Satellite L755 - 1 1 PSK2YE - problem audio / sound

Hi all

I have a toshiba satellite L755 1 1 PSK2YE and same time he has a problem with audio - sound.

The sound is ok for 3-5 minute after it shut down, after the resumption of 3-5 minutes, after 2-3 minutes.

I have install all drive and OS (WINDOWS 7 and 10), but the problem is not solved.

If I go to devices reading see attached Picture1 passing of the playback to the recording tab with a simple click of the mouse audio released a 10-30 seconds.

reading tab mutual registration to RESUME audio playback devices

can help me please.

I have Toshiba L755-1 MB, PSK30E-04U006Y4... with Conexant Smartaudio HD, same audio problem. Its just cut randomly and turns back the same way as everyone else.

I can turn it back on for a few minutes even if I go to sound options and just spent reading in recording tab without changing anything. I also tried everything from the pilot replacement windows 7 Ultimate update disable all improvements etc. everything works for a short time and that his cut back again.

I like someone finally would come up with a solution for this big problem thanks to you all! I found MANY people having this piece of the issue there was no jet solutions.

Here are two pages about this

I tried everything nothing works, so please if anyone knows it please tell us magical solution.


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  • No noise and cache-battery not charging - Satellite L755 - 1 CD PSK2YE-08T00YFR


    I have two problems with my toshiba L755 - 1 CD PSK2YE-08T00YFR

    1: no sound

    When I try to grab the microphone into the mic port, the sound Manager, it freezes and any use of sound programmes it freezes like vlc, I turn off the audio Manager Windows, disconnect me and logging devices device when I clicked in the sound icon troubleshooting the problem and the noise come buck and when I again seized the microphone he not freeze the sound Manager , I disable the audio device in the Windows Device Manager, and I continue to work without sound for 30 min ~ 1 h, I reboot my pc to start windows (windows 7, I don't remember what happens may detect a new device), I click on the sound icon troubleshooting two devices (photos attached) I chose 1 and it doesn't solve the problem but the speakers work not , I'm going to the sound Manager I see a disconnected device (maybe my card sound, pictures attached) and two new devices (attached pictures) and I see some changes in the reliable data connector (attached photos), and in the tab input device, I see a disconnected device (maybe my card sound, pictures attached) and three new device a MIC webcam (photos attached).

    before this problem the webcam and microphone webcam not working do not (I think I have hardware problem - webcam with sound card).

    I restart my pc and I chose "load factory default settings" from the bios when windows start detects a new device (webcam) but the sound does not (webcam and microphone webcam works fine now).
    I have try to disable the webcam and sound card, enable the sound card, reboot, load default... linux live cd... nothing, no noise.

    I try to test the bios beep, it works, I can hear a sound signal.

    I don't know how to solve this problem
    I need noise, I miss her, I can't do anything without the sound, please help me

    Attachment 558 Attachment 559

    2: battery not charging

    My maybe of battery 30 ~ 40%, when I suspend my pc (for 8 ~ 11: completely discharged battery) I forgot to load it, the morning I plugged it in HQ, 2 hours the led remains red when I turn on my pc and check the battery level, I see only 4% (hip, accused), I remove and buck battery but does not support he notices 4%.
    How can I recharge my battery?

    I need fix the sound problem

  • Satellite L755 - 1 CD a very silent sound from its speakers


    I would ask for assistance if there is what I can do to have a very powerful sound on my new laptop Toshiba satellite L755 - 1 CD.

    I put the speakers at the highest volume possible, but sound from its speakers is very, very quiet, so I can't listen to music if I am just a few meters away from my laptop or when my friends call me on Skype.

    Sometimes I can't hear the sound if I'm not very close to the laptop. It has to be really quiet in the room that I hear music or talking to someone on Skype. The sound is not bad, just too quiet.
    It has speakers onkyo and I thing that they don't work well, or the volume control is not properly set.

