Satellite P100-160 refuses to connect to my router 3Com with WPA - PSK

Help! My new laptop Toshiba refuses to connect to my router 3Com (f/w 2.06T13) model 3cWDR100A on WPA - PSK. The router only supports TKIP (no AES).

The laptop, a Satellite P100-160 is under Vista Home Premium with the latest Intel 3945 driver and I tried the version of the site Web of Toshiba version mentioned in other threads (and a few other versions also).

Either way, I don't like latest driver hit with content identical binary files and different date stamps or running of the anonymous installers that have not been digitally signed.

The problem is that non-encrypted, or WEP works perfectly, but WPA - PSK is not. It fails with a diagnostic message 'timeout for secondary keys. The thing will be very occasionally connect to the network without a timeout (before I tried to improve things with the last pilot about 1 in 20 attempts after a reboot, now it comes rather from 1 to 100). If I can be sure that the password is correct. When it connects everything is fine and stable with excellent signal until the first suspended and then the connection is lost. It's more than a little irritating.

I see several topics of doom similar networks to Vista support groups. They all seem to hinge around WPA - PSK TKIP and WiFi Intel chipset x 945 in combination with certain models of router. Please can anyone help solve this mess?

I've seen other threads of networking in Vista by users with this specific Intel chipset and my router model having exactly the same problem and so far nobody has found a solution. I checked the basics of knowledge (MS & 3Com) and tried a few plausible fixes, but nothing helped. I'm out of ideas.

It seems a little absurd to demote network security to make the latest PC works correctly. Dumping Vista (however tempting) is not an option.

Thanks for any suggestions or diagnostics.

Kind regards
Martin Brown


Hello Martin

As you can see this is not Toshiba specific stuff and if there is no 'global solution' I don't really know what Toshiba should do about it. As you all know it should support hardware and software (driver), but if not I don't really see a solution for this.
Who should offer a solution? Toshiba or Intel?  :|

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    Hi all!

    Can anyone can advise, try to connect the Sony camcorder with 4 pin, but can't seem to connect the two devices.

    I have AC power on the camera, tried to use the other movie maker, adobe, etc. no joy.
    is thinking why is this?
    Thank you


    As Garrett Satellite P100 supports the firewire port.

    Normally, the port is always on and you need an application that does not recognize your camcorder correctly. You can then copy the videos on your laptop.

    Good bye

  • Portege 2010 PP201E - unable to connect to the router encrypted with WPA


    I just bought a Toshiba (? 2002) Portégé 2010: PIII 866 MHz/XP... Part number: PP201E-00GPP-EN. support for the Wi - fi network: 802. 11 b

    When I try to connect to the internet using my sky router (WPA / PSK) my Toshiba does not connect because it asks for the WEP.
    I tried to change it on Assistant, but that's it or turn it off.

    I have only one option is to change the router WEP, but I heard it is an old and easily hackable, technology
    In any case, I don't want to mess with my router, another PC wireless and my playstation.
    I looked on update of the driver toshiba but that did not work.

    Does anyone know if there is a updated for my lapptop driver or do I have to buy a USB product?

    Thanking you


    Maybe the internal WLan card does not support the newer WPA encryption but only the WEP key.

    The fact is that encryption is hardware related. This means that an update of the driver will not help you. If the hardware does not support WPA, then you need to replace the WLan card or buy a USB WiFi dongle that supports WPA.

    I have thin external USB WLAN key is the easiest solution

  • Satellite P100-160: I want a replacement for Vista to XP

    I'm having so much trouble with vista which is preinstalled on my satellite p100-160. OK I was expecting a few driver problems and a few apps incompatible, but I wasn't expecting the DVD burner does not work properly and a crowd of vista questions like messaging windows refuses to delete e-mails.

    I want a refund on Vista or better still for Toshiba provide a copy of XP replacement.

    She can tell me who I need to contact Toshiba. Thank you

    Hi my friend

    You're not alone and many other users installing WXP on laptops preinstalled Vista. Contact Toshiba won't help you at all. Don't waste your time and install your Windows on your laptop. On this forum, you can find some very interesting topics about installing Windows XP Home on Satellite P100.

    If I remember well, only problem may be the use of external microphone connected to the mic port.

    If you have more questions about the installation of Windows XP Home edition please write again.

  • Satellite P100-160 - screen Vertical burst

    Satellite P100-160 my son has developed a fault on the screen that no one seems able to identify the cause of.

    If you imagine that the screen is divided into six equal vertical columns about 3 inches wide, the third vibrates from top down so that the image is blurry. Sometimes it stops after an hour - but recently it just keeps going. The other "columns" are very good. What is the screen itself (easily replaceable), or the video card (on the motherboard) or another component such as the inverter?
    For now I'm not sure if scrap it and buy a new one or replace the screen.

    Any ideas?


    I think that the best way to address this issue must connect to an external monitor to your laptop. If you notice the same problem on external monitor the problem is related to the graphics card itself. If the display is faulty and must be replaced.

    Then connect an external monitor and check what's happening!

