Satellite P200-1FZ: Question about Vista performance index?

I recently bought a P200D-128 announced as having 256 MB of memory graphic dedicated only to find only has a HD2400 with 128 MB card (the name must have been an idea, I know).

I was looking for a model with 256 MB I had read that it was recommended for good graphics performance in Vista.
On the P200-128 model Vista performance index showed:

Processor: 4.8
Memory: 5.9
Graphics: 3.3
Games graphics: 3.7
Hard drive: 5.2

If the overall score of 3.3 seems not be limited by the graphics performance.

I now plans to upgrade this model to a P200-1FZ (which has a HD2600 with 256 MB memory card), but would like to know if it significantly improves the score of graphics and Vista performance index.

If anyone has this model (or a relative) and could tell me the VEI score, I would be very grateful.

Thank you.



Just FYI: I Satellite P200D-111 with ATI Mobility Radeon X 2600 almost 5 months now. I use Vista Home Premium and to be honest, I'm quite satisfied with the performance of Vista. Up to now, I also tested with several games such as Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 4, El Matador and older games like FarCry and Max Payne 2 WXP. It works perfectly.

I like Call of Duty 4. He funs all simply fantastic. I do not even use complete running. At the moment I think to upgrade RAM to have better running OS. in the end, I can say one thing: for the reasonable price, I have large notebook.

Good bye

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    I was wondering if anyone knew a lot about the performance of vista. For example, if you run a game under vista it run worse than in Xp because the operating system uses more than the power of the computer?


    For two weeks, I use Windows Vista on my Satellite Pro M70. The laptop is not Vista capable, but I am very satisfied. It works very well. I tried to install and play older games like Far Cry and IGI2. It works perfectly without any problems.

    The set comes with 512 MB of RAM. As I said it works well, but I think that it will work much better with more RAM. I think I'll buy another 1 GB module. With 1.5 GB of RAM, I believe that the unit will operate like a rocket. :)

    Which laptop model you have?

  • Satellite P200-1BA - questions about the HARD drive RAM upgrade

    There is a 2nd internal HARD drive Bay, but not a female connector. Can I install it? How?
    There are 2 slots for RAM, all together 2 GB. Is it possible to exit an and instead place a token 2 GB to 3 GB total or should I always double channel pair RAM?

    It is not possible to install the second HARD drive. The laptop box is universal for all models P200, but some of them are delivered with 2 drives hard HDD upgrade is not possible.

    With the RAM modules, you can do what you want. To be more precise, YES! You can remove a 1 GB module and put 2 GB RAM. Please just use high quality Rams and not some products without name at low cost.

  • Satellite A100 - low Windows Vista performance index

    Hey there,

    I bought a Toshiba Satellite A100 just for more than a year now with Vista Home Premium. I recently formatted the laptop and installed Vista Business. When I got Home Premium, my 'Windows experience index' (found in Control Panel > system) has been a 3.0 for the graphics. Under Business, is however now that 1.0. I guess that it has not detected the graphics hardware on my laptop.

    How do it detects hardware?

    > I guess that it has not detected the graphics hardware on my laptop.

    I put t know what do you say that it has not detected the graphic material, but you should definitely check out if the graphic and other driver drivers Toshiba have been installed on your laptop properly.

    In addition, the Windows Vista experience index can change and can go down if more programs are installed on the system.
    I noticed that my Windows Vista performance index decreases every time if a 3rd party application has been installed and then removed from the system.

    In my opinion, Windows Vista index experience might be less because you have installed a newer version of the Vista operating system which contains functions of Vista more and so would need of more resources.

    Best regards

  • Satellite P200 pspb6 - Downgrade from Vista to XP - how to proceed?

    First of all sorry for the mistake I'm french.

    I want to downgrade my laptop, a satellite P200 pspb6 of windows vista to xp.
    I put in the CD ISO of xp sp3. I changed the boot order to put the cd drive first.

    But after that it doesn't work, my operating system windows vista itself lunch without taking into account the boot order.
    It's the same thing when I try to install Linux Ubuntu.

    However, when I put the CD in the system restore Toshiba giving it works.

    could someone help me?


    For me it sounds a little like the CD/DVD drive didn't read the disc.
    Have you tried to use a MS Windows XP CD?
    You can install Win XP using this disc?

