Satellite L850 bad DVD size and recovery media creator error empty

I just bought my L850 Satellite today and I found that Windows Explorer reads a 4.7 GB blank as 1.3 GB, then creator of recovery media DVD return error code 0E01D0-3D-00000000.

I'm afraid that my laptop DVD drive is broken! Are there any suggestions?


Don t think that your ODD drive is defective.
Fact is that there is always a problem of compatibility between the discs and the ODD.
As far as I know manual usage provides some info on well tested and compatible CD and DVD.

Recommend using a disc that were the compatibility has been tested.
In addition, I recommend standard R TDK. My experience has been good in using these discs

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    I have a Satellite L670 PSK3EE-xxxxx

    When I run the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator application, I got two errors:
    Unxcepted error, close the application and restart:

    0D 0172-49-00000015

    Then it displays the app and ask 3 DVD...
    No idea why?
    Where I download a new version of Toshiba Recovery Media Creator?

    Thank you in advance

    Creative recovery Toshiba claims 3 because three DVD empty DVD is needed to create a recovery disk!

    PS: I found Toshiba recover Media Creator download on this Australian Toshiba page:

  • Re: L50 - B Satellite - 2 2 - where to find "Recovery Media Creator"?

    L50 - B satellite - 2 2.
    preinstalled Windows 8.1

    Where can I find the "Recovery Media Creator"?
    I found a description how to use but none where to find...


    Start please help Desktop > support & recovery > and you will find the recovery media creator.

    You can also find if you use search option.

    Check it out please.

  • Toshiba Recovery Media Creator - error message

    I tried two times the same error pop up (two CD already went in the trash) IMG [/ IMG]

    Please help solve the problem.



    I just can't understand our language, but can you please tell us what blank media you use: CD or DVD?
    If possible, try to please with DVD-R media and please try to get Verbatim or TDK.

    I created recovery disks on several Toshiba laptops always using Verbatim DVD - R, and every time it was OK.

  • Recovery Media Creator error: 00000000-49-0E01BA and 0E0287-49-000000AA

    When you try to create a media recovery on an external USB DVD R/W drive I get the error: an unexpected error has occurred. Close and restart the application. 0E01BA-49-00000000 error code.

    When you click on OK the second message with the same content, but the error code different 0E0287-49-000000AA appears.

    I tried with as well DVD + R DVD-r media and on different usb ports.

    Also tried only score 1 to 5 of the necessary media instead of all 5 at once, without success.

    This is on a brand new Toshiba Portege Z930-111 on an external USB HP dvd RW drive.

    Thanks for your comments!

  • Problem of C50-A-19 t satellite with TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator

    When I try to do recovery dvd with TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator burning fails.

    I have the Satellite C50-A-19 t with TSSTcorpCDDVDW_SU-208DB_T cd/dvd-rw unit.

    During combustion process, I get an error saying it is impossible read the file D:\ZZImages\ZZImages\install29.swm (file .swm in error change with different attempts).

    I selected the option to verify the dvd after burning.

    I tried several times: I try to make one dvd (requires 3 DVDs for a full recovery).
    I try 2 times with verbatim dvd + are trying the fist failed, the second succeeded with the same kind of support.
    I try to numb DVDs. 2. for two times with dvd - r and dvd + r support and it has not yet.

    On the windows error reporting, I find this error:

    and this alert:

    + Updated Firmware ODD problems with Toshiba Recovery CD Creator +.

    I see this solution to update firmware for different models of units of cd/dvd-rw

    but not on the model I have.

    I have:

    TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator version:
    Windows 8.1 x 64.

    Is there a solution?
    is a known problem?

    Thank you


    > I don't have a free USB key to test the usb mode.
    I recommend you to buy a separate USB memory key and to create the eventual recovery USB flash memory support.

