Satellite L755 - problem Audio/video using the WLAN connection


Recently got a Toshiba L755 and have a problem with the playback audio & video since I got it.
I've updated the latest drivers for the Conexant HD Audio card and it made no difference.

Essentially during playback there are a sound intermittent distorted during playback mp3, video playback and online stream.

I tried different programs and the same thing, however, when I have a LAN cable presents no problem - it's only when I'm connected to the wireless network.
I have a netgear router which works fine.

Can someone please tell me what might cause the wireless create this problem and how to fix?

Thank you very much

Strange you noticed this in battery mode and mode of AC adapter as well?
Maybe a few Wlan signal interference can cause this

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  • Satellite A60 crashes with BSOD using the WLan connection


    The son laptop works well 24/7 If you use the local cable network on web access, but as soon as we install Wifi it crashes on a regular basis (2 or 3 times an hour) with BSOD error messages - normally those helps Microsoft cant (via the event viewer report) with but it is often talking about Toshiba phone services but no solution.

    Tried two (netgear) pcmcia & usb (agere) wifi cards - exactly same problem can not maps.

    In desperation re-formatted & resettled Xp & all drivers Toshiba of original Cd of Tosh, then Xp Sp2 & then all the updates/fixes engineering including the bios from site Web of Tosh. Still crashes.

    If the software has - v installed or not makes no difference.

    A 512 extra ram on top of 256 original.

    Any ideas?

    Please believe me that it is not easy to say why the BSOD appears!
    From my personal experience, that the BSOD can occurs because of the problem of critical software, or because of the problem of equipment.

    In your case, it looks like a hardware problem (this is my personal opinion)
    Generally, the laptop should work with the external WLan USB card. I put t see no reason why it shouldn't work t.

    You said that you have updated the RAM on this laptop, I noticed on many laptops than similar issues after a RAM upgrade.

    For example; I inserted the new 1 GB RAM on my old Satellite and received a BSOD. I used a compatible but the BSOD appeared sometimes.
    After the passage of the modules to another location memory my laptop works properly!

    Please check this box. Maybe you could check if the same thing happens with your old module!

    Good luck

  • Satellite L350D-213 - how to use the WLAN?

    My mother & father has bought a laptop last week and are having problems with the connection to the sky broadband. Sky Broadband is a netgear router, which has wireless capability.

    My question is how does broadband on your laptop? They need to get a wireless dongle to use, my experience with laptops is minimal.

    Any help much appreciated.

    Hey Buddy,

    I think you should read the user manual. There you can find all the necessary information using the laptop.

    To use the WLAN functionality, you must enable this feature using the WLAN hardware switch on the laptop and the FN + F8 key combination. Check it!

    If the WIFI is enabled, check the configuration of TCP/IP. It s according to your router if you use DHCP or a static IP address.
    In addition you must disable management feature in the management of WLAN power supply.

  • Toshiba 40L7335DG: small delay audio/video using the tuner internal

    Sometimes the video audio delay when you use the tv tuner internal.
    The delay is sometimes small and insignificant, sometimes reach approximately 500 ms.

    When some audio or video settings are set to different values to the default values stay worse.

    Other TV (LG) don't have the problem when using the same signal.


    Have Hmm you tried to reset the TV to factory default?
    Do this. I read somewhere else that factory settings could help solve such audio problems.

    I had a similar problem with my TV from another manufacturer using a HiFi amplifier as part of s the TV HDMI port.
    But I could solve it an option in the menu of the amp which decreased the output of audio sync problems.

  • Satellite Pro A100 - how to get the Wlan connection works


    I'm a total beginner, and my problem is I can get a connection without wire only when I'm really close to my BT hub.
    My son has a laptop and gets a good connection anywhere in the House and even outside.

    He thinks I have a dodgy wireless adapter, this could be the problem?
    Can I fix it myself?

    Maybe download a new driver?
    Any suggestions would be much apreciated.



    Your ad is not really useful.
    I mean that there is no detail about your problem
    You should first check if the laptop supports the wireless network card.
    This can be done in the Device Manager.

