Satellite P20: Bluetooth error

Hi, I keep getting an error bluetooth on my laptop satellite p20 17 inch screen. It says could not open driver acpi bluetooth (tosrfec.sys) when I opened the bleutooth software pre installed on my computer.

Please advise...

If I need a driver can you please tell me exactly what need the ri by car, thank you.




If you want you can preinstall Bluetooth stack. You can find it on Under Support & downloads, there is an option to download driver driver. Choose the type of product family, product range and model.

Battery Bluetooth to preinstall and try again. I checked on my laptop and I can't find tosrfec.sys and I can open the Bluetooth Manager.

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  • Satellite P20-771: Error Message blue screen after the reinstallation of the OS

    I have a portable Satellite P20-771 / Pentium 4 3.40 GHz (800/HTT) / XP Home / 17' with nVidia Geo5700 driver.

    As I had a few problems with the software, and I reinstalled everything using the supplied CD. Unfortunately the canned computer malfunction sent me blue screen errors, which are due (it comes when I sumbit error to Microsoft) to device drivers. I've updated everything (I hope) of the Toshiba page, but I'm not an expert and I'm worried that I missed something or that something has not been loaded in the right order or that the parameter is incorrect.

    I thank in advance for your help



    I read in this forum that the Blues screen error message appears due to hardware malfunction or malfunction serious software.
    Usually after installing the new OS since the portable Toshiba Recovery CD should work properly.
    It is not easy to say why the blue screen appears on you laptop.
    Maybe you can post the content of the error message in this forum, and maybe we will find a solution.

  • Detection of Services by satellite A665 Bluetooth error

    Hello. I have an A665 Satellite. One month, I used the logitech V470 bluetooth mouse. These last two days, the bluetooth Wizard cannot connect with the mouse or any bluetooth device. After a search for devices, the wizard recognizes the different devices in the range, but when I select one and try to connect, a service discovery error every time. Any help will be appreciated.

    Try the following:

    > Click right icon Bluetooth
    > Options...
    > Assistant
    > Uncheck 'Enable Auto search devices' and 'automaton PIN code entry ".
    > Click 'Apply' then 'OK '.
    > Remove the icon of the mouse (mouse configured, if it exists) in the Bluetooth settings window
    > Click on ' Bluetooth > Options... '. "in the Bluetooth settings menu
    > Security > custom level >
    > Check the item to Mode: 'forced link security level '.
    > Click 'OK' and 'Apply' then 'OK '.
    > Remove the batteries from the mouse for a few seconds
    > Press the pairing at the bottom of your mouse for a few seconds
    > Click "New Connecton" in the Bluetooth settings window.
    > Continue with the installation. (Enter the proper PIN code if you use the mouse for example '0' or '0000' or what ever the manual mentions)
    > Continue until installation is complete

    Turn off again put security if the installation was successful.

    > Click on ' Bluetooth > Options... '. "in the Bluetooth settings menu
    > Security > custom level >
    > Deselect the fashion element: 'forced link security level '.
    > Click 'OK' and 'Apply' then 'OK '.

  • Satellite P20: BlueTooth and messages

    From all the utilities Bluetooth I receive the following error message.

    "Unable to open device driver Bluetooth ACPI (tosrfec.sys) Try again?"

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Bluetooth drivers, but this has not solved the problem.

    Any suggestions how I can fix this problem and start a session of Bluetooth would be appreciated.

    Thank you, Geoff.

    Hi Geoff

    I don't know if it will solve your problem, but as far as I know the Bluetooth must be enabled using the FN + F8 key combination. After that you can use it properly.

  • Satellite P20-304: error reading disk

    When I turn on my laptop it seems to say an error message: "a disk read error has occurred. Press ctrl + alt + delete to restart» I did it several times. I also used the recovery cd, but it was useless. Anyone know what to do?

    Hi Andreas,

    It seems that if your hard drive may have failed. If you tried to restore your system using the recovery CD and it does not also so it seems that it will take a new hard drive.

    Kind regards

  • Question about upgrade WiFi + Bluetooth on Satellite P20

    Hello community,
    I want to improve the used Satellite, I had recently. Unfortunately, I can't find a few options I want on the Toshiba site.

    Which modules WiFi and Bluetooth do I need for the Satellite P20 and where I could buy those in Germany?


    Hello Christopher

    At first, I have to say that the Satellite P20 is portable very nice. I got it 3 years ago. I had Satellite P20 304 and I've updated the WLAN and drive optical drive with DVD-RAM.

    WIFI compatible cards for Notebooks this model are:
    PA3212U-4MPC (Agere 802. 11b) and
    PA3273U-2MPC (Atheros 802.11ab).