    Just a hint; the needs of P200 a installation of additional SATA drivers this means that the drivers SATA (places in the Intel Storage Manager) must be installed using a USB FDD drive or you could use a software free nLite that would allows allows you to create a new disk Win XP with SATA drivers.

  • Satellite P200D-128 - Question about installed Norton anti-virus

    Hi, I bought a Toshiba Satellite P200D-128 last week and to say I'm majorly annoyed with Toshiba would be an understatement, and that understatement. Fine machine autoinstalled as its operating system, and I found I had Norton anti-virus installed, or at least I thought I had because a beautiful Norton logo quicklink arrived on my desk.

    In fact, only a partial shell of Norton installed and actually have an anti-virus properly functioning to connect on the site of Norton. This arrangement is just stupid, because I am well aware, surf the Internet without effective antivirus / anti-malware is not a question of if the computer will get infected, but when the computer will be infected.
    I have the experience to build my own desktop PC, and basically what I do is install an anti-virus package from the DVD drive with a front disc even connect the machine to the internet and then update the anti-virus software anti-virus Internet home before that I would all navigation on the web.

    Not only have a Norton Quicklink on the center of office crazy to think one has a functioning entirely anti-virus / anti-malware installed, but the partial shell of fools Norton also Windows Vista security in thinking there are a lot of anti-virus installed and it also disables the alert windows system that will remind the user of the computer if there is no antivirus installed package.

    This situation should never have been raised and I think it's a shame. Also criminal elements no doubt major behind the likes of malware, which struck upward on the ploy clever to have infected unsuspecting computer user with malicious software, which uses then the malware to put up a false messages of Windows operating system, which informs the user of the computer has been infected and asking them to download a fake anti-virus packages , must be particularly delighted with this situation, in that a user will be once they see such a message may well click the link of Norton and probably find their Norton is only a partial shell and then install one of the packages most likely fake anti-virus.

    If Toshiba and Norton had deliberately set to infect the computers of users with viruses and other malware, it is difficult to see how they could have done a better job of it, unless they had pre-installed viruses and malware themselves on the computer.
    I wonder, this case went to Toshiba and/or / attention of Norton and if so, what they had to say for themselves?

    Concerning the best and warm
    Adrian Wainer

    PS I forgot to mention that the partial shell package Norton also implements a toolbar in their browser, which reinforces even more the (false) impression that we have a fully functional package of the antivirus installed

    Hey Buddy

    I m bit confused about your ad and how you wrote this.

    I would like to mention a few facts:
    I m a Satellite P200 owner (it s even as P200, but with Intel the piece) and my laptop is equipped with the Norton Internet Security program.
    Of course, it s a subscription for 90 days, but it s a functional full version.

    Everything is pre-installed, but you need to configure and create a Norton account.
    I know because I read the instructions and information that are stored on my laptop.

    If you would in a full version of Norton Internet Security, you must create this account also.
    So you must connect to the internet also if you n t have an Antivirus Program preinstalled to set this up.

    Of course it must be updated also with the Internet because the antivirus definition file changes almost every time and the internet connection is required for this update.
    Why is it necessary? Because the image of Toshiba has designed several weeks ago and, therefore, the antivirus definition files is not updated.

    The same thing happens if you don t use the laptop for several weeks and don t perform the update of the operating system or antivirus.
    Don t wonder, therefore, you must connect to the internet to get everything updated.

    Please don t be angry with me, but I have my own opinion, you are one of the users who don t read the manual of the user or any other information that are equipped with Notepad and could be interesting for the use of the computer laptop but only start Notepad, install a few 3rd party apps and don t configure the operating system that is stored on the laptop.

    So I think that we could avoid this discussion if you read and check all detailed ;)

    Hey Buddy.

  • Satellite P200-13F slow with Vista installed

    Wow, after 2 weeks of waiting we had the newest Satellite P200-13F... fantastic... Well, is more then a couple of months... then the problems started to irritate. At the same time, we moved to another country... great, but the laptop is still away from work properly...

    In the computer store they told me laughingly that memory of 1 MB is really stupid. Everyone knows that Vista works well on 1 MB.

    So pass it... Yes, of course, to the place where? hahaha, only 1 MB more... a joke... But, we must try something... I m still crying... it doesn t do anything better then before...
    Today, Toshiba cares not less. I mean, they got the money and we have a laptop... or something that should work as it...
    Any laptop with Vista a minimum 2 MB and an upgrade to 4 MB...