    Usually the WLan card must appear in Manager devices-> network adapters.
    If it s are not it is that the WLan card is not built in or the driver WLan is not installed. If the WLan driver is not installed then you should see yellow exclamation (or unknown device).

    But if the wireless network adapter is listed correctly then you should check if the WLan notebooks have been enabled. In order to activate the WLan you have to press FN + F8 and you put the switch on IT until the small LED flash.

    Finally, to configure the WiFi connection (right name WLan, encryption settings, etc...)

  • Satellite P300-133 - how to use the internet connection via BlueTooth


    I finally solve my problem with the synchronization via bluetooth between my P300-133 and my [HTC |] with Windows Mobile 5 - with step by step instructions of Toshiba.

    But I don't know how to use the Internet via BT, I tried many ways, one of them was to create a PAN with P300 as server - correctly connected HTC to P300, but it seams I can share internet with P300 as a gateway. And I want to do the opposite - get internet from my mobile to the computer (while she is away from all the cables). I'm not sure this PAN in the right way...

    The question of the other and less important is to be able to share that connection with your laptop via bluetooth - I guess that this must be done through Pan

    Thanks for any help.


    You found a solution to this?

  • Satellite A350 is no longer able to use the WLan

    Hello guys,.

    so... I started using Bluetooth earlier, use of the Internet via a cable... Today I tried to use my WLan again, but it did not work (worked well before).
    So I tried to activate it via FN + F8, but all I can see is activate Bluetooth, one for the WLan disappeared?
    The WiFi light only blinks when Bluetooth is activated. I would rather turn off Bluetooth that not being able to use the WLan.

    I think it's a similar problem
    but I really didn't want to install a bad driver or anything like that.

    I use a 32-bit Vista and my PC-Tool says that I use these networks currently (I just copy and pasted because honestly, I have no idea, hahaha).
    Realtek RTL8102E Family PCI - E Fast Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0) Version = 6.208.729.2008 MAC address = 00:23:5 A: 05:61:05
    Intel(r) WiFi Link 5100 AGN Version = MAC address = 00:21:5 D: 62:D8:1 C

    I would be so happy if someone could help me fix the problem anytime soon, because I really need wireless capability soon. Thanks :)

    Former Satellite A350 was delivered origin with Vista OS, so at first I would like to know if you use original recovery image (OS) that you got with your laptop.
    If I understand you good WLAN card is installed and registered properly in Device Manager. Can you confirm this?

    I have Satellite A300 and a friend of my A350 but WLAn works properly on both machines so I m a bit confused why the WLAN option is missing when you use the FN + F8 key combination.
    I m wondering why WLAN is detected by the system but ignored by the utility of flash cards.

    I'm don't know if this will help, but try to follow:
    Enter the BIOS and set it to default settings
    Reseat the wireless network card.
    Reinstall the extra value package, and check again.

    If the problem persists after doing all this, you have to do a final check and reinstall the OS using original recovery image that you got with your laptop. It's a way more radical, but certainly more efficient to solve a software problem.

  • Satellite Pro L40 - how to enable the WLan using ConfigFree

    Can you help me?

    My English is bad I do not end.

    The question is:
    My computer is a Toshiba Satellite Pro L40 and I use the ConfigFree for the wireless, but it seems that the WiFi network is disabled.

    Help please!
    I want to know what's wrong

    Thank you!!


    Your wireless network card is recognized correctly in the Device Manager, or you may notice a yellow exclamation?
    Her check first because otherwise, you can get the WLAN to work.

    In addition, you can activate WLAN with the material on the laptop switch which must be set on and the FN + F8 key combination.
    Check it!

    After this Free Config should find your WLAN router if you are in the range of that.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P10-133: I want to use the WLAN


    What should I do when I want to use the WLAN with the satellite P10 133?



    First that you check if your laptop has been equipped by the wireless network adapter.
    If this isn't the case, then you need to update.
    The easiest way would be a use of the WLan USB key.

    Check your WLan router level. There are different WiFi standards such as 802.11 A, B, G and N
    If your WLan router supports 802.11 B and G, then you should buy and stick that would support both standards too!