    According to the specification upgrade BT is not possible. Anyway can you please post exact description of model P20 (P20 - xxx).

    Bye and good luck!

  • satellite p20 552: graphics issue

    Toshiba satellite p20 552 (again, out of the box)

    When the 32-bit value (color) the cursor placed blue around her (in a 2 x 2 cm square) when vertical stripes on a white surface (e.g. in Solution Explorer).
    This behavior goes away when the 16-bit value.

    The graphics card is a GeForce FX Go5700.
    Does anyone know this problem or to answer this?
    Thank you.

    Moreover, when the pc goes into sleep mode (power or management when the lcd screen is closed) and when trying to restart, it didn't swithch on the LCD screen, but there is some activity on the disk and the fan works. After some time it stops. To restart, a windows error message.

    Post edited by: khadija

    HI khadija.

    you wrote your p20's new ad out of the box, then you use the operating system preinstalled Toshiba, not you?

    You can try to reinstall the graphics driver (Toshiba Tools & Utilities CD or you go in - Driver download and choose your machine). Compare the two driver versions ad install the newest one!

    What resolution do you use?

    Your secod problem can be solved if you check your settings in the Toshiba Power Saver. Perhaps, you set its default value. If this does not resolve the problem, you must reinstall the energy saver!

    Tip: You can also use the Mode shows up. This mode stops the laptop and the power is off. At the next startup mode will point load of a hard disk image and you can work! It is faster that normal startup, and all power is off in Hibernation mode.

    To bye chris

  • Satellite 1410 - Bluetooth options

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has had good or bad experiences using a USB Bluetooth adapter in this model. Under XP Pro. I learned there are a couple to choose. Belkin, Targus, Linksys. I installed a Belkin USB bluetooth in a different model Toshiba and he seemed to agree.

    Hi guys

    I tested the key Belkin USB Bluetooth with my cell phone from Motorola, and it works fine. I try didn t with Satellite 1410 but with Tecra M1 and Satellite P20 Satellite M40.

    I put t not see why it should not work on your laptop Satellite.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P20-driver for geforce fx go5200 cannot be installed

    I tried to install the latest drivers from (77.72_win2kxp_english_whql.exe) to upgrade my Satellite P20 - 832 who has a Geforce FX go5200. The installer said it was impossible to find any compatible card on my laptop. I was told 77.72 Nvidia does not support my video card is - it true?
    Thanks in advance.


    Drivers for laptops are designed separately. Usually if you want to use the driver for graphics card manufacturer's website there is often a Board use a driver designed by the producer of the laptop. It is very important because mobile cards have lower performance. One reason is the graphics card produces a lot of heat and should not damage other hardware components. I am sure that this driver is designed to protect the graphics card and does not allow that this card works above the limit.

    If you are using another driver for the graphics card there is no limitation, and it can be very dangerous. I am sure that this error message is a kind of protection and don t allow the user to install it on the handheld device because of the protection of graphics card is damaged.

    This isn't a problem of compatibility or something like that.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P20: sometimes Windows boot with no sound

    Hi all!

    I have a problem with the sound on my Satellite P20, WinXP SP2. (Realtek AC97 audio)
    'SOMETIMES' Windows startup with no any sound!
    (Sometimes means that 3 to 5 days is Ok only...) I have all new driver and the latest Bios (v.2.10) installed, but without
    all resoultes! All I have to do is restart my computer and the sound works!
    In "Device Manager" is always all corect but still no sound.
    Is it a software problem material oder?
    Several months ago, I bought 2 memory card Kingston ddr333 so 512 MB (recognize in 1022 MB BIOS in Windows 1024Mo) and
    Module Kit Bluetooth PA3235U-2BTM. Is it possible that the memory or bluetooth module are not compatible with the motherboard... ?

    What is the problem and how to fix it?
    Thanks in advance and sorry for my English very poor!

    Post edited by: DejanH


    What doesn work sound t? Only the operating system Windows sound doesn t work or also you don t have the sound output if play you CDs or watch DVDs?

    To me it looks ;) entries damaged registry and/or files of the OS.
    What about the new operating system installed?

    It would be very interesting to know if it happens on the new OS installed since the Toshiba Recovery CD.