    Please also check this other procedure described in this HowTO from Toshiba
    [How to create a recovery media USB flash drive to the valorisation of the ISO images - or (DVD) discs |]

    Comments are greatly appreciated

  • NB200 - Recovery Media Creator and drive HARD USB

    I just bought a white NB200 and noticed that it does not come with a DVD of Windows 7 in case I ever need to install.
    I was informed by the seller in the store I could save a copy on a USB key using a recovery disc writing.
    I assume that "Recovery Media Creator" is the best way to do it.

    I booted up and it said that it will be 6.7 GB. I don't have a USB this size, but have a portable hard drive (250 gb) with 120 GB to spare.
    Even though I can view the drive in Windows Explorer / workstation, the program of recovery media says ' Please insert a USB drive with greater than 6.7 GB memory ', whenever I click on the create"" button.

    If anyone can help?


    I doubt that you can use the USB HDD to create a recovery disk image.
    The Toshiba recovery disc creator has been designed in order to create a bootable recovery disk!
    It has not been designed for sure the image of Toshiba on the HARD drive!

    So if you want to use the Toshiba recovery disc creator then you must buy a USB CD/DVD drive that can burn the recovery image on a DVD

  • Satellite L855 - 12 X: how to use BD - RE with TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator

    Hi all

    My question is about the progress of the Recovery Media Creator.
    I was about to create the recovery and I noticed that there are several options (DVD 4.7 GB, DVD 8.5 GB and Flash memory).

    My Toshiba Satellite L855 - 12 X with a Blu - ray burner disc drive and I would use a BD - RE, I bought for backups.

    Does anyone have a solution to use this media?

    I guess that Blu - ray discs are not supported by Recovery Media Creator.
    As you said: the 4.7 GB DVD, the 8.5 GB DVD and USB Flash memory stick options are available.

    I think the 16 GB USB flash memory stick would be the best choice

  • Recovery media creator does not recognize the USB 32 GB on Satellite L750?

    I hope that there is someone here who can help you:

    My computer is a computer L750 x 64 based Satellite and the problem is that the sound disappears after a few seconds, when I hear the music from Youtube.

    I read in the preinstalled usermanual can I restore the computer pressing F8 when the computer starts, but it does not work.

    The continuous computer just on Windows 7.
    Now I want to restore the computer to the factory standard and will therefore use the Recovery Media Creator but it does not work.

    I want to save data on a 32 GB USB key, but it will not recognize the stick.
    I know that 32 GB is without error, because I can easily store / retrieve data either with FAT and NTFS systems.

    What I am doing wrong and is there anyone who has a good idea, so I can spend?
    best regards Erik

    Even if your USB is working correctly outside of the recovery media creator, this does not mean that it should be handled properly by this tool.

    I had problems creating recovery DVDs even though I was able to burn video files on the same disk.
    As far as I know you must take at least 16GB USB flash memory stick
    Usually, this should work.

    But I m wondering why you are not able to use HARD drive recovery option. Have you changed anything on the HARD drive?

  • Satellite A665 - error in the Recovery Media Creator

    Hello world

    I have a Satellite A665 and I tried to do a recovery with the Recovery Media Creator disc, but I got an error Code: 0E01B5-26 - 2A 030200
    Anyone has an idea about this problem!

    I created my two Toshibas recovery disks, but everything went well.
    In the past in this forum, several people have reported on similar error messages, but in the end we do not know why this is happening.

    What you can try is to start the recovery of HARD drive and when the operating system is preinstalled, try to re-create the recovery disc.
    Please use only on DVD-R media and also to purchase high quality like Verbatim or TDK media.

  • Satellite L300D - new drive HARD and recovery USB loading

    I have a satellite L300D. The hard drive has failed. I have the recovery on a USB part. I bought a new hard drive and that you have installed in the laptop.

    I can boot the laptop off the usb and then when I try to do recovery it asks drivers for HARD drive or he asks the recovery DVD to be installed!

    Anyone know if there is something special I need to do to the new HARD drive?