    Then configure the WiFi network (especially it s described in the installation instructions provided with WLan stick) and the WLan router.

  • "For Audio/video on the Internet" does not open

    Hi all

    As the title suggests when I click on "for Audio/video on the Internet" nothing happens.  It seems that the icon has also changed.  I tried to look around this problem without success.  I would appreciate any assistance.

    Plaase excuse my ignorance, but it is "for Audio/video on the Internet", a program or command in a browser (maybe an add-on)?  What is doing?  Have you checked that the Vista Compatibility Center to ensure that the program / module is compatible with Vista and/or Internet Explorer? If so, please provide the web site of the program (link) so we can search more far - I couldn't find using Bing (which is unusual).  The fact that it has an icon indicates it is a program.

    What was the program installed and when its last function properly (and have the correct icon)?  Do you know when this problem started?  Try a system restore to a point in time BEFORE the problem started.  Here is the procedure:  Don't forget to check the box to show more than 5 days of restore points.  If the first attempt fails, then try an earlier point or two.  NOTE: You will need to re - install any software and updates that you have installed between now and the restore point, but you can use Windows Update for updates.

    Right-click on the icon and click Properties.  On the general tab, it's a file with a path - what is this parth?  Go to this path in Windows Explorer and check to see if it exists and if it contains all of the files/programs. If it is there, so we know at least that the program is on the system even if the icon does not work.  Go to the executable main real within the program and create a new shortcut icon and move whenever the icon currently exists and see if this new icon works and it solved the problem.  If this is not the case, try to do a right-click on the icon and click on run as administrator to see if you have a better chance.

    If she isn't here or the procedures above will not work (and it is a program or an add-on), then I suggest you uninstall with Revo and then restart and try reinstalling it.  He may have developed some corrupted files (espcially if the icon has changed) and this may clear up the problem.

    If I'm away from base here, please tell me.  I've never heard of this product before and as I said, I don't find it with Bing, and it is very rare that the programs available.  Please explain what it is and more to hold and, if possible, provide the link of web site (I can download it me to test it and see if I have also the problem - if I have Vista Business, which does not come with Media Center and I suspect that it is associated with, if it's a program).

    I hope this helps and please get back to us with more information so that we can help you better.

    Good luck!

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  • I'm having problems trying to use the

    IM Tony, I have an iPhone 6 more and since the update, I tried to use the animated messages but seems that theres also problem with the power button. The arrow leaves no other icons appear.

    Hi Indestruct1,

    I understand that you encounter some problems that can use the new screen effects and effects in the bubble Messages application. I have updated to iOS 10 as well and I love the new effects. I'll be happy to review some information for you.

    Use of the effects of message with iMessage on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, this article stipulates that

    You need iMessage to send from the effects of the message. If you are unsure if you use iMessage or SMS/MMS texts, learn the difference. If you cannot send or receive effects of bubbles, make sure that you haven't reduce Motion activated.

    The same applies if you can't send or receive screen effects, check that reduce the Motion is turned off.

    Thank you for bringing your question in Apple Support communities. Have a great weekend.

  • Satellite L500-1WG - how to use the modem internal?

    I am new to computers and laptops and that you just bought the Toshiba Satellite L500-1WG. I was told, in the shop, he has an internal modem?

    What should I do to activiate/get connected to the internet? Do I need an external modem wired or wireless as well? No difficult language or abbreviations please, I am a total novice with very limited on this subject knowledge. Have only to learn how to start and run the basic set up.

    HEY buddy,

    > Told me, in the shop, he has an internal modem?
    It seems that this shop doesn't know what they are selling or they wanted kid a small round little

    It turns out satellite L500 is not equipped with modem and it doesn t have a modem (RJ12) port.

    So if you want to use the modem connection, you must purchase an external. But for now he s not advised to use a modem, the majority of the pages are not designed for modem more.

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    Make sure to save all your other actions, brushes and so on first!

    Shares usually work between different versions, but if certain parameters have changed they may fail right there.

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    I answered your question: there is nothing you can do in InDesign. You need to ask in the Acrobat forum I linked.

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