    Logic that so many people complain about Vista. It will not work with 1 or 2 MB...

    No, you paid for something, which is stupid. We have to pay again to let XP is installed. Is option... fantastic, thank you very much, Mr toshiba...

    Is knowing how far I came up with this thing... This Toshiba... is there someone who knows how to fix this laptop, let me know...
    Our satellite is the laptop slower I have ever seen...


    I have a Satellite P200 and it s great running; with Vista and Windows XP.

    First you misunderstood something; the laptop can be upgraded to 2 GB upwards and not to 2 MB ;) there is a big difference.

    Secondly the Vista works well also with 2 GB of RAM.

    I think you don t know much about computers because performance notebook doesn't depend only on the value of the RAM, but more CPU, GPU and Chipset installed!

    I think that your suggestion on nits P200 means that Notepad starts slowly, etc.
    In my opinion that you n t know that laptop computers are preinstalled with different applications that are run in the context of the OS and need material resources.

    These background processes are created by the software that controls the functions of the laptop as FN key, command buttons, touchpad, Toshiba Flashcards, internal camera, etc... etc.

    Also, the pre-installed Norton Antivirus can slow performance.
    I used the Symantec Norton Antivirus too and was not satisfied with the performance and so I deleted and replaced by the free tool called Antivir.
    My laptop is now faster and better managed, and better, I also used CCleaner to clean the operating system and the registry and removed unnecessary programs that slow down performance.

    Then maybe you should do that too and you will see that your P200 is a lot faster than you think!

    Have a boyfriend of the beautiful day :)

  • Satellite P200 - 1 K 9 and performance issue

    I hope IM this ad in the right area...


    I have a Satellite P200 - 1 K 9 with the following specifications:

    Intel Core 2 Duo T7700 @ 2.40 GHz CPU
    3 GB RAM
    32 bit
    Note Windows experience 4.8

    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600 map graphic and one
    HD sound card...

    My problem is that since I bought my laptop about 7-8 months ago slowed down the performance. Of course, since then I had filled my hard drive (partition) with the media and understand that this is at the expense of the performance of the system. However, since this grateful I released a lot of disk space. I have 40 GB free on my C: and 90 GB free on my D:. Total, shared capacity is 250 GB (125/125).

    Basically, while being largely ignorant of the technical questions, laptops and technology altogether, the way I noticed the inability of systems to "return" to its original factory running (which, I might add, I was very impressed by) is when it comes to games. Football Manager 2009, for example running very slowly. I had a peek in the Task Manager, because I play the game in a window, and the CPU usage works 100%, although I'm sure the culmination of the individual tasks and Applications is not equivalent to that (maybe there is a program hidden Hogging my CPU speed?). Call of Duty 4, which took place on medium-high graphics settings when the laptop was new, now struggles on the lower graph and the sound settings, without that there is a problem with internet connectivity. In addition, (for reference, I m not not the game breath) Battlefield 2, which is about 3-4 years of age very slowly also works. He ran too extremely fast, on the highest graphics settings when the laptop was brand new.

    Basically, what I want to do, is to return the system to its original performance. It is always too slow when two hard drives were full of games and media. Now, despite the withdrawal of many of them, the system works like a sloth.

    Means I ve done to solve performance problems are: disk defrag, disk clean up, error checking, virus scan (with Kaspersky), scanning of spyware (with PC tools Spyware Doctor), deleted the old files with CCleaner and erased files not deleted with a program called eraser... As well as the release of about 50% of the disk space.

    Add to that, I ve noticed performance was much more when I first turn on the laptop and the sides of it n t had the chance to become hot. I understand what is normal, and he did before when the laptop was new and was operating at optimum performance, but perhaps I have an overheating problem? I'll let you know what is the temperature, but I put just t know.

    I hesitate to return the system to its factory settings and if necessary I'll take to a computer store, if there is something they can do. But in the meantime I d like to listen to any advice on general issues that I face, and possible solutions to my problem.

    Thank you very much.

    The problem with Windows is that it becomes slower and slower that you operate.