  • Satellite P20-932 PSP26E - on the motherboard PCI resource conflict

    I have a Toshiba P20 932
    REF.: PSP26E-02NH9-GR
    with Windows XP

    In a first step, that the USB port not working, I reinstalled Windows XP with the drivers from the Internet for Toshiba Satellite P20.
    When I start now the following events occur:

    1. Press Start button
    TOSHIBA screen
    Press [F2] for INSTALLATION. Press [F12] to the boot device selection Menu
    1.1 if I press F2 - replace the following screen:
    ? BQ01 BIOS Version V1.10
    CPU = Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 CPU 3.00 GHz
    ? M 047 system RAM passed
    ? 12K Cache SRAM passed
    System BIOS with a shadow
    Video BIOS with a shadow
    Fixed disk 0:...
    ATAPI CD-ROM:...
    Initialized the mouse
    Conflict of resources - Bus USB PCI controllers on the motherboard
    Bus: 02, device: 00, function: 00

    Press [F2] for installation

    1.1.1. If I press F2 - nothing happens

    1.2. If I press F12: nothing happens

    2. If I press ESC and start the computer, it changes immediately on the screen 2nd with counting / checking of the system's RAM and Cache SRAM... with the same error. and nothing happens if I press F1 to resume or F2 for Setup.

    Then my laptop is not booting and I do not get access to the BIOS! What can I do?

    Dieter cordially


    The error indicates that certain devices that are directly connected to the mobo are in conflict and try to share the same resources. This happens usually when the BIOS has been incorrectly installed or the motherboard is a failure.

    In case you would recommend I affecting the default BIOS. But for that you need access to the BIOS, but it seems that it's not possible.

    It seems to be a motherboard problem. You said that the USB ports do not work. Perhaps this is the reason for the error message and question PCI Serial Bus Controller.
    You have USB devices connected to the laptop?
    If so, just unplug the laptop and check again.

    But what to say; If this does not help, I see a lot of options here. In my opinion the mobo must be replaced if it s really a motherboard problem

  • Cannot start my Satellite P20 - "session3_initialization_failed".


    I have a problem with my Satellite P20 932.
    I can t boot my WXP more. It comes with a blue screen error message:

    Cannot start recording mode... nothing...
    Is there a manual for the laptop to download somewhere?
    Maybe it's a hard drive, RAM or fault of the graphics card, I put t know.

    I would like to know how I can change the RAM of my laptop HARD drive.



    Is - this exact description of your problem?

    > Could not start recording mode... nothing...
    This way nothing happens when you press the button walk / stop? Can you enter the BIOS settings or see Toshiba welcome screen?

    If you ask the Maintenance manuals that I have to say that this document is not for public use and you will not be able to download.

  • Satellite P20 - is not restart

    Satellite P20 does not restart. He says to re-boot of the original startup disk, but I can't afford to lose all the info.

    Any help appreciated thanks

    Hey colourglo,

    To be honest I n don't know what you mean and your description is very short and not intelligible. I think you expect help here from several users, you need to write a description of the exact error of what is happening and not one single sentence.

    You can start in safe mode?
    You get an error message or BSOD?

    If the Windows startup doesn t and doesn t safe mode work too you have to reinstall Windows. All that s.

  • What are the differences between Satellite P20 - 552 & P20-304 and P20-771

    I have P20 - 552 with a malfunctioning motherboard, graphics card problem rather nVidia gf5700(on board).
    After the review service, they told me to pay only for mboard more new computer...

    Prior to this decision, I found some used nbooks this model, but with different types, P20-304, 304, etc. 771. I guess that's even kind with different processors. Can anyone suggest me if I want to buy the same and change the motheboard, they will be compatible with mine? Or do something different, do not to buy again a nb ;-)

    Thanks for the reply


    I don't see why you can't use another motherboard. As you know the motherboard is the heart of the laptop and all other components are connected to the motherboard. I found some info on P20-404 and P20-771.

    * Satellite P20 404: *.
    Processor: P4-HT 3.0GHz
    Graphics card: nVIDIA GeForce FX Go5600
    Wireless: Wireless / WiFi Standard: 802. 11B option
    Bluetooth: Bluetooth version 1.1 is not available

    * Satellite P20-771: *.
    Processor: P4-HT 3.4 GHz
    Graphics card: nVIDIA GeForce FX Go5700
    Wireless: Wireless / WiFi Standard: 802. 11 b / g
    Bluetooth: Bluetooth version 1.1 (2.4 GHz)

    I think that there is no reason why you can't use mainboard of P20 - 771.

  • Satellite P20-932 stops because the temperature is too high

    When I use my Satellite P20 932 for about 30 min, temperature will rise very quickly! The laptop is automatic turning-off, without any error message.
    I try to clean the fan at the bottom of the laptop.

    I'm really desperate.

    Please help me!

    It of a just in case of overheating.
    The laptop stops automatically to prevent the laptop from damage. It seems that the temperature has risen to the critical level.

    I guess that the laptop is a little older and cooling modules and fans inside the laptop can not operate properly because of the dust and debris.
    The cleaning of the cooling modules is a great idea, but you must be careful.
    If you have no experience, ask a technician for professional cleaning.

    Additional you should be sure that there is enough free space around the laptop. It is important for the movement of air correctly.

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