself.

    What can I do? There is no configuration that I should change? I had this problem once, with jobs and what I did was to "change" the MAC address of the network card.

    So, what can I do?

    Hi when,.

    May I ask why you n t use a WLAN connection if you often change rooms? I think that s more at ease because the cable network is always a bit boring if I often change rooms.

    In any case, what happens if you unplug the LAN cable and connect another cable in another room? The laptop recognizes the cable or not?

    In my opinion, you need to update the network driver and check your TCP/IP configuration at home.
    MAC address can never be changed because it s a hardware based address.

  • Satellite Pro 6100 - Question on WLAN adapt and mac address

    I bought a second hand of Satellite Pro 6100. It has a WiFi adapter. It is where and how do I know the macadress of the adapter?

    Thank you.


    If you are sure that this laptop was equipped with the Wlan card, and then the MAC address can be easily discovered 100%.
    You must start the console with the command: * CMD *.

    Then use the command: * ipconfig/all *.
    This would list all the details on the WLan/LAN cards installed in the laptop.
    The physical address means MAC address ;)

    This should help!

  • MAC address: Is it possible to change the MAC address of a machine & also if there is a way to see the physical address of the machine on the other to see through the command line...?

    Is it possible to change the MAC address of a machine & also if there is a way to see the physical address of the machine on the other to see through the command line...?

    Is it possible to change the MAC address of a machine & also if there is a way to see the physical address of the machine on the other to see through the command line...?



    Of course - you use 'other/unknown', then...?

    (Google for "MAC spoofing").

  • I do not understand this step "we can assume any MAC address we want by finding the key that controls the NIC we want to change.

    anyone ever did in Winxp with success. I do not understand this step

    «We can assume that any MAC address, we want by finding the key that controls the NIC we want change, put in a value chain called "NetworkAddress" and affecting the MAC address we want to use formatted as a hexadecimal 12-digit number (example: 000000000001).»

    It is a part of the "Windows 2000/XP/Vista: The Hard Way.

    from this link


    original title: change MAC address


    I suggest to refer to this thread and follow the steps in this thread and check if that helps:

    The steps in this link are for Windows 7 and they are valid for Windows XP.

    It will be useful.

  • Another change of address Mac to my original Mac address?

    My problem is another change to my mac address mac address! I mean when I click Device Manager > network adapters > then click on properties of my network card > then click on advance tab > then click on the property of network address...
    We have two Options here for Network Address.One is missing and one is the value you should enter a Mac address custom.
    But I wish to address not present for my connection.but I have a problem here.when I don't put not present and then click ok, you think that later, I use my own address.but of mac, it is not true!
    When I open cmd and type ipconfig/all, there show me information as the physical address for my network card! So it shows me the wrong mac address.because I know my mac address is one another thing! I want to say is of me D8:5 D 00:16:E6:19:AB:C9.but ipconfig show: 4 c: B1:D9:13.
    Now I want to know how can I change this wrong with my original Mac address mac address without I enter the default network address!.
    tank you cherish!


    Have you tried all of these steps? This is how to correctly allocate your own MAC address:


    Click on the "Start" button and click on 'run '. Type "cmd" and press "enter."

    • 2

    Type "net config rdr" and press "enter." Note the long string of numbers and letters in braces on the screen. Leave the command prompt window when you are finished.

    • 3

    Click on the "Start" button and click on 'run '. Type "regedt32" and press "enter."

    • 4

    Navigate to the registry subkey "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\ {4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}" using the navigation on the left side of the window pane.

    • 5

    Click each subkey in the right pane (from the subkey is 0000 and passing by each in turn) and check the "NetCfgInstanceID" for each key until you find the one that matches the value that you noted in step 2.

    • 6

    Click twice on the "NetworkAddress" key, then enter the new MAC address you want the network card to have.

    • 7

    Click on 'OK '. Restart your computer to apply the change to the settings.

  • Internet connection is slow after changing the MAC address

    * Original title: win7... problems with internet after changing the WIRELESS card MAC address

    I have win7 home ed... .i tried to change my WIFI MAC address of the card (I had a reason to do so), SMAC program change but I could not, the address remained the same... I changed my mind... has decided to forget about this topic... but unfortunately, I had a big problem (very probably)... the internet connection is too slow or stop a few times pages load too slowly or especially do not charge. downloads are always stop in network on Chrome error... I tried a different browser to check, but the problem exists with all explorers, it's big terrible trouble please help me (Note: this problem is related to some how with internet traffic... late night speed is much better, but not 100%... but of course not as speed) ", I had before changing to MAC)... Thank you very much


    1. what made you want to change the MAC address?

    2. what exactly happens while you are trying to connect to the internet?

    3. you receive an error code or error message? If Yes, what is the full error message?

    4 have you checked the issue in internet explore as well?

    Please follow the steps below and we update with the results.

    Method 1: Run the network troubleshooter, and check.

    Method 2:

    Please try following the steps provided in the article and check out them.

    Windows wireless and wired network connection problems

    For more information, see the articles and check out them.

    10 tips to help improve your wireless network

    Why is my Internet connection so slow?


    Why can't I connect to the Internet?

    Let us know if it helps!

  • Manually change the MAC address


    a client needs to keep the same MAC address for a virtual computer in its vCenter to import into his org in vCD.

    Because this server has an application and that its license is tied to the MAC address, they must keep the original MAC address. I know that I can make this request on vCenter, but not through vCD.

    Is there some sort of workaround?

    Thank you.


    Maybe you can try to do it with PowerCLI.

    Here's a thread where he describes how to change the MAC address of a computer virtual via PowerCLI. I hope this helps.

    Set the Mac address of vCloud VM

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