    Thank you


    Do you have created disk recovery or recovery memory flash USB using the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator?

    If you have created a recovery disk, you should recover the laptop using this disc

  • Recovery Media Creator and USB

    I try to use "Recovery Media Creator' loading on a 16Gig USB drive.
    The program insert me a greater than 12 Gig USB flash drive ask what I do.

    He said while the drive will be formatted and then comes up with "Format Failed (Error Code: 040E49-04-00000000)" and the USB key becomes illegible. Using disk of Windows & tool management I can then format the drive and use it becomes usable with the exception of "Recovery Media Creator".

    I formatted in FAT32, NTFS and exFAT, but none does.
    I tried two USB flash drives, both the same behavior.

    As far as I know, there are no partitions on the disk and I used successfully "Recovery Media Creator" on one of the disks in the past. I want the files to restore another computer, something I've done successfully before.

    I can burn data using DVD but the DVD did not work so I want to try the USBs. I have read some threads in this direction but have not found the answers to date. I'm sure that there is a simple explanation but I'm not.

    Usually, the creation of recovery using the USB flash key support should work fine.

    I read in some other threads that the preinstalled anti-virus software could cause similar problems... so I recommend you to disable the antivirus and other security software... so this should work

    Other guy says that delete the partition entirely and create a new simple volume would also work.

  • Satellite L500D - recovery media creator failed with the error code

    * I raised the 'Toshiba Board"&"Recovery Media Creator' in my laptop L500D to create the backup drive this process uses 4 disc DVD *.
    * Disc 1 & 2 went OK but Disc 3 has failed, saying "code error" 020150-20-00000000 "*"
    * disc then she created 4 {Win/Recovery Environment} {64} * no problem do - what do I do now?
    where {fingers crossed} requiring the backup will drive for it work with just the 1, 2 & 4 drive?

    Alan has soon

    There are two possible problems:
    The CD/DVD drive laser lens is dirty and cannot properly manage any disk or disks are not entirely compatible.

    Recommend to clean the laser lens with a cotton ball and alcohol tip in most cases its pretty good for cleaning the lens
    Also, try to use other discs of different brands...

    TDK R or R Verbatim discs are good never had no problems using it

  • Satellite Pro C850 - missing Recovery Media Creator

    I recently bought a C850 Pro Satellite and, after update to Windows 7 and everything defining the way I like it, I tried to create a recovery media.

    However, when I click on Recovery Media Creator in the programs, the file 'TRMCLcher.exe' is not found. In fact, I can't find anywhere on the computer.

    In the directory C:/Program Files/Toshiba/Toshiba Recovery Media Creator, there is an app called "toRDC.exe" but it does not.

    Someone has ideas how to get creator of Meda recovery to run? D rather avoid the hassle to use the recovery option of hard drive partition to return to factory settings if possible, especially as I doubt m Recovery Media Creator works even in this case, I have seen ve not deleted or modified files with the program.

    Grateful for any help, thank you.

    Take a look at this page:

    Here, I could find the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator for Win 7 64 bit for download.
    Of course, if you need 32-bit version, you must change the settings in the upload form.

  • How to reformat Satellite L645-S9412D using the recovery media creator?

    This is my first laptop and I do not know. I already burn disc of recovery media creator, but I don't know how to use it. Could someone teach me how to? Thank you. And yet something, do I have to re - install the operating system when I used the recovery disk?

    Thank you for your help... :)

    With recovery disk, you can install recovery image and game for laptop to factory settings. Please note: when you do this backup data will be deleted so before that, you back up all your important data.

    When you want to use the recovery disk to do on this way:
    Start your laptop and press F12 to get into the boot menu
    When the start menu is shown on the screen, place the recovery in the optical disc drive disk
    Choose the CD/DVD in the menu and press the ENTER key
    Just follow the menu on the screen.

    Do it, test it. Check alone, how it works.

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