    When the devices and programs are installed, they increase the size of the registry, activate the Services, add resident DLLS and drivers, slow down the file system by adding thousands of files. As well, the operating system can get damaged after some time due to the loss of power and software poorly written.
    Even if you use CCleaner and other utilities and uninstall several programs, it is never as fast as a fresh installation of windows. Uninstalling programs rarely remove the program completely 100%.

    The antivirus can have a huge effect on performance, that's why the system runs great when the image of the plant is installed (which has usually no anti-virus).

    So basically if you want the system making a lot once again, you must back up your data and perform the recovery. I myself do it once a year to restore performance.

  • Satellite U405D - several questions about overheating/disassembly/upgrading etc.


    I have several questions about my old one by Satellite U405D-S2910

    1. when it works, after 2-3 hours (I run usually small programs such as safari, msn messenger and bsplayer) CPU gets 85 to 90 C (178-188). When I play age of Empires 2 (come on, its an old game) like 2-3 hours, it stops. What could be the possible reason? Furthermore, let me inform you about the climate of the city I live, 30 c temperature - humidity 25-35% (today).
    PS. CPU is AMD Turion 64 X 2 Dual-Core Mobile Processor. Model RM-74

    2. I'm going to disassemble my laptop in order to clean its cooling units (I think at the rate of overheating is this). It does seem like a desktop computer, so complicated. Ive seen a disassembly not to not (btw, its so difficult to spell dismantling :) I think Im going to do this. What are your suggestions on this subject? experiences could help me?

    3. my laptops is Ram 2x2gb PC5300 DDR2 667 MHz SDRAM memory, I want to replace RAM memory 2x2gb MACH XTREME DDR2 1333 MHZ CL9 NOTEBOOK. Should I do it? Fit my portable, stable work? any suggestions?
    PS. motherboard chipset AMD M780V

    4 - Finally :), should I use OS 64 - bit or 32-bit OS (win7)? what OS would you use if you were me?

    Thank you.

    Hey Buddy,

    1 + 2. I think everything is related to a higher internal temperature and you must clean your laptop using a jet of compressed air. That is why it s not necessary to remove, just blow softly and soon the air through the laptop. You can buy such compressed air which squirts of each computer store I think and it takes only 5 minutes.
    You can find a useful article about this here:

    3. in my opinion he should forget this update! The speed of the RAM is related to the FSB of the CPU and as much as I know about Satellite U405D it s 667 MHz so it s already the RAM faster than you can have. Save your money and buy a larger HARD drive or in the best case a SSD that can really improve the performance!

    4. in my view, the answer is clear: Windows 7 64-bit.
    Only a 64-bit OS supports full 4 GB of RAM. ;)

  • Satellite P200 - 1FC - key product Vista not legible, do I need?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite P200 - 1FC and his original running Windows Vista Home premium edition (originally installed when I bought it). I have the original CD that came in the box.

    I want to reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows Vista but the sticker under my laptop is more readable. Do I need if I reinstall windows vista with the supplied with the laptop recovery disks? If I need them in the installation process, how can I recover my instalation key because sticker is removed clean and not readable? He's somewhere in a file on my computer or I have to get microsoft to get it back for me?

    Please help me I don't want to take a chance to ruin the perfect system just because of the instalation key. Thank you


    If you need to install windows with recovery disk, you don't need key installation :) But if you want it back before installation, you can use a program like Keyfinder. It retrieves the key of Windows and Office series

  • Satellite A350D - 20K - Question about upgrade second HDD + Temperature

    I have a question about my laptop. I have notticed it is a second location of HARD disk on the bottom.
    Is it possible to use this to increase my storage?
    And if yes, how do I do that? I don't see all the connectors.
    What type of HARD drive to use in case it is possible to use this slot machine?

    My second question is on my laptop to be very hot after a short period of use.
    I installed speedfan to record the temperature. When I start the laptop, it already is between 45 and 50 degrees.
    He stayed there for half an hour and then it starts to get warmer. When I start to use the laptop for anything, it triggers to between 70 and 80 degrees.

    This does not seem normal to me. I tried to clean the vents with compressed air, but it has not made a difference.
    I searched on the internet how to take the laptop part for proparly cleaned TI.
    But I can't so I'm looking that destroy it.

    This could be the cause and more importantly, how can I solve this problem?