  • Question about the update of value added for the Satellite P100-160 package


    I got an email off the coast of Toshiba today telling me there is a value added package update available (PVAT (v1.0.25).
    I downloaded and unpacked. It contains three options:
    2 don't buttons, button 6, no button but there is no readme etc to tell me which version is my P100-160.

    I have added, trying to install one of them gives me an error that it has already installed older versions that should be deleted everything first.

    Can someone advise please that I should use?
    Thank you!

    Hi guys

    Value added package contains many different Toshiba and utility tools!
    Satellite P100-160 belongs to the PSPAA series! So, you should always choose this series if you want to download the drivers from the Toshiba page!
    This number can be checked on the bottom of the unit.

    I visited the page of the Toshiba driver and checked the details.
    You will find an info that this package installs a range of important public services.
    -TOSHIBA components common Driver: this module is an essential component of Windows Vista. He will have to make the other original programming TOSHIBA works correctly.
    -TOSHIBA Power Saver: The energy saver controls energy by opting for optimal power settings, if the machine is connected or battery-based knowledge and based on the remaining battery power.
    -TOSHIBA utility: this program allows you to customize the settings of your hardware, depending on how you work with your computer and the devices you use. To start the utility, click the Start button and select Control Panel, and select Configuration HW TOSHIBA icon.
    -TOSHIBA password utility: this utility allows you to set a password that restricts access to the computer.
    -TOSHIBA Flash Cards: This utility provides the Hotkey function and the function of pitcher who starts the keyboard shortcut function and sends the other TOSHIBA utilities.

    In my opinion, if you want to update the package of value added, you must remove all the tools of this and after new reboot you must install it again

  • Satellite P100-160 - system does not boot

    Hi all

    I was hoping someone may be able to help me with a problem I have with my Satellite P100-160.
    I was using it the other night without power connected when my battery ran out and he stopped.
    When I reconnected the power and it works I got the usual message asking if I wanted to start as normal I did.
    To do this i Gets the icon in the lower right corner telling me the system was trying to install a new mass storage device driver.

    He couldn't find it and I haven't added or removed something in my system.
    When I stopped and went to the re - start the next time, I received a message on the start screen in the sense of:
    conflict of resources - controllers USB bus pci motherboard bus: 0a, device: function 04:01

    resource conflict - controller mass storage of the pci on motherboard bus: 0a, device 04 function 02

    resources - bus pci motherboard conflict: 0a, device: 04, function 03

    Press F1 to resume F2 to Setup

    I cannot go into the installer, but if I take the system just hangs and stop all the hard disk activity. I have managed to do successfully start once but no more, can't get into safe mode or anything. When I have it at my local computer store the guy he looked the error and said: it's broken, the motherboard has gone and there is nothing I can do with it. Im very disappointed that the laptop is only 2 years old and I would have thought that it would last longer than that.

    So my question s are the right guys, it's broken or is there something that can be done with it? If it is broken I can access the contents of my hard drive with another laptop (the guy from the store said something on to using a hard disk enclosure and use it as an external hard drive?)

    Thanks in advance for any advice



    It seems that the motherboard is affected
    In the message error - bus motherboard pci resource conflict: 0a, device: 04, function 03 the motherboard is mentioned, so everything looks like motherboard failure.
    But to be 100% sure you should ask the authorized Toshiba service provider of the opinion.

    Good luck

  • Satellite P100-160 with Vista: No TV-OUT after downgrade to XP

    Hi guys hope you can help me out here...

    I recently bought a laptop (satellite p100-160) with Vista on it to know that it was not compatible with wot I bought dethrone so I decided to downgarde for XP Home Edition... Solange decommissioning that I had to install a few drivers like there's do and everything went well...

    Anyway, a few weeks later (yesterday), I went to watch a movie and when I pluged in my tv out cable, I have nothing. I tried to unplug and plug in again a few times but still nothing, it normally switches on in about 20 seconds... So im guessing that either I need to a driver or a Summit.

    Can someone help me out here?

    Thanks a lot

    You n t need a special driver to use the s-video port.
    You must install only the compatible graphics driver.

    How have you tried to switch to the TV device?
    Have you used the FN + F5 key combination?
    You should do this.

    Connect the TV to the laptop using the s-video port. Then select the s-video on the TV and choose the right channel.
    Press the FN + F5 several times until you get a picture on the TV.

    Please note; Don t start the DVD software like DVD win until you have not enabled on TV!

  • Satellite P100-160 where can I get a new battery quickly?

    I got a Toshiba Satellite P100-160 (17 "screen version) for about three and a half years now and the battery is toast.

    The battery I States the following:

    Toshiba Li-ion battery
    Model PA3479U-1BRS
    DC 10.8V

    Please could someone tell me where I can source a (official) new in a week?
    I guess that the best sources are online and so recommendations for online businesses in particular would be welcome.

    I do not want to export the wrong model and I travel abroad to marry in seven days and I want a notebook fully functioning take overseas with me.

    If you have seen how scary my missus is, you would understand the urgency...

    Thank you very much.


    You can get and order all parts laptop local ASP.
    Get in touch with the guys ASP your county and ask for the battery.