    PLS, let me know if I can improve the volume elsewhere that in its volume control (I put the volume louder) or can I save somehow if my speakers are working properly.

    Thanks in advance.

    > Sometimes I can't hear the sound if I'm not very close to the laptop. It has to be really quiet in the room that I hear music or talking to someone on Skype. The sound is not bad, just too quiet.

    Have you noticed that silent sound using Skype only?
    If Yes, then I would recommend checking the settings of Skype.
    There you will find the audio options for microphone and speakers.

    In addition you can got to control panel-> sound-> the Read tab
    Here, you mark the speakers press the properties button. New window should appear and there you have to choose the levels tab. Here, you can increase the volume level too.

  • Satellite L755-128 - CPU compatibility problem

    Hello dear colleagues,

    As the title says, I have a Toshiba Satellite L755-128 code PSK30E. He has a 2nd generation processor Intel i5 - 2410M.

    Laptop that works fine and everything, but I recently got a nice agreement on a more recent laptop with lower overall record, but a better processor. It's an and Latitude E5530, with a 3rd gen Intel i5 - 3230M.

    Go to the Intel website, I saw that basically two processors have the same TDP of 35W and the same size of package, both run on HT and have two hearts, the only difference is that architecture from 32nm to 22 nm and the frequency is higher.

    In addition, 2nd generation supports 1066/1333 MHz memory, and 3rd generation supports 1333/1600 MHz. My memory is 1333.

    Of course, as you may have guessed, I intend to swap the processors between the two laptops. Updated the BIOS on both of them, then replace the processors, re-assembled and starts, surprise: The recognized enjoy the old version of i5, ran fine and all, but Toshiba does not.

    He just opened when I pressed the button, but the screen remains black. Then I pressed the button again, it also normally stop. (I repeat, already updated BIOS update, as someone recommended). I disassembled again the Satellite, check if everything is in place, and second starting time still the same.

    Then, I am annoyed and exchanged in return on their original laptop processors. And both of them work fine.

    So if someone has encountered this problem could you please indicate if you managed to sort it out?
    What seems to be the problem, not the Satellite Map mother does'n not support 3rd generation Intel?

    If so, why? Or if that would work, what should I do?

    Thank you in advance!


    I put t know any laptop manufacturer that officially would fund an upgrade of the CPU.
    For the most current updates on laptops are your own decision and no one could provide you with a confirmation that your laptop with new processor work or run correctly.

    Indeed many people try to update processors, and in many cases, it also works on Toshiba laptops.

    But there are a few important notes:

    (1) you must ensure that the chipset of the motherboard would support new CPU. In case it doesn't, you can not use

    (2) even if the new processor would be supported by the chipset, it is still pending regarding BIOS support. BIOS is changed for each series laptop and it is possible that some processors would not fully compatible or supported by the BIOS.

    As you can see, the upgrade of the CPU is not very easy and it s no matter that a laptop computer that was equipped with the same processor the L755 takes in charge the other CPU there are many more factors that could affect these updates.

  • Satellite L755 - 16 c (PSK2YE): no microphone in Win7 x 64

    After a clean install of Windows 7 x 64 Home premium (and all the drivers of course) microphone has disappeared from the list.
    Theare is only Conexant HD (unrelated) mic In Sound control panel applet.
    No hidden devices or disconnected.

    I tried: install/uninstall/reinstall the drivers of the device HD Audio and Web - and got the same result: no microphone.

    WEB cam driver is the driver Webcam Toshiba Windows 7 - 64 bit 08/10/11
    Camera Web in Device Manager looks like "TOSHIBA Web Camera - MP" with 3 lines of drivers:
    ksthunk.sys (Microsoft)
    pgeffect.sys (Toshiba)
    usbvideo.sys (Microsoft)

    Please, help me to solve this problem.


    You are able to record movies and sound using the installed webcam software?
    Please check this!
    Start software webcam and record a video of the sample to verify the sound.