    The second HARD drive bay contains the HARD drive connectors?
    If Yes, then you can use a SATA 2.5 HARD.
    If there are no connectors, then you will not be able to use the second HARD drive

    > I have installed speedfan to record the temperature. When I start the laptop, it already is between 45 and 50 degrees. He stayed there for half an hour and then it starts to get warmer. When I start to use the laptop for anything, it triggers to between 70 and 80 degrees.

    CPU and GPU produce a lot of heat. The heat dissipation is always created then there s nothing unusual that the temperature rose to higher level.
    You can change the settings in Win 7 power management. You can set the CPU to lower performance and can increase the activity of fan, which will help lower the temperature.

  • Satellite Pro P200 - 1EE: Question about two partitions on the disk with Vista


    I've had my laptop for 2 months now and when I click on computer to watch my hard drive there are two; 1 called vista (: c) and other data (: E).
    Why is it two hard disks?
    And called Vista one 21.5 GB free and the other has 71.2 GB free.
    So if we get full my laptop will automatically use it?

    Thank you.


    According to my experience, the Vista operating system to the second partition for data backup. It s necessary and important if you want to restore or repair the Windows operating system. This is a new feature in Vista!

    > So if you get full my laptop will automatically use it?
    No, it will automatically switch to the other partition if the first partition is full.
    You must point to the second partition if you want to store data on this second partition.

    Best regards

  • Satellite L30-134 - question about upgrade CPU and video performance

    Hi have updated my satellite l30 - 134 with a bus t2450 dual core @2 ghz 533 Mhz = cpu is runing swell-marks look nice... BUT - my video performance droped a lot - grafics 2d - to top but 3d grafics are very poor why? driver problem?
    have also 2 g ram 2 x 1 g kinmax @ 6xx runing @533

    can anyone help? see that are some similar configs on this site... then maybe you can help me
    I'll try editing a xp 64 bit (curently runing xp sp3 32-BIT)

    > I'll try editing a xp 64 bit (curently runing xp sp3 32-BIT)
    Forget that don t recommend install Win XP 64-bit.
    Why? Because the Win XP 64 bit was not so popular as Win 32 bit or Vista/Win 7 64 bit and you won't find many drivers for Win XP 64 bit.
    Stay with XP 32 bit or you can change to Win 7 64 bit.

    Regarding the graphical issue;
    Have you noticed that also using the old CPU (Intel Celeron M Processor 410)?
    If this were not the case, then I guess this could be a problem between the CPU and BIOS.
    Otherwise I would recommend upgrading the graphics card driver.

  • Satellite A100-334: Question about upgrading from XP to Vista

    I need help to upgrade my A100-334 to vista!
    I use the disks provided by toshiba. It is said that the new Bios is already installed (vers.5.60).

    After running the second drive it says I need to uninstall Driver driver/BD DVD-RAM and Toshiba configfree.

    Then he said that the following issues will not prevent the upgrade of the execution but that some applications or elements may not work properly. The list is long.

    Here are some examples:
    Diagnostic tool for TOSHIBA, Sun Java Scheduler, TOSHIBA controls, Bluetooth TOSHIBA Power saver settings and so on.

    It is recommended to uninstall all of these objects?
    What can I do?

    I appreciate any help thanks - Detlef

    Hi Detlef

    Well, what to say if I understand your question you didn t make a new, clean install Vista, but you tried to upgrade the full XP to Vista.

    I don't wonder that this doesn't update good conduct and that you get notifications on the tools and driver compatibility issues.

    The fact is that many drivers, tools and utilities that are designed for the operating system XP don t run on the Vista operating system. That is why it s necessary and desirable to remove any programs that are not compatible with Vista!

    In my opinion, you must perform a clean installation of Vista, and then you can download and install all the drivers Toshiba Vista required and utilities.

    Best regards and greetings to Germany ;)

  • Question about the performance of the battery on the Satellite L-30

    I barely an hour out of a fully charged battery, even with WiFi off and turned down screen brightness. With WiFi on I have the chance to get 45 minutes. The model # is PA3450U-1BRS battery & is allegedly 2000mAh.

    Is it by the course or is it possible that I have a bad battery? How much time does everyone out of their?

    See these topics:

    I got about 1h15m with WiFi and normal brightness. I had the same battery, but I bought a new one (4400mAh), now I get about 2h45m. But the 45 minutes sounds very bad. Maybe your battery is bad.

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