    You will find the ASP in your country!> supported downloads &-> find an authorized service provider

    Otherwise, take the battery part number and use google to find some online dealers!

  • Satellite P100-160: Question about upgrade HARD drive


    I would replace the internal hard drive to a larger size, but I don't know who is compatible.
    Here is a link to dabs where they have 5 hard drives, but not sure if they will work.

    Would be nice to get some tips on this thanks.
    I have a Satellite P100-160 that currently has a 120 GB hard drive, it is not enough! y = 50540 & key = 40970000 & CategorySelectedId = 11154 & PageMode = 1


    I downloaded the user manual for this laptop from the Toshiba page and it says that you can use the 160 GB HARD drive.
    I think that he n t be a problem to use a bigger like 200 HDD or 250 GB.

    Sat P100 supports a SATA HDD controller and you should therefore use the HARD drive 2.5 SATA.


  • Error unspecified retrieving system on a Satellite P100-160

    tried to restore the system (vista home premium) 3 times on one Satellite P100-160 but no specified error it stops every time.

    Any ideas?

    Can you please describe this error? It's the same when you say to someone: my car stops every time at the same point on the road. Without a description of the exact error we/you won´t be able to you/you/us help... ;)

    So, please describe more precisely and more detailed because then someone could possibly think to... :)

    Welcome them

  • Satellite P100-160 - several PCI bus do not work with a shadow video BIOS


    I got my Satellite P100-160 for about five years now and have never had any problems like this before.
    A few weeks ago my system did not (or something like that), so I pressed the power down button to turn it off.
    Then, as he was put on, he seemed to freeze on the loading page and so I held the off button again.

    The present results are when I turn it on, I get a screen telling me several bus PCI etc do not work and he says 'video occult BIOS.
    I then have the option to press F1 to resume or F2 to enter setup.

    In addition, one of my USB slots has completely stopped working and my card slot has also stopped working.
    Can someone help me please? I'm on Windows XP, SP2.

    See you soon,.


    I think that you need to access the BIOS (press F2 when the laptop starts up) and put its default value.
    Then try to start the Vista again and press F8.
    Then you will get a menu of advanced start it you should choose repair computer.
    Vista supports a clean internal repair option, you should try this and must repair the operating system.

    If this will not help and you still want to not be able to start a view, then a system recovery may be the best option for you

  • Satellite P100-160 BT icon appears in the Control Panel, but no BT


    I have a Satellite P100-160. I am very confused as to whether I have BT or not.

    * Reasons I thought that I had BT: *.
    I thought originally I had, because in 'Control Panel', it has a Bluetooth icon, which when I press on it opens the "Bluetooth devices". I also use WiFi I thought a sign that BT has been installed and working. I also notice that in Services' there is that something called 'Toshiba Bluetooth Service' running.

    * Reasons I think that now I don't have BT: *.
    However, when I press Control Panel > Bluetooth devices > Bluetooth settings, nothing happens. It's as if the button is dead. And when I try to 'Add a BT device', he finds not all devices. In addition, there is no BT listed in Device Manager.


    Overall, I am very confused! I bought yesterday wireless speakers after seeing the BT icon in Control Panel (I had read that if this icon was there, I got BT), but having struggled for hours trying to get BT to work yesterday, I came to the conclusion that I don't have BT at all!

    Could someone explain what it means the Bluetooth icon in the control panel? Why is there if I don't have BT? Or, the icon means I have BT but am doing something wrong?

    Thanks in advance! Very frustrated!


    > Satellite P100-160. I am very confused as to whether I have BT or not

    Satellite P100-160 was NOT equipped with Bluetooth module.
    But maybe the battery BT software has been installed and is why the BT icon is visible in the control panel.

  • Satellite P100 - 160 PSPAAE - memory upgrade question


    can someone tell me if it works in my Satellite P100-160
    Part number: PSPAAE-01D00UEN

    Kingston memory - 2 GB - SO DIMM 200 pin - DDR II
    Storage capacity 2 GB
    Upgrade to generic Type
    DDR II SDRAM technology
    Factor of form SO DIMM 200-pin
    Memory speed 533 MHz
    Verifying the integrity of data Non - ECC
    Latency CL4 Timings
    Features without buffer memory
    Supply voltage 1.8

    Thank you

    Why not?

    Satellite P100 supports the DDR2 533 MHz (PC2-4200) 200-PIN SODIMM memory modules of the series.

    You can switch to 4 GB max.

    See this page:

    [Memory for Toshiba Satellite P100-160 |]

    You will find compatible module.

  • Audio problems when playing and the screen fades on Satellite P100-160

    Hi, I bought a new Toshiba Satellite P100-160 of Currys today.
    I bought it for the primary purpose of the use of broadcast software OtsAV playing at live concerts between shows.
    Any audio device I play glitches in places if I use OtsAv or Windows Media Player. It is not constant, but there's something not quite right with her.

    I also noticed that the screen will dim sometimes, then clear up again without reason apparent.

    Any ideas what the problem may be?

    It happens when the fan starts and stops?

    If so join the club, but do not expect to fix


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