    Usually, the audio in the movie should be noticeable and it would mean that the internal MIC is available.

    I use my internal webcam microphone in connection with Skype.

  • Satellite L755 - 10 k shut downs automatically

    My laptop computer 03701far Satellite L755 - 10 k psk2ye automatically stops all a few minutes after I start / the only problem which appears is & BATTERY indication led flashes in ORANGE color.

    Help please give me the solution, due to the problem mentioned above, I can't use my laptop please help me.

    Thank you.

    Looks like she may have a hardware problem.
    Send it to a Toshiba ASP for repair.

  • Sound on Toshiba Satellite L755 - 1J9 PSK2YE problems

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L755-1J9 PSK2YE maybe it's coincidence but was upgraded to Windows 10 and stopped working the audio.
    Thinking that it was Windows 10, Formate of the computer and install Windows 7 but still the same, the sound works for 5 minutes and cut until you put another video.
    If I connect a headphone or Audio HDMI is not cut ever.

    I noticed it happened to most Toshiba laptops, but I found no solution. Anyone know any solution?

    I got into ubuntu to test the audio and the same thing, to five minutes run out sound until you put another video.

  • Satellite L755-M1M3 driver sound problem after upgrade to win 10

    I have problem with audio driver Toshiba Satellite L755-M1M3 after upgrade to win 10, the sound does not normally work in YouTube or Facebook even when I play the video files from my computer it is dug into the sound or noise goes, I update the driver but not help, can you help me please, I have Toshiba backup files how can I restore it?

    Inability of Toshiba to make the solution, always shocks me. !!! ???

  • Satellite L755-16J - problem with sound card

    I currently own a Toshiba * Satellite L755-16J * and is having some kind of trouble with the sound card, I think.

    When I bought it, it came with windows 7, I changed the Windows of windows 8 and since then the audio has been trouble me.

    The internal speakers work for a minute or two, when I play an audio file, but then stop working.
    I had been using a usb external sound card and external speakers for some time but decided to the switchback to windows 7 for the sound working again. even if I went to win 7, the sound still doesn't work.

    I am sure that the problem is not in the internal speakers because they do not work, even if it's just for a brief moment, but they work, so I think the problem is in the software instead of hardware.

    I tried to update the audio drivers but they seem to be updated as windows, pilots 'seem to work properly.

    Can anyone help?

    > even if I spent back for win 7, the sound still doesn't work.

    How did you do that?
    Have you used the Toshiba Recovery disk in order to install Win 7 or have you installed Windows 7 using the Windows 7 clean and fresh hot?

    The laptop supports the Conexant audio chip. The audio driver is available on the page of the Toshiba UE driver and where the sound chip is already recognized in Device Manager after installing the audio driver, I assume that the driver has been installed correctly.

    In this case I recommend you plug in a headset.
    In case the headset should work fine, the speakers could be affected. I mean the material. But of course it s just an idea.

    Next to the audit of the helmet, you can also check the settings in the Panel of-> sound-> the Read tab.
    Usually, the speakers should be set as default device.
    Check this option too.

  • Satellite L755 - upgrade of Windows 8, sound problems

    Recently, I upgraded my Satellite L755 (PSK2YE) of W7 Pro W8 and apart from the fact that all FN keys are passed from the screen (if all goes well they still work), the most notable problem is the noise.

    When I opened a few apps suddenly the sound becomes too noisy, slow and is not sync with the picture. Then when I close the application, the problem insists, referring to the exodus when I open WMP I can't listen to my music correctly.

    I contacted Microsoft and they told me that the problem is my card (Conexant HD SmartAudio) and to be more specific the driver. Then they told me to ask Toshiba for this problem...
    I really need to find a solution!

    PS: I've updated my driver sound card on the official website of Toshiba, but nothing has changed.

    Do you have which driver installed? Driver for Win7 maybe?

    Have you consulted the Win8 support page? Is your laptop (PSK2YE) supported or not?

  • Satellite L755 - problem Audio/video using the WLAN connection


    Recently got a Toshiba L755 and have a problem with the playback audio & video since I got it.
    I've updated the latest drivers for the Conexant HD Audio card and it made no difference.

    Essentially during playback there are a sound intermittent distorted during playback mp3, video playback and online stream.

    I tried different programs and the same thing, however, when I have a LAN cable presents no problem - it's only when I'm connected to the wireless network.
    I have a netgear router which works fine.

    Can someone please tell me what might cause the wireless create this problem and how to fix?

    Thank you very much

    Strange you noticed this in battery mode and mode of AC adapter as well?
    Maybe a few Wlan signal interference can cause this

  • Problem with sound on my Satellite L755-1LZ

    Hi people,

    I think that is where we can help you. For a long time struggled to fix the sound, but I fail.
    When you start, you will hear windows sound, the sound for a while and then suddenly disappear.

    The drivers are good, I deleted and then automatic update. Overall, the sound works for a short period.
    Could this be a hardware or software failure? Thank you people!

    My laptop is: Toshiba Satellite L755 - 1LZ

    I find it strange that the sound works, but briefly, the fault may be the speaker... What do you think?
    I am so thankful in advance

    After reading your ad t is not easy to understand exactly what is happening.
    Have you tested with headset/headphones? What is with the status of the speakers in the sound properties (reading devices)?

  • Satellite L755-1ED - sound is not working properly


    I am currently the owner of a Toshiba Satellite L755 1ED and the sound does not work as it should for a few weeks. When I try to play an audio file or a video, its offline or online, works well for the first few minutes, and then suddenly disappears. I use Windows 7, and when that happens, his is still known for the system as you can see in the volume control, but any noise is coming from the speakers. However:
    -If I pause the video and then repeat it in like 30 seconds, sound usually comes back. Also if I go to Sound Settings in + material and Sound + in the + control panel + and then try to check if it works, it's usually after the first or second attempt.
    -If I use headphones always works perfectly.

    I have already installed the latest updates of my sound card and I don't know where the problem is maybe. Some help would be welcome.
    Thank you very much and sorry for my English (is not my native language).

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    > If I use headphones always works perfectly.
    Very interesting article. Speakers a little internal switch port that helps mobile to recognise that the earphones are connected and when you connect headphones, internal speakers will be disabled and the sound comes through the speakers only.

    On some machines, it is possible to manually switch between external and internal contacts

    When you open Control Panel is Realter HD audio manager available or maybe Smart audio?

  • Crackling sound on Satellite L755 when WLan is enabled

    I have windows 7 toshiba satellite may
    whenever I listen to a music every few seconds just a few disturbances in a sound...
    I tried to install the new drivers, and that did not help

    I don't no what is the problem and I hope someone could help me
    I think, but I'm not sure that this problem was there when I bought the pc...
    It's new. 15 days. Toshiba satellite L755

    I use windows media player, but sound disturbance has not just here.

    If I play a game, Watch youtube videos, if I play the movie on pc... In whatever it is when it is solid.


    What network card you hear exactly: LAN or Wlan?
    Have you noticed this first day of purchase?

    Try to recover the laptop using the Toshiba HDD recovery (power on, press F8, choose repair my computer, HARD drive recovery). Then test the sound using this new OS preinstalled.

  • Satellite L755 - each 5 sec sound disappears


    I have a Toshiba L755.
    I m facing a problem audio.
    every 5 seconds, the noise disappears.

    If I plug in the headphones and removes them again, the sound comes back.
    Or if I stop the player for a few seconds, change lanes and play again, the sound comes again.

    I tried to uninstall/install the latest Conexant Audio driver, but that didn't help.

    Please notify.
    Thank you

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    What operating system do you use?
    Has your laptop factory settings?

    Since when did you notice this problem?
    Have you noticed it with mobile s speakers only or when using headphones too?

Maybe you are looking for